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基础瑜伽 - 束角式

Bound Angle Pose - Yoga With Adriene

Hello, everyone, and welcome to yoga with Adriene.
我是Adriene 我们将要学习束角式
l am Adriene, and today we’re going to learn the Baddha Konasana.
It’s a seated posture, uh, or the bound angle pose,
as they call it,
uh, seated posture that increases flexibility in the hips,
also in the growing, and we’re also going to take it down onto our backs,
and learn Supta Baddha Konasana which is a reclined version,
uh, which is super yummy,
so let’s get started.
[music playing] YOGA with ADRIENE, baddha konasana, BOUND ANGLE POSE.
束角式 如果你小时候学过芭蕾
OK, so, Baddha Konasana, if you ever took ballet, when you were little,
then you’re probably familiar with this pose.
OK, so we’re gonna start by drawing the right heel in,
followed by the left heel in,
and just bring the soles of the feet together,
同样 如果你想把臀部抬高一点
and then same thing, if you wanna lift the hips,
你可以坐在瑜伽毯 瑜伽砖或垫枕
we can on a blanket, or a block, or a bolster,
枕头 书或报纸卷上
or a pillow or a book, or a newspaper roll.
两脚相对 大拇指抵住足弓
Bring the soles of the feet together, I’m gonna take my thumbs to the arches of my feet,
给自己按摩一下 为什么不呢?我们给自己按摩得太少了
and just give myself a little massage, why not? We don’t touch ourselves enough,
in yoga.
给自己的脚 足弓一点刺激
OK, so just give me myself a little bit of stimulation on the feet and on the arches of the feet,
打开脚 像打开书一样 加入呼吸
opening my feet, maybe like a book here, coming into the breath.
然后手指放到身后 抬起尾骨
Of course, and then I’m gonna take my fingertips behind me, and just lift my tail,
抬起坐骨 骨盆尽量靠近脚跟
lift my sit bones, and bring my pelvis as close to my heels as l can,
尽量让自己舒服一点 如果觉得有点儿疼之类的
and then just making sure that l feel comfortable here, if you feel any pain whatsoever,
可以脚趾向前伸一点 改天再把骨盆靠近脚跟
then maybe inting your toes forward, and we’ll get close to the heels on the another day.
就这样 让身体柔软 延展
So just checking in with that, softening the growing here,
双手手指交叉 抱住脚趾
l’m gonna interlace my fingertips, bring them around my toes and same thing,
和简易坐姿势一样 拱背 下巴抵胸
as we do in Sukhasana, just coming into the pose by rounding chin to chest,
吸气到背部 感觉背部皮肤的延伸
breathing into the back, feeling the skin of the back stretch,
elbows grown left to right here, and then from here,
从底部 即从我身体和地板接触的地方或脚趾
from my foundation that, which is touching the earth of the floor or our toe,
coming into this bound angle pose,
或称蝴蝶 蝴蝶式
or the butterfly, butterfly posture.
但是不要把膝盖使劲向下压 要把大腿的上部
OK, but rather than taking that pressing knees down, think about drawing the tops of the thighs,
向外向下转 所以大腿上部向外转
out and down, so external rotation tops the thighs,
instead of pressing the knees down,
so there’s a three-water fall from the quets noting down, down, down.
So opening up little lamp chops here.
如果我想深入拉伸和延展 我就用中指 食指和大拇指
OK, if l wanna deeper strech and growing, so as l can take my middle finger and index finger and thumb,
拉住大脚趾 手肘左右打开
and l can interlace around my big toe. OK, then I’ll bring my elbows left to right,
and find that nice long line from the crown of the head, to the tip to the tail bone,
肚脐贴向脊柱 大腿上部主动向下拉
and may even wanna draw my navel in towards my spine, tops the thighs, actively drawing down,
脚以上部位这时像书一样打开 美美地吸气
opening my feet up like a book here, l’ll take a nice sweet inhale in,
and then bent the elbows left to right,
向前倾 但不要弓背
coming forward, but rather than allowing the spine to round now,
l’m going to set my intensions to keep a nice flat back,
腿上部 主动向下 吸气
tops of the thighs, actively drawing down, inhale in,
呼气 向前倾 可能只能做一点
exhale, come forward, may only come a little bit,
我在这呼吸 软化身体 尾骨压在地上
and I’ll just breath here again, softening the growing, keeping the sit bones rooted.
