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Career Advice - I'm just lost

I’m just lost.
I got a really… emotional and…
非常有意义的信 爱你 伙计
important message from one of my YouTube viewers, love you, guys.
约翰 我想要读它并且回答它
John. And I want to read it and answer it and ah…
我收到过很多评论 但这个很令我感动
I got a lot of comments but this one really move me,
而且 他提到的问题非常重要
And it’s… it’s really important for you guys to
understand this because I know a lot of you’re going through it,
So let me read it.
埃里克 我正面临一个困境
Here is a dilemma for you Eric.
我们知道应该是埃文 不是埃里克
Ok, we know it’s Evan, right? It’s not Eric.
我不确定 我觉得自己有创业注意力缺陷障碍
I don’t know, I think I have entrepreneurial a.d.d. …
我几年前就想要开个店 关于汽车 自行车等等的店
I started out a few years ago thinking I wanted to start shop to work on cars bikes and so on.
我从12岁开始就从事汽车行业 现在我已经22岁了
I have been tinkering on cars from the age of 12. I’m 22 now.
I went out and got a job in the industry really enjoyed it
不过五个月前我不干了 开了一家自己的店
ended up starting my own shop about 5 months ago
and now I couldn’t be more bored of it.
我仍然喜欢从事汽车行业 它永远是我的爱好
I still enjoy working on cars and it’s always going to be a hobby of mine
but everyday it’s becoming tedious and annoying.
So I ended up quitting the business
and working for a company doing the exact same thing
这个更有趣 因为我喜欢与人们待在一起
which is actually more fun that way for me because I enjoy being around people.
而在店里 只有我一个人
And the shop I had it was literally just me and
I had my girlfriend coming after her job and help do silly things.
但是 现在这样我也不满意
But even now I’m not truly satisfied.
I like the feeling of owning my own business,
and knowing that it’s all under my control of my own hands.
我不知道为什么会这么矛盾 但事实就是这样
I really don’t know why I feel that way but it’s just the way it is.
I think I’m going to start heading in the direction of being around people
可能会做些买卖 可能会从事零售业
maybe buying and selling items, maybe some sort of retail business.
I might start buying some instruments
for I have played music also for my whole life.
说来说去 我的问题是
I guess what I’m wrapping it all up to question you is
what do you think I should do,
I feel like I’m never going to find the right direction.
I’m really hoping that this all pans out
and I enjoy the next path I attempted to go down.
但每个人都跟我说 嘿 你需要安定下来了
But everybody is telling me hey stick with something
让我感到焦虑的是 我的确应该安定下来了
and it’s actually starting to make me worry I do have to settle down
some point my life I have bills and an apartment.
但我真的喜欢汽车 音乐 做买卖
But I really enjoy cars, really enjoy music, really enjoy buying and selling things
做零售 喜欢与人们在一起 喜欢节假日和聚会
retail wise, enjoy being around people I enjoyed festivals and festivities.
I am just lost in the sauce on what path to go down any advice?
好长的一封信 约翰的来信 你们知道
So it’s a long message John is, you know
as is with saying this is pouring it all out there for you
你们已经感受到了约翰的困境 这真是一个重要的问题
and you’re really feel for John and this is such an important topic.
这是一个如此重要的话题 因为大多数人早上起床
OK, this is such an important topic, because most people they get up,
然后开车去做他们讨厌的工作 盼望着周末的活动
and they drive to job they hate and they live for events and weekends.
对吧 超过80%的美国人
Right? There’s 80% of American plus,
they wake up, they’re driving to this company they can’t stand
急切地等着下班 等着
and then they just can’t wait for quitting time, and they’re waiting
周末的活动 这就是他们的生活
for what they’re gonna do on the weekends. That’s what they live.
我觉得 那不是生活该有的样子
And for me… that’s not the way to live.
I don’t wanna just live for my weekends and my evenings.
I want to be doing meaningful important work,
if that’s running my own business
or if it’s taking a job that’s what I meant to do.
But I wanna be doing something where I feel like I’m having an impact,
重要的事 你需要用到的方法如下
what I’m doing is important. So the paths you need to follow was these.
三个简单的步骤 1 探索
Three simple steps: One, explore.
2 追随热情 3调整
Two, follow the flow. And three, pivot.
好 什么意思呢? 让我细细道来
Ok, what is that mean? let me break it down.
