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美女与野兽 Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast story time - Cartoon fairy tales bedtime stories for kids - American English

Once upon a time
there lived a very rich man
he had three daughters
two of them were really greedy and self-centered girls
but the third one had a heart full of love and kindness
One day, their dad received the news
一天 她们的父亲得到消息
that his ship has sunk due to the storm
她们的父亲得到消息 他的船由于风暴沉没了
poor man had lost everything
and was left with only his little house and the village
the two greedy sisters were of course not pleased
with the situation
all they want
all they were doing were sitting around
and complaining
all the housework was left to beauty
after a while their father heard that one of his lost ships had made it to the harbour
过了不久 她们的父亲听说他丢失的一条船停到了港口
he started to prepare to go to the harbour right away
and before he left
he asked his daughters
girls,what would you like me to bring back with
a necklace shoes and bracelets
“一条项链 鞋子 和手镯”
and what about you beauty
what would you like?
Just a rose is fine Daddy
“一朵玫瑰花就够了 爸爸”
their father arrived at the harbour after a long journey
But neither his staff on the boat was there
nor was the ship usable
Sad and tired
he started his journey back home
It was almost dark when he reached the forest
当他到森林的时候 天几乎都快黑了
The forest was dark
and cold and
很冷 而且
It was snowing
He rode his horse for hours
and hours on the snow
And finally he saw a castle with the lights on
然后最终 他看到一座灯火辉煌的城堡
Hello hello
“你好 你好”
He entered
hoping they might help him
It was a weird castle
The lights were on everywhere
The dinner table was full of food and
晚餐桌上放满了食物 和
There was fire in the chimney
But there was no one to be seen
He called out for someone, but no one answered
他叫了几声 可是却没有人回应
Finally, not being able to wait any more
最终 他等不下去了
he first ate some food from the table, and then
他开始吃桌子上的食物 然后
He slept in one of the beds
When he woke up in the morning
he found some new clothes next to the bed
He went downstairs
And a nice breakfast was waiting for him on the table
然后 桌子上有丰盛的早餐等着他
I can’t believe I’ve been helped like this
Must be a fairy there on this castle. I wish I could thank her
“一定是有精灵在这座城堡 我希望我能感谢她”
When he was leaving the castle
He noticed the rose garden
Couldn’t grant my other daughters wishes but
“我无法满足我其他女儿的心愿 但是
at least I can get beauty a rose like she asked
Just as he picked a rose
he and his surroundings shocked with a loud roar
An evil wild like beast appeared from behind trees
一个看起来很邪恶的野兽 从树木后面走出
The father almost fainted when he saw the beast
当看到野兽的时候 父亲几乎快晕厥过去了
I saved your life
I fed you
I gave you milk loaves
And here you are
“然而 你却在这里”
stealing my roses
Is this how you thank me
The man went on his knees and begged him he wanted to
父亲跪下了 然后向野兽祈求着 说他只是想
take one of those roses to his daughter
What you did will not go unpunnished
Please forgive me
I would forgive you with only one condition
Talk to your daughters
If one of them agrees to leave you with me
I would grant your life
The man jumped on his horse
and sadly went on the road to his home
When at home, the man told his daughters about the last cargo
当他回到家中 父亲给他的女儿们说他的货物丢失了
the broken boat and the beast in the castle
船坏了 还有有野兽在城堡的事
But the two greedy sisters
were more worried about missing their gifts than about their father
Daddy, if you allow me, I accept to go to the beast
“父亲 如果你允许的话 我愿意去野兽那儿”
The two sisters did not want to go near the beast
So they immediately said that beauty should be the one to go
