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Coaching your team to greatness
Well,I don’t think there is any better way to wake you up
After a nice lunch,then to present, the one, the only,
传奇人物 同时也是我的智囊 大家有请Tom Ferry先生
The legend and main mind, please welcome Mr. Tom Ferry.
Ok, hang on, Tom thinks he got the stage now but guess what,
但是今天是他的生日 大家一起来唱
It’s Tom’s birthday today so altogether now,
Altogether #happy birthday to you#
#happy birthday to you#
#Happy birthday Tom Ferry#
#happy birthday to you#
Let’s hear for the birthday boy.
Thanks Jack,thank you.
Hey so good afternoon!
Good afternoon.
-大家现在是不是激情四射 活力满满呀?-是
-Are you alive,excited and full of energy?-Yes.
昨晚谁喝多了 自觉举手
Who drank too much last night, raise your hands really high. You feeling it huh?
Peggy 我等下就去找你
Peggy, I am coming to get you.
接下来 我只有一个小时来讲一个话题
Alright, so I only have an hour and the topic they asked me to discuss is something that
In a normal setting I would talk about for 2days.
所以提早跟你们说一声 你们不用记别的什么东西
So I am gonna give you a little heads-up in advance.If you don’t write anything else down, write down the following.
You guys ready to write?
All of these slides xxx, and
而且上面有全天演讲的版本 都是免费开放下载的
The entire one-day version, and listen to that, will be on that website for years for free to download.
Are you guys up for that?
So that way I can talk fast, yes?
好的 那么大家都来自哪里?直接大声喊出来
Alright so where’s everybody from, just so I know, yell it out loud.
Ok, I heard, where?
Colorado in the house I heard Tampa.
From Boston? I heard Jersey yes?
I see you.
Did you put on weight since I saw you last?
我有一张我们的合照 你靠着我
I got a good video, huh, photo of you and I and you were like, leaning in me.
你就像这样子 很高兴你叫我了
When you were like, thanks for the shout out.
I wanna see less of you all the time.
好的现在 我想知道你们之中有多少人第一次听我演讲?
So listen, just so I know how many of you never seen me speak before? Raise your hands really high just so I know.
我没时间自我介绍了 我能不能就当一个报告会来讲?
Alright, so I have no time for introduction, can I assume, report?
可以吗?好的 大家都知道我老爸是谁吧
Is that fair? Alright, so you guys know whom my dad is,right?
看见没 这个小玩笑让大家都醒过来了
That’s good, alright see the medication is kicking in alright.
So hit the slides really fast, I am gonna show you just 2 things real quick.
一个振奋人心的好消息 我们的公司获得了XX公司的认可
Really excited that our company, we got this recognition on January by xxx company.
我们是第一个房地产教育的训练公司 我觉得这很酷
Never one real estate trainer in education. I think it really cool even though,
How many of you have been doing this for more than 2 decades raise your hands really high.
我从事这行26年了 我们公司是一夜之间成功的 很棒吧
So I am 26years in and we’re an overnight success, isn’t that exciting?
这是我们成功的原因 你们的导师是谁
This is why though, who are your mentors?
看上面列表 我的第一位导师是Brian Tracy
Who are your mentors? When I look at this list Brian Tracy was my very first coach.
我19岁就听过他了 他叫我做的第一件事就是
I heard him at 19 years old, the first thing he told me to do was
Make up a list of every you want, the ideal spouse, that was July 17,1991,
Make up a list of every you want, the ideal spouse, that was July 17,1991,
Make up a list of every you want, the ideal spouse, that was July 17,1991,
Make up a list of every you want, the ideal spouse, that was July 17,1991,
把你所有想要得到的东西都写在一张清单上 比如以为理想的妻子 那是在1991年7月17日
Make up a list of every you want, the ideal spouse, that was July 17,1991,
I met my wife one month later and after a year and a half he followed up
I met my wife one month later and after a year and a half he followed up
I met my wife one month later and after a year and a half he followed up
I met my wife one month later and after a year and a half he followed up
然后一个月之后我就遇见了我的妻子 一年半之后他来问我的近况
I met my wife one month later and after a year and a half he followed up
I closed the deal so this was good,
I closed the deal so this was good,
I closed the deal so this was good,
I closed the deal so this was good,
I closed the deal so this was good,

This was like before bumbum and these really cool follow-up tools.
This was like before bumbum and these really cool follow-up tools.
This was like before bumbum and these really cool follow-up tools.

Tony Robert 你们之中很多人都知道我18岁就认识他了
Tony Robert, many of you know I’ve known him since I was 18 years old and
我最喜欢的导师之一Mike Vance 最上面中间那张 去年9月去世了
Huh, one of my absolute favorites Mike Vance, top middle, passed away last September.
You probably know him cause he wrote the book Think Outside the Box.
他是Walt Disney人生最后九年的左臂右膀
He was Walt Disney’s right-hand man for the last 9 years of Walt’s life.
Was the first coach I paid a significant amount of money to.
4000 bulks for an hour.
这我可得认真上课了吧 你们说呢?
You think I’d pay attention, what do you guys think?
You think I am gonna, well, let me tell you my story.
不 我问了他37个问题 并且录了下来
No. There was no story and there was 37 questions and I had it recorded in video tapes.
Totally amazing.
我的精神世界和人际关系导师之一Bill Mitchell
One of my spiritual life and relation mentors is Bill Mitchell.
大家都知道Zig Zigar
Everybody knows Zig Zigar
Dyer和我有段时间是很好的兄弟 还有Deepak Chopra和Robert Stuberg
Dyar and I had a bro man for a while. Deepak Chopra, Robert Stuberg.
最右边最下面的那位女士12年来是我的私人教练Teresa Jabbour
But the woman in the far right, bottom right, that’s my personal coach of the last 12 years, Teresa Jabbour.
So when I look at things like this slide
It’s meaningless unless you understand,
除了说明我的时间都花在与这些人交往上了 大家都知道这句话说的很对吧
This is whom I spent my time with. Because we all know this to be ture, yes or no?
You say that out loud.
Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.
大家现在都转过身对你身边的人说 我们最好多约约 常常见面
And do me a favor and turn to someone in the room and say we need to spend more time together.
How many of you know what I’m talking about say Aye.
You know your life is who you spend your time with so today we want to
所以今天我们来讲指导 讲训练 讲创造一个高产出氛围
Talk about mentoring and coaching and creating a high-performance environment.
And the reality is you’re not gonna get there alone
你们现在也不是无药可救 这次演讲也不会治好你
and you are not broken in this little,like,quick section is going to heal you
This for me it’s been like a lifelong journey.
26年之前 加州 我坐在我在Maysick海滩边上的超级小的公寓里面 有人来自南加州吗
26 years ago I was sitting at my minimal apartment at coastal maysick California. Anybody from southern California?
The coast. You know coast maysa ?
You know center street ?
Ok so it’s ready. My first apartment center street. I’m 16 years old.
I get kicked out of my fourth or fifth high school.
我还带过博士帽 知道吗?
I’ve got a molehat still. You are with me on this?
给我带的人是我爸 你能想象那种场景吗
And my fairy was my dad. Can you already picture how awesome that was?
就是黑色的和橙色的 没办法 必须得带
I, black and orange, cause you know, like, what are you going to do right?
Terrible. But here’s my point.
关键是 就算在那种丢脸的情况下 那时我快17岁了 我仍然清楚知道
Even in that situation I understood by the time I hit 17 I realize
花时间与怎样的人相处 你自己也会变得跟他们一样
That if I am spending time with the people I am spending time with then I would just become like those people.
在一个星期二 我做了一个决定 放弃与我认识的90%的人再交往
And on a Tuesday I made a decision to eliminate 90% of the people I know,
我写下了 积极 中性 和消极
Cause I wrote down POSITIVE, NEUTRAL and NEGATIVE.
然后我发现只有两个人属于积极那一栏 我以后要花更多时间与他们相处
And everyone of my life that’s positive , two of them, I spent more time with.
The people that were neutral, I wrote down their names.
And we had interesting conversation like,
你可以想象 我打电话跟我老妈说她属于中性
Imagine calling your mother and saying you’re neutral.
It was an interesting coaching moment I would just tell you that.
那天 我就断绝了我与所有在消极名单上的人的关系了
And everyone on the negative list on the Tuesday I just said no more.
Wasn’t that I didn’t love them anymore. Wasn’t that I didn’t wanna be associated with them.
这是因为我知道 与什么样的人交往将决定我的未来
Because I understood, show me your friends I’ll show you your future.
If you know what I am talking about say Aye.
我们可以再讨论下去 不过今天我的目的是提高你们的盈利
So we gonna get into some of that staff today but I just wanna stretch you bill
你们不是无药可救 你们不需要被救治 你们只是想过来听听我的想法
You are not broken. You are healed. You are here just for one or two more ideas.
And that I would promise to deliver.
所以 首先 大家要过得开心
So here’s my outcomes. Number 1 have fun. You guys up for that?
Are you up for that?
我要你们积极响应我 不然我就会要下台到你们中间去了
I need lots of energy otherwise I am gonna come out there in the crowd and you are gonna know. Alright.
第二 要怎样创造一个高销量的环境呢
But the second is how could we create a high performance sales culture?
你想要被训练 目的是创造好的销量表现 这是唯一目的
So you want coaching. That’s all about creating high performance, that’s the whole game.
好的 让我们来看看吧 首先
So let’s take a look at it. First and foremost,
有多少人知道最新的NAR 你们的录像带里有这个内容吗
How many of you seen the most recent NAR numbers?You guys have these on your recording?
如果没有的话 要记住这是一个很重要的数字 特别是当我们讲到招聘人才的时候
If you don’t, this is a very valuable conversation to have especially if we were talking about recruits.
18% of all agents per earned less than $10,000 last year.
I see you talking photos that’s totally awesome.
I am telling you the photo will be way better. Like,when you get it there,it will be way better.
你们照相照我有意思吗? 我要摆个姿势?
But you take photos. Take photos at me.Wa Da! Do that kind of staff that would be way better.
But how about this guy? How about this.
There’s a method I am about to share.