OK, we can begin to pulse maybe here,
and then in time we will be able to bring belly closer to your heels,
but l think it’s so important to stay connected to that stander, that stuff.
This nice long line from the crown of head to the tip of tail bone,
rather than forcing ourselves into the pose.
一般而言 如果你觉得在勉强做某件事 尤其是呼吸
In general, if you ever feel like we’re compromising anything, the breath is specially.
要放松 放松是很好的方法
it’s always a good idea to ease, ease up.
好了 我们做到了 束角式
OK, so here we are, in butterfly posture or bound angle pose,
5到10个呼吸 曲肘 身体前倾 感觉很舒服
five to ten breaths, pulling the elbows left to right, and coming forward that feels yummy.
下巴向胸部伸 保持头顶
We can keep the chin drawing into the chest, keep this nice line between the crown of the head,
and tip to the tail bone,
OK, after about five to ten breaths here,
然后 释放 放松一下 继续
then, uh, fly, you can release, and go ahead,
让背拱起 大腿上部仍然保持主动
and allow the spine to round, tops of the thighs as they’re still active,
下巴向胸部靠 鼻子向脚趾靠
as l draw my chin to my chest and my nose towards my toes,
[inhale] breathing [exhale]
drawing the navel in,
[inhale] [exhale]
在这儿我觉得做够了 就恢复到原来的姿势
then when l feel satisfied here, l’ll come back to that flat back position,
extending through the crown of the head,
drawing the shoulders away from the ears,
在恢复姿势的过程中 大腿上部向外向下旋
and then top to the thighs, roll out and down, as l come back up to seated.
从现在开始 这姿势我要做六个月
OK, l wanna do the same pose six months from now,
and see if my hips open up anymore,
因为我要多练习瑜伽 你们也应该如此
cause I’m gonna be practising more regularly, so you should do it too.
现在我要躺着做 相同的姿势 束角式
OK, uh, now l wanna take it to the back, ok, same pose, Baddha Konasana,
we’re gonna recline it, Baddha Konasana.
我没有拿两块砖 躺在上面
So we’ll grab two blogs and come to life on our back,
如果你没有瑜伽砖 平躺着就行
or if you don’t have a blog, just come to life on your back.
束角式 我们要舒服的做一下
OKie-doke, so Supta Baddha Konasana, we’re gonna take it to a nice yummy,
uh, variation or modification by coming flat onto our backs,
抱住双膝 靠近胸部 保持几秒钟
and while we go to hug the knees to the chest, just for a second here,
wrapping the arms around the shins around the legs,
放下肩部 左右摇摆
crowning the shoulders down, just rock little side to side,
give yourself a little massage in the lower back and the knees,
膝部画圈 感觉很舒服 对吧?
and even take the knees to the circle, that feels good, ok?
放下肩部和肘部 放松
then we’ll relax the shoulders and elbows down,
and we’ll bring the soles of my feet to the earth,
把手放在大腿上 打开双腿
and l’ll take my palms to the tops of the thighs, and open the book,
drawing the soles of the feet together, ok?
同样 脚底相对 打开双腿 就像蝴蝶的翅膀一样
So same thing, opening my little butterfly wings, bring the soles of the feet together,
take a deep breath in. [breathing]
在呼气的时候 将身体重量完全释放在瑜伽垫上
As you exhale, release the weight of the body completely in fully into the mat,
躺式束角式 是一个恢复的体式
so Supta Baddha Konasana, reclined Baddha Konasana, is a restored of posture.
So we definitely wanna take the time to exhale,
开始等待呼气 以前做瑜伽时我没开过这玩笑
start to waiting to exhale, l’ve never make that joke in yoga before, l will,
但是今天不是 呼气时放松
but not today, so I’m going to relax with the exhale,
then see if l can maybe crown my heel up towards,
my root, maybe just a little bit more,
outer edges of the feet, connected to the earth,
同样 大腿上部向外转 向下贴
same thing, tops the thighs, rotating out and melting down towards the mat,
but this time l have gravity to help me do the work,
可以把手掌放在大腿内侧 帮助旋转
so l can even take my palms, bring them into the inner side, just rotating them out a little bit.
