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Let’s learn about bald eagles!
众所周知作为美国的国鸟和象征 秃鹰是一种是食肉猛禽
Famously the national bird and symbol of the United States of America, the bald eagle is
作为鸟类 秃鹰属于恒温动物 它们有尖喙和翅膀
a bird of prey. As birds, bald eagles are warm-blooded, they have beaks and wings, they
它们把羽毛覆盖在蛋上用于孵化 尽管叫“秃”鹰 但它们并不是秃子
lay eggs, and they are covered in feathers. Despite its name, bald eagles are not bald.
它们的名字来自“花斑”这个词 意思是全身覆盖浅色和深色斑点
Their name comes from the word ‘piebald,’ which means ‘covered in patches of light and
白色的头部和尾部与深色的身体对比鲜明 使得秃鹰很容易
dark colors.’ The white head and tail contrasted with its dark body make the bald eagle easy
to identify!
秃鹰是海雕的一种 体长可达40英寸或
Bald eagles are a type of sea eagle, and may reach a body length of up to 40 inches or
102厘米 双翅展开可达7.5英尺或2.3米 体重可达14磅左右
102 cm, a wingspan of up to 7.5 feet or 2.3 meters, and weights reaching nearly 14 lbs
或6.3公斤 秃鹰是北美地区体型最大的鹰类
or 6.3 kg. Bald eagles are the largest type of eagle native to North America, and the
也是在北美唯一发现的鹰类 它们分布在加拿大和
only eagle that can be found only in North America. It ranges over most of Canada and
阿拉斯加的大部分地区 少部分秃鹰分布在向南方向的48个州 像是墨西哥的部分地区
Alaska, all of the lower 48 states, as well as parts of Mexico.
秃鹰是食肉动物 最常吃的是鱼类 不过有时也吃兔子 海狸
Bald eagles are carnivores, eating mostly fish, but they will also eat rabbits, beavers,
鹅 爬行动物 螃蟹以及其他活的动物 腐肉
geese, reptiles and crabs as well as other creatures, and carrion – or animals that have
或动物的尸体它们同样也能接受 由于更加钟爱鱼类 一般在较大水域附近可以发现秃鹰
already died. Because they prefer to eat fish, the bald eagle can be found near large bodies
那里既可以找到食物 又能在巨大的古树上栖息
of water where they can find food, with large old trees where they can nest.
秃鹰需要巨大并且粗壮的树 因为它们建造的巢非常大
Bald eagles need large, strong trees because they build huge nests. The bald eagle builds
秃鹰的巢是北美地区所有鸟类中最大的 也是世界上动物在树上筑巢最大的
the largest nest of any bird in North America, and the largest tree nest of any animal in
秃鹰的巢可达13英尺或4米深 8英尺
the world. The nest of a bald eagle can be up to 13 feet or 4 meters deep, over 8 feet
或2.5米宽 重达一顿多 经过测量 最大的巢约
or 2.5 meters wide, and weigh more than a ton. The largest nest ever measured was almost
10英尺或3米多宽 20英尺或6米深 秃鹰一生只选择
10 feet or more than 3 meters wide and 20 feet or 6 meters deep. Bald eagles choose
一位配偶 每一年秃鹰夫妇都会回到同一个巢穴 扩大和加固它们的家
a mate for life, and each year the pair returns to the same nest, making it bigger and stronger.
野生秃鹰通常可以活到30年以上 因此不难理解它们的巢穴是怎样
Since eagles may live 30 years or more in the wild, it is easy to see how these nests
can become so massive.
幼年或未成年秃鹰 外形看上去和成年秃鹰差别很大 它们没有
Young bald eagles, or juveniles, look dramatically different from adults. They do not have the
鲜明的白色头部和尾部 直到长至4或5岁
distinctive white head and tail until they reach adulthood at four or five years of age.
相反 它们的羽毛呈深棕色并掺着不同数量的白条纹
Instead, they have dark brown feathers with varying amounts of white streaks in their plumage.
The bald eagle began to be used as a symbol for the United States of America back in 1782
首次出现在国玺上 不过如今在钱币
when it first appeared on the Great Seal, but it can now be found on American money,
国旗 文件 公共建筑和护照上也可以看到
flags, documents, public buildings, and passports.
十八世纪时 秃鹰在美国最为常见 数量一度高达
The bald eagle was a common sight in the America of the 1700s, with populations estimated to
50万只 但是到20世纪50年代 已知的秃鹰仅剩400对了
be as high as 500,000 eagles, but by the 1950s there were just over 400 known nesting pairs
秃鹰数量下降的原因很多 随着美国的森林逐渐减少
of bald eagles left. The population had dropped for several reasons. As forests were cleared
秃鹰失去了重要的栖息地 人类过去认为秃鹰
across America, the bald eagles lost important habitat. People also thought that bald eagles
会猎食饲养的鸡和羊 因此成千上万只秃鹰被射杀 后来
would kill and eat their chickens and sheep, so tens of thousands of them were shot. Finally,
一种名叫“滴滴涕”的杀虫剂毒害了很多鹰 中毒的鹰无法
a chemical called DDT, which was used to kill insects, was poisoning the eagles and stopping
them from hatching healthy chicks.
为了保护秃鹰不被灭绝 国会通过了《秃鹰和金鹰
In an effort to stop the bald eagle from going extinct, Congress approved the Bald and Golden
保护法案》 1967年秃鹰被列为濒危物种
Eagle Protection Act, and in 1967 the bald eagle was added to the list of endangered
1972年 全美禁用杀虫剂“滴滴涕”
species. In 1972 the use of DDT was banned in the United States. With these protections
通过这些保护措施 秃鹰的数量开始恢复 1995年秃鹰从濒危物种名单中去除
in place, the eagle population began to recover, and in 1995 the bald eagle was removed from
the list of endangered species. It is thought that there are currently 70,000 bald eagles
living in North America.
希望您喜欢这期关于秃鹰的介绍 我们下次再见
I hope you enjoyed learning about bald eagles today. Goodbye till next time!



本期介绍的是美国的象征秃鹰 主要了解秃鹰的特征 习性 保护法案等历史情况