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英国喜剧和美国喜剧有什么区别 – 译学馆
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British vs. American Comedy: What's the Difference?

[英语旁白]不一会儿 他将写出世界上最好笑的笑话
[British voice-over] In a few moments, he will have written the funniest joke in the world… …and,
结果 他就笑死了
as a consequence, he will die…laughing.
[laughing intensifies]
[laughing intensifies]
[laughing intensifies]
首先我认为 不能正确的评价哪种喜剧方式更胜一筹
First off, I think it’s wrong to say either style of comedy is better.
我觉得当人们说 英国喜剧总是更加聪明诙谐这是令人讨厌的
I find it kind of annoying when people say British comedy is always smarter, or wittier.
Have you seen Arrested Development or21 Jump Street or even a Spongebob episode?
“小心一点 帕特里克 作为一名画家 职责重大”
“Be careful, Patrick. Being an artist is a heavy responsibility.”
“每一件艺术品就像一个孩子 必须像呵护孩子一样呵护它”
“Each work of art is like a child, and must be treated as such.”
“拜托 我只是在画漫画”
“Come on, I was just going to draw a cartoon!”
“好吧 你为什么不早说”
“Okay! Why didn’t you say so?!”
There’s definitely very smart writing on both sides of the Atlantic,
but that doesn’t answer the question: What makes them different?
几周的研究后 我的答案仍然是“我不知道”但让我们试试来回答一下
After weeks of research, my answer is still “I don’t know”, but let’s give it a shot.
[British voice-over]”No one could read it and live.”
[begins laughing]
[laughing intensifies]
“不 我不会改变它 我的意思是它们之间的区别
” No, I don’t change it, I mean….the difference,
if we’re talking about the big two – Britain and America –
世界其他地区 对不起了”
Sorry, rest of the world.”
I think the first step is to take a British comedy and see how it’s American adaptation changed.
What’s the difference between David Brent and Michael Scott?
美国版本到第二季 《办公室》就开始变得和英国原版不同
By season 2 the U.S.”Office” begins it’s movement away from the U.K. original.
We even see a subtle cinematic change by brightening the lights in the office,
while originally just a way to differentiate it from the UK version…
the added brightness seems to serve as a nice metaphor
for the adaptation as a whole.
“但主要差异是 美国人更加乐观
” But the big difference is that Americans are more optimistic,
and that’s due to the fact that
美国人被告知他们能成为下一任总统并且 他们确实能做到
Americans are told they can become the next president of the United States, and….they can.”
” British people are told ‘it won’t happen to you’, and they carry that, they carry that with them.”
There’s no doubt that America lightened up the show.
迈克尔·斯科特也失败过 但失败后总有希望
Michael Scott had his failures but there’s a hope to it.
有一集 他没有收到参加吉姆派对的邀请
In one episode he wasn’t invited to Jim’s party,
但不管怎样他还是去了 真实的感到受伤和痛苦
but shows up anyway, genuinely hurt and bitter.
“Wow! Who opened up the morgue for this thing!”
He picks a duet song and no one will sing it with him.
吉姆不情愿的加入 给了迈克尔一个大大的虚伪的笑容
Reluctantly Jim joins in, giving Michael a big, cheesy smile
and an overall happy ending to the episode.
但是当大卫·布伦特表演时 它仍然很有趣
But when David Brent preforms it’s still funny,
但是 是一种不同的搞笑
but a different kind of funny.
Nobody pities him or cheers him on.
They all just watch in embarrassment.
[dancing and grunting noises]
[dancing and grunting noises]
没有美好结局 看起来也不是很有希望
There’s no happy ending and it’s not very hopeful.
Or look at how both characters wrap up their time on the show.
– spoiler alert –
Michael Scott quits to move with his fiancee to Colorado…
…and David Brent begs for his job back.
“我会加倍努力 我真的会”
“I will try twice as hard. I really will.”
“我知道我一直以来太得意 我会洗心革面的”
” I know I’ve been complacent.. ..and I will turn this place around.”
“如果我们只是说 现在还不是很肯定”
” If we just say that it is not definite now.”
当然这不包括圣诞特辑 那更欢乐一点
Of course this doesn’t include the Christmas special, which was a lot happier.