54% of the agents that are in the US right now may need less than $100000
I need all my Canadian people to raise their hands.
All Canadian people. God bless you all. Where are you from?
特华纳?你看起来像蒙特利尔的 那股子性感劲
Terwana? You know you kind of look like Montreal. You’re kind of sexy you know.
我随口说说 如果冒犯你了说声抱歉 顺便说一句你长得很帅
I don’t mean to piss you off I am just saying you are like. You are a good-looking dude. Alright.
我姓Ferry 别骂脏话啊
My last name is Ferry,don’t even go there.Alright.
只有 大家看 只有21%的经纪人年人均超过12万美元 没想到吧
21% of agents guys, only 21%of all agents in the country make more than $100000. Is that startling, yes or no?
It’s an opportunity for us yes or no? Or course it is.
7%经纪人一年挣20万 5%的一年挣25万 只有1%的人每年挣超过一百万
7% make 200000, 5% make 250000. Only 1% in the country make more than a million bulks.
有趣的是 我们有成千上万的房地产经纪人野心勃勃
And the interesting thing is we have tens of thousands of agents that are having ambition for it.
But we now the gap, we know what’s missing.
我们继续看幻灯片 准备好了吗
So put the slide back up and let’s talk about it. You are ready?
我们是一个训练机构 我不准备在这个内容下说训练 但是看看这些数据
Right now we’re a coaching company. I not gonna talk about coaching in this context, but here’s our numbers.
So last year of the 2000people that we were personally working with right now,
平均每人总现金投资是36.2万美元 不错吧
The average was $362000 in GCI. Is that good?
Hello! Would that be a good reality estate office yes or no?
2000人 37个完结交易 总现金投资36.2万
2000 people 362000 in GCI on 37 closed transaction,
最神奇的是 他们一开始一年只挣5万美元
And the best part is they all started at it making 50000 bulks a year.
然后过了一月两月上升到7万8万 然后打电话告诉我们他们准备好了 或者我们打电话给他们
They came to make 50000. 70000,80000 every single month call our office and say I’m ready and we call them, or we call them and they say they’re ready.
从一开始5万到15万到30万甚至更多 继续看
Making 50000 and then they get to 150000and then 300000 and then way more. Now watch this.
我们问他们这些问题 你们可以开始记笔记了
We asked them awesome questions. And this is where you don’t wanna take a lot of notes and I would recommend,
Not taking notes on anything like that, you see up here.
Right down the step that is meaningful for you in relation to each of these slides.
What if I told you we took some time and we interviewed all of our best clients.
我们有两个不同的项目 第一个是采访我们这销量最高的客户
Right. We have 2 different programs so we talked about our very best top producing cilents.
他们从事这行超过15年了 他们一年卖掉五千 八千 一万 两万甚至五万套房子
These people are 15 years or more on the business, they’re selling 5000,8000,10000,20000,50000 homes a year.
另一组是我们的新客户 他们入行不超过五年
Verses our newer clients that are 5 years or less in the business.
They are selling 18 to 25 homes a year.
两个截然不同的组 现在我要给你们看看他们是怎样回答这些问题的
So very different segments. And I am gonna give you all the answers to the questions we asked them. Look up here.
About all of you,
Are you curious?
Right do you wanna know from a non-buyer’s standpoint what they’re saying about companies they like,companies they don’t,
What’s important to them.
如果你想要有价值一百万美元的教育背景 去在接下来一年中提高你的就业竞争筹码
If you wanna a quick little million dollars education on hand to alter your recruiting message,
你可要注意了 继续看片
For the next 12months, pay attention. Let’s go to the slide.
So we asked them why did you join your firm?
你会注意到有精英组和能力组 精英组由有15年以上的经历的老手组成 能力组里的人平均经验低于五年
So you’re gonna notice elite verses power. Elite or a 15 years plus veterans. Power or 5 years less on average.
What’s the number one reason they joined their firm,say it out loud.
Brand name.
公司品牌与你们来说重要吗 这可是首要原因 接下去看
Is that important to you guys? The number one reason they joined but look down the list,
这些由高产出的客户组成的精英组说 办公地点超级重要 经理是谁 公司文化怎样 培训如何
On elite clients,again these are the most productive agents. They said office location super important,the manager,the culture,the training.
同事们都是什么人 当然还要有很好的市场支撑
Fellow agents and of course ready marketing support.
Number two is what?
任务分配 再看看右边 品牌 办公地点 任务分配等等
Commission splits right? And then you go to the other side brand,office,commission splits etc.
然后我们问他们 你们在这个问题上的判断标准变化过吗
But then we asked them this question,has your criteria at all?
What’s important to you now verses then. Look at what they said.
What’s number one on the best clients,what’s still important to them?
公司品牌 有人有异议吗?
Brand name. Do you guys have it? Do you have separation there?yes or no?
Are there many other companies out there doing big national advertising campaign? Yes or no?
They do a commercial.
You with me? And it is usually stupid and you guys know what I am talking about.
因为这不是正在进行的有营养的东西 广告只不过是像中国的水刑那样不断折磨你直到你被洗脑
Cause it’s not ongoing and nurturing and just you know,Chinese water torture you got them.
但这里 什么改变了 经理在这个列表中去到哪里了
But then look at the interesting part,what’s changed. Look at what the manager show up
当我们问他们如果你要做出改变 现在对你来说重要的是什么
When we asked them if you were to change, you know, your criteria, what’s important to you now?
从任务分配到 列表上他们第二看重的是什么?
If went from commission splits to who is number two on their list?
Is that an important distinction yes or no?
Remember these men and women were paying 500 dollars to 2000 dollars a month for private coaching.
他们喜欢我们 当时他们更喜欢你们 他们前所未有地更喜欢你们
And you’re gonna see, they liked us, they love you and they need you now.
下一个问题 你更欣赏哪一种领导风格?
So we the next question,which leadership style do you value the most?
What do you value the most? They said my personal relationship
Personal connection right? The fact that I feel like a part in it and then you’ve done it so brilliantly
你在你的岗位上做的很好 每个人都觉得你是这个大家庭中的一员
At youryour front that everybody feels like they’re a part of the family.
但是看看另一边 能力组的人最看重的是能帮助他们拿下单子的人
But then look at the other side, the power clients said what I need the most is help me get deals done.
他们经验不到五年 他们身边的人的业绩也不怎么样
Remember they’re 5 years and less they’re coming out at a short sell environment. Maybe they’re not comfortable with
他们不习惯今天这种交易模式 他们可能会说 我还有个要卖的房子?
Today’s transaction. They are calling this right now Cathy and saying, I have a listing?
它还比市场超前上市了一个月 我该怎么办?
And it’s beyond the market for like,4 weeks. What do I do?
How many of you know what I am talking about right now say Aye.
情况变了 他们慌了 他们说他们本来的计划是
The things are shifting again and they are like what do we do oh my god! You know,like my old marketing plan was
现在我就得去完成这么多项任务了 我都对自己没信心啊
And now I actually have to fullfill all these promises I made I am not sure if I can do that!
现在不同了 他们需求不同了
Right. you know.It’s different today they need different things.
然后问他们 你们想从你们的经纪人那里获得怎样的额外的帮助?
We then asked them what additional support do you want from your broker. You know this one you need to pay attention to.
注意了 我现在要说的这个
Listen, I am gonna make a
Who wants to annihilate the competition?
不对 我的意思应该是
Ok. I mean. No.
支配你自己的市场 大声说出来
Dominate your market place. Ok say dominate so I know you’re talking about. Say it.
Say it again.
可能坐在你身边的就是你的竞争对手 在外面的人也和你是竞争关系 谁知道呢
Here’s what’s exciting. You’re ready? You might have a competitor in the room you might have a competitor that’s outside watching you know, something else who knows.
但重要的是 你要看清 我们都懂的道理 如果你真的要问自己当今对于房地产公司来说重要的是什么
But here’s the deal, what you’re gonna see very clearly and we all know this. If you really ask yourself what’s important to the agents today.
精英组的人会说 交易和管理支持
Look at they said,look at the elite clients, transaction and administrativ support.
So the bigger the agent becomes. Guess what they need help with
他们越需要知道怎样运行自己的公司 怎样一项一项把任务清单上的任务完成
How to organize your business how to run their businesses how to run it by checklist,
让公司按部就班的运作 在正确的时间做正确的事
How to run it through the systems, how to make sure to do the right things , or done at the right time,
我的顾客怎样才能开心怎样才能感到我们在支持他们 这样我就不会在半夜像这样醒来
That my customers were happy they feel supported. And I am not waking up at night like this,
啊 每两个小时被吓醒 你能联想起你们公司业绩最佳的人
Ah! Every two hours. Can you think about your own top producers and how that
以及他们的解决方法 以及这种解决方法是怎样让你的公司也变得成功的
Solution is going to be intergrew to your success but then
看另一边 能力组 有5到6年的经验 他们需要什么?
The other side,the power clients, the 5,6 years in the business, what are they saying they need?
What did they need guys?
They need clients!
They need clients. They haven’t figured out how to slove the clients issue so,
I look up at this I actually came up with this slide.
This pretty much sums up the recruiting opportunity in the next decade.
想想这个 在最右边
So think about this ready?
On the money and time spent on this generation,
在他们身上投资更多钱他们就变得更好 这有道理吧
So the better they are the more time and money they pit into it. Does that make sense?
但是看底下 你会看到我称之为“怀疑者”的人
But look down at the bottom you’ve got what I called the unbeliever.
How many of you have unbelievers that work inside your office?
他们都不知道自己干嘛要在这里 免费的无线 咖啡还有是不是开个小会 社交时间到?
Like they don’t even know why they’re there. Free WiFi, coffee and occasional meeting. Social hour right?
还有业余者 你们办公室有多少业余者?你们知道业余者是什么吗?
Then you’re got dabblers. How many of you have dabblers in your office? Do you guys know dabblers?
你的业务计划是什么?我想试试这个 那个也不错的样子
So what’s your business plan? Let’s me try a little this let’s me try a little that,
就这样 他们从来不会一心一意做任何一件事
Dabble dabble…. But they never commit to anything.
