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手账术 - 子弹日记101: 问题解答

Bullet Journal 101: Q&A

子弹日记101 问与答
Bullet Journal 101Questions & Andswers
大家好 我是来自B.B的卡拉 今天我很激动 因为这是子弹日记101系列的最后一个视频啦
Hi everyone, it’s Kara here from Boho Berry and I’m pretty excited today because this is the final video for the Bullet Journal 101 series.
And today we’re basically just going to be doing a little Q&A.
在整个系列视频里 我向你们收集了一些问题
Throughout the series I asked you all to shoot me your questions:
任何我忽略了 而你们又想寻求建议的
Anything that I wasn’t clear on, that you needed some advice on.
Anything related to the bullet journal at all.
我已汇编了一堆问题的清单 它们很多都主题相同
I have compiled a list of a bunch of questions, a lot of them were along the same theme.
所以呢 我不会分别回答每个单独的问题
So, instead of answering every single question individually,
I’ve kind of grouped everything into a few questions
so that this video isn’t two hours long.
在我们进入问题环节之前 我想再次感谢你们
Before we get into the questions, I wanted to thank you again.
I know I’ve said this in every single video in this series so far,
but I just wanna thank you so so much for all your support along the way.
制作这一系列视频对我来说是甜蜜的负担 我已投入了太多太多的时间
Creating this series has absolutely been a labor of love for me, I’ve spent so many hours working on it
试着令一切更完美 试着确保我的讲解尽可能地简洁明了
trying to perfect things, trying to make sure that I’m explaining things as concisely as possible,
so that those of you new to the bullet journal system can find your way around a little bit easier.
And those of you that have been bullet journalling for a while
might have found some new tips and tricks within this series as well.
所以 在此我想再次感谢你们的支持 谢谢你们满是正能量的反馈意见
So I want to thank you all for your support again, thank you for all the positive feedback.
这让我备感温暖 让我明白我在这系列视频中的付出是值得的
It really warms my heart that all the effort that I have put into this series has been validated.
So thank you.
好的 如果大家都准备好了 我们开始问题环节吧
Alright, if we’re ready, let’s get to some questions.
The first question that I have is “How often do you purchase a new notebook?”
这个问题的答案因人而异 每个人的书写习惯或多或少都有差异
This is going to vary for anyone out there. Everybody writes a little bit differently:
有些人字写得大些 有些人反之
Some people write larger, some people write smaller,
you may have more or less things to track than I do.
我使用笔记本的时候 我用的是德国灯塔A5尺寸的点阵本
I personally go through a journal, I use the Leuchtterm 1917 A5 size in a dot grid,
And I go through one of those notebooks every four to five months
and it really depends on how much I’m tracking,
how much I’m in there working and organising and planning each month.
通常 我每月在我的子弹日记里平均安排30到60不等的页数
I typically average between 30 and 60 pages per month in my bullet journal.
所以这完全是取决于你自己的 我知道有些人一本记事本可以用上一整年
So it’s going to be totally up to you. I know some people that can make a notebook last a whole year,
I know some people that go through a notebook every single month or two.
因此这完全是取决于个人 取决于你自己在子弹日记里记录多或是少的内容
So that’s going to be very personal depending on how much or how little you’re actually in your bullet journal planning.
另外 这也会因你买的记事本的类型而不同
Also, it’s going to vary depending on what type of notebook you buy.
所以 若你买的是多页的厚本子 或是鼹鼠皮口袋本之类的小本子
So if you buy one of those thicker notebooks with a lot more pages, or if you go with the little Moleskine cahier
(I’m saying that wrong, I know it!)
…if you go with one of those thin Moleskine notebooks
those are obviously going to last you a little bit less.
So it’s really going to vary a lot from person to person.
但你们都这样问我了 对我个人而言 我基本四到五个月用一本笔记本
But, since you’re asking me personally, I go through a notebook every four to five months.
好的 下一个问题是我在这个系列节目中被问过多次的问题
Okay, this next question is something that I got asked a lot throughout the series
and it’s regarding weekly spreads.
问题是:“你记周计划吗 或仅仅记日志 还是两者都记?”
It says “Do you incorporate weeklies, just dailies, or both?”
我刚开始记手帐时 我仅仅记月计划 然后记日志
When I first started out I actually only did my monthly spread and then my daily pages.
我觉得没有必要记周计划 因为我觉得它有些多余
I didn’t feel the need for a weekly spread because I felt it was kind of redundant:
I was writing the same thing on my weekly and my daily pages.
