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家用自然疗法治愈感冒 – 译学馆
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home remedies I’m going to show you five simple remedies that I use in my own
home to help soothe ease our cold and flu symptoms when we get sick I am not a
我不是个医生 所以如果你有需要 请去看医生 生姜蜂蜜茶
doctor so please see a doctor do you think you need one. Ginger honey tea is a
great way to boost your immune system
姜和蜂蜜混合后 蜂蜜就成为一种天然抗生素 令人惊讶
the ginger and honey combination is amazing honey acts as a natural antibiotic and
生姜帮助缓解头痛和炎症 很棒
ginger helps the pain and inflammation which is great ! the lemon is also loaded
柠檬也富含维他命C 有助于增强免疫系统
with vitamin C can help boost your immune system so this is a great
所以说柠檬是能治疗感冒和流感的开胃食品 我用大约一杯量的生姜根
cocktail to kill a cold and flu. so I used about 1 cup of ginger root but you
但是你可以少用点 姜可以很好地控制口感 我削掉生姜皮
can use less he can handle the taste much and I peel the skin off and then I
然后把生姜像这样切成小块 把生姜切成块后
cut it into little cubes, like this once you cut it into cubes you’ll want to set
就可以把它放在一边 拿些柠檬 这次用料我用了两个柠檬
it aside and grab some lemons I used about two lemons in this recipe but you can use more if you’d
如果你喜欢 你可以多用几个柠檬 根据你的口味 倒半杯蜂蜜到空杯子里
like. then you wanna take about a half a cup to a cup of honey depending on your
把切好成块的生姜和柠檬 都倒进装有4到5杯水的锅里
desired taste and add it to about 4-5 cups of water just put it all in the pot
如果你喜欢 然后可以倒一些蜂蜜
together. you can add the honey afterwards if you like but I like to add
但是我喜欢水煮开后放入蜂蜜 然后放进去煮大概20-25分钟
it while it’s boiling then bring it to a boil and let it boil for about twenty
twenty-five minutes and then you’re ready to pour it into your cup it’ll
make a whole pot that’s enough for everybody in the family or have lots
left over throughout the day
天然止咳糖浆 这也是我的家用疗法之一 也是我今天要做的
natural cough syrup, this is just one of my recipes but this is the one that I am
这个药方很简单 它需要的原料种类很少
going to make today. So this one is super simple it only has a few ingredients the
第一样是一个有机柠檬或者柠檬 你需要多拿几个柠檬 第二样是天然有机蜂蜜
first ingredient is an organic lemon or LEMONS! you’ll need multiple . raw organic honey
第三样是冷压过的有机椰子油 还有一些辣椒粉可供选择
Cold pressed organic coconut oil , and optionally cayenne pepper.
so one and a half cups of honey ( raw organic honey)
再倒入半杯椰子油 然后用你喜欢的任意方式过滤掉柠檬籽
half a cup of coconut oil and then you’ll want to strain it any seeds so however you want
我用这种方法来过滤掉柠檬籽 只需要把柠檬汁挤进去
to do this I used this to strain out any seeds, and just squeeze them in
我用三到四个左右柠檬 你会发现这些原料混合的不是很好
I used about three to four lemons and you’ll notice it won’t combined very well
所以需要把它放在低中火的炉子上加热 不要加热至沸腾
so you’ll need to place it on the stove on low-medium heat, you’re not trying to
只需混合好原料 然后会发现
boil it you’re just trying to combine ingredients and you’ll notice the
稠度将发生变化 它们会结合到一起 这就是你要尝试做的事情
consistency will change and it will be combined! that is all you’re trying to do!
and then pour it into your jar and it’s ready for use
顺便说 你可以放点辣椒 但是这是留给孩子们的 所以我就没放辣椒 现在就完成了
you can add your cayenne pepper at this point by the way! but I’m leaving it out for the kids , and then your done!
胡椒薄荷茶 这个有点像天然药方 之所以说天然
peppermint tea! now this is kind of a natural remedy because its natural but
是因为胡椒薄荷茶在减轻发烧呕吐咳嗽症状方面特别有效 嗯 它也有许多
peppermint tea is amazing to help with reducing fever nausea cough’s um it has many
其他的好处 这里只是一种能缓解一些感冒流感症状的简单有效的方法
other benefits but it’s just a really simple easy way to help relieve some of
those cold and flu symptoms, so I thought I’d add it in for you guys!
牛至免疫助推器 牛至油公认为是抗菌 防腐
oregano immune booster! oil of oregano is known to be antibacterial,antiseptic
抗病毒的 免疫刺激它产生高含量omega-3 铁和抗氧剂
antiviral, and immune stimulating its high in omega-3 iron and antioxidants which
使我们建立强有力的防御系统 抵御感冒和流感
makes you great super set up to kill those cold and flu symptoms
在瓶子后面你能找到食用说明 我在这里说一下
it’ll give you instructions on the back of your bottle but this one says three
三到五次 一次三到五滴 一天食用三到四次
to five times…* three to five drops three to four times daily.
Garlic Honey On A spoon
与其它纯天然药方相比 这只是个更快的小技巧 就是把半个蒜瓣压扁
this is more of a quick tip than anything but it’s just crushing up half
把它放在勺子上 加一些纯天然有机蜂蜜
a clove of garlic putting it on a tablespoon adding some raw organic honey
然后就可以吃了 它有助于增强你的免疫系统
and then taking it just like that it will help boost your immune system
take it once or twice a day
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