然后更极端一点 还有人真的很感兴趣
In the end, more extreme you’ve got people that are really interested.
And then you got people that are totally committed.
准备下 你们可以记笔记了
This is what I know and please write this down so you know. It’s ready?
如果你想雇佣 摇滚明星那样的人
You wanna recruits like a rockstar?
外面80%的房地产公司 雇佣各个年代的人
80% of the agents out there, soft the generation form.
Soft the generation.
我有客户在大公司担任CEO职位 那个公司大的比比弗利山庄还大
I’ve got clients today that I am working with CEOs in big companies, one of them bigger than Beverly Hills.
Anybody works Beverly Hills? West LA that market? So you will see this.
We started about 8 months ago. And we said,
我们开始说我们会在Facebook上用黑暗发布 看这里 两个待售房 谁会想代售房能自己找上门?
I know how to do dark post on Facebook. Look up here, two attract listings. Who would like to do listing attraction.
作为经纪人 签下待售房 给房地产公司35%的介绍费 谁愿意这样做?
As the broker,take the listing appointment, give it to an agent at a 35% referral fee. Who would like to do that say Aye.
注意 并不是所有人都想这样做
So notice not every hand went up.
Are youyou guys out of your minds?
Tom我不想参与到这种交易中去 我懂得 那我们来分析
But Tom I don’t want to get in that business. Ok I understand let’s talk about it.
如果你能拿到所有代售房资源 并且分发到你的队伍中去
But if you could get all the listing and then give them out to your team,
或者分给你想招聘的人 这不就能引发很大的变化了
Or to the people you recruit, could that be a game changer yes or no?
我就是这个意思 我们需要的是80%的那部分公司 但是那些最好的公司
It’s all I am talking about. 80% of the agents, that’s what they need but the very best agents,
有人看过星期六的ENGMAN出版的一个报告吗 他说的是
Who read, I think it was on Saturday, engman publishing report, and here’s what it said,
Three agents today will pay a 35% referral fee for an appointment.
Well I saw that piece. And it was an interesting little piece of article.
我们早就知道 这些房地产公司花越多的钱在员工身上 员工就更加专注工作 花更多的时间
The more time and money those agents the more committed they are the more they’re willing to spend for
For a point that said convert verses just leads.
So do me a favor, tell your buddy right now,
如果你属于精英组的一代 你会更容易被聘用吗?
If you could be an elite generation business, would it make recruiting easier? Tell you buddy.
Would it make attention easier? What do you guys think?
Right people ask me all the time like,
Who is your partners why did you make these decisions?
五年之前我跟Zero合作 那时候人人都觉得Zero是魔鬼
Cause you know,five years I partered with Zero, when anybody thought Zero was the devil.
人们就觉得你干嘛要到那里去 因为它解决了我的客户问题
People were like,why you done, I am like,because they sloved the problem of my clients.
Get my customers more buyers more sellers,
我不是浪漫主义 他们还说你跟XXX合作干嘛他们是魔鬼
I don’t romanticize about anything they’re like but why your partner with Xxx they are the devil. No.
不 首先 看这
First of all look up here guys.
Here’s nobody from Xxx right?
如果你买下了几乎整个国家 你也会有身处地狱的感觉的
If you bought countrywide, would you be in hell too?
你们可能会想 他们欠我钱了 当时他们买下了几乎整个国家
I mean, just think about that one. But they were late on my loan. They bought countrywide.
看起来像个大混蛋 虽然他们现在还在努力解决 他们的时间快到期了 所有东西都一团糟
Like that was just the big asshole,now they worked through,now they were are on time guarantee. Their everything is ruined but
但是记住了 人们说你干嘛跟XXX做交易
Write this down and you will know. You’re ready guys. People are like why did you barter to xxx
我的回答是 5200个银行中心 5千万客户
Here’s my answer,5200 banking centers 52 million clients,
35000 to 40000 leads a month.
You don’t think I am working on harnessing that for my clients? Do me a favor,
Everybody says you might wanna look into that,
要说的感觉像在说一个神话一样 你最好调查一下
Say it like it was a myth like, you might wanna look into that.
我不喜欢XXX 看这 谁在乎啊
I don’t like Xxx.Look up here, who cares
5千万银行客户 明白吗 我的关注点在这
50million banking clients,you guys with me on this? That’s what I am focusing on.
给我的客户来带交易量 这对大家都好
Get my customers transactions, and everybody is happy. Let’s keep going.
我觉得这个很重要 你们喜欢怎样跟你们的经理交流?
We asked them,I thought it’s important,how do you prefer to communicate with your manager?
Look what they said.
73%的人喜欢面对面交流 告诉你的朋友你公司有多少经纪人
73% across the broad face-to-face. Tell your buddy right now how many agents you have in your company. Tell your buddy. Company 1.
Ok. And are you meeting with them face-to-face?
有人说是 有人说不是 你们这是HALLWAY SEX(老夫老妻在走廊里吵架 骂FXXK这样的字眼)?
Some of you say yes some of you say no. Are you guys having hallway sex?
I am not even gonna touch that I will explain later.
14%的人喜欢电子邮件 我们给他们选项选择
Face-to-face, look at e-mail,14%. These were theirs. We did said How do you prefer to get communicated and they were clicking the answers and,
这些是选项下的数据 我最喜欢最下面一项 我是社交网络达人
Those were the stats.I love the bottom one cause I’m a big social media guy.
猜猜看他们希望有多少交流发生在Facebook上? 他们根本不希望
How much interaction they want with you on Facebook? None.
过来面对面交流吧 他们希望有种联系的亲密感
Come by come see me with a conversation. They wanna feel connected.
Let’s keep going you’re ready?
We asked what kind of company gathering are most beneficial?
我要说 有三家公司疯狂招聘
Now I am gonna make a statement you’re ready? There are few companies out there recruit like crazy.
Right, you guys recruited and took everybody’s agents.
然后还有另一个公司在疯狂招聘 对吧?
And there’s a company out there is recruiting like crazy. Right or wrong guys?
他们确实是坏蛋 我觉我我确实烦死他们了
I won’t say they’re rat bastard. I think I actually got a lot them upset,
Cause I said that from R4 couple years ago. Call me crazy.
他们最想要的是 大声说出来
But here look at number one thing they want what is it,say it out loud.
So it’s not just a training,
不只是把DVD插进去 让我们开始学习这玩意儿吧
It’s not just popping the DVD and let’s all go learn this stuff.
What they really want is that they wanna interact with everybody else in the environment.
So please write this down cause you are not gonna see it in the notes.
The best thing you can do is go back and create a minimum of 4 master mind group.
Base them on the core tail of your company.
So get your new agents together,right working together
Get your medium-level producers working together idea sharing
You’re gonna discover that they all have the same problems
而你会发现一个事实 你们非常棒
And the truth is all of you you are so good
you know the answers
But what we know,Bill?
If we just give them all the answers
They gotta figure out on their own
They gotta work though the process
So highly highly highly recommended
Let’s keep going back the slides
销售培训 很显然 占到25.29的比例 所有的销售会议都比较偏向于进行销售培训
Sales training obviously,you know,25.29% all charge sales meetings love it
既有社交意义也很有趣 看看他们怎么说
Social and fun,look what they said
有趣的是人们在卖房子的时候 他们真正在意的并不是卖房子这件事情本身
It’s funny that people selling houses They don’t really care about the stuff so much
重要的是他们喜欢 尤其是当交易比较顺利的时候
It’s important they like it you know,when it’s convenient
但是他们真正想知道的 他们想知道其他优秀的经纪人此时正在办公室干什么
but what they really want, they want to know the other great agents in your office doing
So stop for a second
告诉你旁边的人 不是三件事
tell your buddy,not three actions
tell your buddy what’s one thing you’re gonna do
告诉他一件事就可以了 忘了三这个数字
just tell your buddy one thing,forget the three
说一件你将要做的事情是什么 现在跟你旁边的人进行分享
what’s one thing you’re gonna do?tell your buddy right now
What’s one thing
What you’re gonna do?
Thank you very much
Ok,that’s a good answer,have my master meeting monthly versus when we just get to it
继续 你们准备好了吗
Let’s keep going,you ready
by the way,you guys get that?
有备份我的幻灯片 或是有下载吗
For a copy of my slides,did you guys get download yes or no?
Are you gonna share with everybody else?
这个回答得很好 答案是不会
Ok,that’s the right answer,the answer is no
那好 顺便说一下 如果你现在在社交网络上
All right,by the way,if you’re on social media
take a post and send me a little happy birthday shout-out
So leading for high performance sales environment
say those three words out loud,please
文化 自信 天赋
大家注意到我的语速很快 是吧
Now notice that my paces pretty quick,yes?
Am I talking too fast
Ok,because we have a lot of ground to cover
毫不夸张 这本来应该是3个小时的研讨会 但我今天要在40分钟内讲完
literally this could be a three-hour seminar,but i’m gonna do it in 40minutes
那我们继续讲 准备好了吗
So let’s get into it ,you ready?
When was last time you answer this question?
This is how we do around here
Now,any athletes in the room?
请举手示意一下 有吗
raise your hands,any athletes?
好的 你们4个人
Ok,so the four of you?
你们之前从事什么运动 或者你们现在在做什么?
So what did you do?or what do you do now?yeah
竞技表演 竞技表演 首先给他们热烈的掌声 太棒了
Rodeo ok,rodeo,first give a big round applause for rodeo,that’s awesome
叮叮叮 我喜欢骑马
Ok ring ring ring ding ding ding,like I…I ride horses
你从事竞技表演 完全不同的两种运动
you rodeo,totally different
作为一个牛仔竞技表演者 这样说合适吗
As a rodeo girl,Is that appropriate?
作为一个牛仔竞技表演者 有一些事情是你必须要做的
As a rodeo girl,there are like certain things you just do
因为每个竞技表演者都是这么做的 对吗
Because that’s how everybody does,right or wrong?