And I went along that way for about six months
before I tried doing a weekly spread,
and the reason I decided to add in a weekly spread is I wanted to have a place
where I could see my entire week at a glance,
看到我所有的约会与重要事项 看到我当前正在做的项目
see all of my appointments and events, see what projects I was working on currently,
have a place to track things that I need to do daily, like
像是检视我的邮箱 回复博客和油管的评论 以及各种类似的事
check my email, respond to blog comments, respond to YouTube comments, and things along those lines.
所以 一旦我意识到我对我的一整周需要有一个直观的视野
So, once I realised that I needed that at-a-glance view for the entire week,
我就决定添加周计划 我记周计划是作为日志的补充 而不是用来代替它
I decided to add in a weekly spread. And for me I do the weekly spread in addition to my dailies, I don’t do it in lieu of
The reason for that is, my weekly spread is where I keep my appointments, events,
以及一周内的任何计划 同样还有一周的博客和油管的编辑日历
and any plans that I have for the week, so my editorial calendar for the week for the blog and YouTube.
接下来是我的日志 我用它来记录我当天所有的工作与待办事项
And then on my daily pages, that’s where I keep track of all of my tasks and to-dos.
So I don’t have any to-dos on my weekly spread at all.
所以我的周计划仅仅是对整周的一瞥 能让我看到我有什么约会和重要事项
So my weekly spread is just a week at a glance, so I see what my appointments and events are,
我有什么已经开始 需要本周继续进行的工作
what things I have coming up that I need to be working on for the week,
我当前在做什么项目 我在等待些什么
what my current projects are, what I’m waiting on,
and sometimes I do some meal planning on my weekly spread as well.
接下来是我的日志 当然 我记录我当天的重要事项 我还记录我所有的工作
And then on my dailies, of course I do log my events in my dailies, but I also track all of my tasks
以及每天的待办事项在我的日志上 所以 这就是它们的区别
and to-dos for each day in my daily pages. So that’s how they differentiate,
这就是我两者都用的原因 我知道很多人只能够顺利记录周计划
and that’s why I use both. I know a lot of people have success using just weeklies,
if you don’t have a lot of to-dos or tasks on any given day
you might be able to squeeze those into your weekly spread.
我真的想简明地告诉你 做一个周计划有太多太多种方式了
And I do want to say briefly that there are many many ways to do a weekly spread
if that’s something that you’re interested in.
I highly recommend Kim over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine –
She has an amazing post that has a ton of different weekly spread ideas.
所以务必要去看看她的点子 我会把她的链接放在下面的描述框中
So definitely definitely check her out, I’ll link her in the description box below for you
so you can find that post really easily.
下一个问题是有关未来计划的 有人询问做未来计划的技巧
The next question I have is about future planning – someone was asking for future planning tips:
What are some alternatives to that standard future log that we talked about in the basics video?
在记未来计划的时候 我在标准的未来计划上做了一些努力
Now, with the future log for me, I struggled with that standard future log, and I’ve modified it
我花了好几个月的时间来修改它 让它更适合我的习惯
over the course of the months to better suit me.
There’s a lot of different ways of future planning.
实际上我正打算告诉你们我的一篇博客文章 全是关于未来计划的
I actually have a blog post that I’m going to point you to, all about future planning –
it’s five different ways to future plan in your bullet journal.
现在 我做未来计划的方式是一种被称为Calendex的体系
Now, the way that I future plan is with a system called the Calendex.
The Calendex was created by Eddie Hope,
这基本上是日历与索引的混合产物 因此得名Calendex
and it’s basically a blend of a calendar and an index, hence ‘Calendex’.
我很喜欢它 因为它让我能够写下我的约会和重要事项的同时
I love it because it allows me to write in my appointments and events
在当天内安排好它们的时间 并添加一些关于那些事项的细节
as I schedule them within my current day, and write any details pertaining to that event or appointment
而且我可以十分简便地将它作为索引 以便未来参考
and then I simply index that in my Calendex for future reference.
如果你想深入了解我采用的体系 我同样有关于Calendex的视频提供给你
I do have a whole video about the Calendex as well, if you want a more in-depth look at the system I use.
But there are quite a few other ways to future plan in your bullet journals:
some people will use a post-it note system where they write down whatever their future event
or appointment is on a post-it and they keep moving it forward until they get to that day.
There’s hybrid systems where you use a combination of digital and analogue,
so you would use something like a Google calendar or iCal to maintain all of your events and appointments
然后 用你的子弹日记来记录每日工作就好了
and then just use your bullet journal for daily tasks and tracking.
好的 下一个问题是:“日常计划被打破后,如何继续坚持
Alright, next question is: “How do you stick with it when your routine is thrown out of whack?”
“How do you get back into planning after a slump?”
