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Can I learn English Alone?

嗨 我是来自做英语网站的朱涟 我被问到到一个很好的问题
Hi there, Julian here from Doing English.com. Good question that I got from a Doing English
来自英语日报的订阅者 一个人学英语可能吗
Daily newsletter subscriber, is it possible to learn English alone?
根据这个问题 我猜想一个人是意味着不参加班级学习
Now by this, I’m assuming that the person means alone as in not taking a class, that
is studying by oneself at home or whatever, self-study.
当然 对这个问题最简单的回答就是是的 完全可以 事实上 我想说
Of course, the simple answer to the question is yes, absolutely. In fact, I would say that
这是更好的方式 我个人非常厌恶语言班级 较难开口的是我曾经
is preferable. I, personally, hate language classes. It would be hard to say that I ever
在班上学过日语因为我只学了几天 我讨厌它 我的确去过日语
studied Japanese in a class because I lasted for days. I hated it. I did take a Japanese
class once and I didn’t really go past the, the kind of the trial period, just couldn’t
see the point in it.
我真心觉得在当今世界 随着网络和科技的发展
I honestly think that in this modern world, with the way that the Internet and technology
和获取知识的便利 这些方式已经发展起来了
and the availability of information, the way the modern world is becoming, I think the
语言班级 语言班级的作用
use of language classes, the effectiveness of language classes, and the importance of
和老师的重要性已经快速下降了 在哪里学习语言 学习英语
teachers is rapidly dwindling. I think the time where to learn a language, to learn English,
需要去上课并且在老师的指导下学习 我认为花在这些问题上的时间是非常漫长
you needed to go to a class and be taught by a teacher, I think that time is gone, gone
gone, gone.
Now, of course I wouldn’t say that learning completely by yourself, that is being totally
与社会隔绝 从不出门并且拒绝用英语和任何人交流是一个好方法
anti-social and never going out and refusing to ever speak to anybody in English is a good
说实话 当我学习一门语言时 我真的一点都不想使用除它之外的其他语言
idea. To be honest, when I learn languages, I really kind of don’t actually get out there
唔 日语是个例外 因为我工作生活在日本
much at all. Well, Japanese is different because I live in Japan and I work in Japanese and
I do most of my life and my business is run in Japanese.
现在 我已经断断续续地学过几个月的中文
I’ve been learning a bit of Chinese on and off for a couple months now, and I’ve never
并且我从来没有真正地用中文和一个真人交流过 但是我认为 我一点儿也不觉得这是一种退步
actually used Chinese with a real person, but I mean I’ve never actually seen that as
a drawback at all. It’s simply a case that I’m learning Chinese out of interest at the
尽管我在不久的将来会需要中文 但是我
moment, although I will have a need for it in the near future, but I don’t have any reason
to use Chinese at the moment.
这有利于社交 有利于走出世界 我认为其他人如今学习
It is good to be social, to get out there. I think the role of other people in learning
英语不再是因为它作为课程的重要部分 而是为了与
English now is not like a class to be taught as a part of, but rather to get involved with
其他人交流 为了让正和自己一样有着相同经历的人
other people, to have people there who are going through the same kind of experience
as you People who can help you overcome problems that they’ve had and that they know how to
解决问题的人 能回答你问题的人 能在你感到难过时使你保持积极和振作的人
solve. People who can answer your questions, people who can keep you motivated and keep
your spirits up when you’re feeling bad about it. People who can comfort you when you screw
我认为这非常 非常重要 但是不必真的
up in English. I think that is very, very important, but it’s not necessary really to
take a class for that.
我的意思是这就是Doing English Plus社团会出现的理由 我可能只是去上Doing English Plus的
I mean it’s why Doing English Plus community exists. I could’ve just Doing English Plus’s
周课程 但是它也包含了一个社团 我可能只是报了周课程
weekly lessons, but it also includes a community. I could have just done the weekly lessons,
这是最多人报名参加的课程 但这个社团是一个重要的方面因为
and that’s what most people join for, but the community is an important aspect because
它是在人们需要帮助时设立的 我认为这是
it’s there for when people need the support. I think that is the only advantage of taking
参加培训班的唯一好处 我还觉得只要发挥一点创造力 一点想象力
a class, and I would say that with a little bit of creativity, with a little bit of imagination,
you could really get over that anyway.