我对此深有体会 但是我要告诉你
right,so I can relate that much but i’ll tell ya
I have a buddy mind playing professional basketball,really good at playing professional basketball
是我非常好的一个朋友 来自加拿大
one of my really good buddy is from my Canadian peeps
获得过一枚奥运会奖牌 两次在加拿大拿奖 他就是Scott Niedermayer
one Olympic goal with you guys,twice in Canada,Scott Niedermayer
我和这些运动员 摇滚明星进行过沟通
But I talk to all these athletes,right?rock stars,one of the guy
There was a girl who was like the crossfit champ of the US
They all say the samething
当你的水平越高 就会有一些不成文的规定需要遵守
there are unwritten rules when you gonna perform at a high level
and to me,it goes back to
if i want to recreate an amazing environment of high producing people
我要能够掌控全局 并为我们的言行制定规则
I gotta take charge and write how we do it around here
举个例子说 我有个朋友跟我说 我太兴奋了 我得到了我第一个去参加高规格棒球比赛的机会
example,my buddy says i’m so excited, I get my first opportunity to play baseball really high level
I’m transitioning from jc into like the minors
He said I show up in this junior college
我们坐在长凳上 然后教练就会立即跟我们说
We all sit down on bench and coach immediately says alright
Here is what we’re gonna do today…..
他说完之后 大家马上跳起来然后用最快速度跑到操场上的集合点
He said and everybody jumped up and ran as fast as they could,out to their spots on the field
What did he do?
首先要问  我们为什么要跑
the first is why are we running?
他说 从来没有人跟我说过为什么要跑
He said no one ever told me we run
he said I’ve been there for basically two seasons
但是完全不知道我们为什么要跑 但每次我都尽全力去跑
no idea why,but every time,i ran as fast as i could
我告诉他 因为在这里大家都是这样做的
I said because that’s how you guys do around here
你如果来到我的办公室 我非常欢迎大家来我加利福尼亚的办公室
You walk into my office,I would love you all come to my office sometimes in California
当你走进我办公室的时候 每个人都停在那儿然后说
when you walk in,everybody does this,everybody stops and goes
“Annette from Boston is here”
like 100 people start screaming
然后公司里的新人都是一脸茫然 我们为什么会在这里
and all the new people in the company would like why the hell do we do here
我不知道 没人知道
I have no idea,one knows
在这里我们就是这样行事的 明白吗
That’s just how we do around here,does that make sense
问问你自己 如果你要负责公司的文化价值导向
and ask yourselfare you responsible for the cultural value of the organization
或者其他人负责 这点非常关键
or somebody else is responsible,very key
Now,let’s go back to the slides please
领导一个高效率的销售团队 拥有清晰的目标
So leading a high performance sales team,having clarity of purpose
answer this question right now with your buddy
What business are you in?
tell with your buddy right now
我在XX行业 然后跟同伴分享 马上
I’m in the business of…and sharing,go
I love it
销路拓展 好的 销路拓展
lead generation,lead generation
Management of agents
经纪管理 经纪管理 那你可能要加强管理了
Management of agents,so management of agents,you might want to tighten up
明白我的意思吗 管理风格是众口难调的
you with me?cause what you manage herding cats
managing agents to what?
继续尝试这个方向 准备好了吗
Ok,so try this one on,you ready?
大家把这个记下来 继续看幻灯片
everybody write this one down,let’s get back the slides guys
What if i told you that you might wanna take on one of the things you’re responsible for is driving productivity
我们一年将销售12 18 24 36或48套房
that if you’re gonna be …we’ll sell 12,18,24,36,48 homes a year
我不确定我是否想要这么做 但是在这里大家都是这么做的
I’m not sure if i wanna do that,that’s how we do it around here
pick your number
Why don’t i feel like those numbers
那就不要做销售了 转行吧
then go not sales somewhere else
对或错 是或不是 朋友们?
right or wrong,guys,yes or know,yes
Listen,i know recruiting is important
and all we’re always doing it all the time
但这不是死亡统计 是或不是
but it’s not body counts yes or no?
我宁愿人数少一点 但是都很厉害
I do rather have less,kick-ass,lean-mean wahtaa
而不希望看到出现羊群效应 追随大众 明白吗
than a whole bunch of herding cats,does that make sense?
帮我个忙 告诉我你选择的数字
do me a favor,tell your number
迅速告诉你的同伴 你想要选择哪个数字作为你公司的平均销售数量
tell your buddy your number real quick,what number do you want culturally in your company as the average
tell your buddy
rock it,baby
好的 现在看看这个
alright,so watch this guys
先前我说过 销路拓展以及商机转化率 这才是能够改变销售量的关键
I said you guys earlier lead generation lead conversions,that’s the game change your day
so the biggest shift that the largest base of our coaching clients today
our coming from either and I’m just…
do i have permission to speak freely
You guys all signed the weaver,right?
Ok ,so my expire listing is former Brain to Mike Ferry
你们能跟上吗 我只是…
you guys with me,i’m just being very transi……
我爱的那个人在这儿 几分钟前我还发了消息给他
by the way,this one I love is here and I was texting back and forth a few minutes ago
“我也爱你 爸爸 晚点见”
“i love you too,dad,ok,we see you later”
Brain doesn’t text me so much
但是他弟弟和我倒是一直保持联系 他是个很好的人
but his brother and I we talk all the time,right great guy
Lots of respect for both
他们都在房地产行业 但却有点目光短浅
both of them come at real estate like a little too myopic,you with me
我们都是这样做的 其他的事情都是错误的
this is how we do and everything else is wrong
now I’m the rock scientists
but i figured out early on my coaching career
我问了做的最好的经纪人 他们的交易是从何而来
when I started asking all the best agents where does your business come from?
无一例外 他们的回答都非常一致
there isn’t a single one,that’s it
把所有的鸡蛋放在一个篮子里 他们说 我会做这个 做这个 做这个 做这个 做那个
all my eggs in one basket,they all said,i do this,I do this,I do this,I do this,I do this
and my answer is why
他们的回答是 市场是随时都在变化的 如果我把所有的鸡蛋都放在一个篮子里 孤注一掷 那最后肯定会搞砸的
and their response was because the market adjusts and if all my eggs in this one basket,i’m screwed
这说的就是分散风险 明白吗
So it’s about mitigation of risks,did that make sense?
我们对我们客户做过调查 你们也看过他们的产品
we survey our clients,you’ve seen their production
把这五条写下来 写下来
write down those five,write down those five
Database/Referrals number one
我们都很想找到引荐来源 是不是
we all want to tell the referrals yes?yes or no guys?
我们都想 尤其是在这网络营销的时代
we all do and yet online marketing today
for our clients,it’s almost the same as their database
无论是通过推特广告还是Zillow Realtor Truliaor这样的房产网站 或是其他方法 我不在乎
so whether it’s Facebook advertising or Zillow Realtor Truliaor or any other solution,i don’t care
I don’t romanticize any of them
i just know this that everybody is going online
and i just talked to a buddy might a couple of days ago,oh yeah
I went to Zillow i shop for 200 properties
i identify the two that i want
我打给我做房产经纪的叔叔 问他能否带我去看看那两套房子 我想买一套
I call my cousin who is an agent and said can you show me these two I’m gonna buy one of them
这就是以后房地产的发展趋势 对不对
that’s the future,right or wrong,guys?
and here is we know,you all know the NAR stats
I’m looking at 80% customers go with the first agent they meet
知道这个数据吗 80%的人都会去联系他们遇到的第一个经纪人
know that number?80% customers go with the first agent they meet
and every agent inside your office will tell you the same thing
they are not very good at database management
他们向客户传达的信息并不是很多 对不对
and they don’t communicate enough to their clients right or wrong?
So i mean,Listen
有一说一 我们想要提高销量
just call a spade a spade,we want high performance environments
我们要培训我们的团队做到最好 我们必须要有超越
we coach our people to greatness,we gotta move beyond
所以我们不能目光短浅 缺乏创造力
so this is myopic,non-creative,one way of doing it
我们要更多一些创造力 跳出传统思维
we gotta be a little more creative,little more out of the box
2年前 我们开始在脸书建立隐藏贴文广告
2 years ago,we started doing dark post on facebook
do you know what dark post are?
Ok,you know they’re doing on linkendln
太棒了 我很高兴
you are awesome,i love that
你有登陆去了解过 那这样
you are on this ok so here is the deal
你觉得将来谁能击败Zillow Realtor和Trulia这三家房地产网站
do you think who is gonna eventually beat Zillow Realtor Trulia
what you guys think?
i think it’s gonna be whoever wins …… write this down
我觉得 未来就是这样 把这个写下来
in my opinion,this is the future,write this down
情境营销 情境营销
context marketing,context marketing
it’s all about context now
we have context we have done stuff together
so the message is gonna resonate differently
如果你登陆领英 跟去Zillow Realtor或Trulia这样的房产网站是不一样的
So if i’m on Linkendln,that different from just goingto Zillow Realtor Trulia
如果你登陆脸书 告诉我你很喜欢的一个经纪人 喜欢这个解决办法
if you’re on facebook and you tell me you really like this agent,you like the solution
that is way more meaning to me
因为我们有背景 明白了吗
because we have context ,does that make sense?
你们应该都看到过这样情况 因为客户在网络上针对产品发出的各种声音而上了头号新闻
you’ve all seen the big buzz about everybody getting how many reviews they can have
That creats a context landscape
but now what’s coming down the pipe with Linkendln
有人登录过领英吗 我看看 举手示意一下
then who goes to linkendln ever,watch it,raise your hands
好吧 半数都不到
okso not even half ofyou
so linkendln is the best information
而且非常重要 但是你们知道吗
that’s content,but you know what?
I figured out no one ever goes to their website
我们必须得解决这个问题 否则估值可能会下降
but we better solve this,otherwise the valuation drops
now,they’re solving
再强调一下 网络营销
so again,online marketing
有多少人在这个行业超过20年的,举手示意一下 举高一点
How many of you are in the business for more than 20 years,raise your hands really high
Geographic Farming 在名单上排名第三 有没有让你们感到欣慰
Does it warm your heart that Geographic Farming is No. 3 on the list?
(Audience laughing)
对了 其实你们每人都应该像这样
By the way, every one of you should be like this,
Because every one of those cards that goes out has a balloon on it.