这个问题我备感亲切 因为我也遇到过
This one is near and dear to my heart because I have so been there, y’all!
I have definitely had some planning slumps
and I have definitely had times when I don’t even want to look at my bullet journal,
all I wanna do is relax or enjoy whatever else I’m doing,
或者我只是太累了 我需要一些休息的时间
or maybe I’m even too stressed and I need to take a little break.
首先我想说 暂停你的计划是没毛病的
First I just want to say that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a break from your planning system,
如果当前它不起作用的话 别管它了
if it’s not serving you in the moment, don’t even worry about it –
你需要的时候再记它吧 不需要的时候就别担心了
use it when you need it, don’t worry about it when you don’t.
至于空档期后续记的问题 我觉得这有点……有些时候
As far as coming back from a slump, I think it’s really… at some point you get
你需要翻到你最后一次记的那页 你发现你真的需要开始再次在你的子弹日记上动笔
to a place where you start missing it, you know like “Oh, man, I really need to get back into my bullet journal”
或是想一些点子 想一些你可以记录在你的日记上 可以记得很棒的事情
or you start thinking of ideas, things that you can include in there, things that you could track better,
或是某些立竿见影的事情 至少对我来说是这样
and something just kind of clicks – at least for me it does, where I’m like
“好了 我回来了 我正全速回到我的子弹日记来”
“Okay, I’m going back, and I’m going back in full steam”.
我不确定它对所有人都有效 或是仅仅对我有用
I’m not sure if that happens with everyone or if that’s just me.
但这只是我个人的经验 我觉得最要紧的事是不要被记日记这件事打败
But that’s been my experience and I think the biggest thing is not to beat yourself up over it,
don’t keep yourself from going back to your bullet journal just because you have all this blank space.
The beauty of the bullet journal is that there is no such thing as blank space,
you just turn the page and move on right where you’re from, so there’s no pre-printed pages
所以 没有一页是预印来留白的
that are going to be left blank because you took some time off,
因为当你休息完 你只要在中止的下一页接着记就好了
you just go to the very next page and pick it back up.
下一个是我已经回答多次的问题 是关于如何更换子弹日记本的
The next one is something that I had a lot of questions on as well, and that is
我安利给你我的另一个视频 我今年伊始时做的
migration into a new journal. And I’m going to point you to another video of mine which I did
当时我正记完了我的第一本子弹日记 着手进行记录第二本
at the beginning of the year when I moved from my first bullet journal into my second bullet journal
我上传的这个视频叫作 我的一月计划
I posted this video – it was my January Plan With Me –
In that video I showed you how I was switching everything over from my old notebook
to my new notebook. And I think the key there is just
给你一点反应的时间 看看有什么可取之处可以用于你的新本子
take that time to reflect, see what worked for you in your current notebook,
think about what you want to transfer over
对我来说 我只是把那些我想在我的新子弹日记上
– in my case I would just put post-it notes on the pages that I wanted to keep or continue
继续保存的便利贴搬过去 当我刚开始着手新的本子时我就这样做了
in my new bullet journal, and I just transferred them over when I started my new notebook.
If you don’t feel like going through all that work again to transfer some of your collections over –
maybe you have some really elaborate spreads and things like that –
you could also use a technique that’s called ‘notebook threading’
and again Kim over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine has a great post on notebook threading,
and how you can create a system in your new bullet journal that will allow you to reference your old one
when you need it for those specific collections.
碰巧 实际上我马上就要在大概十月末用完我现在这本子弹日记了
And as it so happens, I’m actually going to be finishing up my current bullet journal
probably at the end of October. I was anticipating that was going to happen around the beginning of the year,
but it looks like I’m going to run out of space very soon
我将要换一本新本子了 所以我计划做一整套视频
so I’m going to be transferring into a new bullet journal. So I plan on doing a whole video about
bullet journal migration from one notebook to the next.
The next question I have is about journalling
and how you can incorporate journalling and personal reflection into your notebook or bullet journal.
这对我来说是个大问题 我会在每天记日志
This is a big one for me, I’ve kind of bounced around between doing some journalling every day,
doing a little bit at a time within my bullet journal,
or actually keeping a separate journal for journalling and personal reflection,
我已经辗转两者间好几回了 说真的 我自己也没办法
and I’ve gone back and forth several times on this. Honestly, I don’t have it figure out.
我喜欢在我的子弹日记里记日志 记一切的东西
I love the idea of journalling within my bullet journal, I love the idea of keeping everything, everything,
都记在一本本子上 这是这种系统吸引人的一点
in one notebook, which is part of the draw of the system…
but then I’m worried that I’m going to go through a notebook a month, which could very easily happen!