所以她们立刻同意 美女应该是那个去野兽那儿的女儿
You wouldn’t even be in this mess if it were not for her asking for a stupid rose
“如果不是因为她要那愚蠢的玫瑰花 你甚至不用去趟这浑水”
Sad and hopeless
her father took beauty and left to the castle
When they arrived, everything was prepared for them, just like before
当他们抵达的时候 所有的事情都为他们准备好了 就像之前一样
Food on the table, and no one else around
食物在桌子上放着 周围没有其他人
Just as they sat down and started to eat
只有当他们坐下 开始吃东西的时候
The beast came out. Beauty started to shake out of fear
野兽出来了 美女开始感到害怕并颤抖着
Because the beast was as scary as her father had told her
Beast asked with a soft voice
Did you come here out of your own free will
Then in the morning, your father will go away and never come back
When she woke up in the morning
beauty knew that her father was gone
And she found a nice breakfast waiting for her on the table
She wandered around in the garden for a while
she felt sad when she looked at the roses
Then she went around in the castle
One of the doors was full of roses
She wondered. She opened the door
她很好奇 于是她打开了这扇门
and peeked inside
The room was decorated just like she would like it
And it was full of books, flowers and musical instruments
这里面充满了书本 花朵 还有乐器
She thought that someone who could arrange her room like this would not hurt anybody
她想 能把她的房间安排成这样的人应该不会伤害任何人
Then she took a book
On the book was written in gold letters
My dear queen, your wish is my command
我亲爱的女王 你的愿望我可以帮你实现
I wish I could see my father now
As soon as beauty said it, her father appeared in a mirror across the room
在美女说完这话后 很快 她的父亲出现在这间房间镜子里
Beauty was so surprised. Seeing her father made her happy again
美女感到惊奇 看见她的父亲 这使她再一次感到开心
That night, at dinner, beast appeared again
那天晚上 晚餐时 野兽再一次出现了
Would you let me watch you, Beauty
“你愿意让我来看看你吗 美女”
You own the place. Why would you ask me
“你拥有这个地方 为什么你要来问我”
No, you own this castle now
“不 现在你拥有这座城堡了”
If you want, I can leave immediately
“如果你想的话 我可以立刻离开这里”
Beauty was very surprised with this answer
I want to ask you something. Do you really think I’m ugly
“我想问你些事情 你真的认为我丑吗”
Beauty did not know what to say at first
but looked up at him, and nodded as if to say yes
但却看着他 点了点头好似在说 是的
Do you think anyone would ever marry me
No. Beauty was shocked at the question
“不!” 美女对于这个问题感到震惊
and answered too harshly. Beast turned around sad and left Beauty alone
于是回答的有些刺耳 野兽伤心的转身走了 留下美女一个人
Beast was visting Beauty every night at dinner, and he treated her very kind
野兽每天晚上晚饭时都会来看美女 他对待小美的态度非常友善
As days passed, Beauty felt like she was getting used to Beast
随着时间的流逝 美女觉得她逐渐习惯了野兽
I wish he wasn’t that ugly
As the months passed, Beauty was no longer afraid of the Beast, and she even started to like him
一个月过去了 美女不再害怕野兽了 甚至有点喜欢上野兽了
But one day, she saw on the mirror that her father was ill
但是有一天 她从镜子里看到到他的父亲生病了
She raced next to the Beast, and asked him to let her go home
她跑到野兽身边 然后问他(能否)让她回家
cause she wanted to take care of her sick father
Of course you can go
But if you don’t come back, I might die from sadness
“但如果你不再回来的话 我可能会伤心至死”
I will come back, after a week. I promise
“我会回来的 一个礼拜以后 我保证”
Take this ring, and bring it with you. Beast gave Beauty a ring
“拿着这个戒指 戴上它 ” 野兽给了美女一个戒指
When she will put this ring on her night stand, and fall asleep, she would wake back up in the castle
当她把这个戒指放在床头时 入睡后 她在城堡中醒来
The next morning, she woke up in her own bed in her father’s house
第二天早上 她就在父亲的家中自己的床上醒来
she ran to her father at once
When her father saw her, he was so happy that he felt better
当她的父亲看见她的时候 父亲感到非常开心 以至于他感到病都好些了