Does that make sense?
And does that impact your brain?
You know it does!
That’s the No.3 source!
排名第四的是Open Houses 很喜欢他们
No.4: Open Houses, love them.
And Expired list things old and new are back,
and go on like crazy for our clients.
我们实话实说吧 尤其是六月以来
Cause let’s face it, especially come June,
a lot of you were with homes on the market,
价格过高 卖不掉 报价过期
too overpriced, didn’t sell, expired your back.
再强调一点 看这里
And for the record, look up here!
My clients aren’t calling,
you’re with me?
做好的市场营销 他们就会打电话给你
Do good marketing, they call you.
有时候管用 但你现在也知道 那只是很小的比例
Some work out, you now know that, such a small percentage.
告诉你的同事 告诉你的邻座
So tell your buddy, tell your neighbor,
with your agent base,
在这个清单上 最能提升他们销售业绩的方面是哪个
where is the big upside in increasing their performance on this list?
和你的邻座聊聊 和一个、两个或者四个人一起讨论
Take your neighbor what, one, two, or four.
Can you get the most upside a performance inside your company?
Go and tell your buddy, real quick.
请坐 George
Get a seat, George.
对了 你们需不需要
By the way, would you guys like some…
你们需要在那些方面的全部培训吗 需要吗
Would you guys like some training on all that? Would you?
好的 哪些人还需要关于Facebook隐藏广告这类问题的帮助
OK, who needs more help with like Facebook dark posts? Those kinds of things.
好的 在两年前 Facebook隐藏广告
OK so two year ago, Facebook dark posts…
So we get a call from Facebook,
说 你们每月花大约5000美元在广告上
“Hey, you’re spending like $5000 a month on advertising,
would you guys like to know how to make it effective?”
Facebook打电话给你 你会说什么
What do you say when Facebook calls?
(Audience laughing)
我当时就 稍等 稍等 让我记录下来 对不对
I’m like, hold on, hold on, let’s record this, right?
他们说 你现在是这么做广告
And they say, so you’re doing ads this way,
但是你看 35到40岁的人认为在右侧的广告就是广告
but see, 35-40 year-olds see ads on the right side as ads,
what if we show you how to run ads down the news feed?
那可是在两年前 现在我们都习以为常了
That was two years ago, today you see it every day.
But we got it two years ago,
我仅仅是说 不要再花5000美金了
I merely said, stop spending 5 grands,
开始每月用一万 一万五千或者两万美金
start spending your 10 or 15 or 20 thousands a month,
cause the commercial went through the roof.
所以Cathy 现在经纪人每天花费10美金仅用于一个广告
So Cathy now, agents are spending, you know, $10 a day only on one ad:
Curious about the new value of your home?
Click here for a free market evaluation.
在这方面 我们至今已授课了两年
And it’s, we’ve been teaching now for two years,
it’s completely taken off.
这将变得一团糟 因为看这里
It will be a ruin cause look up here.
Permission to speak free?
Permission to speak freely?(Yes)
对于每个好的营销方案 真相是这样
Every good marketing plan, here’s the deal:
realtors ruin everything!
(Audience laughing)
You guys know what I’m talking about?
Remember when Craigslist was really good?
但是去年的Craigslist 唯一有点击率的广告是
And the last year of Craigslist, the only ad that pulled was:
奥巴马想送你这套房 点击这里
Obama want you to have this home for free, click here!
Like that got people to click,
其他的广告 像三室两卫那种的 根本没人看
everything else, like 3-bedroom 2-bath, no one cared about.
如果你们想要那方面的资料 让我给你们一个单独的小东西
So if you guys want that, let me give you a separate little…
嘿 等等 Mark 给John发电子邮件 让他加上Facebook的4页白纸
Hey, wait, Mark, email John and say add the Facebook 4-page white paper.
好的 明白了 好的 大家一起说 谢谢Mark Johnson
OK, got it. OK, everybody say thank you Mark Johnson.
(谢谢Mark Johnson)
(Thank you Mark Johnson!)
好的 所以那些都是给你们的
Alright, so all that for you guys.
我们继续 再次提到 营销拓展
So let’s keep going, again, lead generation.
So how many of you have scoreboard in your office?
这叫做挂牌和销售记分板 你们有其中一个吗
It’s called listings and sales board, you guys have one of those?
好吧 这是我希望你们在办公室里放的记分板
OK, here’s the scoreboard I want you to add into your office.
Add an appointment board!
放一块预约板 看看会发生什么
Add an appointment board and watch what happens.
放一块预约板 看看会发生什么
Add an appointment board and watch what happens.
Here’s why.
Listings and sales are lagging indicators,
they don’t show all the front and work that the agent was responsible to,
to get into that point.
正如你们看到的挑战一样 我也看到
And the challenge you see it as I see is
real estate today is the rich and the rust.
That I don’t care if you’re the most, like the quintessential RE/MAX office or not.
There is the very best agents, and everybody else.
And the very best agents’ names are all over those scoreboards,
and everybody else is pissed.
所以为什么我们不为他们设计一个记分板 只用真正促进销售的先行指标
So why don’t we create a scoreboard for them around the only true leading indicators to help the sales business,
那就是 你预约过多少次买家和卖家的会面
which is how many appointments you book with buyers and sellers?
想想吧 现在看下一个 请大声读出来
Think about it, look at the next one, say it out loud please.
(That’s just how we do it around here!)
好 认真地大声读出来 快点
OK, say it out loud like you mean it, come on !
(That’s just how we do it around here!)
好 如果你决定我们要对先行指标记分
See, if you decide we gonna scoreboard leading indicators,
nobody else in real estate is doing that.
我们只跟踪封闭总收入 销量 对吗 留存公司利润
The only thing we’re tracking is closed ex-gross, GCI, volume, right? Retain company dollar.
这些指标都重要 但它们都是滞后指标
All the things that matter, but they are all lagging indicators.
要开始跟踪那些先行指标 关注你们经营的真实健康状况
Start tracking the leading indicators, the true health of your business.
你将看到你的渠道拓宽 你的经纪人蓬勃发展
You gonna watch your pipelines grow, your agents blossom.
现在 我们谈谈树立信心
Now, let’s talk about creating confidence.
老实说吧 告诉你的邻座你有多少个经纪人 告诉你邻座
Be honest, tell your neighbor how many agents you have, tell your neighbor.
好数字 16个
Good number, 16.
多少个 64个
How many? 64.
多少个 120个
How many? 120.
多少个 10个 不错
How many? 10, love it.
多少个 60个
How many? 60.
多少个 85个 很好
How many? 85, good!
多少个 再说一遍
How many? Say again?
56个 是56个吗 你问起来像刚发生了什么事一样 好的
56, are those like 56? You question like something may be happening right now, so OK.
哦 对了 Charles
Oh, by the way, Charles.
你们大家都知道Trackr公司吗 拼写是T-R-A-C-K-R 谁知道这个公司
Do you guys all know that company Trackr? T-R-A-C-K-R, who knows that company?
好的 有三个人
OK, so three of us.
这是个全新的公司 Charles
Brand new company, Charles.
买56个Trackr设备 明白吗
Buy 56 Trackr devices, you’re with me?
把它们放在你们经纪人的车上 你将知道他们任何时刻的行踪
Put them on your agents’ cars, you will know where they are all times.
我不是 看着 我对我孩子是这样做的
I’m not, I’m… Look! I did it for my kids.
如果我能把它们植入我孩子的脖子里 我会这么做的 对吧 这点你们明白吗
If I can plug them into my kids’ necks, I would do it, right? You’re with me on this?
我有一个15岁和一个13岁的孩子 快救救我吧
I have a 15-year-old and a 13-year-old, help me out please!
我们想树立信心 这就是个挑战
So we wanna create confidence, here’s the challenge:
如今的经纪人 我们对此习以为常 我们经常要和七八十人交谈并且签约
agents today, we see it every day, as we’re talking to 70, 80 people that are signing up with us.
The one thing they’re all lacking is confidence.
在你们笔记中写下来 好了吗
So write this down in your notes, you’re ready?
They don’t know what to say.
除了做他们朋友的生意 他们就不知道该说什么
They don’t know what to say beyond working with their friends,
that they don’t have a great listing interpretation,
they don’t have a great buyer presentation,
他们不知道如何应对拒绝 比如”嘿 我有个朋友是做房地产的”
they don’t know how to handle the objection “hey I’ve got a friend in the business”
或者”天啊 另一个经纪人说他们收的佣金更低”
or “gosh, another agent said they could do it for less”.
今天 在所有市场都有个经纪人 在你的市场也有 他们可以只收1%的佣金 你们说是不是
And today, there is an agent in every market place, in your market place, they will take listings at 1%, right or wrong, guys?
所以当你的朋友来电说 街道另一边的经纪人说售房只收1% 你会怎么做
So what do you do when your friend calls and says, but the agent down the street selling it for 1%?
You know most agents do?
好的 我也一样
OK, me too.
这根本不是你们所说的强大的拒绝应对者 你们明白吗
That’s not exactly what you call powerful objection handler, you’re with me?
“I have a friend in the business.”
天啊 如果你从来没有房地产业的朋友 我猜想你根本就没朋友
Gosh, if you never had a friend in real estate, I assume you have no friends.
(Audience laughing)
谁在乎呢 但是他们不知道该说什么
Who cared, but they don’t know what to say!
现在是这样 如果你想把员工培训成高端人才
Now here’s the deal, if you wanna coach your people to greatness,
我们要解决那个问题 是不是
do we have to solve that problem, yes or no?
Doesn’t it feel?
Please take this the right way.
如果说你们要回归到那些使在座各位优秀的最基础原则 难道不像是反对RE/MAX公司吗
Doesn’t it feel almost anti-RE/MAX to say if you gonna go back to the foundational principles that make every single one of us in this room great?
你知道该说什么 你就会自信
You know what to say, you are confident.
你是公司的业绩明星 你就会自信
You are a star in your company, you are confident.
之前 你还在慢慢充实仅有的少量经纪人
Early on, you instilled it in the small number of agents you had,
or maybe you started with that great group.
