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每日技巧:迷人肢体语言训练 – 译学馆
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Daily Tip: Charismatic Body Language Exercises

过的好吗 我是 Charisma on Command的查理
What’s up? This is Charlie from Charisma on Command.
And here is your daily charismatic tip.
昨天呢 我已经讲过怎样去判断自己的体态了
So yesterday I talked about how that you were diagnosed from your posture from here.
I’m holding two pencils.
今天我想教大家的就是 如何去纠正自己的体态
What I want to do today is to go over the things you can do for corrective posture.
怎样伸展胸膛 挺直后背
How to loosen up your chest, strengthen your back, and stand
就像这样子站 双肩往后挺
like this–with your shoulders back,
which is the issue that so many people have, as you can see
so much of our lives, just hunched over
很多人这样弓着背看电脑 低头玩手机
computers, looking down at the phones like this.
所以 首先
So, the first thing you can do, and
and the reason that I had this ball in my hand
需要用这颗球来完成伸展胸膛 打开双肩的动作
is because you can roll out your chest and your shoulder
using a lacrosse ball,
也可以拿网球 但是材质一定要像这样硬硬的
you can also use a tennis ball, but I hope that is that something solid like this,
接下来 很简单
so what you do is very simple:
把球放在墙上 使它与你的双肩和胸部持平
place it against the wall at the level of your shoulder and chest,
just sort of lean into it,
沿胸部位置开始 用身体带动球滚 完了换另一边
and roll out this area, you go over all cross the chest, the other side.
and do that you’ll feel the hurt
what you want to do is you find those areas where it’s like painful
找到后靠着墙上的球 慢慢将这些部位揉开
lean into it and roll it out slowly.
and what that’s gonna to do is to break up a lot of the
the fashion that you have in here,
这是比较专业的术语 这个动作有助于放松你那些绷紧的肌肉
I think it’s the technical term. And it’s gonna loosen these entire band up here which allows you
打开你的双肩 使之更容易往后挺
to pull your shoulers back more.
第二个动作 就是做抬举动作
Second that you want to do, is that you want to lift from postures.
So many people, when they go to the gym,
they basically there are two primary reasons:
the first is for strength,
想要变壮 变得像运动员那样强壮的身材
you want to become stronger, they have athletical and you want to hit that girl;
The scond is because they want to look better,
and they began to think what had it means
is that they gotta go they gotta do a thousand pounds of
bench press-ups as much as possible,
be bigger than the guy next to them
通过这样的方式来练肱二头肌 你懂的
and then come out with these, you know, ripped biceps
练成身上一块一块坚硬的肱二头肌 看起来很壮 很彪悍
pegs and pretty much over the body, nobody can touch them over the body.
但结果呢 人们
And what happens is people get
completely screwed up in terms of the bounds of their body
这是因为他们在这些部位上过度锻炼了 使得一边的肩膀
because they overworked this region and that’s what makes them one of the
看起来肿成一块 虽然他们其实并不是很壮
shoulder sort of hunchful, even when they ain’t being strong.
If you want to get both of those goals,
看起来更壮 真实地锻炼自己更加强悍的力量
if you want to get stronger, vigilant for real life strength,
and if you want to get the sort of attention
for being, you know, large-hormone fit.
实际上 通过抬举动作就能做得到
Actually the way to do it is by lifting from posture.
这样的人一走进来 其他人就惊叹 哇
Somebody walked into a room, and it’s merely that since wow
这个人肯定很有自信 大家谈论什么他都知道
that guy must be confident, that guy must know what he is talking about,
他就是看起来很有男人味 很多时候就取决于他的站姿
he just looks like the man, oftentimes just based on how they stand,
而且自然挺拔 这就是体态的威力
and hold themselves naturally, which is so much to do with the posture.
所以 大家去健身房的时候
So when you go to the gym,
在锻炼双肩的同时 也要注意上半身的姿态
this is just one combination for you doing for shoulders and the upper body.
一开始的时候 做些伸展运动 有助于塑造背部
Start by stretching, you want it work to your back,
胸膛 双肩的线条
your chest, your shoulders,
抓住球 然后就摁着球推
as you grab on something, and you just pull out
推到这 你就会感觉到肌肉绷紧处的反作用力
right here, you’ll feel the strength across this band,
try to keep your ass tight,
so that the stretch comes over through here.
手臂上的二头肌也要伸展 手掌顶住墙
You stretch your biceps as well, put your flat palm against the wall,
像这样 两只手都做同样的动作
go like this, do that on both sides,
这个动作有什么用呢? 是用来放松你这个部位的肌肉的
And what’s that gonna do? That’s gonna loosen you up here so that
when you do this one lift, this’s incredibly
incredibly powerful to pull your shoulder back.
You’ll not be activating these muscles.
and that lift in gym will not to here, I will lean to a
我之前就用过专练力量的健身器材 还有塑形的 我很肯定
professional strength trainer and body builder about, I’m pretty sure at doing this.
这些器材只是非常生硬的抬举 伸展 抬举动作
is the dead lift, open palm, dead lift,
效果不好 我练了…大概
nothing is better, I can doing this lift for I don’t know,
两三个星期 我上半身的神经 我的双肩
two, three weeks, and the upper nerves, my shoulders
have no-leastly moved back.
不过我感觉得到 我变壮了
I can notice how I feel, that I feel stronger
最肯定的一点是 我能吸引到更多人的眼球
and surest is, when I go out I feel like I can get more attention from people,
just based on the way that I stand.
所以 高度 良心建议大家从伸展这个部位的肌肉开始练起
So highly highly recommend you start with that first loosen this area up, second
然后做抬举动作 再来第三步就是同时做这些动作 直到身姿挺拔起来
lift for posture, and then third get those deadest juggling till they go up.
So that is the daily tip the today,
if you want any more charismatic tips,
就订阅吧 就这样 嗷
just subscribe and that is all. Ow.