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Daily Habits of Successful People: It's All About Routine | Brian Tracy

你好 我是布莱恩·特瑞西
Hello, I’m Brian Tracy.
I’m always being asked what are the habits of successful people.
What it is that successful people do habitually every single day
that leads to them being in the top 20% of money-earners in our society?
嗯 亚里士多德曾说 你95%的日常行为均来源于习惯
Well, Aristotle said, that ninty five percent of everthing you do is a result of habit.
所以关键是 养成良好的习惯 并使它们引导你的生活
So the rule is form good habits, and make them your masters
rather than allowing bad habits to form.
事实上 还有一个发现是
In fact, the other rule says this
is that good habits are hard to form but easy to live with.
Bad habits are easy to form but hard to live with.
我学习心理学过程中 一个重要的人生转折点
One of turning points in my life in my studies of psychology
是所有的习惯是养成的 但也可以被抛弃
was the discovery that all habits are learned, and can be unlearned.
事实上 你不需要抛弃一种习惯
Actually, you don’t actually unlearn a habit,
you simply replace a bad habit with a good habit that has more powerful power and impact.
And how do you develop a good habit? You develop a habit by repetition.
从你早上起床那刻起 几乎你做的每件事都来源于习惯
Almost everything you do from the time you get up in the morning is habit.
因此自我反省一下 你想养成什么习惯呢
So start to think about yourselves, what would be the best habits to have?
我写了一部书 叫《百万美元习惯》
Now I have written a book, called .
共有12章 阐述了生活的12个关键领域
It has twelve chapters, twelve critical areas of life,
而每章节中 有20或30种习惯
and in each chapter, there is twenty or thirty habits.
So let me give you some of the best.
第一 每天设立目标 并以此为导向
1.Develop the habit of daliy goal setting and goal orientation
What does this mean?
这意味着晚上入睡前 要考虑你明天的目标
This means when you go to sleep at night, think about your goals for the coming day.
将每天计划完成的小目标 列成一个清单
Make a list for each day of all the goals, the little goal you are going to accomplish
坚持定期记日记 记录你的目标
That day, keep a journal and write down your goals on a regular basis.
当你度过这些天时 想着你的目标
When you’re driving through the days, think about your goals.
当你和别人说话时 想着你的目标
When you talk to the other people, think about your goals.
你看 你确实变成了大部分时间在想的那个人
You see, you do become what you think about most of the time.
You do achieve what you think about most of the time.
因此 所有功成名就之人和腰缠万贯之人 大多数时间都在考虑他们的目标
So all successful people and all wealthy people think about their goals most of the time.
第二 以结果为导向
Second of all, be results oriented
Result oriented people are always thinking of the most important things that they can do right now
to achieve their most important result.
Successful people make a list of everything they have to do
而且在开始工作之前 他们会为清单上的任务确定优先级
and before they start working, they set priorities on the list.
一个成为目标导向型人 从而改变人生的好方法
Here’s a great way to become results-oriented, actually It’s life-changing.
确立每日清单后 问自己
Ask yourself once you have your list for the day
如果在我必须出差一个月之前 只能做清单上的一件事
And if I could only do one thing on this list before I was called out of the town for a month,
哪一项活动是我一定要完成 并在清单上划掉的
What one activity which I want to be sure to get completed and put a circle around that
确定之后 立即开始做这件事
and start on that activity immediately first thing.
然后在完成任务之前 督促自己不要停歇
And then discipline yourself to work nonstop until you complete that one activity.
就是这么简单的技巧 在超过一百年中 帮助世界各地的
This simple technique has taken people from rags to riches all over the world for
for at least a hundred years.
综上所述 选择最重要的任务 并且马上开始
Pick your most important task and start on it immediately
督促自己不达目的 绝不分心
and then discipline yourself to stay with it until it’s complete.
另一个你可以培养费的习惯是 以他人为导向
Another habit that you can establish is to become people oriented.
意识到生活中你完成的每件事 都将与他人的帮助
Recognise everything that you achieve in life is going to be with the help
or support, or cooperation of other people.
所以 时刻想着 他人想要什么 我可以帮他们什么
So always think what is it the other people want and need from me.
How can I help other people so they’ll want to help me back
如果你从事销售行业 顶级销售人员总是从顾客角度思考问题
If you’re in sales, top sales people think about their customers all the time
总是在想目标客户是谁 他们想要什么
They think about who their customers are, and what their customers want,
以及如何最大程度 以及更大程度地帮助他们
and how they can help them the most, and how they can help them even more today.
在社会关系中 成功人士也总在关注他们生活中最重要的人
In their realtionships, successful people are very focused on the most important people in their world,
无论私人场合 还是商业活动
both personal and in business.
另一个很棒的习惯是 以健康为导向
Another habit you can have is to stay health oriented.
时常考虑你的健康 想着少食 健康饮食
Think about your health most of the time, think about eating less food and better food.
考虑每天的锻炼 充足休息
Think about daily exercise and think about getting lots of rest.
时刻记住 要想在这个竞争激烈的世界取得成功 你需要大量的精力
Remember to be successful in our competitive world, you need a lot of energy.
而为了保持充足精力 你要吃好的食物 得到大量的休息并坚持锻炼
To have a lot of energy, you’ve gotta eat good foods, get lots of rest and exercise all the time.
最重要的习惯之一是 诚实的品质
One of the most important habit is that of character–honesty
即无论代价怎样 永远说真话
is always tells the truth no matter what the price
And the final characteristic, the final habit is that of self-discipline
我年复一年的写作 谈论这个
and I have written and spoken upon this for years, years and years
但是自律似乎是 使其余的每件事得以实现的基础
But self-discipline seems to be the foundation habit that makes everything else possible
而自律最好的定义是一种能力 这种能力使你知道
And the Best definition of self-discipline is that self-discipline is the ability to make yourself do
你该做什么 什么时候做 以及你是否喜欢做
What you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.
你看 如果喜欢一件事 任何人都能做好 关键是你不喜欢它但还能坚持做好
You see, anybody can do it, if they feel like it. It’s when you don’t feel like it and you do it anyway
这样 你才能变得自律 才能使其他成为可能
that you eventually develop the self-discipline, that makes everything else possible.
感谢观看 无论你想培养什么习惯 立马去做!
Thank you for watching, what is the one habit that you should start to develop right now.
我们会比其他任何习惯 都更帮助你实现你最重要的目标
We’ll help you more than any other habit to achieve your most important goals.
无论它是什么 开始每天实践这个习惯
Whatever it is, Start practicing this habit everyday.
Until it becomes automatic and easy.
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