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CANADA'S BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL? | Quebec Summer Festival in 4K

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What’s going on Vagabuddies? Welcome back to the channel.
我们现在在蒙特利尔机场 准备飞往加拿大魁北克市
Right now we are in Montreal airport on our way to Quebec City, Canada.
魁北克是我们最喜欢的地方之一 去年冬天我们来到这里
Quebec City is one of the favorite places that we’ve been. We were here a year ago during the winter, and
今年我们重游魁北克 体验这座城市的夏日魅力
this year Quebec City Tourism has invited us back to experience the best of the city in summer.
We’re going to be shooting a four-part video series
下周我们主要介绍历史 文化 饮食 晚间活动 自然环境 但今天这期
over the next week where we talk about history, culture, food, nightlife, nature, but today in this episode
我们将会体验魁北克夏日最大的音乐节 D’Ete音乐节
we will be experiencing the biggest music festival of the summer: the Festival D’Ete.
我们有后台通行证 一些我们喜欢的乐队会在晚上演出
We’ve got backstage passes; some of our favorite bands are playing tonight,
但事有先后 我们首先要坐上飞机
but first things first, we’ve got a plane to catch.
加拿大 魁北克市
Quebec City, Canada
Let’s go.
女士们先生们 我们到达魁北克市了
Ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived into Quebec City.
The festival is in full swing.
Super awesome.
你能感受到一种法语氛围 每个人都在享受露天晚餐
You can already kind of feel the francophone vibe. Everybody just sitting outside in terrazas eating dinner.
我们也要去吃点东西 因为饿了一天了
And we’re going to grab a bite to eat because we haven’t eaten all day.
我们上一次来是冬天 现在是夏季 一切事物都很美好
The last time we were here was in the winter. Now it’s summertime, and everything is beautiful.
外面真的是人山人海 和冬天时的氛围完全两样
There’s tons of people out. It’s a totally different vibe than in the winter.
我们现在所在的地方叫L’ Atelier
Right now we’re at this place called L’ Atelier.
It does tartars and then raw meat on croutons.
这里有各式各样不同的食物 也有很不错的鸡尾酒
But there’s a bunch of different food, and they also have really good cocktails.
所以我们准备喝点鸡尾酒 吃些餐前小吃和鞑靼牛排 然后前往音乐会
So we’re getting cocktails, some tapas, some tartars, and then we’re going to the concert.
免费的龙舌兰酒 谢谢 谢谢
Free shot of Mescal. Thank you. Merci.
我们刚结束一顿美味的晚餐 现在要前往音乐节现场
Well, we just finished a lovely little dinner, and now we are heading down to the actual festival.
We’re going to catch a concert.
兄弟 我们去哪儿?
Bro, where are we headed?
The cool thing about this festival is that all the venues are scattered throughout the Old Town.
都是一些历史遗迹 金属乐队在亚伯拉罕平原演出
They’re all really historic spots. Metallica is playing in the Plains of Abraham,
but we’re going to go see Amadou and Miriam
They’re some of the best musicians from West Africa.
那里是布鲁斯之乡 他们的演唱会马上就开始了
It’s the home of blues, and their concerts are starting right now.
我们在魁北克的第一晚就这样过去了 阿马杜和米里亚姆
Our first night here in Quebec City is completed. Amadou and Miriam, an
如果你之前没有关注过他们 你会觉得是个很不错的乐队
amazing band if you have not checked them out before.
We’ll put a link to their Spotify playlist
在信息框里 不管怎样 明天又是新的一天
in the info box. Anyways tomorrow is another day.
坐了飞机之后很疲惫 我们准备回去
We’re tired from the plane ride. We’re going to go home, get some rest
到酒店休息一下 明天我们会回来
at the hotel, and then tomorrow we come back for
进行第二轮 欣赏其他一些优秀乐队的演出
round two with some other awesome bands.
大家好 还好吗?
Bonjour tout le monde. Ca va?
我们很好 兄弟 我们今天要做什么?
Nous savons bien. What are we up to today, Bro?
嗯 今天魁北克市的天气很好
Well, it’s a beautiful day here in Quebec City.
It’s our first full day.
我们去吃了个早午餐 现在我们要去圣劳伦斯河 来次帆船航行
We’ve had some brunch. Now we’re going to go hit the St. Lawrence River go cruising on a sailboat.
我们现在在旧港口 整座城市都建在
We’re currently in the old port, and the whole city really was built up around
圣劳伦斯河边上 它就像过去17 18世纪时的高速公路
the St. Lawrence River. This was like the highway back in the 1600s, 1700s.
我们打算从水上欣赏这座城市 “Allons-y”在法语中的意思是“出发吧”
We’re going to go see the city from the water. “Allons-y, ” which means” Let’s go” in French.
在夏天重游这里 一切都不一样 很不可思议
It’s just so crazy how different it is coming back here in the summer.
