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托尼·罗宾斯如何利用肢体动作吸引听众 – 译学馆
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Captivate A Crowd Like Tony Robbins

我是来自“魅力指令”的查理 今天我要为大家做另一个分解视频
This is Charlie from Charisma on Command and today I’m gonna be doing another video breakdown
for you this time on body control and gesticulation and for this I have picked who I personally
我选择了一位我认为 在利用肢体动作沟通方面
think is the best person that I’ve ever seen at using their body to communicate and that
最顶尖的高手 托尼·罗宾斯
person is Tony Robbins.
在这个视频中 你可以看到他是坐着的 他的活动范围很小
So in this video you’re gonna see his seated so he doesn’t even have a full range of walking
无法来回走动掌控空间和舞台 但注意看他是如何利用肢体语言
back and forth to control a space or a stage. But I want you to notice how he uses his body
增加他在沟通中的魅力 传达他要表达的内容
to communicate charismatically the things that he wants to get across.
你首先会注意到的 并且我认为 可能是在你利用肢体时
First thing that you’ll notice, I think this is potentially the most important thing when
最重要的一件事 就是你感受到的能量 和你的身体语言
you think about using your body is that the energy that you feel and the way that you
是密切联系的 对吧?所以 当你内心激动并试图感染他人的时候
use your body are totally linked, right? So it’s very, very hard to sit still with your
是很难坐着一动不动 双手紧贴身体两侧的
hands glued to your side and be excited yourself and make other people feel excited versus
与之相反 如果你自如的挥动双臂 同时来回移动控制空间
if you have your arms moving about freely and your walking and controlling a space,
那么你就能感觉到 随着你个人能量的增长 你能更好地
you’re likely to feel an increase in energy personally and you’re gonna be able to transmit
感染身边的人 接下来 让我们看看托尼是多么的充满能量
that to the people around you much better. So watch one how high energy Tony is and how
以及他是怎样运用肢体动作 完整准确的传达出这些能量
that is completely reflected and mirrored in the way that he uses his body.
注意看托尼·罗宾斯讲话时的手势 动作幅度相当之大
So notice the incredible range of gesticulation that Tony Robbins has, most people stand when
大部分人站着与别人谈话时 手肘呈90度夹角
they talk with their hands sort of bent in 90 degree angle at their elbow and they have
手势单一 类似双手下垂 或是像用手指轻点
one gesticulation and it’s like an unfolding of their hands and like maybe a point with
托尼摸头 手臂举高 大幅度挥舞双臂
a finger. Tony touches his head, moves his arms from above the elbow, wave them out completely,
他张开手心 对双手轻语 所有这些不同的动作
he opens his palm, whispers into his hands. All of these different things that he does
使他成为一个忘我的演讲者 接下来 我们接着看
make him much, much, much more engaging as a speaker. So continue to watch just what a
of wide variety of ways he has to use his body.
这里你会注意到 虽然他是坐着的
So one of the things you’re gonna notice here is how though he’s not standing, Tony is forward
但他通过在座椅上前后移动 控制与对方的距离
and back in his seat. By controlling the amount of space between you and your audience you
让听众保持警觉 这样做当然不是为了让对方如坐针毡
keep them on their toes. Now you don’t wanna get right up at somebody’s grill necessarily
但我肯定 如果你这样做 对方一定会注意到你 感受到你的存在
but I can promise you that if you do they’re going to pay attention and feel your presence
如果这时你往后靠 你就能维持住对方的注意力
and then if you pull back, you can actually maintain that attention. So notice how Tony
仔细看托尼是怎样在座椅上前后移动 通过这个方式
goes forward and back in his seat and how it keeps the two guys that he’s speaking to
incredibly engaged.
