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Customized DIY Gift Hacks - Hack It: EP51

在这一集 我会教大家制作一些简单的定制礼物
In this episode, I’m gonna teach you how to make some simple customized gifts.
如果你想做个独特的图案 印在织物上
If you want to make a unique design and put on fabric.
There are many ways you can do it.
One of them is silk screening.
你可以请专业人士做 但会花上一笔钱
Now you can get a professional to do it. It will cost you.
但是我将向你展示如何自己做 这超级好玩
But I’m gonna show you how to do it yourself. And it’s super fun.
The first thing you need to do is decided on the design.
你们有些人可能注意到了我纹了个新纹身 我的猫Tenzin
Some of you may have noticed I got a new tattoo, my cat Tenzin.
[喵] 我超爱它的
[Meow] This I love very very much.
I’ve always wanted to have Tenzin tattooed on me.
I just… it took me a while to come up with the final design.
I’ve drawn portrait kind, cartoon kinds,
but didn’t quite fit well with me.
后来我想试试几何形状的设计 然后我发现它太棒了
So I decided to just go with geometric shapes, and I love it.
So I’m going to print this on a T-shirt.
可能你们会觉得这里有一个小错 但并不是哦
Probably wondering if that is actually a mistake. It is not a mistake.
他缺了一个尖牙 因此每次他张开嘴巴时
He lost one of his fangs. So every time he opens his mouth and
his lip get stuck on his bottom fang.
He always looks like he’s snarling.
But it is the most affectionate, fluffball ever.
我就要让你出名了 Tenzin
I’m gonna make you famous, Tenzin.
现在设计图有了 你需要在布上印出你想要的合适尺寸
So now that I’ve got my design you need to print out the exact size you want on the fabric.
第二步 你需要找些透明的纱披上
Second step is you need to get some organza on
Then you need an embroidery hoops and mod podge,
某种容器的盖子和一些丝网涂料 还有透明纱
lid of some container, some silkscreen paint and I get my organza.
把刺绣圈弄好 压紧一点
I burrowed hoop ready, pull it tight.
必须非常紧 不然没用的哦
You’ll make sure it is super tight, otherwise it just won’t work.
And then, you just trace over your drawling.
下一步 把亮光白胶抹在你不想涂的地方 让它渗透
Now the next step, put the mod podge in the areas that you don’t want to paint, to go through.
这是我早先做的 亮光白胶已经干了
Here’s one I’ve done earlier and mod podge has already dried.
And I’ve left all the lines where I want the paint to go.
这是一个橡胶材质的玩意 我要把它放在T恤里面
Now this is a rubber thing. [Haha] I want to put this inside the T-shirt,
这样当我把印花布放在上面 颜料不会到另一边
so when I put my prints on there, the paint doesn’t go through to the other side.
好的 现在在最上层倒上一些颜料 不需要放太多
Okay, now put the paint at the top. You don’t need too much.
接下来 我要用刮板来刮它
So then I’m gonna grab this, which is my scraper.
你也可以用任何类似刮板的东西 只要它比较硬也比较光滑
You can use anything you want as a scraper so long as it’s hard and smooth.
And just in one swift motion,
把它从头推到底 就是这样
go from the top, pull it down to the bottom and that is it.
这一边也是这样做 只需要小心的把它翻过来
Same with this side, and then you just want to carefully lift it up.
And here is the finish product.
这些线条还不是最完美的 因为它们有些小缺口
The lines aren’t the best as you can see. It’s a little bit jagged.
But that’s what happens when you do DIY.
现在 你就有了一个带有Tenzin猫图案的T恤
And then you have it. Tenzin on a T-shirt.
[偷笑] 超开心
[Laugh] Super happy.
在做完这件T恤之后 我还有更酷的事要做
So cool thing is after I’m done with the T-shirt,
我可以洗掉颜料 再做一个丝网印花
I can wash off the paint and do another silk screen.
I’m gonna do the exact same design on a tote bag that in teal, one of my favorite colors.
好了 这真的太酷了 是的 这就做成了
Alright, this turned out awesome. Yes. And there you have it.
亮光白胶漏了几个点 不过没关系 这使得它独一无二了
I’ve mixed a couple of spots with the mod podge. That’s okay. It makes it unique.
我要感谢我的朋友D 他帮我做的纹身
I want to give a big shout out to my friend D, who actually did my tattoo.
当我画这个时 他帮我调了比例
When I drew this, he helped me put in proportion.
所以谢谢你 D 的帮助
So thank you D for doing that for me.
And I hope you like it everybody.
So now for the exciting part.