当然 我觉得自学的唯一问题归根到底是……两件事
Of course, the only problem with learning alone really comes down to … Well, two things
一是动力 当你独自一人时要保持积极是很困难的
I guess. First is motivation. Keeping yourself motivated when you’re alone can be difficult,
and this is something that I’ve struggled with with Chinese a little bit. I’ve been
我最近非常忙并且中文对我而言不是那么的重要 所以
super busy recently and Chinese is not something that’s that important to me and so it does
学中文就会被放到待办事项的最后 我当然不会
tend to right down on the bottom of my list of priorities and I certainly don’t get it
每天都学中文 有时还不是每周都学 此外 中文
done everyday, and sometimes not every week. Again, Chinese is not really an important
对现在的我而言不是那么重要 所以动力是支撑我下去的东西 我将会
thing for me at the moment, so motivation is osmething to work on, and I will be answering
the question of how to keep yourself motivated in a future video because I had a good question
about that too.
The other problem I would say that you get with learning by yourself is pressure, pressure,
练习的紧张感 我完全不相信你需要
intensity of practice. Now, I absolutely do not belief for one second that you need other
和其他人一起练习 我的意思是这是最大的谬见了 喔 我需要
people to practice with. I mean this is one of the biggest myths out there. “Oh, I need
练习英语 我需要和其他人练习 练习 练习 练习
to practice my English. I need people to speak with.” Practice is practice is practice. I
我的意思是还有许多不同的方法能让你做得比其他人更好 尤其是
mean there are different things that you can do which work better than others, and especially
当你到达中等水平再到高级水平 有些东西会停止变得有效
when you get to the intermediate to advanced stage, some things will stop being effective.
事实上 一旦你达到中等水平 高级水平
In fact, once you get to the intermediate advanced stage, just having conversations
with native speakers is one of the things which will become very ineffective. There’s
有很多我不知道的原因 但是你不能
all kinds of reasons for that which I won’t go into here, but there is no reason you can’t
practice by yourself.
事实上 我开设过一节课是为了教你们如何保持积极性的 当然
In fact, I teach a whole course which is designed to teach you how to do that. Of course, the
problem is is without the kind of a fear factor that you get when you’re, say, giving a presentation
in front of a group of people, without the kind of the pressure that comes with having
to succeed or look stupid, you might not get as far as you would if you had that pressure.
然而 压力也可以是重复的东西
However, that pressure is also something that can be replicated completely by yourself with
a bit of imagination and creativity.
不管怎样 这是我相当唠叨的回答了 你能不能
Anyway, that is my rather long-winded answer to the question. Can you learn English by
自学英语 绝对可以 不仅这样而且我觉得你可以做到 是的
yourself? Absolutely yes, not only that but I think you probably should. Right, that is
从现在开始 这是101英语学习问题系列 我确实
it for today. This is part of the 101 English Learning Questions series. I certainly don’t
没有101 但你可以通过在下面对视频进行评论帮我走出困境
have a hundred and one yet, but you can help me out with that by going down below this
以及让我知道你关于学习英语的问题 我会
video to the comments and letting me know your questions about learning English. I will
尽力回答我能回答的问题 我的目标是保持视频时长在两
do my best to answer as many as I can. My goal was to try and keep these videos to two
到三分钟以内 但是这次已经快五分钟了
to three minutes long, but as this one is well over five minutes already,
我可能不擅长于这 但是你们继续在下面问问题吧
I’m probably not going to be doing that very well, but go ahead, ask your questions down
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不管怎样 这是我今天的视频 我今晚还有一些视频要编辑
Anyway, that’s it from me today. I still have some, oh it’s gone, some editing to do tonight.
我在编辑什么呢 一些新的内容 一些我自11月起就一直在做的好内容
What am I editing? Something new, something good that I’ve been working on since November,
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quite a long video, but it’s going to be available freebie for everybody to watch. More on that
谢谢大家 再见
soon, thank you and goodbye.