冬天和夏天 完全就像两个不同的城市
It really is two very different cities in the winter and the summer.
我很兴奋 因为上次我们来这儿 河面都被冰块所覆盖
I’m excited because last time we were here, this river was totally covered from shore to shore in ice, and
这些狂热 爱冒险的魁北克人 在河上进行划独木舟比赛
these crazy, adventurous Quebecers were racing across the river in canoes.
他们基本上每年冬天都有冰上独木舟竞赛 但现在我们坐的是帆船
They basically have this thing called the Ice Canoe Race every winter, but now we’re out here on a sailboat.
完全 完全不一样 如果你还没有看过我们以前的视频
Totally, totally different. If you haven’t seen the videos from our previous
关于魁北克市冬日之行 你应该去看看
winter trip to Quebec, you should totally check them out.
There’s a link right here in the cards,
but it’s definitely a different experience.
Later tonight we’ve got more of the music festival,
so I think our goal for today is quite modest.
在河面上四处游荡 享受一下美好时光
Let’s just float around, have a good little time,
and then get back in the music and events later today.
From the bow of the ship, we can see the whole city of Quebec.
On the hill we have the Chateau Frontenac.
据说是世界上出镜率最高的建筑 这是有原因的
This is said to be the most photographed building in the world, and that’s for good reason
它很漂亮 旧城区有坚固的城墙 建于1608年
It’s beautiful. The old city is walled and fortified. It was built in 1608.
同一时间 西班牙人建立了圣达菲和新墨西哥英国人建立了詹姆斯敦和弗吉尼亚州
That’s the same time as Spanish were building Santa Fe, New Mexico and the English were building, Jamestown, Virginia. Same age
从旧城区往下到港口 然后那边上面的区域
Got the Old town down below by the port and then the upper area right there.
There is a funicular connecting the two.
There’s my half attempt to trying to pop a bottle without polluting.
我试图抓住瓶盖 打开它 抓住它
I was trying to catch it, pop it, and catch it.
好了 朋友们 时间渐渐从下午变成晚上
Alright guys, well afternoon is steadily approaching the evening, and
everybody’s starting to line up for the concerts.
It’s a beautiful afternoon here in Quebec City.
每个地方的氛围都很好 每个人都很开心 享受夏日时光 但我们真的很饿 我很饿
Good vibes everywhere; everybody’s super happy and just enjoying summer, but we’re pretty hungry. I’m pretty hungry.
I think it’s time we head over to grab some food.
好了 女士们先生们 我们到达了今天晚上的就餐地点
Alright ladies and gents, we’ve arrived at dinner for tonight.
It’s a restaurant called Battuto.
What do you know about it? Well.. first neighborhood we are in Saint Roch.
就在旧城区下面 你顺楼梯而下
It’s just down from the Old Town. You walk down staircases,
and it’s a beautiful residential neighborhood
with a lot of great restaurants.
这里的主厨很有名 因为他在魁北克电视台赢得了厨艺比赛
The chef here is known because he won a cooking competition on Quebec TV.
但这家餐厅规模不大 所以很难预约 我听说
But this restaurant is not very big, so it’s super hard to get reservation. I’ve heard that
需要几个月 甚至1年才能订到一个位置
it’s months, even up to a year to get a table.
这话可别到处说 但如果你来魁北克 你可能要提前了解一下 提前预定
Don’t quote me on that, but you might want to look ahead and book ahead if you come to Quebec.
Let’s go see what’s all about.
第一道菜上桌了 是一些非常美味的
The first courses have arrived. There’s some amazing
Italian prosciutto.
We’ve got some beautiful olives,
酸奶莴苣叶 意大利调味饭 番茄肉饼配蒜茸蛋黄酱
romaine lettuce in a buttermilk sauce, risotto, tomato croquettes with aioli sauce.
Oh….oh yeah.
女士们先生们 到音乐会时间了
Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the concert.
I’m on my way to the Plains of Abraham,
which is where the main stage for the concert is.
The Gorillaz are going to be coming on in just a little bit, and
会是一个愉快的夜晚 美丽的夜晚
It’s going to be a great night. It’s a beautiful evening.
Just got an amazing sunset,
色味俱佳的晚餐 现在是时候放松一下 参加个派对 听听美妙的音乐
had an incredible dinner, and now it’s time to let loose and party a little bit and listen some great music.
希望你们都准备好了 我们走吧
Hopefully, y’all are ready. Here we go.
Made it into the media pit.
Gorillaz about come on stage.
每个人都很兴奋 气氛很好
Everyone here is hyped. It’s a really good vibe, and
we’ve got to film from back here, so
we’re going to our media cage.
在魁北克市的夏日D’ Ete 音乐节 是一次不赖的体验
It’s been an awesome experience here at the Festival Summer D’ Ete here in Quebec City.
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魁北克市的历史 所以不要走开 继续关注
history of Quebec City. So stay tuned for that.
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