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栖息在海底的鲨鱼 – 译学馆
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Bottom-Dwelling Sharks (HD) | JONATHAN BIRD'S BLUE WORLD

接下来是Jonathan Bird的海洋世界
Next on Jonathan Bird’s Blue World,
weird sharks that live on the ocean floor!
嘿 我是Jonathan bird 欢迎来到我的世界
Hi, I’m Jonathan Bird and welcome to my world!
( ♪ music )
这是一个可怕的掠食者 它看上去像是一个斑点 或者一个覆盖了蓝藻的石头
This is a fearsome predator. It looks like a blob, or perhaps an algae-covered rock.
但它是鲨鱼 与海底融为一体 等待小鱼进入
But it’s a shark, blending into the sea floor, waiting for small fish to come within
猎食范围 这种鲨鱼叫做须鲨它 我不远千里来到澳大利亚
striking range. The shark is called a Wobbegong, and I have come all the way to Australia to
find this unusual fish.
It’s a beautiful morning in the Gold Coast region of southern Queensland, Australia,
and Palm Beach Dive center is putting their boat in the water.
当船员准备潜水坦克时 我装备我的装置
I load my gear while the crew prepares scuba tanks.
潜水长是我的好朋友 在这儿长大的格伦福尔摩斯 我10年前
The divemaster is my good friend Glen Holmes who grew up here. I met him ten years ago
在加勒比地区与他相识 他承诺如果我不远千里飞到澳大利亚 他会
in the Caribbean, and he promised that if I flew all the way to Australia, he would
给我看一些非常酷的须鲨 这就是我在这的原因!
show me some very cool Wobbegongs. So here I am!
We pull away from the dock and head out to sea.
我们驶向一个名叫朱利安岩石的潜水点 寻找须鲨
We’re heading out to a dive site called Julian Rocks in search of Wobbegongs.
Herb船长正在开船 我们大约还有一个小时到达
Captain Herb is driving the boat and we have about hour to get there.
我们来到了一个荒凉的小岛 仅仅比石头大 并且开始准备
We arrive at a small desolate island—barely more than a rock–and start getting ready.
格伦在这里从事了20年的潜水工作 所以他知道鲨鱼在那儿 我穿好潜水服
Glenn has been diving here for 20 years and he knows where the sharks are. I suit up and
prepare myself for chilly water!
好的 让我们来看看是否能找到须鲨
Well, lets go see if we can find a Wobbegong!
我从船的一边下去 跟着Glenn寻找须鲨
I go over the side and follow Glenn as we search for Wobbegongs.
这里是热带地区的边缘 所以没有太多的珊瑚
This region is right at the edge of the tropics, so there isn’t much coral. The bottom is
covered mostly in seaweed and rocks.
在有危险的情况下我发现了我人生中的第一条须鲨 这是一条又大又华丽的须鲨
Under an overhang I find my first Wobbegong shark. It’s a big Ornate Wobbegong, almost
as long as me!
须鲨已经适应隐居在海底的生活 很少活动
Wobbegong sharks have adapted to live camouflaged on the bottom,rarely moving a muscle until
除非有大型的鱼进入范围 它被叫做伏击猎食者因为
a meal-sized fish comes into range. It’s called an ambush predator because it waits
for the prey to come within striking range and then lunges for it, rather than trying
试着去追捕它 如果有鱼太靠近它的头部
to chase prey around. If any of those fish above its head get too close,
they will get gulped down!
附近的一条斑点须鲨试图变得舒适 甚至当成千上万条
Nearby, A Spotted Wobbegong tries to get comfortable. Even though there are millions of tiny
小银鱼从它的头上游过 须鲨也不会进食 因为它饱了 在这儿的
sliver fish swarming above its head, this Wobbegong isn’t feeding. It’s stuffed. Every Wobbegong
每条须鲨能默不作声好几天 它们几乎不能移动
here has been gorging itself for days. They can barely move.
游到深水区 我发现了几条沙虎鲨 经常被称做澳大利亚的灰色护士
Moving out into deeper water, I find several Sand Tiger sharks, often called Grey Nurse
sharks in Australia. These sharks look and act a lot more like a typical shark.
They let me get pretty close for some pictures.
不久之前 人们认为所有的鲨鱼不得不像沙虎一样一直游泳
Not too long ago, people thought all sharks had to keep swimming like the sand tiger,
to keep water moving over their gills.
