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霸凌 - 我们曾是朋友

Bullying - We Were Friends

–嗨 丹妮儿–噢 你们好
Hey Danielle. Oh, hey guys.
我和阿列克斯正想着 我们物理课的船模要不要用轻木来做
So Alex and I were thinking, what if we build our boat for physics out of balsa wood or something like that.
–听起来不错–好的 酷
Sounds pretty good. Okay, cool. I’ll check the buoyancies of those
woods here. Okay.
So what are you doing later? Probably just homework.
Well you should hang out at the mall with Rachel and I.
我就不去了 有挺多作业要写的
I probably shouldn’t. I have a lot of homework to do.
–好吧 那 待会儿见–好的 拜拜
Okay, well see you later. Okay, bye.
啊 物理书忘拿了
Ah, my physics book!
Will you watch where you are going?
–对不起 我刚才没有……–你没有什么你没有 没脑子吗?
Sorry I didn’t . . . You didn’t what, have any common sense?
I can’t believe she just ran in to you. I know! What a loser.
嘿 丹妮尔 我昨晚在Pacsun见到迈克了他还在那儿工作
Hey Danielle. I was at the mall tonight and saw Mike, from Pacsun. He still works there
and he’s still so cute. Remember back in the 7th grade when your mom gave you that awful
那真是醉了 迈克都没认出来你是女孩打那时候起 我就叫你丹尼哥了
haircut and Mike thought that you were a guy? I started calling you Daniel instead of Danielle,
后来 你“ 丹尼大哥 ”的名号就传开了那些日子啊
which then turned into “Danny Manny”. Those were the days.
嘿 瑞吉娜 那些日子过去了 你我已经不是朋友就算在过去 我也只是
Hey Regina. Those were the days, back whenever we were friends and even then I was the brunt
–受你的取笑–听着 我知道 我们在进了高中后
of all your jokes. Listen, I know our lives have kind of taken
就很少来往 各过各的了可我还当咱们是朋友 你呢?
different directions since junior high, but I still consider us friends. Don’t you?
我不这样想 要是朋友 今天你就会让克里斯蒂闭嘴
Not the way I see it. A friend would’ve told Christy to stop being such a jerk today instead
of just standing there and laughing at me.
We were friends.
What’s her problem? I think she’s mad at me.
Why? Well . . .
[ Regina is telling her friends things with Danielle happened last night. ]
多米诺 我们可以坐丹妮儿那里和她讨论物理课题吗?
Domino, can we work with Danielle on our physics project?
可以 去吧
Yes you can.
So here’s what we’ve got to do,
we have to get this done by Friday. We need to
需要买根杆子 再……
buy the rod stuff and…
Can I go to the bathroom? Certainly.
Danny Manny’s got to use the men’s room.
大哥 我见你进男厕所了 怎么? 那是你的新去处?
Hey Danny Manny, I saw you walk into the men’s room, is that your new hangout?
我听人说你要去变性啊 大哥
I heard u were gonna get a sex change Danny Manny.
Danielle? Is that you? Do you want to talk?
–我想自己一个人待着–好吧 我见好多人都在发关于你的推文
I just want to be alone. Okay. I see a lot of people tweeting about
–他们都在说些什么话啊?–长话短说 我和瑞吉娜
you. What are they talking about? Long story short, Regina and I used to be
friends back in junior high, but now, she’s just being a huge jerk.
–你试过找她谈话吗?–嗯 算是吧……在脸书上聊过
Have you tried talking about it? Yeah, kind of . . . on facebook.
–你们如果要是有当面谈过呢?–不知道 我不觉得她会愿意找我谈
What if you talked face to face? I don’t know. I don’t think she’d want to.
What if I could get you two to sit down and talk about it? Would you do it?
–我想大概吧–好的 我现在就过去找她说
I guess. Okay. I’ll go talk to her then.
嘿 大哥 我刚才在男厕见到你喽!
Hey, Danny Manny, I saw you in the men’s room earlier.
凯茜老师 您可以让丹妮儿到楼下的办公室来一趟吗?
Ms. Cathy, would you please send Danielle down to the office please?
丹妮儿 你可以去了
Danielle you can go down to the office.
哦 你好啊 丹妮儿 感谢你能来
Oh, hey Danielle. Thanks for coming. Would
you be willing to sit down with us for a moment? This has been going since middle school. I
don’t think you wanting to meet with us is going to fix anything.
Actually it’s not me that wants to meet with you.
丹妮儿 坐吧 我们需要关于这件事好好谈谈了
Danielle, just sit down. We need to talk about this.
那一天 我明白了一件事真正的朋友 她不单是陪你吃饭
I learned something that day. A true friend is more than someone who sits with you at lunch
或听懂你笑话的那个人真正的朋友 也不仅仅是陪你晚睡聊男生的那个人
or laughs at your jokes. A true friend is more than staying up late and talking about boys.
A true friend is someone who is willing to tell you that they’ve treated you wrong
and willing to tell others that they’ve treated you wrong too.
我想 每个人都配得上拥有一位真正的朋友
I think that everyone deserves to have a true friend.
如果有看见你的朋友被欺凌 你可以这么做
If you see a friend that is being bullied…
Be Encouraging.
Tell an Adult.