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Brands Shift, Amazon Lifts

A loser: traditional retail.
随着大部分百货商店的股价出现暴跌 Macy’s(美国梅西百货公司)决定关闭自己旗下100家门店
With most major department stores’ stock prices in free fall, Macy’s decided to close 100 stores.
市场反应明显 它的股价随即就上涨了17%
The market responded, sending the stock up 17%.
又有多少百货商店 会关闭自家门店 来挽救暴跌的股价 并将其恢复到经济衰落以前(以平方英尺为单位计量)的销售量
How many stores would need to close to bring back pre-recession sales per square foot at different retailers?
Northstorm大概需要关闭25%的门店 JCpenney大概30% Sears大概40%
Nordstrom would need to shutter 25%, JCPenney 30%, and Sears 40%.
(私以为 Sears应该要把所有的门店都关了)
(I think Sears needs to close 100% of their stores.)
The real winner here?
亚马逊 它的业绩呈现着上升趋势
Amazon, whose apparel business is taking off.
门店都关了 品牌也随之发生了变化
As stores close, brands are reacting.
Coach 从250家低销售额的门店中 回收了自己的包包 以此来维系自己奢侈品牌的形象
Coach is pulling its bags from 250 low-volume department stores to restore its association with luxury.
无论是耐克 三星还是劳力士 他们所面临的最大的问题就是
The biggest challenge, from Nike to Samsung and Rolex:
如果你仍旧想把自己定位为奢侈品 那就必须更加留意自己的商品分配问题
if you want to maintain an aspirational brand position, you’ve got to control more of your distribution.
品牌的定位 取决于消费群体的变化
Branding is moving toward the consumer.
Winner: Weibo.
尽管微信的出现 严重打压了微博的生存 然而 微博仍在努力东山再起
After being left for dead with the rise of WeChat, the platform is making a comeback
特别是在流媒体直播和短视频这两方面 这也避免了 与竞争者微信 的直接对抗
on the strength of livestreaming and short form video – features not integrated directly into competitor WeChat.
微博的净收入在第二个季度上升516% 每日的用户数量也同比增加了36% 达到了1亿2千6百万
Weibo’s net income in Q2 rose 516% and daily users increased 36% year-on-year to 126 million.
无论是成长速度 还是移动端人数 微博都远远超过了Twitter
Weibo has surpassed Twitter in both growth and mobile users.
当欧莱雅在微博上直播 它的代言人李宇春 出席戛纳电影节的时候
When L’Oréal used the platform to promote a livestream of brand ambassador Li Yuchun attending the Cannes Film Festival,
广告中提及的唇膏 在短短的四个小时内 就已经卖空了
the lip balm she mentioned sold out in just four hours.
A winner: The New York Times.
对于纽约时报的信息图像收集队伍来说 这是他们理应得到的赞誉
A well-deserved shout-out to the NYT infographics team.
将数据和洞见相结合 使得他们的文章 与“时代周刊”的内容 截然不同
The combination of data and insight that these visualizations provide readers sets the Time apart
也一并提高了我们 在数据理解和故事描述方面的水平
and raises the bar for all of us in the data and storytelling business.
This has been an outstanding Olympics.
我非常确信 迈克尔菲尔普斯带着那副很酷炫的耳机 只是在听Dory(海底总动员里的多莉)的“一直向前游吧”
I’m pretty sure that what Michael Phelps is listening to on those cool headphones is Dory’s “Just Keep Swimming.”
我们 两周后再见
We’ll see you in two weeks.