And then you started bringing all these other people that have no idea how to sell.
You want to know NAR’s most recent number?
写下来吧 幻灯片里没有
Write this now, so no more in the slides.
NAR saying 87% of the people in sales today have no selling skills whatsoever.
87% have no selling skills!
And they are negotiating on people’s most expensive asset,
that scares the heck out of me!
但我后来想想 这是个多大的分界啊
But then I think to myself, what a massive degree of separation!
Why not have a mastermind just around buyer brokerage?
Why not have a mastermind just around enhancing your listing presentation?
Why not have a mastermind just around objection handling?
然后让你的员工开始妥善应对客户的拒绝 并且共同努力
And have your people start firing off objections working together.
我知道那听起来很 我内心是充满尊敬的 但听起来像是反对RE/MAX公司
And I know that may sounds so, and, with the upmost respect, almost anti-RE/MAX?
其实我和Dave Liniger经常在一起 和他们一起活动
And yet I’ve spent time with Dave Liniger, and hang out with them.
你知道吗 他真的很擅长销售
You know what? That guy knows how to sell stuff!
Who’s figured out one out?
我是说 他是个非常强势的谈判者
I mean he is a brutal negotiator,
在一些方面 他就像 你们记得这个吗
in some stuff, he’s like, do you remember this one?
他曾经做过壁炉服装 你们知道壁炉服装吗
He did like the, the fire place clothes, you guys know the fire place clothes?
我不会告诉你们的 好吧 不可能的 那东西简直太棒了
I’m not telling you, alright, no way, it’s way too good.
树立信心 这是个很好的方法
Create confidence, here is a big way.
你们在想 我想知道那个壁炉服装 保佑你们
You like, me want the fire place clothes, bless you!
朋友们 如果我们不知道公司每个经纪人的这些数据
My friends, if we don’t know this on every agent of our company,
I’m not sure what we are doing.
准备好了吗 明白行动背后的金钱驱动力
Ready? Know the money motive for action.
What are your monthly expenses?
How much outside income do you get?
What your average commission check?
What your after tax income?
所以你们每月必须销售 填空 多少套房子
Therefore you got to sell blank houses a month.
我不骗你 当你公司的每个人都意识到他们该做什么时
I kid you not, the moment you get every person in your company to become aware of what they have to do,
your production goes up.
Most people have no idea what it cost them to live financially.
是不是这样 各位
Right or wrong, guys?
我的意思是 听着 我们都身在情感营销的时代
Then I mean, listen, we are all in the age of love business
我明白 我是说 这也是我花费所有时间研究的东西 我喜欢这个
I get it, I mean, this is all I spend my time with, I love them.
但是当我问他们”嘿 你们生存的成本是多少”
And yet when I say to them “hey, how much money does it cost you to survive?”
他们就说”呃 差不多介于”
They are like “ahhh, nearly somewhere between…”
不 不 不 不 不 不
No, no, no, no, no, no!
“What’s it cost you to run your business?”
“嗯 看情况” 看什么情况
“Well, depends.” Depends on what?
“嗯 如果我有钱 我就会用掉”
“Well, if I have money, I spend it.”
你吓我啊 是不是 你们说
You scare me, right or wrong, guys?
确实是 让我们明确我们知道那些数据
Exactly, let’s make sure we know the numbers.
但接下来是更重要的一项 你们准备好了吗
But here’s the bigger one, you’re ready?
If you want high performance sales environment,
every agent in your company needs to know their daily number.
他们每天的销售目标 看这个
Their daily number! So watch this.
We’ve been tracking and measuring numbers, you know, for decades now!
如今我们知道 每40个对话能促成1单交易
What we know today is 40 conversations to 1 sale made.
40 conversations / 1 sale.
And half of them scout are gonna be in the database,
and half are gonna be new.
所以客户可能在Open House上
So could be in Open House,
可能在Online Lead上
could be in Online Lead,
或者在Lead Street上
could be Lead Street,
或者在Zillow上 并没有什么差别
could be Zillow, doesn’t make a difference.
This is what we break down for every agent,
目标 我放了一个例子
Goal, and I just put an example,
24个交易 24乘以40就是960
24 sales, 24 times 40, 960.
按照这个公式 把目标数改成那些经纪人的
Does taken math with, change the goal to theirs,
乘以40 你会得到一个新数字
times it by 40, you get a new number.
除以9个月 为什么我们除以9个月
Divided by 9 months, why do we divide by 9 months?
Cause there is not a single agent on the planet that works 12 months out of a year.
(Audience laughing)
他们不会 我是说 即使是我公司最优秀的工作狂也会生病 也会请假 圣诞节假期 职业培训 不管是什么
They don’t, I mean, even my best workaholics get sick, take time off, Christmas holiday, vocations, whatever it is.
They blow it up.
他们来上我们的课 然后就直接休假去了
They go to a seminar and they come to R4 (relaxation, recreation, recuperation, reacclimatization)
所以我们说 除以九个月就好
So we say, do it at nine month.
Look at the numbers.
It’s 107 people they have to talk to every month
Online or off doesn’t make it a difference.
Passed by sphere, open house doesn’t make a difference.
除以20天工作日 5通常会进上 得到得数
Divided by 20 work days, 5 always rounded up, right for even numbers.
一半是原有人脉 另一半是新建立的和跟进的联络人
Half to their sphere, half to new, plus their lead follow ups
There’s your daily number.
So here’s what we know with absolute certainty.
当我们雇一位代理人时 我们会说 “告诉我你的目标”
When we take on an agent, we say, tell me your goal.
哦 我想算48笔交易 好 这就是一笔
Oh, I want do 48 deals. All right, here’s the deal.
You have to do the 6/6/4
4 lead follow up.
6 to your database.
six new.
有趣的是 伙计们 看这里
And here’s what’s funny. Guys, look up here.
每次他们跟着过一遍 猜猜会发生什么
Every time they follow though, guess what they happens.
每次 猜猜发生什么
Every time, guess what happens.
通常都是如此 当每个人知道他们的数字时 就会消除所有环境中的不确定因素
And it usually does, it removes all of the uncertainties in the environment when everyone knows their number.
因为现在再没有这种随便走走 就能试着找出一个来
Cause now there’s no more just kind of walking around, trying to figure it out.
帮我个忙 对你的伙伴说 “你打算用这种人吗”
So do me a favor, turn to your buddy and say, ‘are you gonna use some of these stuff?’
这不是拖延 天哪 看看这些“是”和“不是”
This is not a retard. God. Look at some of yes and no here.
好 我想要确认一下
All right. So I just wanna make sure.
Cause that’s how we gonna do around here.
现在这里有一个事实 我们要谈谈技能
Now here’s a data, we need to talk about skills.
角色扮演 角色扮演
Role playing. Role playing.
上一次你最好的代理人在其他人面前现场做列表展示时 你进行提问是什么时候
When was it last time you asked when your best agents to do their listing presentations live in front of everybody else.
Now they all take out their super secret sizzle.
但他们每次想看的是什么 因为当我还是一个青年推销员的时候我就进了品牌店 这太重要了
But what they’re gonna see every time, as when I was a teenage introduction that I go in to the brand, it’s that how that’s important.
That’s we are gonna know marketing.
And what’s we’re gonna to accept on marketing.
And then we talk price.
然后我们进行谈判 消除异议
Then we handle the negotiations. We handle the objections.
And we close to do the same way every time.
因为他们是最好的商人 每次都做着相同的事
Because they are the very best people doing the same way every time.
是的 看看这个 伙计 看这里
And yeah. Watch this, guys, look up here.
We just did a survey.
(如果)我们有5000个新代理人 然后问他们 “当你进行展示时 你准备好了吗”
We’ve got 5000 newer agents and ask them, ‘do you feel prepared when going out list your presentation?’
What do you think what his answer was.
Absolute not.
“和买主一起帮他们选正确的房子 给他们写下售价来进行协商 你觉得舒服吗”
‘do you feel comfortable working with the buyer to help them select the right house and write them the offer to negotiate?’
What their answer was?
Absolute not.
Now I know what you’re will say,
‘But I’m not working with the brand new agents.’
or are you. Ok?
The millennials?
每个人来的时候已经20 40 50或60岁了
Everyone that’s coming into the business is brand new I don’t care if they’re 20, 40, 50 or 60.
他们开始是新人 他们什么都不知道
They’re starting new. And they don’t know.
我相信其中一个最大的区别就是撇开这些技能 让你的顾客高兴
I believe one of the greatest degrees of the separation is to take that skill aside and make it enjoyable for your people.
让他们高兴 让他们开心
Make it enjoyable. Make it fun.
Make it social.
Serve them alcohol.
And then have them role play.
I don’t care.
But this what I do care about.
Do you see the bottom?
That should scare the Jesus out of you.
因为…“嗨…嗨…嗨 这里是Re/Max”
Cause… hi hi hi from Re/Max.
What’s going on?
“哦 你为什么打电话”
Oh,why are you calling?
“呃…呃” 挂断
Um. Um. Click.
坏印象 Re/Max
Negative impression, Re/Max.
Just like that.
太糟糕了 对吧
That would suck, right around.
你卖了多少? 16
How many sells do you have? 16.
你有多少? 64 4倍的人数
How many do you have? 64. 4th more players.
64 夯
64 uh
16 uh
这可不好 合理吗?
That’s not good. Does that make sense?
好 另一个好消息是你已经打败你的对手了
Ok. Another good news is that you’ve checked out the competition.
他们甚至都没有打电话 那还好
They don’t even make phone calls. So it’s ok.
对吧 是你 你领先
Right it’s you. You’re way ahead.
好的 我们继续
All right. Let’s keep going.
Are you guys holding contests right now?
What’s the list…What’s the contest right now?
Not listings. What’s the contest right now?
好 会议 写在你的笔记上
Ok. Appointments. Right aside in your notes.
Having an appointment marathon for the month of September.
Who can get the most appointments in the month of September?
It’s the only leading indicator to a healthy business.
So who can get the most appointments in the next 30 days?
And what is an appointment?