OK, now we can interlace the fingertips,
放在腹部 这很舒服 因为我们的手随着呼吸动
just bring them to rest on the belly, which is great, because we can breath until our hands here,
吸气 腹部隆起 看看 然后呼气
letting the belly rise on the inhale, look at that, and exhale,
呼气 腹部落下
当我想要呼吸的时候 我喜欢把手放在腹部
fall, l love to bring my palms to my belly sometimes when l wanna tap into my breath,
because l can actually use it as a guideline or visual image of inhale in,
让我的腹部 手 吸气的时候上升
allowing my belly to, let my hands rise, and then on the exhale,
allowing my belly to the hands fall,
在这里做几个变式 双手交叉于脑后
ok? couple of yummy variations here, l can interlace the fingertips, bring them behind the head,
伸出拇指 按摩颈部 我喜欢称之为燃烧
extending the thumbs here to message the neck, l like to call this burns,
做这个姿势的时候 双手双脚相对
bring this posture heel, letting the arms and legs marry each other,
背部很舒服的靠在垫子上 所以下背部和垫子之间有空间
and really getting a nice little sweet back pain here, so there’s space between my lower back in the mat,
胸部打开 髋部打开 脊柱延展
opening the chest, opening the hips, opening the growing,
another variation is cater the arms for football goalkeeper’s arms,
我在得克萨斯的奥斯丁 所以只要提到橄榄球 人们就喜欢 对吧
l’ve been in taxes, so anything anytime l can bring football or anything, people dig, OK?
这不是焦橙色 但也差不多了
This is born but goes enough,
so football go pose the arms here, uhn,
胳膊肘摆到正确的姿势 如果你用电脑时间很长 这是一个很棒的姿势
so bending the elbows in kind of veright angle, this is also great if you spent a lot of time with computer.
打开肩 打开胸
Ahh, opening the shoulders, opening the chest, and then again,
letting that exhale [exhale]
really take all the tension away [exhale]
感觉像空气一样 吸气 呼气
feeling the bully with air, inhale and exhale,
releasing the weight of the body completely and fully into the mat,
觉得非常舒服 如果你恰巧有
feel super yummy, if, if by chin, you happened to have,
两块瑜伽砖 有很多种变式
to this little blockies, there are million variations for, for all of these Ansana,
尤其是这种 但是我有一个建议
and especially for this one, but here, just one little suggestion,
纵向放置这块砖 和脊柱平行
is to take the one block lengthwise to the spine,
把肩胛骨放上去 然后 另一块砖
and putting underneath the shoulder blades here, and then this, the second block,
当成枕头 支持头部的重量
we can bring as a pillow for the head, just supporting, uha, the weight of the head,
同样 足底相对
and the same thing, you guys, drawing the soles of the feet together,
足弓打开 大腿上部
opening arches of the feet, tops the thighs,
向外旋转 就是让两腿打开 不要把膝部向下压
rotating out so rather than taking pressing the knees down, l’m just letting my thighs open up,
然后打开胸部 做仙人掌手势
and then, ahh, opening up the shoulders and go cactus arms,
哦 太棒了 松开手 指尖相对
whoo, hallelujah, in just go open palms, interlace the fingertips,
感觉舒服就行 闭上眼睛
whatever feels good for you, and close the eyes,
and relax here. [exhale]
Supra Baddha Konasana.
Super yummy.
OK, so that was another basic posture,
束角式 我们也可以躺着做
Baddha Konasana or bound angle pose, and we also take on our bed,
or reclined bound angle pose,
在看电视的时候 离开沙发 做这个姿势
and you can enjoy that, while you watch TV, get off the sufa,
证明这个姿势打开髋 延展脊柱
and prove that posture open your hips, your growing,
看电视的时候 做一些蝴蝶式
and do some butterfly while you watch television,
我没有在批评你看电视 我只是说一下
l’m not judging you for watching teles, l’m just saying,
看电视的时候 如果你愿意 可以做这个姿势
you can do this pose while you watch it, if you wanna to, uhm.
感谢大家收看 如果你有任何问题
OK, thanks, guys, if you have any questions,
或者想留言或者想要对我做些评价 或有什么对电视观众要说的话
or comments or you wanna talk about how judgement to l am to people who watch TV,
我也看电视 请在评论框里留下你的想法
l watch TV too, uhn, then, please leave it in the moment box,
你还没有订阅本频道 请订阅
and if you haven’t already subscribe to the channel, please do,
可以看到更多的“Adriene瑜伽”节目 感谢收看 再见
and visit yoga with Adriene for a lot more, thanks, you guys, Namaste.