So for the most part I keep my journalling separate from my bullet journal
但我发现 我没那么想要记日志了 因为要记在单独的本子上
but then I find that I’m not journalling as much as I would like to because it’s in a separate notebook
对我来说并不是最重要的本子 所以我觉得这因人而异吧
and it’s not front and centre for me. So I think it’s all really personal preference.
I am probably going to be back to doing some journalling within my bullet journal here in the near future
but really it’s completely completely up to you.
My next question is: “How do you store old notebooks?”
I kinda have notebooks everywhere
我正试着规矩一点 我身后的架子就是我许多本子的安置地点了
Trying to get into a system – this shelf behind me is where I keep a lot of my notebooks.
但它们现在并不再那里 因为我把它们整理走了
They’re not there right now because I had them out, taking pictures and things like that
给子弹日记101拍了一些照片 但通常我把旧本子丢在那里
for the Bullet Journal 101 series, but normally I would just put my old notebooks on that shelf.
然而 我的架子马上就要被占满了
However, I’m going to run out of room on that shelf very very soon.
But I’m toying around with the idea of scanning and archiving my old bullet journals.
把它们在线扫描至印象笔记之类的应用 可以很容易地在我的电脑找到我的子弹日记
So I would scan them into an app like Evernote, or something like that, online where I can easily access them on the computer
就可以把旧本子整至别处了 但我不确定我是否要这样做
and then actually storing the notebooks away, I am not sure if that’s what I’m going to do.
My other option is to have my husband build me a really big shelf.
或许就要实现了 Mark 准备好去做吧!
That’s probably going to happen – get ready, Mark, it’s happening!
I’m cracking myself up!
下一个是我喜欢的问题 “怎样处理子弹日记中的工作计划?”
The next question is one that I really love and it’s “How do you handle project planning in your bullet journal?”
对我来说 我做了很多工作计划 我总是有很多项目
For me, I do a lot of project planning – I always have a lot of projects going on.
I count a project based on the GTD – Getting Things Done – system by David Allen,
I count a project as anything that requires more than one step to complete.
我总是有很多工作要做 而那些小项目大多数需要不到三个步骤
So I always have a lot of projects going on, and for the most part those little projects that take 1, 2, 3 steps
我不为它们做计划 但我为我的博客 我的视频做了大量的计划
I don’t plan them out. But I do a lot of project planning when it comes to my blog posts, my videos,
为我的店铺准备上新的物品 诸如此类
and planning out new items for my shop, and things like that.
My main thing with project planning is that each project is so unique and different
I almost always do it a different way.
所以我喜欢把它们收集在一起 也就是说我会翻到我的子弹日记的下一页
So what I like to do is just create a collection, in other words I’ll turn to the next page
然后就可以开始写了 我会写下我需要做的步骤
in my bullet journal, and I’ll start writing. I’ll write about what steps I need to take
我需要的材料 以及涉及这个项目的所有事 我会试着在我的子弹日记中
what materials I may need, anything that’s involved in the project I’ll try to kinda outline that
列一个大纲 并在索引中标识出它们
within my bullet journal, and then I will index that in the front index of my bullet journal
so I can find it later.
这个系列视频就是一个不错的例子 它是我主要的一个项目
So one good example of that is this series: this series was a major project of mine
这一个半月的时间里 我做了大量子弹日记101的大纲和笔记
for the last month and a half, and I have a lot of Bullet Journal 101 outlines and notes
and show notes, and things like that within my bullet journal.
所以我为每一个新视频 每一篇新博客都做了一些简要的大纲
So with each new video, with each new blog post, I had a little mini outline within my bullet journal
并在笔记本首页做了索引 我觉得工作计划的关键在于
and then I indexed that in the front of my bullet journal. So I think the key with project planning
is really just having a way to keep all of your different projects organised
and I think that’s something that the bullet journal system is perfect for,
because you can really just write your notes or planning anywhere within your bullet journal
并在首页为它们做个索引以确保它们组织得当 这样你就可以快速在需要的时候找到它
and index them in the front to keep them all organised, so you’re always able to flip to whatever you need really easily.
下个问题与子弹日记关系不大 其实也不是这样 但我还是会回答它的
The next question is kind of bullet journal related, but not really, but I thought I’d answer it anyway
因为这是我收到过很多次的问题 那就是“你能解释更多
because it’s something that I get questions on a lot, and that is “Can you please explain more
about your challenges that you host? How do you participate
and what are some others that you recommend?”
