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Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp 7: The Enchanted Treasury | Level 5 | By Little Fox

Aladdin and.His Wonderful Lamp
Chapter 7: The Enchanted Treasury
阿拉丁从洞口处慢慢向后退 眼睛大睁着
Aladdin’s eyes grew wide as he slowly stepped back from the opening.
“You want me ro go down there alone?” he said.
“Don’t be afraid,” said Magrib.
“There is no danger if you do exactly as I say.
“It’s an enchanted treasury.
“You will return with more riches than a king!”
The magician threw his arm around Aladdin.
“Just think of it!”
“我不知道 叔叔”阿拉丁担心地说
“I don’t know, Uncle,” said Aladdin, worried.
“楼梯有55阶 通往一个金库”
“The stairway has fifty steps and leads to a golden chamber,”
马格里布说 把男孩抱得更近了
said Magrib, hugging the boy closer.
“当你走完最后一步 你将会看见四个金瓶子”
“When you reach the last step, you will see four golden jars.”
Magrib’s voice seemed to put a magic spell on the boy.
Aladdin’s worry turned to excitement.
“Is the treasure in the jars?”
“不 孩子”马格里布说
“No, boy,” said Magrib.
“Beware of those jars.
“Don’t touch them.
“Don’t even let the edge of your pants brush up against them.”
Aladdin’s smile disappeared.
“I will surely keep far away from those jars,” he said.
“And watch out for the walls,” said Magrib.
“Don’t touch them either.
“你通过房间时要非常 非常小心”
“Move very carefully as you walk through the room.”
“我会的 非常 非常小心 叔叔”阿拉丁说
“I will be very, very careful, Uncle,” said Aladdin.
“But don’t take too long,” smiled Magrib.
“I will hurry!”
“Next you will see a closed door,” continued the magician.
“Command the door to open just as you commanded the stone to rise.
“Then you will find yourself in a most beautiful garden.
“我难道没有向你承诺过另一个花园 阿拉丁?”
“Didn’t I promise you another garden, Aladdin?”
“不 你承诺过 叔叔!”阿拉丁欢快地说
“Yes, you did, Uncle!” said Aladdin brightly.
“Is this where I’ll find the treasure?”
“不 不”马格里布说
“No, no,” said the magician.
“Pay attention!”
“Follow the garden path for one hundred paces.
“然后你会离你的终生大奖很近 非常近!”
“Then you will be close, very close to the prize of a lifetime!”
“The treasure!”
“继续说 叔叔!”
“Go on, Uncle!”
“A tall leader will be leaning against the garden wall.
“当你已经向上爬到第30步时 你会看到墙上有一个洞”
“When you have climbed up thirty steps, you will see a hole in the wall.
“在里面 发现一个被铁链悬挂着的铜灯”
“Inside, you will find a brass lamp hanging on a chain.
“拿到它 放在你的上衣里”
“Take it and put it inside your jacket.
“爬下来 然后把灯给我”
“Climb back down and bring the lamp to me. “
“A lamp?” said Aladdin, puzzled.
“What about the treasure?”
“你必须把灯带给我!”马格里布怒道 他的双手颤抖着
“You must bring me the lamp!” cried Magrib, his hands shaking.
Then he calmed himself.
“但是在回来的路上 你可以随便摘花园里果树上的果实”
“But on your way back, feel free to pick from the fruit trees in the garden.
“你可以拿走任何你想要的 只要你拿到了那盏灯”
“You may take anything you want, as long as you have the lamp! “
“我会照你说的做的 叔叔”阿拉丁说
“I will obey you, Uncle.” said Aladdin.
“所以 我的孩子 是时候去了”
“So, my boy, it is time to go.
“你现在是一个男人了 不是一个孩子”
“You are a man now, not a child .
“如果你遵照我的指示 你将很快成为一个富有的人 最富有的人!”
“And if you follow my instructions, you will soon be a very rich man, “the richest of all!”
Magrib lowered Aladdin through the opening and down onto a stone step.
“Wait!” said Magrib as he took a ring from his finger.
“This ring will protect you from all danger and fear.
“回来前 别摘下来”
“Wear it until you return.”
Magrib reached down and slid the ring onto Aladdin’s finger.
“Now go!”
阿拉丁从石头上下来 抬头看着马格里布
Aladdin went down one stone step and turned to look up at Magrib.
All he could see were the magician’s eyes glowing from beneath his hood.
阿拉丁转身离开 消失在黑暗中
Aladdin turned away and disappeared into the shadow.