1探索 你需要去探索
One, explore, you gotta explore things.
你需要去尝试 如果你不去做就不会知道
Ok, you gotta try stuff. You don’t know if you’re gonna like something until…
you actually go and do it.
you don’t look at data and say
来判断自己是哪一类人 该从事哪一类工作
well, I’m just the type of person, so I’m gonna into this type of job.
去行动 去尝试 看看它行不行 你喜不喜欢
Go on and try, see if it works, see if you like it.
对吧 首先恭喜你
Right? And congratulations, first of all,
for having the guts to go out and launch your own shops,
并对自己说 我要尝试这个
and say you know what, I wanna explore this,
I’m gonna go and do it.
如果这个不行 再做别的
And so it didn’t work, and so you gonna do something else,
but you have to keep exploring.
And don’t listen to your friends and families who say:
嘿 是时候安定下来了
hey, it’s time to settle down.
是时候去过一般的生活 过一种按部就班的生活
Now it’s time for you to enjoy the rest of the world, and live a crappy life.
Is that what you wanna do? So it didn’t work out once,
尝试了一次没成功 你就放弃?
you took one shot and that’s it, you give up?
And you live the life that everybody else hates?
不该是这样 你应该振作起来 再尝试别的
That’s not the answer. You gonna get up and try again.
去探索 从小事开始
Explore, and small starts.
先从简单的地方开始 就尝试一下
Start something on the small level, and just try it out.
放下顾虑 放空脑袋
Stop thinking about something, and get out of your head,
切实地做一些事情 看看你喜不喜欢它
and start actually doing something, and see if you enjoy it.
你可能尝试某件事情 知道自己不喜欢
You might try something and you hate it,
然后你就懂了 你有了自己的答案
And now you know, you have your answer.
You may try something and you love it,
你想多做一点 再多做一点
and you wanna do more and more, and more…
you gonna obsess with it.
接下来就是第二步 追随你的热情
That’s NO.2: you follow your flow.
你找到了自己喜欢做的事 开始尝试新的东西
You see what you love doing, you’re trying a bunch of stuff,
你也可能不知道怎么往下做 不要放弃 多尝试
right, you get this point, you don’t know what to do, Go on and try stuff.
只要一直坚持你的爱好 总能找到发展方向
you gonna just keep doing the stuff that you love to do, there’s something you gonna try,
这多酷啊 你一刻都停不下来
so why is it awesome? And you wanna keep doing it and keep doing it.
At the end the whole days pass by,
what happen to my day?
太神奇了 你只想接着做
It was amazing. You wanna do it again,
你深陷其中 满脑子都是它 即使是在睡觉
You’re obsess, you think about it, when you’re sleeping,
maybe wake up earlier next day, cause we can’t wait to go and do it again.
Right, so you’re following your flow,
如果你有了这种感觉 一定要坚持
if you get in that zone you got to stay there,
that’s what the great start happens.
When you’re following your flow,
not doing some crappy jobs that you don’t like anymore,
如果你的工作无聊又枯燥 放弃它
if it’s tedious and boring, don’t do it!
You think you can build the great life
doing stuff that’s tedious and boring?
不可能 你得做那些让你感觉到你在活着的事情
No! You gotta do the stuff that make you come alive,
所以你得坚持兴趣 你探索然后坚持你的兴趣
So you have to follow your flow. You explore, you follow the flow.
第三 调整 你做了一段时间有兴趣的工作后
NO.3 is PIVOT. You might find that after following your flow,
it doesn’t work out anymore.
热情减退 对吧 比如你开了个咖啡馆
The passion goes away, right? You started the cafe,
你想 嘿 这真棒 这就是我一直想做的事
you thought, hey, this is great, this is what I’m always want to do,
做了五个月后 发现没兴趣了 你要调整
you try, five months later, it’s not working out. You PIVOT!
你打算做些其他事 重新开始探索
Go do something else, you started exploring again,
这也可以 有时候兴趣只能维持一个月
that’s OK. Sometimes that flow last…a month?
六个月 一年或是十年
six months? a year? a decade?
You don’t know how long it’s gonna last.
我现在在制作视频 对吧 让我跟你讲两个故事
I’m making these videos, Ok? Let me tell you two stories.
我现在在制作视频 好吧 我会讲一下我的整个职业生涯
I’m making these videos, OK…I’ll tell a whole bunch of stuffs in my career.
