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盖茨和Ed Yong讨论微生物的价值 – 译学馆
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盖茨和Ed Yong讨论微生物的价值

Bill Gates and Ed Yong Talk About Microbes

Well, at the foundation where we work on infectious disease,
一些会议上 人们会问 “肠道细菌对传染病有影响吗?
there’ll be meetings where people say, “Oh, did gut bacteria affect this?
Or there’s a bacteria in this insect.”
因此 基金会的首席执行官找到这本书 到我这来给了我一本复印版并提出
And Sue, who’s the CEO of the foundation found this book and came in and handed me a copy and said,
哇 这书为人们呈现出了这个令人惊讶的现象
“Oh, this really shows the landscape of this amazing phenomenon
of how microbes are such a key part of all life forms.”
对的 因此我去看了这个无菌设备 他们在无菌泡沫中对小鼠进行培养
That’s right. So I went to this germ-free facility where they raise mice in these sterile bubbles.
这类小鼠不是太多 在它们一生中从没有遇到过细菌
Those mice do not contain multitudes. They’ve never seen bacteria in their lives.
并且因此 它们的身体发生了想不到的变化
And because of that their bodies did unexpected things
like their bones and their blood vessels don’t develop in the right way
if they don’t encounter the right microbial signals.
在我们工作中对你描述的现象有种想法 沃尔巴克氏体属生活在昆虫体内
One thing we work on you describe is this idea that Wolbachia lives inside insects.
埃及伊蚊事件中 蚊子能降低它携带疾病的能力
And in the case of the Aedes Aegypti mosquito can actually reduce its ability to be disease-carrying.
或许我们能通过把沃尔巴克氏体移植入埃及伊蚊中 来控制所有的疾病
The idea that we might be able to control all these diseases
by implanting Wolbachia into the Aedes Aegypti mosquito just blows my mind.
And Wolbachia when it was first discovered was ignored.
It took a lot of time before people realized that it had the potential
人们才意识到 它有可能以一种积极的方式影响人类的健康
to influence human health in such a positive way.
微生物组和这个是非常像的 长期被人忽略 而最近又被人重视
The microbiome is very much like that. Long ignored and now only recently appreciated.
I think the last place I would have expected any microbiome connection
is a neurological disease like Parkinson’s.
在微生物组和肠道 大脑 以及行为举止之间有许多有趣的联系
There’s so many interesting links between the microbiome and the gut and brain and behavior.
我认为微生物组为人提供了联系的组织 把我们的所有的器官系统联系到一起
I think the microbiome provides this connective tissue that links all of our organ systems together
影响我们思维的方式 影响我们的行为活动
and it influences the way we think; the way we behave.
生物体在逐渐改变我们思考的方式 这一想法令人感到十分的困扰
The idea of organisms that are microscopic changing the way we think feels kind of deeply unsettling.
但是 这一变化确实是存在的
And yet, there it is.
事实上 这些仍然在控制之下
The fact that it stays under control,
我发现微生物组的复杂性是令人惊讶的 并且没有人曾预料到
I find it amazing how complex the microbiome is and would not have expected this.
是的 当然
Yeah, absolutely.
And that’s the kind of grander view of life that I wanted to get across in the book.
但是 你知道的 你和我坐在这是作为两个独立的个体 事实上也是两个完整的世界
That, you know, with you and I sitting here as two individuals, but actually we’re two entire worlds.
感谢Ed 你来这真是太好了
Hey, thanks Ed, it’s great to have you here.
感谢你邀请我 这是非常不可思议的
Thank you for having me. It’s been fantastic.



微生物的世界就是这么精彩 不要忽略小小的它哦