现在 我喜欢在子弹笔记里完成挑战 我喜欢写下我的单子
Now, challenges are something that I like to do in my bullet journal, I like to write out my lists
关于挑战的 但更多的是Instagram的挑战 在Instagram挑战后的主意
of the challenges, but most of these are Instagram challenges, and the idea behind an Instagram challenge
就是你这个月的每天会有一个提示 并且当你完成那条提示时你拍下的照片
is you have a prompt for every day of the month, and when you get to that prompt you take a photo
无论如何都与那条提示有关 接着你用挑战的主题标签在Instagram发布那张照片
related to whatever the prompt is, and then you post that to Instagram using the hashtag of the challenge
用这种方法你可以加入团体 它会添加反馈
and that way you can join in the community, it gets added to the feed.
所以那就是对挑战的快速简单的描述 接着我我所主持的东西就是
So that is the quick fly-by description of what the challenge is, and the ones that I host are
“和我一起挑战 挑战你的笔迹”
Plan With Me Challenge and Rock Your Handwriting.
I host these challenges with a few other ladies: Kim over at Tiny Ray of Sunshine,
杰西卡在漂亮的印刷品和纸张上 而迪在十年前 我爱这些女孩
Jessica at Pretty Prints and Paper, and Dee at Decade Thirty, and I love these girls to pieces,
我喜欢将他们作为共同的主持人来应对这些挑战 成为一个团体的一份子真是太棒了
I love having them as co-hosts on these challenges. It’s so great to be a part of a community
which is what these challenges truly are.
So I don’t want to take a whole lot of time going in depth into explaining each of the challenges,
那些我所主持或参加过的挑战 我会指引你们到杰西卡-漂亮的印刷品和纸张-
that I host or participate in. I will point you over to Jessica – Pretty Prints and Paper –
她的油管频道 她实际上只发布了两个视频去解释“和我一起挑战
her YouTube channel, she actually just posted two videos explaining the Plan With Me challenge
挑战你的笔迹” 更多详细的挑战 如果你好奇如何加入
and the Rock Your Handwriting challenge in more detail if you’re curious about how to participate.
So I will link those in the show notes below for sure.
好的 下一个问题是 “除了你的子弹日记外 你还会额外使用一张日程表吗?”
Okay, the next one is: “Do you keep an external calendar in addition to your bullet journal?”
And the answer is “yes, absolutely!”
我会发了疯似的试着管理我的 我丈夫的计划表 当我女儿在时
I would go absolutely insane trying to manage my schedule, my husband’s schedule,
我也会管理我女儿的计划表 我们没有各自的电子日历
my daughter’s schedule when she’s here, without our digital calendars, so we have
我们主要使用同一种日历 当然是谷歌日历啦
one main digital calendar – it’s actually on Google calendar –
where I input all of our events and appointments
并与我的丈夫 女儿分享
and that is shared between me and my husband and my daughter.
所以我们都知道各自的日程 明白各自在做些什么
So we always know what is going on with each other, we always know what we’re all doing.
And I basically treat that external Google calendar as my back-up
如果我忘了做子弹日记中的某样事 或是我忘了把计划好的约会记录下来
so if there’s something I ever miss in my bullet journal or I forget to log an appointment when I schedule it
我总是在谷歌日历上再三确认 虽然我知道这有些儿多余
I always double-check myself with my Google calendar, and I know it sounds redundant
但我就是喜欢留个备份 在我脑子短路的时候给我安全感
but I like having that backup, it’s kinda like a fail safe in case I have a brain fart
有些东西在子弹日记上就可以不用记了 这是我的理由
and don’t log something in my bullet journal, so I love having that for that reason
而且这样的话 所有人的日程就一目了然了
and so that everyone’s on the same page.
下一个是一个很大的问题 “你留白吗 还是逐页记录?”
Alright, the next question I have is a big one and it says “Do you leave blank space or do you go page by page?”
And I think what we’re talking about here is when you plan out the month
do you leave a bunch of blank space for collections and things like that,
至于我 我是逐页记的 这是子弹日记体系的一部分
or do you just go page by page. And for me, I go page by page, that’s part of the bullet journal system, in fact
事实上 记录一切都是连续逐页的 不用留下任何空白
is that you write everything in succession page to page, you don’t leave any blank space.
The only time that I leave blank space is when I’m getting ready to set up a new month
比往常大多都要早 因为我想在那个月之前拍下它并发到油管上
and I do that a lot earlier than most because I like to film it and get it on to YouTube before
这样人们就可以和我一起做计划了 所以我故意在月末留了很多空白
the new month starts so that people can plan with me. So I do tend to leave a lot of space
at the end of each month so that I can finish out my month and then set up the following month
方便你们观看 以便在新的一个月到来前 当月的部分是独立出来的
on film for you all and so that it’s out before the new month arrives.
