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Chairing a meeting

Chairing a meeting

第三单元| 主持会议
Unit 3 | Chairing a meeting
Marcus White 是一家名为 Quartz Power Group 的能源公司的总管
Marcus White is the managing director of Quartz Power Group—-an engery company.
每个月 公司的部门经理都会就公司内部的重大问题召开商讨会议
Every month the deparmental managers meet to discuss high-level issues in the company.
而这个月的会议将由 Marcus 领导召开
Marcus is leading this month’s meeting.
好了…早上好 各位 很感谢你们都能准时到场
Ok…Good morning everyone, thank you so much for…being here on time.
额…我们今天要讲的事挺多的 所以事不宜迟现在就开始会议
Err…we’ve got a lot to do today to…so let’s get started.
嗯 除了后勤部已经请过假的John之外大家都到了
Now, everyone’s here apart from John in Facilities, where we have apologies from him.
好了 大家都拿到了议案了吧?
Has everyone got a copy of the agenda?
嗯 行 那现在我们看到议题4 ——线上调研结果汇报
Good..OK, can I draw your attention to item 4,where it says presentation of online survey results?
这个汇报将由Patricia Reyes女士向我们展示
And the presentation is going to be given by Miss Patricia Reyes,
who is a representaive of the research company we contracted to carry out the work.
The Miss Reyes will arrive at 11:30.
所以我打算在11:15左右中止我们的会议 留下时间给她准备
So I plan to break at about 11:15 to give her time to set up.
It may also mean that we need to interrupt the first few agenda items.
But we will come back to those.
Umm…and I’ll see I’d like to leave a little bit of time under any other business to discuss whatever might come out of the presentation.
看议题1 关于弹性工作的一些实施计划
Item 1… is relocation and plans for flexible working.
我们都知道 Paul和他的团队正在致力于 延长全公司职员的弹性工作时间 这个项目
Now, as you know Paul and his team…have been working on plans to extend flexible working hours across the company.
那么 Paul 我可以请你先来对你的项目做些介绍说明吗?
So, Paul, perhaps I can begin by asking you to fill us in on your progress.
行…谢谢给我这个机会 Marcus……
Sure…thanks Marcus…
嗯 就像Marcus刚刚提到的那样….
Well, as Marcus said…
非常感谢你 Paul
Thank you very much indeed, Paul.
我要代表在座的每一个人 对你说一声”谢谢” 对你 对你的团队
Um…I am now here on behalf of everyone, I’d like to say “thank you” to you and your team
for all the hard work that you’ve put in so far on this project.
I really appreciate it.
好了在我们讨论议题2之前 还有任何人有…
And before we move on to item 2, are there any comments anyone has…?
Err…anyone would like to make on item 1?
Maya 我了解到好像 弹性工作时间 对你的团队或多或少有些影响…
Maya, I’m aware that flexible working hours has a particular impact on some of your team…
Err…do you have any thoughts on that?
额…我觉得吧 Paul的提议听起来很棒
Well, from my point of view, what Paul is proposing sounds fine.
I am a bit concerned about working with the system of core hours and flexible hours.
还有 我觉得我们都应该仔细阅读一下Paul的提议再深入讨论
But I think we all need time to read through Paul’s proposal in more detail before discussing it any further.
OK…that sounds reasonable…
那你们呢 你们怎么想的?
And what do other people think?
And do you agree with Maya that we need to look through the propose in more detail first?
好 那行 有问题我们下周的会议可以再讨论
OK…right well, I am sure we can return to it at next month’s meeting.
Are we all OK to move on to the next point?
好的 那么接下来…
下一个议题是 董事会
The up and coming…board meeting.
Now we don’t need to spend too much time on this.
But there are one or two issues which we need to be aware of.
额…Lydia 如果讨论这个的时间超出了十分钟你能提醒我一下吗?
Err…Lydia, can you warn me ahh…if we go beyond ten minutes on this one.
So…those two people will be replacing the two members of the board who are leaving us…
And that’s everything I think on …on item 2.
那么 接下来
Moving on to item 3.
And the costs break down for the relocation.
Maya 谢谢你把当前的数据发送给我们
And Maya, thank you very much for emailing the current figures to all of us.
I hope that we all have time to look at them, to read them through.
Maya 在开始讨论前你还有什么要补充的吗?
Maya…is there anything you want to add before I open this suff questions?
啊 没有 我发送给你们的数据就是我所知道的全部了
Ha…not really, nothing is changed since it was sent out as far as I know.
那么 有谁对Maya的报告有什么想法或疑问吗?
Are there any questions arising from Maya’s report?
Matt 看起来你好像有话要说
Matt, you look as if you might have a question.
Yes…I suppose I do…
老实说 我要说的不仅仅是意见…
Well, it’s more of a comment really…
事实上 IT部门 在设备运输上的费用会是所有费用中最高的
The fact is, IT will have the highest cost attachedto this relocation in terms of moving equipment
此外 我还要另外再请一些承包人员来帮助我们运输
and I also need to bring quite a few contract people to help.
But the figures in here don’t seem to be the same as estimates I gave you.
这样经费少了 我们部门就要花更多的时间在运输上了
It’s all going to require a lot of over-time in my department.
没错 我确实把部分经费分配给了其他部门
Well, I have allocated some of the costs to the budgets of some other departments.
但是好像分配得不太成功 另外你也说了 IT部费用确实占据了经费的很大一部分
But seemed it failed its way to do it. Otherwise, as you say, IT is responsible for a large part of the relocation costs.
所以 你是不是想说 IT部门在营销过程中产生的任何费用都将从营销预算里面扣?
So, do you mean in any IT cost related to say marketing will be covered by the marketing budget?
是的…在某种程度上可以这么说 看这里 这应该能帮助你理解…
Yes…in a way, look…this might help clarify it.
你看 我已经把IT部的经费分成了几个部分
You see, I have broken the IT department up into segments.
哦…我很抱歉 但是我们能不能先暂停 午饭后再接着讨论?
Oh…I am sorry, can we continue this discussion after lunch…
调研公司的代表 Reyes女士还在等着向我们展示调研报告呢
The lady from the research company is waiting to join us, and to present her results.
额…但是在我们中止会议之前 我想就我们的讨论来个小结
Err…but before we take a break, I just want to summarize where we are so far.
嗯 我的理解是…
My understanding is…
that Maya has tried to allocate the relocation costs across the department as far as is possible.
但是 Matt…觉得IT的费用还是很高…
But that Matt…feels that IT is still taking too many costs.
Is that right?
That’s about right.
好 我知道了
Let’s take a break now…
还有 在11:30的时候请各位尽快回到这里继续会议 行吗?
And can we all be back here promptlyat 11:30 to continue where we left off?
Lydia 你能把 Reyes女士带到这里来吗?
Lydia…could you bring Miss Reyes here please?
Yes…I will do it…
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