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Cholitas Wrestling in Bolivia

Well hello from La Paz, Bolivia. Tonight we’re going to a special wrestling match.
来自玻利维亚·拉巴斯的朋友你们好 今晚我们会有一场特殊的摔跤比赛
A Cholitas wrestling match which is a women’s wrestling match but before we do that
这是一个关于女性的摔跤比赛 但是在我们开始摔跤比赛之前
we are going to show you some awesome panoramic views of the city.
So it is time for the big event. We are waiting to be picked up for the wrestling match.
是开始大事的时间了 我们正等待着摔跤比赛的开始
I’m so excited for this. I grew up watching wrestling.
我现在很兴奋 我从小就看摔跤
Like some of my favorite stars King Kong Bundy,
比如看一些我最喜欢的老一辈的摔跤手明星King Kong Bundy
Hulk Hogan all those old era wrestlers. So this is actually going to be my first live wrestling match.
Hulk Hogan的比赛 所以这实际上是我的第一次现场观看摔跤比赛
-I have no idea who those people are. -A little bit before your time.
-我不知道那些人都是谁 -我比你知道要早一点
-So what can we expect from Cholitas wrestling tonight? -Well, apparently it borrows heavily
-今晚的摔跤比赛我们能期待些什么呢? -好吧 显然它极多地借鉴了
from WWE American style wrestling and also Mexican wrestling which is known as Lucha
WWE美式摔跤和被称作Lucha libre的墨西哥摔跤
Libre. So there is going to be a lot of theatrics, a lot of entertainment. Not a lot of technical
所以将会有许多演出和娱乐 没有太多技术性的摔跤
wrestling but it should be a lot of fun. -So it is fake? Fake fighting? -It is fake but
但是它应该会非常有趣 -所以这是假的吗?假的摔跤?-它是假的不过
I mean these are talented athletes. They take real blows to the head I’m sure.
我意思是他们是有天赋的运动员 我确信他们对头部进行真真实实的撞击
-the first match is over. What do you think so far? -Well, we saw the men battle it out
第一场比赛结束了 目前为止你有什么想法?我们看了这些男人的战斗
but I think girls are going to do way better.
So how are you enjoying the wrestling match so far?
It’s been awesome but what I don’t like about it is the bad guys have lost twice.
比赛非常棒 但是我不喜欢的是这些坏蛋已经输了两次
I’m cheering for the bad guys. Let’s go!
我要为他们欢呼加油 我们出发吧!
And that is a wrap for wrestling, the wrestling Cholitas. What did you think?
摔跤手们的比赛圆满结束了 你觉得怎么样?
Yeah, that was awesome. A lot of fun. Definitely worth the money and it is a full night event.
很棒 非常有趣 绝对值这些钱 并且它是个一整晚的活动
We left at maybe five something, now we’re back now close to ten.
我们大概五点离开的 回来接近十点
-So definitely a full, fun nightout. -Yep, there we go.
-所以这当然是圆满的 有趣的一夜 -是的 这就对了