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Bullet vs Prince Rupert's Drop at 150,000 fps - Smarter Every Day 165

好吧 基斯 鲁伯特王子之泪
Destin: Alright, Keith. Prince Ruperts Drop.
鲁伯特王子之泪(PRD) 好的
Keith: Prince Ruperts drop (PRD), right.
1660年这些文书被呈送给英国皇家学会 这材料颇具历史
K: Papers submitted from 1660 to the Royal Society, so this is the very early stuff.
嗨 是我 德斯汀 欢迎回到SED
D: Hey it’s me Destin, welcome back to SED.
I am in the basement of the Royal Society in London, England,
这是基斯 图书馆馆长
and this is Keith, the head librarian,
他有一篇特别的论文 是谁写的来着?
and he has a special paper written by who?
K: Sir Robert Moray.
好的 他是关于PRD(鲁伯特王子之泪)的对吗?
D: Ok, and it’s about the PRD, right?
K: That’s right, D: Can you show it to me?
可以 在这里我们可以看到 一篇罗伯特•莫里爵士写的玻璃眼泪的报告
K: Yep, so here we have ,an account of the glass drops by Sir Robert Moray.
你能给我看看那副画吗 那副最著名的画
D: Will you show me the drawing, the famous drawing?
K: So, if we just turn over the pages,
(读到)索利斯王国领统一而富强;如果眼泪破碎 颤抖吧 人类
K: (reads) Solis a kingdom one and strong; but when the top is broken, shivers into men.
很久之前的某一天 人们发现了鲁伯特王子之泪的强大力量
D: So the strength of the Prince Ruperts Drop (PRD) was recognised way back in the day
甚至在皇家学会成立之初 那是很久之前的事了 对吧
even at the beginning of the Royal Society. This is in the early years, right?
是的 在17世纪 他们研究PRD 早期的追随者都很崇拜他们
K: It is; in the 17th Century they were playing with PRDs, the early fellows fascinated by them.
那时人们对它相当着迷 它现在依然让我着迷
D: They were fascinated back then; I’m still fascinated now,
不过今天 我们将使用一些现有的最好的技术
but today we’re going to use some of the best technology that we have available.
我们要使用一台高速摄影机 用来记录子弹击打PRD灯体的过程
We’re going to use a high-speed camera and record a bullet striking the bulb of a PRD
at several hundred thousand frames per second (fps).
让我们“每天都更聪明”吧 “滴”
Lets go get Smarter Every Day. -boop-
好吧 带上眼镜 科学即将发生
D: Alright, goggle up! Science is about to happen.
The first video made about the PRD here at ‘Lookout Mountain’ Orbix Hot Glass
was about why the PRD was so strong.
今天 我们测试一下极限
Today we’re going to test the limits.
如果你还没看过那段视频 那你真的需要去看看
If you haven’t seen that video you really need to watch it
因为你们得了解我们之前的准备 否则这段视频就毫无意义了
because you have to understand what we’re dealing with before this video will make any sense.
这是装置 我有一把口径0.22英寸的步枪
This is the setup: I’ve got a 22 rifle
aimed at a PRD.
I’ve got a high-speed camera right here,
这是v2511相机 我们要使它运转的速度超过10万帧每秒
this is a v2511, we’re going to run it at over 100,000 fps.
我已经把步枪瞄准了 这样我们就可以射击PRD了
So, I’ve got the rifle aligned so that we should hit the PRD
分辨率会有点低 我们必须那么做
The resolution is going to be a little bit lower because that is what you have to do
为了达到这么高的速度 不过应该会很棒
in order to get so much speed, but is should be awesome.
我们开始吧 带上眼镜 行动起来
Here we go. Get your goggles on. Lets Do it.
My PRD is wobbling,
so I have to time the bullet.
好吧 希望我做到了
Alright. Hopefully I got that.
(Music plays)
(Exuberant laughter)
The bullet did not break the PRD.
It looks like it creates a shockwave that runs down the tail,
然后尾部震动 破碎 然后又往回破裂
and then the tail shakes, breaks, and then breaks it back the other way.
我要再试几次 因为这太美了
I’m going to do this several more times because that is beautiful.
That gun is pointed in the general direction of the high-speed camera,
so I’m a little nervous about that.