但平常 如果我没有一辈子为你们录油管视频 我是不会留任何空白的
But in general, if I was not filming YouTube videos for you all the time, I would never leave any blank space
不管怎样 我记录一切我的想法 无论是日志还是周记和月计划
whatsoever, I would just create things as they come up: daily pages as they come up, weeklies
没有必要留下空白 因为你可以
as they come up, monthlies as they come up. There’s no need to leave any blank space because you have that
index in the front of your bullet journal where you can organise everything,
留下空白来排版内容是没必要的 除非你就是想这样
there’s no need to leave blank space to keep things organised. Unless you really really want to.
But part of the draw of the bullet journal is that you don’t have to organise things as you go
that’s what the index is for.
好 下一个与子弹日记的确是相关的 但与这个系列视频是无关的
Alright, the next one is definitely bullet journal related, but not related to this series
但我想我还是回答吧 因为我喜欢这个问题
but I wanted to answer it anyway because I love this question, and it says
“你会担心换成Filofax吗 你会担心你不会喜欢这个吗?”
“Are you worried about switching to a Filofax, are you worried that you won’t like it?”
For those of you that don’t know, that haven’t watched my Filofax setup video,
我将要换到带有扣眼的Filofax 把它当作我的子弹日记使用 对于我很快将使用的下一个的子弹日记
I’m going to be switching into a Filofax ringbinder to use as my bullet journal for my very next bullet journal
而且事实上 我将会很快就会去做
and as it turns out, I’m going to be doing that very very soon,
probably for the month of November.
My short answer to this question is “Yes, I’m terrified!”
我真的很兴奋 这里有很好的理由来解释我为什么想去做出改变
I’m really excited, there are very good reasons why I want to make the switch,
但我也非常非常不安 但是和子弹日记相关的一切都是一个伟大的尝试
but I’m also very very nervous, but everything with a bullet journal is a giant experiment.
我知道如果我因为某种原因不喜欢它 我会换回到我的装订本
I know that if I don’t like it for some reason I’m just gonna switch back to my bound notebook
我知道那对我很有效 所以是的 我害怕我不会喜欢它
that I know works well for me. So yes, I’m scared that I’m not going to like it,
是的 我害怕我会让人们失望如果我换回普通的本子
yes, I’m scared that I’m gonna disappoint people if I go back to my regular notebook
但是不管怎样我真的期望尝试一下 首先我爱我的Filofax
BUT, I’m really looking forward to giving it a try anyway. First of all I love my Filofax,
它很漂亮 而且我真的渴望能随身携带 把自己规划
it’s beautiful, and I’m really looking forward to being able to move things around, organise myself
得更好 我所有的收藏品和计划都在一处
a little bit better, have all of my collections in one place, all of my planning in one place
so those benefits to me are enticing enough to get me out of my comfort zone,
我就要投身Filofax 你知道如果我不喜欢
and I’m gonna take the plunge into the Filofax, and you know what, if I don’t like it
我只要直接换回我订装日记本 不要紧
I’ll just go straight back into my bound journal, no biggie.
这是我最后与子弹日记相关的问题 接下来我们会进入到一些补充的问题
My last question on bullet journal related things, and then we’re going to move into a few supply questions
在结束之前 接下来的问题是关于手写笔记和它们应该记在哪里
before we finish. This next question was about handwritten notes and where they should be placed.
Should you take notes directly into your bullet journal,
还是应该要有个单独的笔记本 这是一个适合记笔记的地方吗?
should you have a separate notebook for notes, is it really an appropriate place to keep your notes?
And my answer to that is “Absolutely keep notes in your bullet journal”.
其中最重要的 再说一遍 就是索引 所以无论你在哪里写笔记 比如你在会议上
The great thing about it, again, is the index, so wherever you write notes – say you’re at a conference,
你在打电话 你在和朋友聊天 你需要记下一些东西
you’re on a phonecall, you are talking to a friend and you need to write something down
just jot that note down in your bullet journal on the very next page or the very next available line
然后在首页做出索引 如果这足够大你稍后需要借鉴
and index that in the front if it’s big enough that you need to reference it later.
Sometimes what I like to do when I’m at a conference or on a webinar or anything like that
那种情况下我知道我在狂暴地飞快记笔记 看到它的样子 我不会高兴的
where I know I’m gonna be taking furiously fast notes and I’m not going to be happy with how they look
有时候我会把它们记在不同的本子上 就像这本
sometimes I will do that on a separate notepad, like this Rhodia dotpad right here
我会用它来潦草地记录下想写的 然后我会整理好 再腾到子弹日记上
I’ll use that to just scribble down my notes and then I’ll organise them into my bullet journal later.