是指一个和一些人谈论买卖或者投资 你正在出售的真实财产的会议
It’s a meeting with someone discuss buying or selling or investing in real estate.
和你母亲的会议 不算
Meeting with your mother, doesn’t count.
So tell your buddy.
How many appointments will make you happy in one month.
多少 你有多少代理人 7个 一共
How many? How many agents you have? 7. Together?
So watch.
玩个游戏 如果你的队伍里有十个代理人 会怎么样
Play a game. And what if every one of them went on ten?
Would that more than normal good?
‘cause you know 7 of them you guys got a rocking crew.
So it would be more?
或小一点 比方是15个 比方是20个
Be close? Make it 15. Make it 20.
Go for it.
What if they all were 20?
What’s the worst case scenario?
对 他们有更多的业务 每次你的一个代理人走进美国银行的时候
Yeah, they have more business, and every time one of your agents walks into Bank of America
where they bank
Cause it is what’s gonna happen?
The tellers are gonna stop?
[Sound of clapping hands.]
Your guys are making so many deposits.
That’s the property problem.
这合理吗 好
Does that make sense? Ok.
帮个忙 轮到你的伙伴了 说 “会议竞赛在九月开始”
Give me a favor. Turn to your buddy and say. ‘Appointment contests starts in September’.
Tell your buddy.
好 这非常重要
All right. Very important.
If you wanna coach and develop people to greatness,
how often should we be training?
不好意思 多久
I’m sorry. How often?

我来给你们一些小小的帮助 准备好了吗
So let me give your guys a little hand, are you ready?
So I have 45 sales people eternally in my team.
And I got seven that are going to seminars all over the country.
如果你想的话 让他们用我品牌的名字对人们进行宣讲
And they are using, if you will, my brand name talking to people.
Do you think I’ll let them go out and win it?
What do you guys think?
你想的是完全地被改编 这是你的展示 但现在加进了个人行为
What you think is totally scripted, here’s your presentation. Now add your personality.
Because you know the message is you.
但这是品牌 这是代表
But this is the brand. This is the represent.
This is how we do right here.
Does that make sense?
并且因为一直记录他们 我们一直在看着他们 如果你搞砸了 如果我们一直做错事 他们就会拍过来
And if you screwed up, cause it’s recording them all the time, and we watch them all the time, and if we kept doing something wrong, they get slapped.
好 这就是我们的解决办法
Ready? And here’s the deal with us.
It’s not the one and done rule. Right?
没有三振出局 错两次就可以走人了
It’s not three structures out and makes two mistakes you gone.
第一次犯错是我们的问题 我们没有把你训练够
And the first mistake is our bad. We didn’t train you well enough.
And the second mistake your dumb.
Does that make sense?
因为我要保护我的品牌 你又不用
Cause I’m protecting my brand, are you?
这就是待遇重要的原因 伙计们
That’s why treaties are so important, your guys.
这是多方竞争 是对品牌的保护
It is a forced multiplayer and it’s a brand protection.
So ready?
Train them often.
一再训练他们 找时间训练他们
Train them again. Train them another time.
现在训练他们 下周训练他们
Train them now. Train them next week.
Train them always.
Because they forget.
对不对 伙计们
Right or wrong, guys?
我不太清楚 每两到三个月有多少代理人走进你的办公室
How many of you are the agents who walking in your office every, I don’t know, two or three months since now.
我怎么 才能有空
How do I got a minute?
Don’t you guys love to got a minute?
Got a minute?
不行 但我有7个小时 纸巾盒
No. but I have 7 hours. Tissue box.
我们开始 好 我们继续
Let’s got started. Ok. Here we go.
好 所以我们知道了问题
Right. So we know the deal.
但事实是 如果我一直训练他们 也是在训练我们自己
But the reality is, if what I’m training them all the time, that’s on us.
Eventually, that’s on us.
So I gonna go a little shout out.
What’s you do training them on?
好 你8%的代理人
Ok? 8% of your agents.
Is should be all around the generation?
And 20% around conversion.
8% on lead generation.
嘿 你知道我要说什么吗?
Hey, you know what I’m talk about?
要知道 记下我们的顾客是得到项目机会的有效方法
You know, effective ways to text our clients and get listing opportunities.
Effective ways of follow upon our buyers.
Better ways to do open houses.
你为什么还从别墅开始 你为什么做这些
Why you still started a farm and how did you do all that?
How did you work your database more froze.
Do all of the above.
做了这些 你的代理人就会赢
You do that, and your agents are gonna win?
他们会更高产 然后你就更高兴
They’re gonna be more productive? And you got a lot happier?
在这里 我要给你们介绍一下Yoselyn
And I get you a little short Yoselyn over here.
Yoselyn stand up.
拜托 站起来 给这个女孩一些掌声 来些掌声
Come on. Stand up. Get the girl a big grand of the applause. A big grand of the applause.
来 热烈的掌声
Come on. A big grand of the applause.
她寄给我们这个 她太棒了
So she sent us this, which she is awesome.
我就不详细说了 不过她进行了我们的训练项目
I’m not gonna be run all the details, but she does our training programs did it against side by side comparison without one of our competitors.
And same kind of group agents.
感谢她的出席 这就是我们来这里的原因
And thanks for her here, that’s why we’re here.
And they absolutely crash it.
And what I respected about that immensely is,
She understands the same thing I think.
我不希望你们每个人都成为Tom Ferry的代理人
I don’t want every one of you to be Tom Ferry agent.
You need to be in Switzerland.
你要说 嘿 你想要新鲜的品牌 就有新鲜的品牌
You need to say, hey you want some brand new feeling, here’s some brand new feeling.
嘿 你想要不可思议的代理人 这就有不可思议的代理人
hey you want some incredible proctor, here’s some incredible proctor.
嘿 你想要Matt Ferry 就有Matt Ferry.
hey you want some, here’s Matt Ferry.
嘿你想要新鲜的品牌 就有…
hey you want some brand new feeling, here’s like…
Give them what they want.
But look up here.
But don’t neglect them.
Does that make sense?
好 帮个忙
Ok. Do me a favor.
转过身去 说 “这就是在说你 宝贝”
Turn into your buddy and say, ‘this is on you babe.’
我喜欢这个 我喜欢你叫她宝贝 我满足了
I loved this. I just love to see you call her babe. That was awesome for me.
感谢你们 这很棒
So thank you to you. You know. It’s totally great.
看 好了吗 现在
So check it out. Ok? Now.
Kind of last big subject to hear.
Hiring talent.
现在和你邻座的人说 “你从现在到年底要招多少人”
So tell your neighbor right now, ‘how many people you need to hire between now and the end of the year?’
告诉你的伙伴 你的数字是多少
Tell your buddy, what‘s your number.
6 好 现在是多少
Six? It’s good. How many now?
好 多少 10 我喜欢
Ok. How many? Ten. Love it.
多少 十多个
How many? Ten more.
多少 40!
How many? 40!
沃 我喜欢这个家伙
Wow I like that baby.
XXX? 6
Peggy? Six.
来一下 好 多少
Give me some. Ok. How many?
2个 不是全部吧 一次吧
Two? Not all. Once though.
多少 多少 14 好
How many? How many? 14, ok.
我来帮你们一下 准备好了吗?
So let me give you a little hands, you ready?
我已经雇了140位销售人员 自己 好
I’ve hired about 140 sales people, personally. Right?
面试 培训 大多数是短时间带薪直接招聘
Interviewing , process, mostly straight commission for short-timing and salary stuff.
就是直接招聘 “拒绝” “同意” “你不行”
So straight commission. You kill. You eat. You don’t.
以及其他一切 非常简单
All the else. Very simple.
我要告诉你们 伙计
I would tell you guys.
XXX 你招聘多少次了
Nate, how many times you spent on your recruiting?
一天 每天 一切都变了
All day? Everyday? Then the everything changes like..
看看自己 伙计
Watch us, guys.
How many of you are using video right now to recruit?
And raise your hands really high.
好 我喜欢你们
Ok. I love you all.
你们有多少人是告诉你们最好的代理人 让他们提高技能在脸书上贴一个最小的两步变换广告页
How many of you are running ads with your best agents talking about their increase of performance on Facebook to a two-step minimum conversion page?
哦 哇哒
Oh. Waada.
And I work three-step conversion now.
XXX 你能再说一遍吗? 这个怎么样?
XXX, can you say that again? How about this ready?
Read the free report that I’m sending you.
她说 不 但我听着呢 好
She said no, but I’m listening now. Ok.
我说 XXX 好 看这里
I said, Cathy. Ok. So watch this.
通常一些人会打电话给我 说 “嘿 我们不像招聘”
Common somebody would call me and say. Hey we wanna recruit.
我说 “看 我还没有…我不想干涉 ”
I say, ‘ look, I’m don’t really get.. I try not get involved, not self like I really like a granule level.
我努力教授我理解的工作 并让人们按它来做
I try to teach things we know work. And I let people go at it.
Because I’m switch side that you were everybody.
但通常这种情况下来招聘的说 “不 不 不…都忘记 只需要跟着我干”
But usually the cases now came the clients say, ‘no no no… forget all that shit. Just do it for me.’
So we would run ads of your sales people that left the company you hate.
You get me on this?
为什么代理人X离开公司? 为什么?
Why agent X left company? Why?
加入我们 你会立即获得在效率上35%的提升
Join us, and there’s immediate 35% increase in their performance.
Click here to find out more.
But then
由于是在Facebook上 Travis 你甚至不会正眼看它一下
Because it’s Facebook, Travis, you don’t even talk about.
Then I take what?
我会找到本地市场中的所有代理商 只做针对性的广告
I take every agent in the local market place
from that company and I only target the ads to them
可我还想要再多一些 那么我就找到市场中的每一家公司去做
Does that make sense?
But because I want more, then I target every other company in my market place.
这样的话 谁还在乎那百分之一二的点击率呢?
And who cares if the click through is point one two percent?
这就一目了然了 懂了吗?
Everybody sees it. Does that make sense?
这样 Cathy 我会把报告给你 确保你可以做到吧?
So Cathy, l’ll send you the report. Promise me you’ll do it?
