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说“I don't know”的不同方法

Different ways to say 'I don't know..' - Improve your Spoken English | English speaking practice

大家好 我是妮哈日卡 感谢大家看我们的视频 今天的课程我们一起来学习
Hi everyone, thanks for clicking, I am Niharika and in today’s lesson we are gonna look at
关于“我不知道“的各种词组 我们生活中会遇到很多我们不知道的问题
phrases that mean, I don’t know. Well there are many questions that are bombarded on us
所以 我们每个人都会用这个词组I don’t know(我不知道)
and we have no answer to it. So each one of us, usually use the phrase, I don’t know.
那既然生活需要多样化来调剂 为什么不用一些不同的词组呢
So since variety is the spice of life, why not some different phrases? And that’s what
we are gonna learn in today’s lesson.
首先 我们来看第一个词组I have no idea(我不知道)
So let’s have a look at the very first phrase which is, I have no idea.so if someone comes
如果有人问你一个问题 你不知道答案 你也猜不到答案
ad asks you a question and you have no answer to it and you can’t even guess the answer.
你没有相关信息 你猜不到答案 那么有一个很合适的词组
Okay you have no information and you are unable to guess the answer, then a perfect phrase,
“I have no idea” 可以取代“I don’t know” 实际上这里有三个词组
instead of just saying, I don’t know, is I have no idea. So there are in fact three phrases
here that can be used in a similar situation where in you have no answer to a question
好的 所以 当别人问你问题时 你不知道答案
and you can’t even guess. Okay so when you have no idea, when you do not know the answer
你也猜不到 那这种情况你就可以
to a question that’s been asked to you and you can’t even guess. So that is when you
使用这三个词组 分别是I have no idea 另一个是
can use one of these three phrases, which are, I have no idea. The other one is, I have
I have no clue 第三个短语是I haven’t the foggist idea
no clue and then the third expression that I have for you is I haven’t the foggiest idea.
所以 像一些问题 哎 你知道詹姆斯要来看电影吗?
So questions like, hey do you know if James is coming for the movie? You have no information
你不了解他 也没跟他说过话 这时你就可以回答你的朋友
about James, you haven’t talked to him. So a perfect answer that you can give to your
I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to James.(我不知道,我跟詹姆斯都没说过话。)另一个例子
friend is I have no idea. I haven’t spoken to James, right? The other one, let’s think
哎 你知道谁打碎了玻璃吗?I have no clue.(我不知道) 你当时不在那儿
of an example, hey do you know who broke this glass? I have no clue. Well you were not there.
你不知道 是谁打碎了玻璃 所以 你就可以说I have no clue
So you have no information, who broke the glass? So you are gonna say, I have no clue
或者说I haven’t the foggist idea. (我一点也不知道)foggist就是不清楚 真的不知道
or you can say, I haven’t the foggiest idea. So foggiest, as in you do not know it. Okay
这个情况你当然迷糊 因为你没有信息
the picture is absolutely blurred to you, the reason because you have no information.
那这是你可以用到的有趣的三个短语 会了吗
So these are the three interesting phrases that you can use, alright?
咱们来看看另一组短语 How should I know?(我怎么知道?) Don’t ask me.(别问我)
Let’s have a look at another set of phrases. How should I know? Don’t ask me and the
第三个是search me. (我可不知道)哪些情况用这些短语呢
third one is, search me. Now when can you use these phrases? You know there are times
当别人问你一些你不知道的问题 你觉得很烦
when people ask you questions and you have no answer to it and you are really annoyed
被恼怒 为什么这个人老是问我 确实会发生
and irritated, that why is this person asking me? yes, it happens, especially when you are
尤其是当你忙于工作时 这时某个人走过来
at your work place, someone, you are very busy and someone just comes up to you and
问你各种各样的问题 你会说 别烦我 我不知道答案
asks you, different types of questions and you’re like, leave me alone. I don’t know
不要这么说 我们有更好的短语来表达
the answer. Now you can’t say this. So better words or better phrases that you can use when
当你很恼怒 想要向那个人表明你生气了 真不知道答案
you are annoyed and you want to kind of show it to that person that, yes it’s quite an
annoying question because I have no answer to it. Then these are the phrases that you
How should I know?(我怎么知道?)举个例子 哎 你知道詹姆斯跟吉娜开始约会了吗?
can use. How should I know? For example, hey, do you know James has started dating Gina
你会想 我才不管呢 跟我无关的事 那你就可以用
and you’re like, I don’t care, like this is none of my business. So you can use the phrase,
How should I know?(我怎么知道?) 是的 谁约会谁 你不知道答案 没有任何线索
how should I know? Okay so you don’t have an answer, you have no clue, who is dating
就用这个 第二个短语Don’t ask me (别问我)当有人
whom? So use this. The second one, don’t ask me. Now don’t ask me is again when someone
问你问题 你不知道 你很生气 你就说Don’t ask me(别问我)
asks you a question and you have no answer and you are annoyed, then you can say, don’t
比如 你知道谁偷了我钱包吗 你会想 为什么
ask me. For example, do you know who stole money from my wallet? You’re like, why are
你问我这个问题 你就可以说 Don’t ask me (别问我)好啦 接下来 第三个短语
