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色彩高对比度PPT设计 – 译学馆
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Contrast powerpoint presentation slide - slide design tutorial ✔

大家好 欢迎来到本课程 我在这里要给你展示一下如何使用
Hello and welcome in this tutorial. Here I would like to show you how we can use
an image once from color and a few objects to create a
completely unique title fly which you can edit it change, you can change
修改其中的颜色和对象 您将学到如何
change the color, you can change the object within here. I will show how you can approach
a design like that.
Hello and welcome everybody in 2017. Let’s
start out strong by creating a really interesting slide. Now,
I want to select an image for our entire design. I just went to
打开unsplash.com并搜索black和white and wrote here black and white. You can also use a normal
image and then adjust it to be black and white, to be grey, to be dark.
这些图像很棒 您可以试着使用这张图
You know those images are very strong. You can for example use this image
并在上面覆盖颜色 得到的演示效果
then use color over it and it will gain new power, new
design and it will give an amazing feeling for the presentation.
我们浏览这些图片 单击这里下载
So let me browse the photographs. I will just click here and I will
download this image. PowerPoint is up and running. My image
图也准备好了 选择图片并置入幻灯片
is prepared, so I will select this image and I will place it in the presentation.
At first, I would like to make sure that this is not much bigger than my presentation.
好了 我们调整到这样的大小
So, I will make it to this size. I go to crop
and I crop the image to the right amount. It should be
我们裁剪到此处 图像很大需耐心等待
cropped in this place. Okay, this image is very big, so it goes slow. Okay,
选定了裁剪大小后 我们移动图像的相对位置
I should crop it now but I will select this image and I will reposition it,
so I have the children in the middle, okay? Or
I would like the children to stay on the right side because we will use
因为我们的设计中要用到左侧的空间 好了 选择裁剪
the left side for our design, okay? I will select crop and
this is my initial design for this slide. Now once you are ready with that,
选择”插入” “形状”
select insert, go to shapes and I want a
选择三角形 我们需要一些左边和右边的三角形
triangle. I would like the right and left triangles. So, I will
选择直角三角形 按住Shift键
select right triangle, I will select my Shift key and
I will make a perfect equal object like this.
Then I will Ctrl +C, Ctrl +V it and I will
然后旋转图形 建议按住Shift键 这样会咬合到特定角度
rotate it by holding my Shift key because else I will not have the snapping,
好了 我们旋转到与之前的三角形对齐
okay? Let me rotate it perfectly like that
and let me place it very close to it, like it’s placed
然后用方向键按三次右 三次上
now properly, but I will select my arrow keys and right, right, right, up, up,
再按两次右 让两个三角形之间稍微分开距离
up, right, right; just so I have a little spacing between them.
Now please watch the simplicity of this design. Let me select both
objects with my Shift key, I need to make sure both are selected,
点击“格式”–> “形状轮廓”–>”无轮廓”
I will go to format – shape outline – no outline.
然后点击”形状填充” 然后使用 “渐变”
Then I will go to shape fill and I will use a gradient.
选择想使用的渐变 我将对两个形状
Select any gradient you want. Now, I will go into each
分别使用渐变 把图形稍微分开更容易设置
one separately or maybe it will be easier if I place it here. Right click
右键设置“形状格式” 点击油漆桶并展开“填充”
format shape, open up the fill. If you have this bucket selected,
您将看到渐变选项 这里我们使用两种颜色
open up fill and you will have the gradient. Now, I want 2 colors.
我们已经设好了两种颜色 它们将成为
The 1st color and the 2nd color, and the colors will be the entire
幻灯片的主题 由于使用了冒险性质的图片
topic of this presentation. Now, since this is an adventure, let’s go
我们点击更多颜色 选择贴合冒险主题的颜色
to more colors and what color screams adventure. I would
lean towards a red one and let’s just try it out. If this will not
be cool, we will change it, but if this will look good, we will stay with it.
好了 我们选择了鲜艳的红色
Okay, let’s say I have selected my strong red color,
在渐变两端都使用这种颜色 可以在最近使用的颜色中找到
I will it for both of them. I have the recent color or I can eyedropper
或使用取色器 选择我们刚才使用的颜色
and use this color, okay? Now, I would like
这一块应该透明 而这一块不透明一些
this to be transparent and this a bit visible. So what you can do
您只需选择第二种颜色 然后调整透明度
is to stack the 2nd color and work with the transparency,
but I want the transparency to appear here on the top side. That’s no problem,
切换到第一种颜色 然后设置透明度即可
just switch to the 1st color, make it transparent. If you don’t like
如果要调整角度 只需调整角度到90度
the angle, just select the angle to 90 degrees…
抱歉 操作失误 我们调整好了透明度
100, sorry! 90 degrees. Okay, let’s make it transparent to see what
效果很不错 我觉得看起来已经有点设计感了
am I doing. Okay, perfect. Now, I think this already looks
interesting, but I will also select the 2nd color and make it a bit transparent
because I want even more flavor and flow into this design.
So, once you are ready with that, I have this object,
I don’t have to work with the transparency as strongly here because I can just
只需点击开始 格式刷 然后应用格式
go to home – format painter and paint
the format over. You see exactly the same thing happens
我们的图形就做好了 很棒吧
and I have my ready and prepared object, and doesn’t this look cool?
Now, as I see them close to each other, I think this color is
too strong. So I will select the 2nd color and make
it 50%. Select the 2nd one –
对另一个图形执行同样的操作 再调低一些透明度
50%, okay? A little bit less.
好了 把两个图形贴近
Okay, now I will make them closer to each other
and I will press Ctrl +G because I have them grouped
and this is like the initial design I want to have. Now, I could just
insert textbox, insert the textbox – ADVENTURE,
I will select the text, I make the text white.
字体设为Open Sans
Of course, I would need… let’s just try with Open Sans just
so we have a base for this design and adventure.
复制文本框 文字改为presentation(演示)
We should be more adventurous. Adventure
presentation. And now it’s up to you if you want this to be white.
If you want the text to be black, so it is
like subtracted from this object or you can re-subtract it.
接下来取消组合 移动右边的三角形和冒险文本
Let me quickly ungroup this. Take the adventure text and the right one I hope.
选择三角形 然后按住Shift键
Okay, select the object first, then with the Shift key,
选择文字 点击格式
select adventure and just go to format –
合并形状 点击合并 您可以看到效果
Merge Shapes and select Combine. You see what happens
and now the adventure text is not strongly visible, but this is all
这就是我们想要的效果 您可以实验这种效果 比如
what you want to do. You want to experiment with this design. For example, I would set
将图形移到此处 然后选择第二种颜色并调低透明度
this here, I will select the 2nd color and I will lower the transparency
因为我想让文字更明显 如果想让颜色集中到上方
because I want the adventure text to be more visible. If you want the color
to go up higher, you just select the 2nd color and you place it higher.
您看到了这个实例 我们使用了简单的图形
You see what I am doing here, I have a simple object and I am
但设置其图形格式后 就得到了不错的演示效果
completely reshaping it and we have our presentation ready.
这会儿可能看不到幻灯片的右侧 因为我放大了屏幕
Now you may not see the right side because I have my screen a bit bigger, but this is
the initial design I wanted to teach you in this short tutorial.
希望您喜欢我的课程 创建这样的设计很有乐趣
I hope you do like classes like that. It was extremely entertaining to create this.
感谢观看 我们下次再见
Thank you for your attention in this lesson and see you in the next.



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