Some of you may have watched the previous episode,
我做过一些笔记本 磁铁和杯垫
I made some notebooks, magnets and some coasters.
然后放在网上出售 很快就售罄了
I put them up online for sale, it all sold up very quickly.
Some of it, were actually a lot of it sold up within 24 hours.
我非常开心 但真的也很累 因为它们是我一个个手工做出来的
I was super super happy but I was also really really overwhelmed because I actually handmade everything.
最快卖完的是KIAP IT笔记本
The fast selling thing was the KIAP IT notebooks.
So many of you wrote in asking me to do more.
但我必须信守诺言呀 必须保证它是限量制作的
But I have to keep my word, I have got to keep it limited edition.
所以 对不住了大家
So I’m sorry guys.
但好消息是我又做了另一个 BOOM
But the good news is I have done another one. BOOM!
这是我最喜欢的单词 哈哈
Another one of my favorite words. Haha.
Again it’s limited edition.
这次我变聪明了 我已经提前做好了
This time I’m very clever, I premake it already.
而不是先放在网上卖 然后再做 忙的像个疯子 我滴个神呐
Not put online, and then sell, and then have to make it, and rush like mad. Oh my god.
好了 还有更多激动人心的消息分享给大家
Okay, more exciting news for you guys.
Because the response was so good.
吉莉安·谭 Clicknetwork网站的创始者决定与我一起做个网店
Gillian Tan, the founder of Clicknetwork and myself decided to collaborate and do an online store together.
我会在节目中透露一些东西 还有我设计的其他东西
I’m gonna be releasing some stuff in the show and also other stuff that I’ve designed.
It took me a while to think of a name for the online store.
So Gillian Tan, Rebecca Tan, because we share the same surname Tan.
我们就想 用什么词会包含Tan这个词呢
We thought what words we could do that has the word Tan in it.
于是我们上网搜索了一下 Tandem就诞生啦
We looked online and Tandem came about.
两个Tan 一个在另一个前 对我们来说有着完美的含义
Two Tan, one in front of the other, makes perfect sense well to both of us anyway.
The next thing after coming up with the brand name was the logo.
我很喜欢大熊猫 但是吉莉安喜欢羊驼
I really like pandas, and Gillian, she really really likes alpacas.
So I decided to draw an alpaca and a panda on a tandem bike.
纸上的空间用完啦 熊猫画不下了
I ran out of room, so I couldn’t draw the panda.
然后我就画了这个 这次终于凑在了一起
And then I came up with this one. Though it’s kind of coming together at this point.
这就是最后的草图了 然后现在
And then, this was the last sketch that I did. And so now,
This is the final logo Tandem.
对滴 因为我们都姓Tan
Because both our names are Tan, right.
I think it’s genius.
我们想出这个是不是太有才了? 我不知道
I don’t know that just genius to us. Is it? I don’t know.
丽贝卡:是吗 员工:我不知道丽贝卡:不知道 员工:我喜欢它
Rebecca: Is it? Staff: I don’t know.Rebecca: I don’t know. Staff: I like it.
我很喜欢它 它代表了我们的姓氏 Tan
I freaking like it. It’s got our surname in it, Tan, Dem. Bitches.

I think it’s the cutest thing ever.
我刚才这么说是因为这是我画的 是吗?
Am I just saying that because I drew it? Is it?
当然不是啦 我问了许多人的想法
No la. I have asked a lot of people what they think.
他们貌似也喜欢它 我希望你们也喜欢它
And they seem to like it a lot. So I hope you guys like it, too.
Cause I’ve decided to print it on other things
小袋子 我将要把它放在网店上
Pouches, which I’m going to be putting up on the online stores.
Did I get it alright?
我说对了吗 是对的
Did I get it alright? Yes.
这个词有点长 我不善于拼写 [笑声]
It’s a long word. I’m not good at spelling sometimes. [Laugh]
但无论如何 这些是印有商标的第一批产品
But anyway, these are the first products that will have a logo on them.
哈 我现在非常激动 抱歉
Ahh, I’m getting too excited here. I’m sorry.
不只那些 我也会把这些东西放到网上卖
And not only that, I will also be putting up online and this to sell.
好了 不是这件特殊的T恤 因为它不是很完美
Okay, not this specific T-shirt because it is no perfect.
我会在网上卖这一件 看看它比上一个好的多了
I’ll be selling this one online. See it’s so much better.
这是专业的制作 所有的线条都很赞很平滑
Professionally done, all the lines are nice and smooth.
黑色的图案印在黑色的T恤上 因为我太喜欢这种T恤了
I chose a black on black design. Because I like settle-T.
Also I’ll be selling the tote bag.
