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2015年世界编程一小时活动 – 译学馆
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Change The World - Hour of Code 2015

我认为让女性学习计算机科学是非常有意义的 长久以来
I think it’s really important for girls to study computer science. I think for a long
time the world thought that some things were for boys and some things were for girls, and
但现在人们意识到了 男孩和女孩可以有平等的机会 如果我们能
everyone understands now that boys and girls can have equal opportunity. If we could just
支持她们并给予她们初始的激励 差异就会减小
support girls and give them that initial encouragement, then we could start balancing the scales.
甚至都无需刻意追求平等 整个过程自然就会发生
And then we wouldn’t even have to play with the equation because it will just be a natural
学会编程 你就可以自由地去创造任何事物 而这一点会使你变得更强大
flow. To be able to code gives you the freedom to build anything, and that is just so empowering.
我喜欢运用自己双手的力量 通过编程来表达我想象中的东西
I like having that power in my own hands to express what’s in my imagination, using programming.
通过编程的这个过程 你会获得一种新的思维方式 所有的一切
Just the experience of programming gives you access to a new method of thinking. Everything
都成为了你找出解决办法前所采取的步骤 而这个过程正是极其珍贵的
becomes the steps that you can take towards a solution, and that is just extremely valuable.
使用软件是一码事 但改变你所使用的软件的运作方法
You know it’s one thing to use software, it’s a totally different thing to get to change
完全是另一码事 从事计算机科学 我最喜欢的
how the software you use actually works. Yeah, all my favorite memories from computer science
就是和团队成员一起做编程 我觉得计算机科学不是一个人的事情
are actually programming together with teams. I don’t think computer science is a solo thing.
如果你想做一些不寻常的事 你往往需要依靠团队来完成 计算机科学
If you want to build something amazing, you usually have to do it in a team and computer
也不例外 在这个时代 你们可以展现自己
science is no different. You all live in a time where expressing yourself, learning about
结交不同的人 拥有自己的事业 甚至在社会上做出点有影响力的事都是完全可能的
different people, making a business and a real difference in your communities is all
有了电脑 你只要动动手指就行了 这跟你
totally possible. With computers it’s right at your fingertips. It’s not about being a
是男是女没关系 只看你是否有才干 计算机科学领域需要更多有才能的人
girl or being a boy, it’s about being talented. Computer science needs more talented people,
people who are not afraid of being creative and making the world a better place. Jump
为此努力吧!去学习!试试吧 花一个小时上一堂课 你可以在一小时内学到
into it! Learn! Just try and take one class. Give it one hour. It’s amazing what you can
很多东西 “编程一小时”令人高兴的地方在于 每个人都可以参加
learn in one hour. And that’s what is so exciting about Hour of Code. All of you are able to
无论你来自那个国家 是什么年纪 有什么背景
participate, from all parts of the country at all ages, from all different backgrounds.
这样每个人都能得到机会 每个女孩都应该
And that’s what will create the right opportunities for everyone. Every girl deserves to take
加入到这项创造中来 创造出能改变世界和改变主宰这个世界的人的技术
part in creating the technology that will change our world and change who runs it. I
我强烈建议每个国家的女孩参加“编程一小时” 科技与我们的生活息息相关
challenge girls in every single country to learn one Hour of Code. Technology touches
因此如果你能革新技术 你就能改变整个世界
every part of our lives, so if you can change technology you can change the world.
改变世界 #编程一小时
Change the world. #HourOfCode