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CHEETAH vs DRONE // South Africa

嗨 大家好
现在呢 我正和南非的志愿者们一起
So right now I am doing my second volunteer project with volunteers Southern Africa
and this is the Cheetah project
接下来我会向你们展示 我们目前取得的成就
So I am gonna show you all the things that we get up to
and what we do on this project.
你兴奋吗 Sky?
Are you excited Sky?
So the two main goals of the Living With Cheetahs program is to
1) breed Cheetahs to strengthen their gene pool
二是饲养它们 教它们如何狩猎 以便让它们回归野外
and 2) to raise them, teach them how to hunt and release them back into the wild.
所以我们做的第一件事 当然是了解这些猫科动物
So the first thing we did was of course get to know the cats
当然 不是所有的猎豹我们都可以接近
Now, not all the cats can be approached.
这个项目里 一些猎豹在野外出生至今还是野性十足
Several of the Cheetahs born at the project have been born wild and are still wild,
剩下的猎豹是大群体人工饲养也就是说 他们是人类一手养大的
but others have been hand reared, which means they were raised on human touch
所以他们不抵触和人接触 被人抚摸大体上已经算是被驯化了
so they can be handled, pet and are essentially tamed.
他被稍稍驯服就可以了 等他长大了我们也不会强迫他和人接触
When he is easier tamed, he is done with it. He gets up, and we don’t force him to do.
-Yeah, I know.-Now we’ll tell it’s OK.
我们每天只和猎豹互动一次 周二除外
You’ll see, we only do one interaction per day, and Tuesday has been closed with puppy.
Thank you! That was lovely.
这是Kiara 那边是它的哥哥Kenya
This is Kiara and her brother Kenya over there.
他们有10个月大了 和他们一起出生一共有5只只有他们两个是人工饲养的
And they are 10 months old. And of this litter of 5, there are only 2 that we hand reared.
How this process works is that these little guys are now learning to hunt
and when they are old enough and are hunting well enough, we release them with the other siblings
and they will eventually teach these siblings how to hunt
现在 这些狩猎技巧相当重要
Now, these hunting skills are very important
because the only way a cheetah can be successfully released back into the wild
is if it knows how to hunt.
狩猎技巧随着年龄有所不同 大体上循序渐进
Now this is a step-by-step process that varies with age.
首先 我们先用小盒子训练它们
First, we start off with boxes,
then we move into running lores.
再之后 我们引它们到空旷的地方
After that, we introduce them to the open field
to get them starting to chase and run after live prey.
然而 我们试图在高空捕捉镜头时猎豹并没有按计划狩猎
However, our attempt at catching aerial shots of cheetah hunting didn’t go quite as planned,
since they they ended up being more fascinated with the drone
So right now it is 6 in the morning
and we are getting ready to take the big cheetah out on a hunt,
也就是说 他们要在野生动物保护区进行捕猎来填饱肚子
so they are going to be hunting for their food here on the game reserve.
Well, wish them luck.
只是提个醒而已 稍微注意下 注意下就好
Just a heads-up, though. Slight graphic warning, just warning.
We are going to drive them to a point where we think there is enough antelope,
放他们下车 然后牵着他们去往目标地点
offload the cats and walk them to a point.
到达目的地以后 我们会取下拴绳
Then we are going to release the harnesses.
等我们找到羚羊 他们会开始追踪压低身子隐藏起来
When we find antelope, they’ll start to stalk, down to the ground
Now while they are stalking and we are walking around like a bunch of nerds.
我们最好躲起来 别让羚羊看见我们会观察
We’d better go down. Don’t want the antelope to see us. We will watch.
只要它们开始追击羚羊我们就会跟上去 然后跑开
As soon as they take off to the antelope, we chase them, on foot. And we run.
A very successful kill.
我尝试着尽力去追赶他们 真的尽力了
I tried to run as fast as I could to get it. The actual chasing
但很显然 追着猎豹跑出乎意料地难
but apparently running after cheetahs is surprisingly difficult.
It’s a learning curve and in about years time
他们就会被放生野外可以确定的是 一旦学会捕猎
They will be ready to be put back in the wild. It is a must thing as long as they know how to hunt,
we have to release them.
When we are not teaching cheetah how to hunt , we are working with them in other stimulating ways
like walks
—来试一下—快点嘛 Sky
-Give it a try.-Come on, Sky.
说真的 她知道自己在做什么吗?肯定不知道
Seriously, does she know what she is doing? No.
牵着猎豹散步 这真是太酷了酷极了 伙计们
Just taking cheetah for a walk. It’s cool.
你弄丢了一只猎豹 现在知道什么情况下会弄丢猎豹了
And you lost a cheetah. That’s how you lose a cheetah.
Well, then.
完了以后 我们得清理一下
Also, cleaning up after them.
项目里不仅有猎豹 还有其他可爱的动物
And not just the cheetahs, there are other adorable animals at the project.
他是火灾的唯一幸存者 他的家人都遇难了
So here is a sole survivor of a fire. Her entire family was killed.
之前他们通常都有长长的尾巴 他失去了他的
Before they generally have long tails. He lost his.
但除此之外 他真的很完美他经常寻找老鹰
But aside from that, he very awesome. He looks for eagles very often
这是可爱的朱朱 这是带状猫鼬露露
So pretty much Zulu and the Banded Mongoose, her namr is Lulu.
She is an escape artist of note.
朱朱 那只是露露
Zulu. That one is Lulu
当有人抱它的时候 他会开始变得嫉妒起来因为他现在觉得你是他的 不想让你见别人
When someone else is holding him, he can get a bit jealous. Cause right now you are his property. That’s why he don’t meet everyone else.
你好 露露
Hello, Lulu.
我们现在要做的就是去抓吉拉 她是我们放养的猎豹
So what we are about to do now is we are going to go fetch Kira. She is our free run cheetah.
令人伤心的是 她自由跑动是因为她不能被释放
The reason she free runs is because she sadly can’t be released.
因为 在她4岁的时候
Now she can’t be released cause when she was 4 days old
her mother accidentally stepped on her and broke her both shoulders and an elbow.
Another awesome part of Living with Cheetah project is the game drives on their private reserve.
#你拥我入怀 许诺不离不弃#
#You pull me close and you say you’ll never run away#
#Think that love is game that we are gonna take#
#可爱情却是一生一次 一次一生的追寻#
#But what we got is a once and a lifetime searching for#
#与你同行 像是天上下起彩虹糖雨#
#Cause with you I feel amazing never felt before#
#不知日后想起 会不会因此而羞耻#
#But would I be so ashamed for what we are fighting for#
#Standing right at the gatesWalking your stairway to heaven#
#亲爱的 我恋爱了#
#Baby, I’m in love#
#And I can’t get enough#
#亲爱的 我爱你 永远 永远 永远#
#I’m yours truly truly truly baby#
#亲爱的 我恋爱了#
#Baby, I’m in love#
#Can you feel the rush#
我们在瀑布前停下 在进行驾驶游戏之前吃午餐看那边~
So, at the waterfall we stopped at for lunch on our game drive. Look at it.
I think some people are going swimming.
很有可能 但我不会去游最起码这次不会 不去 不去
Very possible. Not me though. I don’t think that is gonna happen today. No, no.
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