对一些物种来说 比如锤头鲨 的确是这样的 锤头鲨必须一直游泳
For some species, like the hammerhead, this is true.Hammerheads must keep swimming
否则它们会淹死 它们从不水底休息
at all times or they’ll drown. They never rest on the bottom.
但是很多种类的鲨鱼有时会停止游泳 在水底休息
But many species of sharks sometimes stop swimming and rest on the bottom. Here a Lemon
柠檬鲨会在沙滩上休息 用嘴吞水通过它的腮
shark is taking a break on the sand, gulping water through its
mouth to ventilate its gills.
这是一对护士鲨 在加勒比地区很常见并且在沙滩上休息
Here’s a pair of Nurse sharks, common in the Caribbean, also resting on the sand. They’re
它们没心情交流 当我试图接近它们时 它们游走了
not in the mood to socialize. As I approach, they swim off.
另一方面 须鲨将它们的一生花在水底
Wobbegongs on the other hand, spend their entire lives on the bottom, patiently waiting
耐心等待捕食 它们几乎不游泳因为这使它们离开了自己的位置
for prey. They very rarely swim because it gives away their position.
尽管有大于400种的鲨鱼 你可能会很惊讶的知道
Although there are more than 400 species of sharks, you might be surprised to learn that
a huge number of them look nothing like the typical predator most of us associate with
sharks, like these Caribbean reef sharks.
当然 须鲨与礁鲨完全不像
Of course, the Wobbegong look nothing like a reef shark.
在2006年的印尼 一种生活在水底的新品种鲨鱼被发现
In 2006, a new species of bottom-dwelling shark was discovered in Indonesia. It belongs
它属于肩章鲨 使它不同的原因是
to a group of sharks called epaulette sharks. What made this one different is the fact that
它能用鳍在底部行走 所以它们也叫做行走鲨
it actually walks along the bottom on its fins, so they called it the Walking shark.
摄影师 pierre和我租了一套传统印度尼西亚的Pinisi 并且出发
Cameraman Pierre and I charter a traditional Indonesian Pinisi and set off to a remote
region of Indonesia to find this elusive shark!
随着太阳落下 我们上了充气艇并向潜水点驶去
As the sun sets, we board the inflatable boat and head to the dive site.
我来到印度尼西亚 巴布亚岛遥远的礁石上 寻找真正凶猛的鲨鱼
I’ve come to a remote reef in Papua, Indonesia, to find a really weird shark!
行走鲨通常只在晚上出现 所以Pierre和我
The walking shark is usually only found at night. So Pierre and I search the reef in
the dark after sunset.
这花了一些时间 但是我们发现了小鲨鱼 它一点也不喜欢我们的亮光
It takes a while, but we find the little shark. It doesn’t like our lights at all, and getting
并且证明给它拍像样的照片很困难 但是你可以看到它如何用鳍行走
any decent shots of it proves difficult. But you can see how it walks on its fins!
不完全是一个可怕的掠食者 这条小鲨鱼为了躲我们隐藏在珊瑚礁里
It’s not exactly a fearsome predator. This little shark hides from us in the reef.
第二天 我穿戴整齐 再次充满充气艇
The next day, I suit up and roll off the inflatable boat again. This time we’re searching the
reef for another Wobbegong.
在印度尼西亚珊瑚礁的大多普通的须鲨 被叫做流苏须鲨
The most common Wobbegong on Indonesian reefs is called the tasseled Wobbegong. Its tassels
它的流苏位于头部的边缘 使它很好的融入了水底
located around the edge of its head allow it to blend in to the bottom really well by
disguising its shape.
在一个普通的珊瑚礁里 这种鲨鱼混合居住
On a typical reef, this shark blends right in!
它们很自信自己的伪装并且不会移动 甚至我靠的很近时
It’s very confident in its camouflage and won’t move, even if I get really close.
须鲨有聪明的呼吸方式 取代用嘴吞水
The Wobbegong has a clever way of breathing. Instead of gulping water in through its mouth,
它有一个呼吸孔 就像是鼻孔 在腮的正前方
it has a set of spiracles, almost like nostrils, right in front of the gills. Water goes in
水从呼吸孔进入 然后从腮出来 这是鲨鱼
through the spiracles, and then back out through the gills. It’s an adaptation for a shark
that spends a lot of time flat on the bottom.
所以鲨鱼是独居动物 而且它们长得不一样
So sharks are a diverse group of animals, and they don’t all look the same.
The walking shark and Wobbegong
are all examples of the amazing kinds of bottom-dwelling sharks.
( ♪ music )