这个…Cathy 这很简单
It’s…Cathy. It is so easy.
你只需要找到一个15岁的孩子 告诉他
All you need is a 15-year-old.
你认字吧?我会给你一个Xbox游戏 把这个搞定
Can you read? I’ll give you an Xbox video game. Do this.
And every fifteen-year-old can create these things all day long.
Do you guys want that for your report?
Are you gonna share it?
With no one.
OK. l’ll gonna give you one more.
你们有人做…嗯…好吧 谁在Facebook上做广告?
Are you guys doing…umm…OK. Who’s advertising on Facebook?
好的 你们有人搞自定义分组吗?
OK. Are you doing…uh…are you doing audiences?
Do you know audiences, where you can create?
You and me, so watch this.
如果我告诉你 那些来找你的 刚刚进入这个领域的新手们
What if I told you then an easy thing you can do today
is every new agent that come into your state?
你拿着这份名单 把它上传到Facebook的自定义分组里
You take that list.
You uploaded the custom audiences on Facebook.
It does a model match for a cell phone or email which all they have on the same list.
And then use an email.
And then guess what you have.
A targeted audience of every person that just got their license.
You can run inexpensive ads to in your market place.
这仅仅是在Facebook上 明白了吗?
Just on Facebook. Does that make sense?
那么如果我告诉你 你还需要对每一个竞争对手做同样的事情 你怎么想呢
What if I told you, you need the same thing for every one of your competitors also.
这是个好主意吗?是不是 伙计们?
Would that be a good idea? Yes or no, guys?
You got roasters about your competitors.
You uploaded then on your Facebook.
Super easy.
Facebook does a little IP search on email or cell phone.
And now you’re running the targeted ads just to those people.
Well, last time I checked.
Agents have been an average of five hours a day on Facebook.
Does that make sense?
How many of you know what i’m talking about?
They don’t answer your phone calls.
但他们喜欢你发的Facebook 对不对?
But they like your post on Facebook. Yes or no?
因此我们会想要进行招揽 找到他们
So we might want to do the recruiting, where they are
再说一遍 内容
And remember again, context.
Context is key.
So it’s talking about hiring talent
And you definitely need to look at the custom audiences
And I am not saying that every year I buy the entire NAR report
of every agent in the country and I uploaded in the Facebook
因此 我有了根据身份 地区 州市进行
So I’ve got 550 thousand people segmented by
who they are, where they’re from, every state, every city.
如果你是我 你也应该这么做
If you were me, you should do the same that might happened
现在 把这个读出来 这两个词 大声读
Now, say that out loud. Those two words. Say out loud.
[Hire Talent]
好 现在来说清楚些
OK, so let’s be clear.
嗯 你要开始对你的员工说 “干你的活 我看着”
Right.You got to start saying to people, ‘Show me how you do your job.’
你干活 我看着
Show me how you do your job.
我是说 你能承担起在你周围有一个
I mean, can you afford to have another person inside your environment
that doesn’t know what they’re doing?
嘿 你的资料库里都是些什么样的人
Hey, who’s inside your database.
现在随便打个电话 问他们要一份推荐信 继续
Call somebody right now and ask them for a referral. Go ahead.
他们看了看你 然后说 “”噢 这有点别扭”
And they look at you and go, ‘ oh I’m uncomfortable doing that.’
Should we hire that person?
What do you guys think?
如果他们说他是个可塑之才 我怎么办 这里有些技巧
If they say, what should I say, that’s a coach-able person you go. Here’s a little script.
试试这么干 他们会变得只是还好
Try this on, and they’re gonna be just fine
然而 我们犯了个大错
But we made a big mistake my friends
因为再过几年 又会有另外
Cause we gonna have another 800,000 people
get into the real estate of the next few years.
想想看 有些人再也不会出现
And guess what? Some will never show up.
Knock on your door and say I wanna join your brand.
If you’re not asking them to
show me the behaviors that you do
I think they’re making a big mistake
We make him an intern. Get him on the phone for a day.
show us what you got.
对吧?是有点不一样 但你们知道吗?
Right?It’s a little bit different. But guess what?
我的员工赚了很多钱 他们是纯佣金制雇来的
My people are making a lot of money. They’re straight commission.
想想好的方面 对吧?
So considered the fine, ready?
I love this one.
Say that out loud.
Only hire smart ambitious people.
好 你们漏掉了一个词
OK. You know, you missed a word.
Only hire smart ambitious people.
呃 是连字符的问题 抱歉 好吧
Oh my hyphens in the way. Sorry. OK. Good.
那么 只用有雄心的聪明人
So only hire smart ambitious people.
Only hire smart ambitious people.
You want to know why? Can you read that one?
You can’t untrain dumb and unambitious people.
Who is figure this one out guys? Who is figure this out? Say, ‘i.’
我是说 沉默的就是哑巴 对不对?
I mean, dumb is dumb. Right or wrong?
我怎么…瞧 我已经说了有43遍了
How do i…Look, I’ve told you like 43 times.
很明确的 你是个哑巴
It’s official. You dumb.
Do we have a HR? Go see HR.
拜拜 走开 去准备办公室吧
Bye. Go away.Go manage an office for somebody.
Please put them out of business.
我不确定 我不是在胡说八道
I cannot sure. I don’t mean to be silly.
你们是我的朋友 看这里 看这儿
You’re quite by my friends. Look up here, look up here.
You have one major asset called time.
And does that time got sucked up by got a minutes.
And when the got a minutes are the same ‘got a minutes’
as they were the way before the day and the day…
等过一段时间 你就得反思一下 “等等”
And after a while, you have to ask yourself, ‘wait a minute.’
只用有雄心的聪明人 我宁缺毋滥
Only hire smart ambitious people. I rather have less.
他们高产 如同明星
They’re highly productive.Better rock stars.
They really want to do something great.
But that goes back to the very beginning.
How did we do around here?
We only work with people here they want to sell
18 24 36 48套房子的人一起工作
18,24,36,48 homes a year.
What’s your number?I don’t want to hear those numbers.
I wish you on your career.
当你有办法时 来找我
When you find the way, come to me.
But this is all that I want to deal with.
伙计们 我说得够清楚吧?
Does that make sense guys?
还有那个…就如我所说 你们知道 XX先生 他就像…
And that…Like what I say that, you know, Mr XX, he was like…
好吧 他就像我们一样 他是不是有点像鹦鹉?
Well, he likes us stuff. Is he kind of like a pirate?
Like the more times.
这是我猜的 我猜的 我不是说…
I guess, I guess, I’m not ,I’m not …named dropped….
他还邀请我去菲尼克斯玩 这样的周末真的超棒
and invited me hanging out for a house in Phoenix. It was awesome for like a weekend.
And he was totally like…
好…吧…我喜欢 真是太赞了
All.. right… I love it. It’s totally fantastic
So you can’t untrained dumb and unambitious people.
他们要么野心勃勃 要么不
They are either ambitious or so they’re not.
要么想做 要么不
They either want to do or they don’t.
看这个伙计们 看这个
And look up here guys. Look up here.
You’re not a healer.
Some of you like
不 我能培养出他的野心
No. I can massage them into being ambitious.
Does that ever work out?
不 他们…听着 嗯
No. they’re… listen. Ok.
暂时 不要听这间屋子里其他男人的话
Man in the room, don’t listen him for a second.
Here’s my rule.
女性 离婚的人
Female, ideally divorced.
孩子 和醉汉
Kids and a little pissed.
And I’ll show you the next number one agent on the planet.
[audiences are laughing]
对不对 女士们?对不对?
Right or wrong, ladies?Right or wrong?
我说…顺便一提 他们说着方言 听起来就像…
I’m like…And …and by the way, they have an accent and that’s like…
机器人 你会想杀了他的
Automatic. You’re gonna kill it.
对吧?男人遍天下 我们永远也数不清有多少
Right?Guys are all of the map. We can never figure you guys.
但女人们会说 “男人 小心点”
But the women’s just like, ‘man, just watch out.
Cause just show me a woman like that.’
还有一点 结婚了也可以
And by the way, you can be married.
你不必说 “哦 我是不是该离婚” 好吧?
You don’t have to be like, ‘oh, should I go to get a divorce. Ok?’
别这样 对
Don’t do that. Yeah.
Tom Ferry说的 那我就要被传唤了
Tom Ferry said. Subpoenaed.
Is there a custom audience for that?
我的天 你就是那种我在Facebook上
Oh my god. You mean on Facebook
who I can go and say, ‘show me agents that make 100,000 dollars a year’
that a divorce or having a relationship problems
or I haven’t search that one yet.
over and over again.
And target markets at them all the time.
All right.
Please read this out loud.
有才的人是…[低价的] 无能的人是…[昂贵的]
Great people are..[Free] And bad people are..[Expensive]
How many of you know what I’m talk about?
请把这个记下来 这个很有用
Please write this in your notes, cause it’s notes lie for it.
Remove all energy sucking vampires.
You with me?
Remove all energy sucking vampires from your culture.
最后了 我还想说几句
So as I wrap up, I just want to say to you guys.
Um.. yeah..
So…Thanks for coming in and hanging out with me on my birthday first and foremost.
第二 帮我个忙
Secondly, do me a favor,
just pick one idea,
and go at it like crazy.
You got about 20 ideas,
and you gotta need a copy of all this slides.
你可能会有 很多不同的想法
You’re gonna be like, a lot of different ideas.
Could they give you a full one day version of this?
when you go into my website. Is that cool?
So my promise to you is,
当你看着这些时 你选一个
when you read the notes and you picked one,
you’re gonna recruit way more people.
Your cultures are going improve.
And your sales people are really thank you for it
看这里 最后一点是
So look up here.Last thing is,
people are begging to be led right now.
Did you guys figure that one out?
It’s all about who can be the most dominating leader in your market place.
Who’s gonna raise their flag and say,
‘this is how we do it around here.’
如果你做到了 那你就赢了
You do that. And you’re gonna win.
上帝保佑你们 谢谢你们的到来
God bless guys.Thanks for listening.



训练你的团队发挥最大价值,Tom Ferry 演讲


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