还有一些动作是在大部分人中不常见的 托尼会突打响指 鼓掌
So this is something else that a lot of people don’t do that Tony does. He’s got snaps, claps,
拍胸脯 这些能发出爆破音的小动作
chest pats — all these little things that create a pop of noise. That cause attention
这些动作令他不论在哪里 都能成功的吸引注意力 我见过有人这样做
to him and any room when you’re doing that and I’ve seen people do this, it makes eyes
忽然间所有的注意力都会转过来 哪怕是那些并没有一直听你讲话的人
go to you and all of a sudden people who might not even be listening to your conversation
人们都会好奇 讲话那个人是谁 他们会被你讲的内容勾起兴趣
are going to go, “Who was that guy? Who was that girl?” They’re gonna be intrigue by what
因为你利用拍手和鼓掌 造出了一些与众不同的声音
you are saying because you are making very unique noises with those snaps and those claps.
第二点是 注意看大部分时间 托尼的手掌都是完全展开的
The second thing is, notice how open Tony’s palms are the majority of the time. He keeps
他的身高大概是6.7英尺 是个具有威胁感的大块头
his palms open they guy’s about 6 foot 7, so he’s an intimidating figure, and one of
有一种方法 可以快速令人感觉你没有恶意 就是将掌心袒露出来
the ways you communicate very quickly that you don’t mean harm is by revealing your palms
可以看到 几乎在所有的手势中 我们都可以看到他的掌心
to people and just notice with almost all of his gesticulation you can see his palms.
最后我要的说的是 托尼使用的肢体语言是丰富多样的
Last thing I’ll say just in terms of the wide, wide range of things that Tony can do, the
有些手势和声音虽然感觉很夸张 但是我们大多数人只有
way that he uses his fingers and this sounds crazy but most people have one way of using
单一的手腕和手指的动作 而且不是太无力就是太僵硬
their wrist and their fingers and it’s either incredibly loose, or incredibly rigid and
这里你会看到托尼是如何利用他的手腕 上臂和手指
tight. And you’ll see that the way that Tony uses his wrists, his forearms and his fingers
这些动作与他说话的内容都有关联 当他想要表明一些严肃的观点
is completely contextual to what he’s saying. When he wants to make a serious point, he
他的肢体 就紧张起来 当他谈轻松有趣 随意的内容时
sort of flexes them right? And when he is talking about being light and fluffy and not
believing something he’s got this looseness there.
当然你不希望总是只有一两个动作 总的来说
You don’t wanna just stick with just one or the other, typically speaking the flexness
不论紧张和松弛都是沟通方式 但是如果只有这些
is gonna communicate, seriousness is gonna communicate, pay attention but it can run
就变的单调 轻松的沟通方式可以用来 讨论有趣 不严重的内容
flat if that’s all you have. That looseness communicates whimsy, it’s communicates that
但是如果你只用这种方式沟通 别人也可能认为你太软弱
something is not serious but it can be seen as very soft if that’s all that you have.
把肢体动作跟讲话内容搭配好 这决定着你能否成为一个
Having a range of them that match the things that you’re saying is where you become an
无与伦比的充满能量和魅力的演讲者 我们再看一些
incredibly, incredibly dynamic and charismatic speaker, just watch a little bit more.
你看他双手挥舞 有张有弛 这些都体现了
So you can see there he waves his hand around loose and then tight from when he’s making
他脑中正在思考的内容 如果你觉得这个视频有趣
that, that shape from his brain to the sky. So if you found this interesting and you want
并且想看更多类似的视频 现在就有办法
more videos like this, more content like this, you can actually get some.
So, feel free to sign up for that,
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or just enjoy the other videos that I’ll have here on eye contact and tonality and all that sort of stuff.
希望你喜欢这些 并且不断寻找更好的内容
So hope you’ve enjoyed this and keep your eye out for more good stuff.
魅力是一些人掌握的 一系列具体的思维和行为
you’re born with it’s a set of concrete mindsets and concrete behaviors that some people figured
out and others haven’t.
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and all that sort of stuff. So hope you’ve enjoyed this and keep your eye out for more good stuff