所以我的笔记最终将会出现在子弹日记里 会比那些正在发生时
So I will still have the notes in my bullet journal, they’ll just be a little more organised than that
crazy, scatterbrain note-taking that I was doing during the event.
我希望这是对的 总会有很多方式 这都取决于你自己
So I hope that makes sense. There’s always different options and it’s totally up to you
how you want to do it.
好了 最后几个是关于补充的问题 我的确有几个 所以我想回答它们
Okay, so these last few questions are supply questions, so Idid have a few of these so I wanted to answer them
第一个是 “你有日本蜻蜓画笔能加重提示 为什么还要用德国的Standlter Triplus Fineliner?”
My first one is “With the Tombow dual brush pens having dual tips, why do you use the Staedtler Triplus
实际上我有个很好的理由 尽管蜻蜓
Fineliners?” I actually have a very good reason for that, and that is that the Tombow dual brush pens
although they do have the finer marker tip on one side,
但是有时候写字的时候我不怎么喜欢用它 所以我用德国那只笔
it’s not quite as fine as I would like for writing sometimes, so I use the Staedtlers for writing
对于做很小的标记 就是很细的标记 蜻蜓做不到的
and for doing little hashmarks, anything that’s a lot thinner, that the Tombows aren’t capable of.
所以我两支笔都用 当然如果你只用蜻蜓
So that’s why I use both of them. Obviously, if you are fine using just the Tombows
来加重笔记 如果这对你来说足够了 那就不需要后备了
with the dual tip and those work for you, there’s no need for extra supplies.
当然要做对你自己好的 这只是我对于这个问题的回答
Absolutely do what works for you, but that’s my reasoning for using both.
下一个 “Faber Castell Pitt笔能用多长时间?”
The next one is “How long do the Faber-Castell Pitt pens last?”
And the Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens are the ones that I use for my daily writing.
So anything in black typically in my bullet journal is going to be that Faber-Castell Pitt artists pen.
能用一个月吧基本上 对于我来说 因为我写的太多啦
And those typically last me about a month, they don’t last me very long because I write a lot!
我的涂鸦很多 经常使用它们 对于一个粘黏性笔来说 总是用的很快
I doodle a lot, I use them a lot, and being a felt tip pen they also tend to get a little flattened out
这倒不怎么困扰我 但是我知道有些人为这个困扰
with use. That doesn’t bother me a whole lot, I know it bothers some people
但是基本上我在这个事情真正发生之前 真正变成问题之前 我就用光墨水了
but typically I run out of ink in them before that really happens, before it becomes an issue for me.
所以因为我写太多 他们只能用一个月 基本上每个月30到40页吧
So because I write so much they last me about a month, and again that’s typically anywhere from 30 to 40 pages
在我的子弹日记里 如果不算我在别的地方用这些笔
per month in my bullet journal, and that’s not counting everywhere else that I use those pens
像我做涂鸦之类的 所以我用的就很快 也就一个月
like when I’m doodling and things like that. So I use them heavily and they last me about a month.
下一个 “为什么你不先用铅笔写你的子弹日记?
The next one I have is “Why don’t you bullet journal in pencil first?
That way everything is just how you want it before you ink it in.”
我的答案是 “我没有时间做那个!”
And my simple answer to that is “I don’t have that kind of time!”
我喜欢直接用笔写 如果写毁了我也不会很担心
I like to just dive in with my pens and if I mess up I’m not too worried about it.
Most of the time I’ll just leave my mistakes or laugh at them with a little ‘ugh!’ written next to it.
But yeah, I don’t really have the time to do it with pencil first and then go over it with pen later
除非是我想画一些精致的涂鸦或者素描的时候 我想让它们变得完美
unless I’m doing an elaborate doodle or sketch that I wanna make sure looks perfect or good
我会先拿铅笔画 另外一种情况是我的确写的很毁了
then I’ll go with pencil first. Another thing with going in with pen is that if I do mess up terribly
我用一种修改笔 来遮盖任何错误
I use white out: I just use the roll-on white-out tape to go over any mistakes and honestly
说实话基本上你看不出来错误了所以不要担心需要先用铅笔 除非是
for the most part you can’t even tell that it’s there. So I don’t worry about doing pencil first unless it’s something
非常复杂的 我要能扫描出来做标签之类的事
really really intricate that I want to be able to scan in for my sticker designs and stuff like that,
如果我想要让它非常非常漂亮 我就先用铅笔 但是大多数时间都是钢笔 一直用钢笔!
if I want it to look really really good then I’ll use pencil first, but for the most part just pen. Pen all the way!
