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我们仍然能拯救地球 – 2015巴黎气候大会 – 译学馆
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我们仍然能拯救地球 - 2015巴黎气候大会

Bill Nye: We Can Still Save the Planet –– Paris, 2015

一战的时候 我的祖父骑着马去打仗 我不知道
So my grandfather went into World War I on a horse, on a horse. I don’t know if you’ve
你有没有骑过马 但是如果有人朝你开枪 马背上就不是最安全的地方
ever ridden a horse but if people are shooting at you it’s just not the best place to be.
因为你离地面很高 他们一旦朝马开枪 你就不能动了
You’re high off the ground; they shoot the horse and you’re now immobile and you may
有可能你还会死在马下 那真是非常糟糕 二十年过去了
end up underneath the horse and it’s all very bad in that regard. Twenty years later, when
我的父母都参加了二战 那时没有人再骑着马打仗了
both of my parents got involved in World War II, nobody who was fighting a war did it on
在短短20年里 交通方式全都改变了
a horse. Everything changed in transportation in just 20 years so let’s do it again. Let’s
我们制造了很多电动车 也利用风能和太阳能发电
make all electric cars. Let’s make all the electricity from wind and solar.
这些世界领导人全都出席了今年的巴黎气候大会 这是极好的事情
Just that world leaders all showed up in Paris this year is a fantastic thing. Furthermore,
而且 就连美国总统也出席了 这位总统 不管你喜不喜欢他
the United States President showed up there. The president, whether you like him or not,
is the most influential single guy in the world, single person in the world and he went
他不辞辛苦地去了那里 并承诺美国在接下来几年会减少温室气体的排放
to the trouble to go there, committing the United States to reducing greenhouse gas emissions
各国领导人一致同意 每五年开一次会议 互相监督检查
over the next few years. And they all agreed to get together every five years and check
on each other, see if the other countries are holding to their commitments. Now the
但现在问题是 如果一个国家排放的二氧化碳量 超过了他们在2015年承诺的量
trouble is if a country is making more carbon dioxide than they agreed to in 2015, then
那也仅仅如此而已 没有人能够为此做什么 除了世界的舆论 这非常重要
it agreed to in 2015, there’s not too much anybody can do about it, except world opinion
is very important. World leaders are very interested in what people think of them and
us or their country
就像我一直说的那样 如果美国率先使用高科技能源
And as I say all the time, if the U.S. were leading, if the U.S. were out in front on
那么世界上的每个人都会跟着这么做 就像每个人
energy technology everybody in the world would be following the same way everybody in the
都知道米老鼠是谁 如果我们有一种可再生能源的文化
world knows who Mickey Mouse is. If we had a culture of renewable energy people would
embrace that culture and use renewable energy.
The biggest news in science this year for me was the U.S., which is the world leader
作为世界领导者的美国在能源燃烧 化石燃烧和大量人均资源的使用上都是领导者
in all this energy burning, fossil fuel burning and using a lot of energy per person, the
而美国现在有53%的人认为 人类正在导致气候变化
U.S. now has 53 percent of our population who believe that humans are causing climate
所以53%的人已经足以竞选总统 或许气候变化
change. So 53 percent is enough to get elected president. And so maybe climate change will
be an issue in the next presidential election here in the United States and that will influence
the whole world.
几周前 我在西弗吉尼亚州的时候 收到了一封来自某位发言人组织的邮件
A few weeks ago I was in West Virginia and I got an email from somebody in the Speakers
这个组织雇佣我 让我在美国西弗吉尼亚州查尔斯顿讲话
Organization, the organization that led to my being hired to speak there The Clay Center
in Charleston West Virginia here in the United States. And it said don’t talk about coal;
在那里这是一个非常敏感的话题 总统的政策极大地影响了煤炭工业
it’s a very sensitive subject here. The president’s policies have greatly affected the coal industry
等等诸如此类的话 当你在那里的时候 他们有一种技术叫做
and so on and so on. When you’re in that part of the world they have a technology called
山顶移除 他们将高的山丘及山脉的顶部去掉
mountaintop removal. So they take off the tops of these very high hills, these mountains,
在西弗吉尼亚州的这种高度上 有煤炭资源 但是这破坏了
and there’s the coal all at this level all over the state of West Virginia and it ruins
当地的生态系统 河流中满是这种煤渣 他们用这些泥浆
the local ecosystems. The streams get full of all this crud. They use these slurries
来吸收周围的煤尘 还使用炸药 并且他们破坏了那里的森林
to pump powdered coal around, use explosives and they destroy the forest that was there.
因此我不顾某人的警告 依然作此演讲
So when I did this talk, despite this warning from somebody, I got a standing ovation when
当我出来站在台上时 观众起立致敬 我的演讲反响很好 演讲后观众再一次起立致敬
I came out onstage. I did a talk, which wasn’t bad, I got a standing ovation after that.
之后有一个问答环节 并且在那之后观众又一次起立致敬
Then there was a question and answer session like this, and I got a standing ovation after
这并不是因为我 我所讲的是西弗吉尼亚州的人民都讨厌煤炭工业
that. No it ain’t about me, all I’m saying is people in West Virginia are also kind of
在西弗吉尼亚州有3万个和煤炭相关的工作 数量很多
tired of the coal industry. There’s 30,000 coal jobs in West Virginia. That’s a lot.
但真是这样吗 如果你去一个典型的职业棒球比赛现场看看 人数有两倍多
Or is it? If you go to a typical professional baseball game there are about twice that many
如果你去职业足球赛场看看 人数会比两倍还多
people. If you go to a professional football game there are way more than twice that many
因此是有很多工作机会 但还不至于那么多 如果西弗吉尼亚州
people. So it’s a lot of jobs but it’s not that many jobs. And if the state of West Virginia
or the Commonwealth of the West Virginia where to change from coal burning to wind energy
和太阳能 太阳光电板 吸收太阳能来发电 或者
and solar voltaics, photovoltaics, soaking up sunlight to make electricity or even some
聚集太阳能来产生热量 在接下来的20年
concentrated solar where you concentrate sunlight and make heat, they would have 50,000 jobs
over at least the next 20 years.
我们不能继续燃烧煤炭了 这是不争的事实
We cannot continue to burn coal everybody. I mean this is noncontroversial except here
但是我想说竟然有人警告我不要谈论煤炭 然而我还是谈论了
and there. But what I’m saying is I was warned against talking about coal, but I talked about
coal and people responded very favorably to not burning any more coal. So I think there’s
a little bit of a disconnect there in the politics.
Many of the citizens would rather not be decapitated their mountains and destroying their streams,
而是想开发风能 顺便说一下 还有一件
instead would like to exploit the wind that blows through. There’s another, by the way
重要的事情 由于山脉屹立于此
another charming thing. Because the mountains are the way they are in that area it concentrates
它能将风聚集起来 因此西弗吉尼亚州比附近的州
the wind in a few places. So West Virginia would have a slight advantage over nearby
更能利用风能优势 因此 请你们开放一下思路 而且如果我们
counties for certain wind applications. So you guys just be open minded. And if we work
共同努力的话 我们可以改变这个世界 巴黎峰会就是一个重要的开始 是重要的第一步
together we can change the world. The Paris Conference was a big start, a big step. People
在接下来的数十年里 人们都会谈论巴黎峰会 我相信这是一个转折点
will be talking about the Paris Conference for decades because I really believe it’s
a turning point.