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A Walk Around Chernobyl

那是切尔诺贝利四号核反应堆 它在1986年4月26日熔化
That is Chernobyl nuclear reactor number four. It melted down on April 26, 1986. So what
所以发生了什么 使得反应堆内部产生了这么多的热量 然后基本上吹走了屋顶
happened was so much heat was generated inside that reactor that it basically blew the top
off spreading radioactive isotopes throughout this whole surrounding area and over into
进入欧洲 这就是为什么我们今天在这里仍能检测到污染
Europe. And that is why we can still detect the contamination here today.
他们用石棺盖起了它 有点因为年岁碎裂了
And they covered it in that sarcophagus which is kind of crumbling as it ages. And so they
所以实际上他们就在这里建了一个崭新的防范设备 当它竣工时
are actually building a brand new containment facility over here which, when it is finished,
将会从旧容器的顶部上滑过 在旧石棺的上面
will be slid over on top of the old containment, on top of the old sarcophagus.
普里皮亚季镇就建在反应堆几公里之外 主要是
The town of Pripyat was built just a few kilometers away from the reactor, mostly to house the
给在这里工作的人们的家庭提供住宿 现在它完全废弃了 所以现在你们
families of the people who worked there. And now it is completely abandoned. So now you
可以发现所有这些苏联高层公寓完全空了 碎裂开
can find all of these high rise Soviet apartments completely empty and crumbling and the forest
is basically reclaiming this whole town.
When the residents of Pripyat were told to evacuate they were told that they would only
在两星期内离开 所以他们把大部分所有物留在原处
be away for two weeks. So they left most of their belongings exactly where they were and
然后他们再也不回来了 所以他们的生活就展示在这里
they never came back. So their lives are on display here.
我在一个旧幼儿园里 这难以置信的平和 你知道 你眺望四周
I am inside an old kindergarten and it is incredibly peaceful. You know, you look around
看起来这里发生了灾难 但主要的是 这里显示了30年的
and it looks like a disaster has hit here. But, mainly, what this shows is 30 years of
风化和缺乏维护 然后事物就分崩离析
weathering and no maintenance. So things just fall apart.
辐射最阴险的事情是看不见它 你感觉不到它
The most insidious thing about radiation is how invisible it is. You can’t feel it.
你闻不到它或者看见它 这可以是原始荒野 但它不是
You can’t smell it or see it. This could be pristine wilderness, but it is not. It
这是一个污染废弃的地方 这是真正世界末日后世界的样子:
is a contaminated, deserted waste land. This is what a real post-apocalyptic world looks
废弃的建筑物 荒草萋萋的街道 所有东西都碎裂了 腐朽了 坏掉了
like: abandoned buildings, over grown streets, everything crumbling, rusting, breaking.
反应堆附近有一块区域叫做红森林 因为事故之后
Near the reactor there is an area called the red forest, because after the accident, so
那里堆积了如此多的放射性材料 以至于所有的树都枯死了 而它们的叶子
much radioactive material was dumped in that area that all the trees died. And their leaves
变成红色 就像他们在秋天一样
turned red, just like they do in autumn.
我站在旧普里皮亚季剧院的舞台上 有些关于这个地方的就像……
I am standing on the stage of the old Pripyat theater. There is something about this place
我可以想象这个场景 我可以想象在这里:一个座无虚席的房间 所有伟大的
that just … I can picture the scene. I can picture it here: a packed house, all the great
俄罗斯作品在这里上演 你四处可以看到
Russian productions that were staged here. And you look around at all the old lights
他们用过的旧灯光和一层又一层走道 这是非常
and the layers upon layers of walkways they would have used. This is a pretty amazing
不可思议的地点 这是迄今为止我最喜欢的地方 没有放射性 这就是这个地方
location. This is my favorite place so far, nothing radioactive. It is just an amazing
look at the past of this place.
所有东西都能认得出来 都这么熟悉 然后又被摧毁
Everything is so recognizable and so familiar and yet it is being destroyed. It is crumbling
它在碎裂 自然重新占领了这整片地区 这是世界
and nature is reclaiming this whole area. This is what the world would look like if
如果人类某一天突然消失后的情景 这是它30年后的情景
man disappeared one day all of a sudden. This is what it would look like 30 years later.
I filmed this video while shooting a documentary for TV all about how uranium has shaped the
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