这是最后一个问题啦 关于纸张的的 我真的喜欢听到有关纸张的问题
And this is the last question of the day, y’all. It’s about paper. I really liked hearing a question about paper
因为我不经常听到这类问题 她问不同的纸多重 怎样影响到重影
because I don’t get this very often. She asks about different paper weights and how they affect ghosting
或者它在你的子弹日记里会不会渗 我用Leuchtturm1917笔记本 它们有
or bleed-through within your bullet journal. So I use the Leuchtturm1917 notebooks, they have really
质量很好的纸张 所以我大多数喜欢用这样的 我可以用直液式笔和我的蜻蜓记号笔
good quality paper and I like that for the most part I can use fountain pens, I can use my Tombow markers
我的Staedtlerfineliners彩色笔 也不会渗到另一面去
my Staedtler fineliners for colour, and I don’t have any bleed-through on the other side.
我确实有很多重影的 关于你们不知道的 重影和渗入的差异
I do have quite a bit of ghosting. And the difference between ghosting and bleed-through
是重影是当你翻页的时候 你会有点看到
for those of you that don’t know: ghosting is when you flip your page over and you can kind of see a
你写下的东西模糊的轮廓 但是你不会看到有墨水渗出
faint outline of your writing on the other side, but you don’t see any ink coming through
在另一面 而渗水是有墨水在另一面渗出
to the other side of the page. Bleed-through is when the ink actually comes through to the other side of the page
它就和另一面写的一样 所以是有区别的
and it’s just as vibrant on one side as it was on the other. So there’s a difference there.
重影是基本上每个笔记本都会有的 会有很少一部分没有
Ghosting happens in almost all notebooks. There are a few that don’t ghost,
我会很快再做一个视频 我订了很多不同的dot Grid笔记本
and I’m actually going to be doing a video soon; I’ve been ordering up a bunch of different dot grid notebooks
我会做很多比较让你们看 然后展示给你们它们的状况
and I’m going to do a mega comparison of them all for you to watch and show you how they all fare
在用不同的笔 直液笔划线的时候
with different pens and fountain pens and things along those lines.
重影并不困扰我 有一次我在另一面写字
That being said, ghosting does not really bother me. I find that once I write on the other side of the page
你并不能出太大的差别 所以完全不困扰我
you really can’t tell the difference anyway. So ghosting doesn’t bother me at all
我知道这困扰某些人 但是造成重影和渗水的直接原因是
I know it does bother some people, but both ghosting and bleed-through are usually a direct result of
取决于你用什么纸 不一定是笔的事 通常是纸张的问题
what kind of paper you are using, and it’s not necessarily the pen’s fault, it’s usually the kind of paper.
所以如果你在找好纸的话 我推荐Leuchtturm
So if you’re looking for something that holds up to almost everything, I suggest the Leuchtturm
也可以试试Moleskine 虽然我听说最近很多人都有严重渗水问题
you can try the Moleskine as well, although I’ve heard a lot of people having serious bleed-through issues
in the Moleskines lately.
有一个笔记本是大家都知道的 不渗水的 就是Rhodian Webnotebook
One notebook that does notoriously well with pens and fountain pens is a Rhodia Webnotebook
他们有更厚的纸 甚至完全不会有重影
They typically have a thicker, slicker paper, and you almost get no ghosting at all.
有很多种笔记本的选择和纸张的重量 我等不及要分享给你们
There’s a lot of different options for notebooks and paper weights, so I can’t wait to share those with you all very very soon.
好了 这就是我目前给你们的所有101个关于子弹日记的问与答
Alright y’all, so that is all I have for you as far as our Bullet Journal 101 Q&A goes.
我想再感谢你们一路来的支持 感谢你们所有的问题
I wanna thank you again for all your support along the way. I want to thank you for all of your questions,
今天回答了它们我很高兴 有点感觉像我快要结束这一系列了
answering them today was really fun for me. It felt like I was kind of getting some closure on this series
然后试着放松结尾 所以我想感谢每一个提出问题的人
and tying up loose ends, so I want to thank each and every one of you that put a question out there
真的十分感激 如往常一样 若你有其他更多的问题或是评论 亦或是想法
I appreciate it so so much. As always, if you have any more questions, comments, concerns,
或是任何事你想讨论的 在评论区留言 我会十分荣幸地
anything you wanna chat about, drop it in the comments section below – I will be absolutely honoured to
在评论区和你交流 期待周五和你们见面噢 拜拜
chat with you all down there. And I look forward to seeing you all on Friday. Bye!



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