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Back to School 2017 #9 // Should You Listen to Music While Studying?

Hello everyone! Today’s video will focus on the benefits of music while you are studying.
大家好 今天的视频会介绍边学边听音乐的好处
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The Mozart Effect. That is the name of the theory that supports that listening to Mozart
莫扎特效应 这是一个理论的名称
and general classical music makes you smarter and gives you better results. Basically the
其观点认为听莫扎特和普通古典乐可以使你更聪明 成绩更好
research supports itself on the idea that listening to classical music improves your
spatial-temporal reasoning, that is, the way your brain works to fit things into other
时空逻辑能力 也就是大脑理解其他事物
things and understand concepts.
This idea was then overthrown by more recent research that proved there is no connection
between your intelligence and the type of music you hear; also, recent research has
found out that people who worked and studied in silent environments had a tendency to achieve
最近的研究也发现 在安静环境中工作学习的人
better results in school. On the other hand, people who studied with music in places with
更可能取得好成绩 但另一方面 那些在嘈杂环境 (如你喜欢的咖啡厅)中
background noise, just like you find in your favorite coffeshop, had better results than
边听音乐边学习的人 比那些在同样环境
students who studied in those places, without the music.
But does that mean you should study only in silent environments? The thing is, what has
been proven is that listening to music which is constant in state, has a steady and repetitive
听着节奏平缓 声音不大的音乐
pulse, and is not too loud is\u00a0better for concentration\u00a0than inconsistent musical styles.
In that sense, music with lyrics makes studying a less efficient task – while you are concentrated
也就是说 有歌词的音乐会让学习效率变低
on the words you are reading or writing, the fact that your brain is listening to other
当你正认真地看书或写字时 又听着音乐
source of information, which is coming from the music you are hearing, means that even
involuntarily your focus will be allocated to separate tasks and that makes your studying
session less productive.
• Leaving the science factor aside, music isn’t only a factor that influences your
抛开科学因素 音乐并不是影响记忆力的唯一因素
memory retention but it acts as a pshychological booster, offering motivation and inspiration
但是它就像是一个心理助推器 在你学习的时候
while you are studying, and that can be more powerful than any research made to this date.
给你动力和鼓舞 这比目前任何的研究都有效
In some cases, students have found that music helps them with memorization, likely by creating
在某些情况下 学生发现音乐对记忆有帮助
a positive mood, which indirectly boosts memory formation. Also, music that is soothing and
这有可能是通过产生积极的情绪 间接引导记忆的形成 而且舒缓轻松的音乐
relaxing can help students to beat stress or anxiety while studying.
If there is a type of music that helps you get more motivated to do your work, that will
definitely work for you – more motivation means more work done and more work done means
那么它一定对你有帮助 因为高积极性就意味着你能完成更多的任务量
better productivity and idea retention.
Ultimately, the effects of music on study habits are dependent on the student and their
但从根本上来说 音乐对学习的影响还是依赖于学生和他们的学习方式
style of learning. If easily distracted, students should most likely avoid music so they can
如果学生很容易分心的话 尽量避免(学习时)听音乐
keep their focus on their work. On the other hand, students who function better as multi-taskers
这样他们才能全神贯注地学习 相反 善于同时进行多项任务的学生可能会发现
may find that music helps them to better concentrate.
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