一旦有新想法冒出来 我都会尝试
A new idea comes along, I’d love to try it.
探索嘛 我探索过很多事情
Just to explore, I explore a whole bunches stuffs,
most of them doesn’t work out.
有时我尝试做一件事 发现有一点喜欢
Sometimes I try something, and I like it for a little bit,
但继续往下做 就会觉得无聊
and continue one doing it, and I get bored of it,
我就会舍弃它 如果它对公司很重要
so I either close it down, or if it’s important to the company,
我会把它交给别人打理 因为我不想再碰它
give it somebody else men, because I don’t wanna touch it.
因为如果我继续做那个 我的生意就不会做大
Cause if I was continue to do that, my business wouldn’t grow.
Cause me doing stuff that I hate…
我会觉得无聊 或者它很枯燥 我再也不喜欢
I’m bored of… or it’s tedious, I don’t like anymore…
that’s not gonna be, me build a great company.
So I’m making these videos, I love making these videos.
It’s one of the favorite parts of my week,
因为回答你们的问题 看到新的收获
cause answering your questions,see what’s come in,
feeling like hey, I’m helping people out,
your comments coming back is fuel for me every single day.
Maybe one day I will get bored of it.
如果我不喜欢做视频 那么每周三
If I don’t like video day, if I…if it’s Wednesday,
when I record out these videos…
我会想 天哪 我还要做视频
and I… ahh… Men… I gotta do more videos…
太糟糕了 我讨厌它
these sucks men…I hate this!
You think I’m gonna make great videos with that attitude?
不会 对不起 我得把它关了
No! Sorry, I would have to shut it down.
并且…… 这会非常令人难过
And… that will be very sad.
至少现在 我喜欢做视频 所以我会继续
At least right now. I love the videos, I’m gonna keep going for now.
But you would have that moment when you make it tired of something,
没关系 接着探索
and it’s OK to move on.
懂吧 让我讲一个我在以前的视频里说过的小故事
Ok? Let me take one more quick story that I told before in some of my videos.
这些不仅可以应用到生意上 还包括生活中的事
This applies not just the business but what you do in your life.
And I remember…I’ve try three activities recently.
OK! Dancing,
rockclimbing, and snowboarding.
The rockclimbing one.
有个人邀请我 我说行
I went rockclimbing someone invited me,so hey sure,
我从来没干过 让我试一下
I never got rockclimbing, let me try that.
我讨厌攀岩 体验糟糕透了
I hated it. Ok? I hate rockclimbing, I have a terrible experience.
你知道 我恐高 但攀岩要经常向下看
you know I’m afraid of height, it’s all like looking down,
I don’t like feeling I can’t reach the next thing.
攀岩绳也……算了 反正我不喜欢
The strap was… Anyway, whatever, I did’t like it.
我不会再攀岩了 虽然酷 但我受够了
I’m not gonna go back again, that’s cool. I’m OK with that.
我想做就去尝试 不会列一张愿望清单
I’m OK with that, and try it. Not having this, I wish I could do things,
我没有愿望清单 如果我想做某事
I don’t have this, I wish I could do list. If I wanna do something,
我就会去尝试 攀岩不适合我 然后我尝试了滑雪
I go and try it. So rockclimbing is not for me. Then I try snowboarding.
Somebody said: Hey, join us for snowboarding trip.
I’ve never gone snowboarding.
有何不可? 让我试一下
Hey, Why not? Let’s try it out.
我喜欢滑雪 变得难以自拔
And I loved it. And… and I became obsess with it.
第二周 我就带上了自己的装备 我买了滑板
The next week, I went out and bought my own gear. I bought my own board,
鞋子 帽子 外套 我喜欢装备齐全
the boots, the hat, the coat everything. I wanna bought everything
and I need to be snowboarding, and I would… would spend…
every day in the winter, snowboarding.
每一天都去滑雪 因为我太喜欢了
Every single day, I went snowboarding, cause I loved this so much.
I would be like waiting for meetings to end…
我可以去滑雪 视频也是快速做完
so I can go snowboarding. and I might even rush through video day like…
心想 我有一小时空闲 可以去滑雪了
eh… guessing, I got an hour, I can go and hit the snowboarding hill.
我家附近有个滑雪点 我爱它
There’s one close to where I live, I loved it.