同样是专业的印刷 太激动了
I also got a professionally printed. So exciting.
我要在我自己做的这件上签名 来让它看起来更加特别 好了
I’m gonna sign the one that I DIY my myself to make this one a little bit more special. There you go.
我的亲笔签名 [哈哈] 我觉得太赞了
My autograph. [Laugh] I feel so.
哦不 这太蠢了 但别介意我这样
Oh no. It’s so stupid. But never mind I.
如果你不喜欢白色的 猜怎么着 我也做好黑色的了
If you don’t like white, guess what, I’ve done in black as well.
I’m going Tandem crazy, man. I tell you. Haha.
不仅如此 如果不喜欢这个形状
And not only that. If you don’t like this shape.
它还有这种形状 配有一个拉链
There’s also this shape. And it has a zip.
如果你想买这些东西 请登陆TANDEMMERCH.COM
If you want to buy any of these, you can go on TANDEMMERCH.COM
And all of these will be online.
如果你要买它们 那我先行谢过大家
If you buy this I want to thank you in advance.
I hope you like my design that I worked so very hard on.
网站上还有别的东西 请大家密切关注哦
There will be other stuff online so keep an eye out.
Cause some stuff I haven’t shown you yet.
So you just gonna have to check it out to see what it is.
I’m gonna show one more thing that you can DIY a customize yourself.
我要拿一个杯子 一个简单常规的杯子就可以
I’m gonna grab a mug. Just a plain regular mug.
So first I’m gonna use nail polish remover to move up.
把它清洁干净 确保上面没有油或其他东西
Clean it throughly, make sure there’s no grease or anything on there.
Next thing is you want to draw on your mug.
好了 重要的是你要用油性马克笔來画
Okay, so it’s very important that you get an oil-based paint marker.
If you make any mistakes. It’s not a problem.
Because you can just wipe it off with some nail polish mover.
这样就好了 嘭
And that’s gone. Boom!
然后 我要画一个大象
And then I’m gonna draw an elephant.
为什么是大象呢 因为我也超爱大象的
Why I’m gonna draw an elephant? It’s because I love elephants, too.
I got this tattoo for my late stepfather to always remember him by.
Because elephants herd its family, they stay together, always.
[笑声] 超可爱
[Laugh] super cute.
完成这一步后 你需要将它静置四天
So once you’ve done with the design. You want to let it set for four days.
如果不这么做 图案很有可能会被洗掉哦
If you don’t. The chances of it washing off later is very high.
好的 在静置之后我们将杯子放在冷的烤箱里
Okay. After that, put the mug in a cold oven.
将烤箱设置到220℃ 然后打开烤箱
Set the oven to 220℃ then turn it on.
烤箱会慢慢加热杯子 这样杯子就不会裂开了
This is so the mug can slowly heat up with the oven, so it doesn’t crack later.
当烤箱温度达到220度后 保持这个温度加热一个小时
So once the temperature hits 220℃. Then you put the time run for one hour.
烘烤会使杯子上原始的白釉融化 使标记的墨汁进去
Baking will actually cause the original white glaze on the mug to melt and allow your marker ink to set in.
一个小时后关掉烤箱 让它自己在里面慢慢冷却
After one hour you want to turn the oven off. Just leave it in there, let it cool down by itself.
Otherwise it might crack because of the extreme temperature drop.
所以要让杯子在烤箱里慢慢冷却 然后再拿出来
So I’ve let it cool down and I’ve taken it out of the oven.
到这里还没完成哦 朋友们
That is not it, my friends.
This is not the end of the whole cup saga.
After you’ve done the whole baking process, let it cool down.
Don’t use it for another two to three weeks. Yes.
你没听错 做这个杯子大概要一个月这么长的时间
You heard right. It takes a very long time like a month to make a cup.
But I’ve premade some for you.
我只会把这些卖给少数朋友 因为我实在没有太多时间来等待近一个月
I will only be selling a few my friends because I don’t have a whole lifetime to wait around for month.
The ink should be pretty stuck on there by this time.
如果你真的买了 洗的时候要温柔一点 毕竟它们是手工制作的
But if you do purchase this please be gentle when you wash it. They are handmade after all.
So everything you’ve seeb in this episode. It will be sell on TANDEMMERCH.COM
You can purchase anything you like.
如果你要买它们 那我先行谢过大家
And if you do decide to do that. Thank you so much in advance.
With your support, hopefully I can do more.
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Thank you so much for watching. You can follow me on Instagram at rjt99.
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And if you haven’t done so already please download the free Clicknetwork App to watch all of our videos,
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谢谢观看 [飞吻]
Thanks for watching guys. [Mua]