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在秘鲁库斯科尝尝Alpaca肉卷 – 译学馆
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Alpaca a la Parrilla: Eating Alpaca Meat in Cuzco, Peru

所以今天晚饭的打算是找一点天竺鼠吃 有点像烤豚鼠
So the plan for today’s dinner was to track down some Cuy which is like grilled Guinea
但是我们遇到了点麻烦 第一个餐厅关门了
pig; however, we ran into some trouble. The first restaurant was closed and the second
第二个餐厅3点左右没法做 因为他们要在炉子里烤面包
one is not able to prepare it mid-afternoon because they are making bread in their oven.
So instead today we’re going to be trying some traditional food from Cusco. So we’ve
我们已经点好餐了 正在等我们的食物上来
placed our order and we’re waiting for our food to arrive. I’m not entirely sure what
我不确定该期待什么 因为我从来没有尝试过这个地方的食物
to expect because I’ve never really tried food from this region. We’ve been eating light
我们到了库斯科后一直吃便餐 只是因为我们尝试着对付高原反应
meals since we got to Cuzco just because we’re trying to deal with the altitude sickness,
so yeah, this is our first day that we’re ready for our big hearty meal.
所以在饭上来之前 你的手里有一些很好的面包卷
So until the meal arrives you’ve got some nice bread rolls in your hand. Yeah, these
这是炉子里新烤的 我等不及要吃它们了 我们有两种不同的辣酱
were freshly baked in the oven and can’t wait to try them. We have two different kinds of
他们都叫”aji”酱 所以让我们看看这里 我们要
spicy sauces. They’re both called ‘aji’ sauces, so let’s take a look down here and we’re going
沾它 其实这里有勺子所以我觉得我可以做的更文明些
to dunk it in. Actually there is spoons so I can do it a little more civilized I suppose.
然后我会放一点红的 一点绿的 为什么不呢
And I will put a little bit of red and a bit of green. Why not.
让我们试试 唔
Let’s try that. Mmmm.
烫到你嘴了吗 你的嘴着火了吗 是的
Is that burning your mouth? Is your mouth on fire at the moment? Yeah, I’m tasting more
我更多是在尝酱汁而不是面包 但面包很棒 它在我嘴里融化了
of the sauce than the bread. But the bread is good. It is melting in my mouth. And it
而它正是在你后边那个炉子里做成的 就在那里
was made in the oven right behind you. Right over there. Right over there. Fancy.
所以我的菜已经到了 我点了汤 我点了一些东西叫做Chayro wsqueño
So my meal has arrived. I ordered a soup and I’m having something called Chayro wsqueño
如果你看看这里 这基本是羊肉汤和安第斯蔬菜
and if you have a look down over here it is basically a soup with lamb and Andean greens.
我不确定这些是哪种蔬菜 它有点像大麦 唔
I’m not sure what kind of greens those would be. It kind of looks like barley. Um, there
那里可能是藜麦 我不确定 但它确实很丰盛
might be some Quinoa in there. I don’t really know but it is really hearty and you can see
it has potatoes and carrots and celery and it looks really really good. So let’s try

Oh. Wow!
那是个很棒的浓香汤 嗯 我不确定这些小绿色植物叶子是什么
That’s like a nice thick flavorful soup. Um, I can’t really tell what these little green
leaves are. I wonder if it is parsley or cilantro.
嗯 但它真的很棒 我喜欢它 它的内容很浓
Mmmm. But it is really nice. I like that is has a really thick texture because of the
因为土豆碎开了 然后你可以很明显地看到谷物和肉
potato that breaks apart and you obviously have the grains and the meat. I still haven’t
我还没有吃肉 这是我的羊肉 所以 那真的很棒
tried the meat. Here is my lamb. So yeah, that is really nice. It’s the kind of dish
you want to order on a really cold day to warm you up. And I like that it is served
而且我喜欢它 它盛在一个很棒的可爱的小碗里 你可以用它暖自己的手 我有点冻僵了
in a nice cute little bowl that you can warm up your hands. I’m a little bit chilly in
case you can’t tell.
所以耶 好汤
So yeah, good soup.
And you ordered something called Pachapapa and we’re not entirely sure if that is a name
餐厅给饭的名字 或者那种饭在秘鲁这里的名字
that the restaurant gave to the meal or if that is really what the meal is called in
耶 我们走进这个餐馆时没有什么打算 突发奇想点了餐
this part of Peru. Yeah, we have no idea we just came to this restaurant, ordered it on
所以我很惊奇的是 如果看看我们的盘子
a whim and so what I’m thrilled about is that if we take a look at our my plate is that
我有许多不同的食物 我有沙拉 有肉
I’ve got a lot of different stuff going on. I’ve got a salad, I’ve got the meat, I’ve
有玉米粉蒸肉 有奶酪裹着的土豆 还有一些瓤柿子椒
got the tamale, I’ve got potatoes covered in cheese and I have some kind of stuffed
pepper. But being the carnivore that I am I think I will try the meat first.
你可以告诉我们这是什么肉吗?因为这不是牛肉 是的
And can you tell us what kind of meat this is? Because it is not beef. Yeah, it is Alpaca
这是羊驼肉 羊驼 真的
meat. Alpaca? Indeed!
很特别 开进 我之前从没吃过羊驼肉 它尝起来像牛肉
So pretty special. Dig in. I’ve never tried Alpaca before. Does it taste like beef? Chicken
or fish? It tastes something like of in between chicken and beef. This particular cut is really
tender and it has a lot of seasonings on it so it is quite good. It’s not as gamey as
I thought it would be.
好了该试试我的玉米粉蒸肉了 这个玉米粉蒸肉是由玉米做成的 唔 黄色的玉米
Alright, time to try my tamale. And the tamale is made with corn. Mmmm. Yellow corn.
That’s one of the best tamales I’ve ever had. I think it’s got cheese. Yeah, it’s got cheese
我觉得它有奶酪,我觉得那儿有奶酪 唔 哦天哪
in there. Mmmm. Oh, my.
我突然嫉妒你的食物了 那真棒 你最好希望我和你分享
I have food envy all of a sudden. That is so good. You better hope I share with you.
Okay, so my kind husband is willing to share this stuffed pepper which I was told has beef
我说过上面有牛肉和蔬菜和融化的奶酪 所以让我们吃一大块
and vegetables and melted cheese on top. So let’s take a good chunk since he’s in the
既然他愿意分享 我不是那么愿意分享
mood to share. It’s not so much I’m in the mood to share. I’m just not sure I can eat
it all myself.

那就像磨过的牛肉哦 天哪那真辣 现在我舌头要着火了
That’s like ground beef and man that is actually spicy. My tongue is on fire right now. But
但他明显很美味 因为我还在嚼着
it is tasty obviously because I’m still chewing.
但是 耶 很棒 我很高兴你点了一盘
But yeah, nice. I like that you have a very full plate and you get to sample a little
bit of everything.
So we tried to make this as authentic of a meal in Cusco as we possibly could, so I got
所以我的Cusqueña啤酒上来了 而明天我们将试着找到并尝试天竺鼠
my Cusqueña beer. And tomorrow we’re going to try and find Cuy.