这股热情持续了两年 然后我的兴趣渐渐消失了
And that last for two years, and then in my interest it started to fade.
但它永远是我的一个爱好 我爱滑雪 它仍然很棒
It’s always gonna be part of me, I think, I love snowboarding. It’s still great.
But I’m not obsessed.
I don’t wake up you know, in the morning, oh I can’t wait to go snowboarding.
Right? I push the meetings, so I can go snowboarding.
所以 热情消退了
Right, so the… the passion is faded.
第三是萨尔萨舞 跳萨尔萨舞…
The third one is salsa. And dancing salsa…
you look at it on paper and it’s…it was a stupid decision for me to get into salsa.
我太高了 步子太宽 没有舞蹈背景
Right, I’m too tall, I take huge steps, I have no dance background.
我也听不懂那个音乐 不会那种语言
I didn’t understand the music, I don’t speak the language,
I don’t know any the moves.
我开始得太晚了 就像
I’m starting so late in life, like…
This is never gonna be something that…
适合我的动作 对吧
would on paper look good for me to do. Right? So this is…
If I went in thinking this is my next business opportunity,
my next love that I gonna fall in love with
and the next thing is gonna skyrocket me.
it wouldn’t make any… I probably won’t even try,
cause it didn’t make any sense logically.
但是我去了 上了第一节课
But I went, I went to the first class.
我马上爱上了它 回家后接着跳
And I just loved it. And… I would go back and do more.
完全跳不够 听着音乐
I couldn’t get enough salsa, listen to the music,
看视频 学习转向模式
and I watch videos and learn turn patterns…
The guys’ responsibilities to lead what I call turn patterns,
you’re leading the moves,
and I remember thinking at night about moves that I can come up with,
I remember being in meetings with guys from business
我会想象 如果我用这只手
and I would imaging if I took his hand,
and moved his arms like this,
or I can make this new turn pattern,
我在会议上经常开小差 然后回过神来
and I’d like zone out… at my meeting, and then come back.
because I’m thinking about salsa.
And it became this passion has been going ten years,
now I’m an investor in the largest salsa dance studio in Canada, maybe North American,
teach 56,000 students a year how to dance Salsa.
It’s a huge part of my life.
我们的DJ 以及在课堂上教人的感觉 都很酷
Our DJ and teach somebody in classes and it’s been awesome.
所以一定要追随你的热情 我探索并且追随热情
And so following the flow, right, I explore, I follow the flow,
我没有像对滑雪一样放弃萨尔萨舞 因为我一直喜欢它
and I haven’t pivot it for salsa like I did for snowboarding cause I still love it.
而且它让我成功 虽然我从没觉得我会喜欢上它
and it’s work out for me, and I would never thought about getting into that.
所以 当你人生刚起步时
So when you first getting start,
就像你登上一个舞台 不知道要做什么
right you’re in a stage, now you don’t know what to do,
you feel this pressure that you need to settle down,
you need to figure out what you’re gonna do with your life,
但现实却是一片混乱 你完全不知道该干什么
and it’s all chaos, you don’t what know to do,
when you force yourself to the decision,
it’s not gonna be a great one.
Right you force yourself to go get a job,
也不会感到幸福 不会取得成功
you’re not gonna be great or happy in that life.
当你拿枪指着自己的脑袋 让自己做决定
Right, whenever you’ve got a gun in your hands: making decisions right now,
it’s never the best one.
你需要给自己空间去探索 去追随热情 去调整
You need to give yourself the space to explore, to follow your flow,and to pivot.
and remember that all these people who’re trying to force you make a decision,
他们往往都不喜欢自己的生活 也没做出什么伟大的事
they hate their lives too, they are not doing anything great.
so why you taking advice from people who haven’t done great things in their life?
You look at the people who’ve done great things,
and a lot of them have bounced from sth. to sth. to sth.
他们探索 不断失败 再尝试 再失败
and they explore, and fail and fail, and then try something and didn’t work out.
Before they hit their thing that helps them explode.
多了解这样的企业家 了解一下你崇拜的人
Researching on such enterpreneurs, look at the people who you look up to
your respect, and learn from their success,
这才是正确方法 如果你想取得成功
This is where it comes from. If you wanna be great,
you wanna help have a huge impact on the world,
you wanna live a fulfilled life,
你就得做到:探索 追随热情 调整 相信我
Then you have to remember: explore, follow your flow, and pivot. Believe!
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