In the afternoon, beauty’s sisters who recently got married came to visit their father
中午的时候 最近刚结婚了的姐姐们回来看望她们的父亲
When they found Beauty at home, they were furious with envy and anger
当她们发现美女在家里时 她们非常嫉妒和愤怒
and they decided to play a little trick on her
Let’s make her stay here one more week, then the Beast will come and kill her
我们来让她呆在这里超过一个礼拜 然后野兽就会回来 杀了她
The two sisters came next to Beauty crying
and told her that they didn’t want to be apart
并告诉美女 她们并不想与美女分开
Beauty promised to stay one more week
Not long after, Beauty realised that she missed Beast
不久后 美女意识到她开始想念野兽
One day, she saw a dream where Beast was lifeless on the ground in the gardens castle
一天 她做了一个梦 梦见野兽毫无生气的倒在城堡花园中的地上
She woke up in a sweat
What I’m doing is cruel and selfish
我这么做真是太残忍 自私了啊
So she immediately took the ring out of her finger, put it on the nightstand beside her
所以她立刻从她的手上取下戒指 把戒指放在她旁边的床头上
And she woke up in the Beast’s castle in the morning
于是 第二天早晨她在野兽的城堡中醒来
She waited for the Beast all day long, but he was nowhere to be seen
她等了野兽整整一天 然而野兽并没出现在任何地方
She waited for hours and hours
But Beast did not come
Suddenly, she remembered her dream and ran to the garden
突然间 她想到了她的梦 然后跑向花园
Beast was lying down, lifeless on the ground
野兽躺在那里 毫无生气的躺在地上
Just like she saw him in her dream
Beauty ran next to him and hugged him
美女跑到野兽的身边 拥抱住他
Beast’s heart was still beating
He could barely open his eyes
and he spoke with great difficulty
I thought you weren’t coming back
But I love you and I want to marry you
“我爱你 我还想要嫁给你”
At that instant, something magical happened
一瞬间 奇迹发生了
the castle became brighter and more beautiful
城堡变得更加明亮 更加美丽
Beauty looked around, stunned, and then
美女看向周围 震惊了
she turned her head back to the Beast
But where the ugly Beast was lying
now there was a young and handsome prince
When she saw him, Beauty started to cry
当美女看向他是 开始哭泣
Who are you, and where does the Beast go
“你是谁 野兽去了哪里”
Oh, don’t be afraid
“哦 你别害怕”
Prince stood up and started to tell
王子站了起来 开始说
I’m the Beast, an evil which put a spell on me
“我就是野兽 魔鬼给我下了咒语”
turned me into that wretched form
If it were not for your love, that you would marry me
“如果没有你的爱 你说你要嫁给我”
If it were not for your love, I would have been a beast forever
“如果没有你的爱 我将会永远成为野兽”
When she heard this, Beauty was very happy
当美女听到这些的时候 美女很高兴
with her good heart, she found true love
她凭着她的善良 找到了真爱
Beauty and the prince got married, and lived happily ever after
美女与王子结婚了 然后一直快乐的生活着
The End
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
如果感到快乐 你就拍拍手
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
如果感到快乐 你就拍拍手
If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show
如果感到快乐 你想表达出来啊
If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands
如果感到快乐 你就拍拍手
If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet
如果感到快乐 你就跺跺脚
If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet
如果感到快乐 你就跺跺脚
If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show
如果感到快乐 你想表达出来啊
If you’re happy and you know it, stomp your feet
如果感到快乐 你就跺跺脚
If you’re happy and you know it, shout hurray
如果感到快乐 你就喊万岁!
If you’re happy and you know it, shout hurray
如果感到快乐 你就喊万岁!
If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show
如果感到快乐 你想表达出来啊
If you’re happy and you know it, shout hurray
如果感到快乐 你就喊万岁!
If you’re happy and you know it, say haha
如果感到快乐 你就说 haha
If you’re happy and you know it, say haha
如果感到快乐 你就说 haha
If you’re happy and you know it, and you really want to show
如果感到快乐 你想表达出来啊
If you’re happy and you know it, say haha
如果感到快乐 你就说 haha!!



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