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Are Intelligent People More Lonely?

这听起来是个非常刻薄和不民主的想法 平衡那种奇怪的魅力
It sounds like a very mean and undemocraticthought, trading off the peculiar glamour
也就是浪漫主义文学中的“孤独” 目的是为了获取间接的优越感
that isolation has in a Romantic culture – inorder to gain an oblique sense of superiority
以及将其伪装成为缺乏社交技巧的美德 因此
and perhaps pass off an absence of socialskills as a virtue. It is important, therefore,
清楚地了解智慧在此刻的意义十分重要 这和学历
to be clear what is meant here by intelligence.It has nothing to do with degrees or any of
或人们平时衡量聪明的标准都没关系 这与智慧有关
the criteria by which we ordinarily measurecleverness. What is meant is emotional intelligence,
智慧不一定存在于社会的每个阶层和角落 智慧意味着
which exists (or not) in every strata andnook of society. Emotional intelligence means
自我诚实和自我反省的能力 以及用开放的心态对待旁人的技巧
a capacity for self-honesty and self-observation;it means, a knack for opening oneself up to
进一步说 这也意味着更加严格的自我接受度 同时也是存在于意识里的
the stranger, more exciting, less easily admissibleaspects of oneself and at the same time for
留心更多美好的 独特的 以及意义深远的经验及感知的能力
noticing the many beautiful, peculiar andprofound experiences and sensations passing
但我们并不习惯于这样做 人们通过紧贴彼此来反复确认
through consciousness. We’re not used todoing this. We cleave tightly to reassuring
自己是普通人的观念 这意味着我们排除了许多 往往是最丰富的
notions of what normal people are like, whichmeans we exclude a lot – often the richest
人们真正的感觉 渴望 和思想 人们剔除了自身的慷慨 野蛮
bit – of what we truly feel, want and think.We edit out our more generous, wilder, more
不耐心 以及更加令人恐惧的一面 只留下可被社会接受的外壳
impatient, more terrifying sides; leavingonly the socially admissible husk that we
人们巧妙地伪装了真实的自我 同时也注定永远摆脱不了
artfully pretend is who we are. And simultaneously,we ensure that we are never far from something
丧失自我的命运 并且迷失于烦恼重重的思虑之中
that can take us powerfully away from ourselves,and so miss out on the troubling wonders that
每一刻都会在精神领域里留下痕迹 在我们的大脑里 留下的东西大多是
streak across the mental horizon at everyinstant. Most of what is in our minds remains
无法感知和目睹的 尽管它们只会在短时间内困扰着人们 但失眠症是对所有人的报复
unfelt and unseen, troubling us only in thesmall hours. Insomnia is the revenge for all
白天时 人们竭尽全力不去注意它的存在 在这里
that we tried so hard not to notice in thedaylight. In this context, emotional intelligence
智慧作为勇气的一种出现 目标不是战胜外部的敌人
emerges as a species of courage, directedat vanquishing not an external enemy but a
而是人们内心对怪异和疯狂的恐惧感 尤其是一些聪明的人
fear of being weird or of going mad. A certainsort of intelligent person is, above all else,
他们不仅是优胜者 而且更加忠实于自己的内心世界 或者 正如爱默生所说
a superior and more committed reporter oftheir inner states. Or, as Emerson once put
“在天才们的大脑中 我们再次发现被自己疏忽的思想”
it, ‘In the minds of geniuses, we find – oncemore – our own neglected thoughts.’ It
is almost certain that people who have devotedthemselves to self-honesty and self-observation
他们比普通人更容易碰到 困惑 刺激 审视 或者是烦恼
have an above average chance of meeting withincomprehension, irritation, censorship or
boredom when they attempt to share the datafrom their own minds frankly in company. Their
他们的思想 包括政治 建筑 家庭生活 或两性关系 听起来可能会
thoughts (it might be on politics or architecture,family life or sexuality) will sound more
比常态更加吓人 强烈 偏激 或是幼稚 如果在这样的情绪下表达思想
threatening, intense, oblique or tender thanis allowed. That feels lonely, if one is in
他们会感到孤独 只有少部分人能完全忠于
the mood to frame things like this. Thereare simply fewer people at large committed
自我诚信和自我反省 因此他们也能提供和交换
to self-honesty and self-observation – andtherefore up for exchanging notes on what
关于真正的生活之建议 目前有一种特殊且非常合适的办法
it’s truly like to be alive. Yet there isone resource that is exceptionally well suited
来解决这种 可能受智慧影响而产生的 不合群的感觉
to address the feelings of disconnection liableto be felt by the emotionally intelligent:
这种解决方法是艺术 艺术作品是人类的秘密日记 所有在日常社会环境中
art. Works of art are humanity’s secretdiary: records of all that could not be said
不能被言说的事情 都在更加私人的 诚实的沟通中找到了归处
in regular social contexts, but which havefound a home in the more intimate, honest
communication that can take place betweenan art-work and its audience. The libraries,
世界上的图书馆 电影院 画廊都是存放思想的宝库
cinemas and galleries of the world are repositoriesfor all the sensations that didn’t easily
这些思想很难通过日常交流表达 却包含了人们在孤独时需要向他人倾诉
make it into standard interactions and thatcontain what we need to state, and crave to
以及渴望被观众聆听的情感 因此智慧者在孤独时
hear as audiences, in our lonely states. Therefore,while emotionally intelligent people may have
未必通过和人相处来派遣寂寞 相反 他们可能更容易
an uncommonly hard time not being lonely witha person, they have an unusually easy time
通过与自己喜爱的术语相处 也就是人们所说的艺术 来驱散孤独
finding company with people who are not inthe room, the fancy term for which we call
art. We have perhaps over-privileged certainstandard notions of friendship. We may just
人们也许会逐渐接受 自己最好的朋友是250年前逝世的故人
have to accept that our best friends couldhave died 250 years ago – and be chatting
他们通过几幅绘画或押韵的五步格诗我们交流 这表明
to us via dabs of paint or within rhymingpentameters. That said, the goal shouldn’t
当孤独感来袭时 社交未必是最好的解决方法 相比之下 艺术显得更具有普适性和实用性
be a society where art is ever more prevalentand more available when loneliness strikes.
也许在社交中 艺术并不是必需品 因为我们逐渐明白
It is perhaps a society where art is everless necessary – because we have grown better
at knowing how to share more of who we arein the ordinary moments of our lives; where
we have found a more direct and reliable pathout from our loneliness.
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