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– Don’t you start on me now.
-请不要在室外喝酒-干杯 晚安!
– No drinks outside please – Cheers, goodnight!
– I’m going home. – I think you’d better.
– Yeah ok, I’m going, I’m going, I’m going.
– I just need a fiver for a three in one. (fast food)
-喂!-知道了 我在回家
– Hey! – I’m alright. I’m going.
– Be careful there! – Kebab
– You said it. Are you going to kill me?
– No. You’re already dead.
– I’m sure we can come to some sort of an arrangement.
– We can just pretend. Tell them you lost me?
– Tell who? – The emmm…..oh…I don’t know.
– What now? – That’s up to you.
– Ok.
– It’s time.
-不 再等下 让我们嗯..
– No. Hang on. Let’s eh ….
– Do you want to talk about this?
– Just sit down on the bench again? Have a chat?
– I just need more time.
– More? – Yes.
– No – So be it.
– No. Hang on. Let’s talk about this, no.
– Mother – Yes
-我出生了 我安全了?
– I am born. Am I safe?
– Of course you are. I have you.
-拥抱我 我渴望天空的颜色 渴望自然的触碰
– Take me in your arms. I wish to see the sky and feel the weather on my skin.
– Here.
– Don’t drop me.
– I won’t.
我渴望海浪的声音 渴望树木湿润的气味
– I wish to hear the sea and smell the damp woods.
– Here.
– Look at the ants.
– Yes.
– Now. – Show me fire’s burning.
– I wish to be among people.
– Grandfather!
– Yes.
– Where am I? Where are we?
– We are among friends. Yours and mine, some, both.
– Why did we never speak?
– I don’t know.
– Grant me something hidden, something shared.
– I can still worry though? – You can but it won’t help.
-但如果…-那样很好 会很好的
– But what if… – Look it’s fine. It’ll be fine.
– I missed you then.
– Now, it’s time.
– No. Show me many things so that I remember.
– Now.
– More!
– Now.
– More!
– More!
– Now.
– More.
– More.