you asking me this question? So you can say, don’t ask me, okay and the third one. The
search me这又是一个非常讽刺的说法 举个例子
third one is search me, which is again, said in a very sarcastic manner. So for example,
你的老板过来问你 哎 尼哈日卡 你知道谁帮他做了这个项目吗
your boss comes and asks you, hey Niharika; do you know who helped him with this project?
你不知道 也有点生气 但他是你老板 你不能真的
Now you have no idea and you are kind of annoyed but then he is your boss, you can’t be really
不回答他 所以你就可以嘲讽的说search me(我可不知道)
mean to him. So you can just be a little sarcastic and say that, search me. So which actually
means that you have no idea or you don’t know who helped him with the project, okay.
下一个是your guess is as good as mine(你猜的和我一样) 现在有人走过来
Then the next one we have, is your guess is as good as mine. Now certain people will come
问你问题 因为他们也不知道答案 你更不知道了
up to you and ask questions because they don’t know the answer. Now even you don’t know the
你们处在同一位置 甚至他不知道 你不知道
answer, so you’ll are in the same position. Right, even he doesn’t know, even you don’t
所以 不要说I don’t know (我不知道)而可以说your guess is as good as mine(你猜的和我一样)
know. So rather than just saying, I don’t know, you can say, your guess is as good as
意思是你们想的一样 我也不知道
mine. So it means, that you’ll are thinking the same thing, which is I don’t know. Okay
好了 这样你就可以用这个短语了
this is the way, you can use this expression.
我们来看It beats me(我不知道)这个短语什么时候用呢 当你不理解某事时
Then we also have, it beats me. Now when do you use this expression? When you do not understand
举个例子吧 你在上大学
certain things. Okay like for example, you are in your college and your professor is
教授在上课 你听不懂 很困惑
giving a lecture on something and you are not able to understand him. It’s quite confusing.
现在你伙伴或朋友问你 哎 你听懂了吗 或者
Now your partner or your friend says that, hey, are you able to understand him? Or do
你听懂他说什么了吗 当然 你很迷糊 你不知道
you understand what he is saying? Yes of course, you are confused, you don’t know what he is
他在讲什么 在解释什么 那不要说I don’t know(我不知道)
saying, you have no idea, what he is trying to explain? So rather than saying, I don’t
而是你可以说it beats me (我不知道)意思就是你不懂这个 会了吗
know, you can say, it beats me. So which means that you do not understand something, right?
So when you don’t understand things, you can use the phrase, it beats me. Right so when
你就用it beats me (我不知道)好了 下一个 not as far as I know(据我所知)
you fail to understand something, say it beats me. Okay, the next one, not as far as I know.
别人会告诉你或问你某些事 这个事很可能是真的 但
Now there are certain things that people tell you or ask you, and probably it’s true. But
据你所知 这不对 或你不知道 假如有人说
according to your information, it’s not or you have no idea. So if someone says, hey
你知道吗 苏珊结婚了 你上次见她 她还没结婚
you know what, Susan got married and the last time you met Susan, well she was not married.
现在你朋友过来告诉你 苏珊结婚了 你知道吗
Okay so now your friend comes and tells you that Susan’s got married. Did you know about
这时你就说not as far as I know(据我所知)你意思上是在说
it? So you’ll be like, not as far as I know. So here, you are actually trying to say, that
也许她结婚了 可能消息是对的 但就我了解
yes may be she’s married, may be this news is very much true. But then according to me,
事实不是这样的 我未得知消息 我不知道
it’s not, okay. I do not have the information, I have no idea, right so that is how you will
当情况是对的 但你不了解 这样的语境下就可以用这个短语啦
use this expression, when the situation or that thing is true but not according to you.
好了 最后一个短语 who knows(谁知道呢)什么情况用这个短语呢
Okay and then the last one is who knows? Now when do you use this expression? When there
对于某个问题 根本没有答案 没人能回答 不仅仅
is definitely no answer to a question like, nobody has an answer to it. So it’s not just
是因为你不聪明 而是因为没一个人是聪明的 没人能回答这个问题
because you are not smart but it’s because nobody is smart, nobody has answer to a question.
比如 动物什么时候会死 哇 这什么问题 没人
Like for example, when will animals die? Wow, what kind of question is that? Nobody has
能回答 对吧 本来就是很奇怪的问题 如果有人过来问你这个问题
an answer to it, right? It’s just weird. If someone comes and asks you this question,
你就说who knows?(谁知道呢?)所以当你回答一个看来不可能有答案的问题
so you gonna be like who knows? So when you have no answer like an answer is impossible
你就可以说who knows?(谁知道呢?)
to a question that is when you can say, who knows? Okay.
好了 这些就是你可以用的一些短语 下次有人问你一个问题
Alright, so here are the phrases that you can use, the net time someone asks you a question
你不知道 就用这些 而不要说
and you have no idea, then please use one of these phrases, rather than just saying,
I don’t know(我不知道) 会了吗 很快我会回来给大家上新的内容 今天到这里 再会
I don’t know, right? I’ll be back with a new lesson soon, till then, you take care.



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