(Music resumes)
Just make sure… everything looks good.
Click the high-speed now,
天呐 太棒了
Gaaaaaaaah! It’s awesome!
That is beautiful.
太美了 这是材料科学
It’s beautiful, and it’s material science
and if those jokers back in the 1600s had this kind of technology
they would’ve written way more interesting letters to each other,
不是说之前的研究者做的不好 相反他们简直棒呆了
not that they didn’t do a good job because they’re awesome.
(Music continues)
天呐 这真是美丽的东西
Man this is just beautiful stuff.
D: Where did that one go?
PRD就在这个院子里 不过我们不知道在哪
So there’s a PRD in the yard and we don’t know where…
That was a big one too.
哦 我看到了 我看到了
Oh I see it, I see it.
Right there,
就是它 哈哈哈哈哈
There it is! Hahahahaaha
No way!
我要好好保管它 确实是防弹玻璃
I’m keeping this. Literally bullet-proof glass.
当顶部破裂 颤抖吧 人类
K: (reading)’When the top is broken, shivers into men.’
我觉得这太酷了 我们已经被这一小片玻璃吸引几百年了
I think it’s really cool that we have been fascinated by this little piece of glass for hundreds of years
它还是让人神魂颠倒 就像这视频一样难以置信
and it’s still fascinating. Like this video is amazing,
因为我们用枪射击一片玻璃 它都没破
because we shot a bullet at a piece of glass and it didn’t shatter.
That’s amazing.
是的 它就是魅力本身 你好啊 小猫咪
And it’s, yeah, they were equally as… fascinating. Hello kitty cat,
“滴” 嗨 在我向你们展示子弹留在PRD上的痕迹之前
-boop- Hey, before I show you that bullet mark on that PRD,
can we do something kind of strange?
我能说服你点击下方的“取消订阅”按钮 取消订阅SED吗?
Can I convince you to unsub from SED by clicking that button below to unsubscribe,
然后 如果我值得的话
and then, if I’ve earned it,
请考虑再次订阅 并且点击旁边的小铃铛 打开通知
please consider resubscribing and clicking the bell beside it to turn on notifications.
订阅现在变得不一样了 如果你打开通知 那一定会很有趣
Subscriptions are different now and it would be awesome if you would turn on notifications
每次我上传一个新视频 它都一定会通知你
to actually be notified every time I upload a new video
如果你正在玩手机 你也可以在应用里做同样的事
If you’re watching on your phone you can do the same thing in the app,
重新订阅然后点击小铃铛 我会非常感激的 如果我值得的话
just resubscribe and click the bell. I would really appreciate that – if I’ve earned it.
Thank you so much for considering that.
让我们来看看这个PRD 这上面确实有一个子弹痕迹
Ok lets look at this PRD. There is actually a bullet imprint on this thing
我觉得非常迷人 很多人都问我是不是他们在视频里看到的玻璃缺口
which I find fascinating. A lot of people ask me if it’s actually chips of glass they saw in the video.
并不是 那实际上是铅 因为子弹碎了
It wasn’t. That’s actually lead; the bullet is shattering.
并不是玻璃破了 你还是能看到子弹对PRD的影响
That’s not glass fragmenting off. You can still see the impact of the bullet on this PRD
这真的 真的很酷
It’s really, really cool.
在第二频道 我像这样射击了一些子弹
On the 2nd channel I shot some of the drops like this,
and got a li’l bit different results.
如果你想查看我没有放在这个视频里的另一个PRD片段 它将放在第二频道里面
If you want to check out the other PRD footage that I didn’t put in this video, that will be on the 2nd channel.
如果你取消订阅 然后再次订阅 并且点击小铃铛
If you would like to consider unsubscribing and resubscribing to SED and clicking the bell
或成为订阅者 我会非常感激
or becoming a Patreon I would really appreciate it.
Gordon from ‘A Shell in the Pit’ made the audio and the music,
布莱迪帮我和联系皇家学会 与基斯交流
Brady got me access to the Royal Society to hang out with Keith,
His channel’s called ‘Objectivity’.
我是德斯汀 每天你都变得更聪明 玩得开心
I’m Destin, and you’re getting Smarter Every Day, have a good one. 🙂