弗莱伊:“这样看 美国喜剧比如这里的约翰·贝鲁西
Fry:” Put it this way: the American comic here like John Belushi
或者比如你知道的《动物屋》里的那个场景 的演奏者之类的人
or someone like that is to You know that scene in ‘Animal House’ where the player
a fellow playing folk music on a guitar.
And John Belushi picks up the guitar and destroys it.
And the cinema loved it.
He just smashes it and then waggles his……eye brows up the camera
说道:‘天呐 这太棒了’
and went:’ God, it’s so great.’
好吧 英国喜剧演员可能想要扮演民歌手
Well, the British comedian would want to play the folk singer.
We want to play the failure.”
所以差异可能就是 乐观的美国梦对抗黑暗的英国现实
So maybe the difference is the optimistic American dream versus the dark British reality.
At least that’s what many people think about it.
Fry:” Europe is just basically a gene pool of people whose ancestors said:
‘哦 我不认为我能冒险因此 我不能冒险’
‘ Oh, I don’t think I can risk – there, I can’t risk it.’
Have you seen Arrested Development or21 Jump Street or even a Spongebob episode?
But I think that answer is too easy,
because you have to ignore the fact that Americans love the failures, like Shaun from Shaun of the Dead
and plenty of modern American sitcoms feature losers who never get their redemption.
坦白说 我认为这是一个过时的理论
Frankly, I think it’s an outdated theory.
The past television era of Married With Childrenand Seinfeld and Friends
always featured the classic wise guy who always had the funny one-liner for every moment.
“So you know how to take the reservation-
you just don’t know how to ‘hold’ the reservation?”
But I think in the last ten years
we’re starting to see a self-awareness of this”American Dream optimism” style of comedy.
In”Its Always Sunny [In Philadelphia]” there certainly is that feeling that feeling of hope in the characters.
They think they can accomplish anything.
但他们总是因为变得暴力残酷 阴险
But they always take it way too far by becoming violent, cruel and hilariously backstabbing.
It’s almost a critique on’American Optimism’.
在美国 你应该要成功 但是以什么代价?
In America you’re suppose to succeed, but at what cost?
“看 如果我们用一把枪我们肯定需要一个消音器”
“Look, if we use a gun we’re definitely gonna need a silencer.”
“A gun?”
“好吧 没有枪 呃 钢琴线好了 也许我们可以用钢琴线
“Fine, no guns, no guns. Err.. piano wire, OK, maybe we can use the piano wire. Look,
不管是什么 我必须是那个扣动扳机的人”
whatever it is, I got ta be the guy to pull the trigger on this thing.”
不用说 他们总是失败 面对后果
Not to mention they always fail and face the consequences.
And it seems like not one single thing ever works out for Larry in”Curb Your Enthusiasm”.
“- I need them!! “”- Step out of the car, please.”
“哦 你认真的吗?”
“Oh, come on! Are you serious?! “
And an episode of Louie ends with his date running into a helicopter to escape him.
It doesn’t get more pathetic than that.
所以 也许一些美国喜剧会取笑过去情景喜剧的希望和轻松的本质
So maybe some American comedy pokes fun at the hope and light-hearted nature of past sit-coms.
Or maybe American comedy is even shifting towards that British cynicism.
Or maybe we’ll always hold that American optimism in our hearts.
And even in the millennial generation,
美国梦除了压榨我们 没有别的用处
where the American Dream seems to do nothing but screw us over,
but it’ll always be ingrained in our culture and mindset to”shrug it off” and keep on trying.
“我不会把‘不’作为答案 因为我拒绝那样做因为我是一个胜者
” I’m not going to take ‘no’ for an answer because I just refuse to do that because I’m a winner,
作为胜者 我们不听类似于‘不’‘不要’或者‘禁止’这样的词”
and winners- we don’t listen to words like ‘no’ or ‘don’t’ or ‘stop’ !”
“Those words are just not in our vocabulary.”
I know this a topic a lot of people get passionate about,
但是我希望评论区 不要太激烈
but I hope the comment section… doesn’t get too heated.
至少 我不希望出现西班牙审讯
At least, I don’t expect some kind of Spanish Inquisition.
[in scene] [dramatic music plays]
“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition !”
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