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Create quote videos with a playing video background in powerpoint ✔

大家好 我的粉丝Kazi Bilal问了我一个问题
Hello to you today. I got a question from Kazi Bilal, which is one of my follower, and he
asked me how can he do actually such a video in PowerPoint, where a video
这个视频在播放时 可以让一些引文接连呈现
would play and some quotes would appear one after another.
它们会淡入淡出 并且在屏幕上呈现出动画效果
They would fade in fade off and be animated on the screen and the
视频也会继续播放 他也给我分享了他的演示
video would play on, and he actually did share a presentation with me.
他的演示是有动画效果的 但是他还是犯了个小错误
The presentation is already animated but he made a slight mistake.
在这次演讲中 他做了一个很好的简介 简介正在播放中
In this presentation, he has a very nice intro, the intro is playing.
这是坠落的雨滴 这个像是他的频道的
This is some raindrops falling and this is like an introduction
一个介绍 在介绍之后
to his channel. And after this introduction as I go to
是过渡场景 因为这些是动画效果 但如果你们在过渡场景中
transition because these are animations, but if you are on transitions, this
这第一张幻灯片将会在7秒后切换到下一张 好了
1st slide will go the next slide after 7 seconds. Okay,
这里我有一些信息 这是我们目前的幻灯片 在背景里
here I have some information and here we have the actual slide. In the background,
we have a one minute forty seconds,
42秒的视频 这是已经做好的 因为这个视频
forty-two seconds video and this is all done properly because this video
是内置在PowerPoint里的 然后在动画
is set inside of PowerPoint, then on the animation
选项上 它被设置为播放 所以视频实际上是播放的
tabs, its set to play. So the video is actually playing,
但他的错误是 你们看这些动画 我可以
but his mistake is, you see those animations…I could drag
把这个拉长一点 那些动画效果是接连呈现的
this longer. Those animations are happening one after another.
一个视频也是一个动画 所以视频
A video is also an \animation, so the video is
播放直到停下时 那些动画效果才
playing and once the video stops, those animations
开始播放 这有点像那个 视频必须是第一位的
start to play and this can be like that. The video has to be the first
但第二个动画效果 我们的第一个文本 第一个引文
animation, but the second animation – the first text we have here, the first quote
should be right clicked with previous.
你们看 这是一个绿色的和一个红色的 绿色的是
You see, it’s a green and a red one. The green is a fade in
淡入 红色的是淡出 这里的问题是
and red is a fade off, and the problem also here is that it’s
它对于淡入来说太长 也许他认为他想要这个引文
too long of a fade in. Perhaps he did think that he wants this quote
停留这么长的时间 我们有8秒的间隔 但举例来说 我会像这样
to stay for this amount of seconds, we have durations 8 seconds, but I will reduce this
减少这一间隔 然后 我会用第二个引文
duration for example like that then I will take the second
将它向前移 比如这是引文停留
quote, move it forward. For example, this is the amount that the quote
在屏幕上的时间 我会用下一个文本框
is staying on the screen and I will take the next textbox and also
select with previous next animation, with previous and
我们把这个减小一点 所以它们
let’s make this smaller. So they can
可以一起出现 这一个淡出和这一个淡入
for example appear together. This one fades off and this one fades
现在这个会晚一点出现 好了 我可以选取所有的动画效果
in. Now this will come later. Okay, I could select all the animations,
和以前的一起全部选中 现在你需要选择所有
select all with previous. Now you would need to select all of
这些动画效果 接着是间隔时间 设置
those animations, go to the duration and make the
间隔时间 大约是1秒50 现在
duration to about… well maybe 1 second 50 and now
你们可以这样播放它们 我们7号的文本
you could play around with this like that. We have text number 7, text number
10号的文本 我就像这样 这个
, text number 10 and I would just like this, this,
这个 这个 所以 你知道的
this, this. So, you know
它们彼此会交叉淡出 我来预览一下它 这个视频
they are cross fading between each other. Let me preview this. The video
正在屏幕上播放 对不起!我减小了音乐的音量 因为我不想你们
is playing on the screen, sorry! I reduced the music because I don’t want you to
听到的音乐太大声 我们来调小它 好了 视频开始播放
hear the music too loud. Let’s reduce it. Okay, the video is playing.
你们看 第一个动画出现在屏幕上 现在它们将会
You see, the first animation has appeared on the screen. Now they will cross
彼此交叉淡出 看屏幕 好!一个淡出
fade between each other. Look at the screen, boom! One fades
另一个淡入 你们可以用所有的动画效果这样做
off, another fades in. And you can do this with all animations.
当然 我们现在所有的文本凑在一起
Of course, we have now all the texts here together clustered,
但我们做到这里 当一个淡出 下一个就会淡入
but as we proceed here, this one will fade off and the next would fade in.
当然 你们需要手动一个一个这样做 一个一个
Of course, and you would need to do this by hand one by one, one by one
and place them later in the duration and in the delay.
所以 这就是怎样做一个带动画视频的文本引文
So, this is how you can make an animated video text quotes.
错误在这里 我们把那些都放到一起了 我应该
The mistake is here that we have all those together. I should delay
像那样延时一些 悲哀的是 它需要花费一点时间
them like that and it takes a little bit of time sadly,
但你可以用不同的方法做 你们只管前进
but you can do it differently. You just go forward,
may be select everything and delay it
现在往前一点 反选这一个
like that. Now go a bit forward, deselect this one.
我按住左Ctrl键不放 选中和反选
I am holding my left Ctrl key, selecting and deselecting,
延时 反选 向前延时
delaying – deselect, delay it forward,
你们现在能匹配所有的时间 所以 我认为这个
and you can now match all the timings. So, I think this will
对你们将会是非常有用的 你们学到了
be very helpful to you and you did learn something in PowerPoint on how to
如何在PowerPoint里准备引文视频 如何为你社交媒体的频道
prepare a quote video in PowerPoint. How to make such an animation
to make videos for your channel of social media.