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艺术才是我们真正需要的广告 – 译学馆
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Art is Advertising for What We Really Need

在我们社会的中心 有一种非常独特的力量
At the centre of our societies is a hugelyinventive force dedicated to nudging us towards
推动着我们过度欣赏世界的某些方面 凭借高超的技巧
a heightened appreciation of certain aspectsof the world. With enormous skill, it throws
它突出了某些事物的最大魅力 利用花言巧语
into relief the very best sides of particularplaces and objects. It uses wordsmiths and
和精美图像 几乎每时每刻都在我们眼前
image makers of near genius, who can createdeeply inspiring and beguiling associations
and position works close to our eyelines atmost moments of the day. Advertising is the
most compelling agent of mass appreciationwe have ever known. Because advertising is
因为广告实在是无处不在 人们很容易忘记——自然——只有很少几样东西
so ubiquitous, it can be easy to forget that– of course – only a very few sorts of
登上过广告 世界上几乎没有东西需要付费宣传
things ever get advertised. Almost nothingin the world is in a position to afford the
广告是一种热情洋溢的爱 专为现代社会中的富人
budgets required by a campaign; advertisingis a form of love overwhelmingly reserved
所预备的:尿布 谷物棒 护发素 洗手液
for those wealthy potentates of modern life:nappies, cereal bars, conditioners, hand sanitisers
家庭轿车 它总能扭转我们考虑事物的优先级
and family sedans. This has a habit of skewingour sense of priorities. One of our major flaws as
我们作为动物的最大缺点 和不快乐的罪魁祸首
animals, and a big contributor to our unhappiness,is that we are very bad at keeping in mind
就是我们总是忘记真正带来满足的是什么 我们忽视那些
the real ingredients of fulfilment. We losesight of the value of almost everything that
触手可及的事物的价值 我们对那些免费或很便宜的东西
is readily to hand, we’re deeply ungratefultowards anything that is free or doesn’t
毫无感激之情 我们相信事物的价格胜过思想和情感
cost very much, we trust in the value of objectsmore than ideas or feelings, we are sluggish
我们懒得记住如何去爱 去关心他人——
in remembering to love and to care – andare prone to racing through the years forgetting
在对奇迹 脆弱和美的遗忘中 匆匆过完一生 所以 我们有艺术
the wonder, fragility and beauty of existence.It’s fortunate, therefore, that we have
是何等幸运 从某个角度上 艺术家所做的
art. One way to conceive of what artists dois to think that they are, in their own way,
就是以他们自己的方式做广告 对象不是什么奢侈品
running advertising campaigns; not for anythingexpensive or usually even available for purchase,
甚至大多都买不到 而是那些对人意义重大
but for the many things that are at once ofhuge human importance and constantly in danger
却时常被遗忘的事物 在本世纪初 英国画家大卫·霍克尼
of being forgotten. In the early part of thetwenty-first century, the English artist David
Hockney ran a major advertising campaign fortrees. image03
在十六世纪初 德国画家阿尔布雷特·丢勒举办了
At the start of the sixteenth century, theGerman painter Albrecht Dürer launched a
一个类似的活动 让我们关注草的重要性
comparable campaign to focus our minds onthe value of grass.
在19世纪30年代 丹麦画家克利斯丁·考克为天空做了不少广告
And in the 1830s, the Danish artist ChristenKobke did a lot of advertising for the sky,
especially just before or after a rain shower.
在心理学领域 法国画家皮埃尔·波纳尔为柔情举办了一场
In the psychological field, the French painterPierre Bonnard carried out an exceptionally
异常成功的宣传活动 展示了他的伴侣玛莎的数百张画像
successful campaign for tenderness, turningout hundreds of images of his partner, Marthe,
它们带着同情 关怀与理解的点点柔光
viewed through lenses of sympathy, concernand understanding.
与此类似 美国画家玛丽·卡萨特为一件极其重要的事
In an associated move, the American painterMary Cassatt made a pretty good case for the
——多陪陪孩子 做了场很好的宣传
world-beating importance of spending bitsof one’s life with a child.
这些行为均出于正义而非傲慢 他们是我们所谓“美”的必要组成
These were all acts of justice, not condescension.They were much needed correctives to the way
that what we call ‘glamour’ is so oftenlocated in unhelpful places: in what is rare,
渺茫 昂贵 年轻 如果广告是让我们的灵魂生病的罪人
remote, costly or youthful. If advertising imagesare to blame for instilling a sickness in
our souls, the images of artists are whatcan reconcile us with our realities and reawaken
唤醒我们关注生活中那些真诚 却太容易被遗忘的事物的价值
us to the genuine, but too-easily forgottenvalue, of particular bits of our lives. Consider
想想夏尔丹的《喝茶的女人》吧 女人的裙装可能比今天的更华丽
Chardin’s Woman Taking Tea. The sitter’sdress might be a bit more elaborate than is
但是描漆的桌子 茶壶 椅子 茶勺和茶杯 都能在跳蚤市场买到
normal today; but the painted table, teapot,chair, spoon and cup could all be picked up
房间刻意地朴素 然而这幅画是迷人的——
at a flea market. The room is studiously plain.And yet the picture is glamorous – it makes
它使寻常的时刻和简单的家具变得诱人 它吸引着观众
this ordinary occasion and the simple furnishings,seductive. It invites the beholder to go home
回家创造他们自己的生活 这种魅力不是虚假的光芒
and create their own live version. The glamouris not a false sheen that pretends something
虚构出并不存在的美好 夏尔丹意识到了这最平凡一刻的意义
lovely is going on when it isn’t. Chardinrecognises the worth of a modest moment and
并发挥他的才智 让其价值为我们所知
marshalls his genius to bring its qualitiesto our notice.
是艺术 让平凡生活中不易觉察却实实在在的价值获得尊重
It lies in the power of art to honour theelusive but real value of ordinary life. It
它或许能教会我们更公平地对待自己 尽力过好自己的生活
may teach us to be more just towards ourselvesas we endeavour to make the best of our humble circumstances:
即使工作不满意 年纪大了 抱负碰壁(也不绝望)
a job we do not always love, the imperfectionsof age, our frustrated ambitions and our attempts
与家人常有摩擦 但尽力忠于他们 与给虚假的事物加上光环恰恰相反
to stay loyal to sometimes irritable families.Art can do the opposite of glamourise the
艺术让我们睁开双眼 看到我们不得不过的那种生活的美好
unattainable; it can reawaken us to the genuinemerit of life as we’re forced to lead it.
它宣传的 是我们真正需要的事物
It is advertising for the things we reallyneed.
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