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进入人类新纪元 – 译学馆
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A New History for Humanity – The Human Era

Humans have existed for millions of years, as part of nature.
但之后 发生了某些改变 在很短的一段时间内
But then, something changed. And in an incredibly short amount of time..
..We terraformed this planet and designed it to fit our needs.
据我们所知 人类是首种觉醒并完全接管一颗行星的生命
As far as we know, we’re the first beings to awaken and completely take over a planet.
The transition from hunting and gathering to farming and building, was so breathtakingly fast,
that many of our ways of thinking about the world are no longer useful.
其中一个最过时的想法就是 世界上应用最广泛的历法坚持认为我们生活在2016年
One of our most outdated ideas is that the most commonly used calendar in the world insists that we live in the year of 2016.
这扭曲了我们对我们自身历史的看法 使我们难以理解自己所属的物种种类
This distorts our view of our own history, and makes it harder to understand who we are as a species,
and just how far we have come in an incredibly short amount of time.
因此 可能现在就是给人类选择一个元年的时候
So, maybe it’s time to choose a Year 0 for humanity.
元年代表着我们真正作为一个种类 并形成各种文化的时候
A Year 0 that truly represents us as a species and includes all cultures,
a Year 0 that marks when we began building our own world on top of the old one.
*Kurzgesagt intro*
~The 1st temple~
12,000年前 数百个人类聚集在安纳托利亚南部的山上
12,000 years ago hundreds of humans came together in the hills of southern Anatolia.
他们是猎人 是采集者 都没有农业或金属制造知识
They were hunters and gatherers without the knowledge of agriculture or metalworking.
All they had were tools made of stone and wood,
but they built humanity’s first big construction project..
..7,000 years before the pyramids were built in Egypt.
Spread over 300 meters our ancestors erected circles of massive stone pillars,
每根石柱有6米高 40吨重
each of them up to 6 meters high and 40 tons in weight.
有象形图艺术装饰 也有动物石刻神秘生物石刻装饰
Decorated with art for pictograms and stone carvings of animals and mythical creatures.
We have no idea how they were able to do this.
这应该是石器时代的大规模工程 要求先前人类有一定程度的组织才能做到 这种前人的能力
It was probably a project of epic scale for the Stone Age, requiring a level of organization we didn’t know..
..early humans were capable of until we found this site.
那么 他们为什么要建造这座建筑呢?
So, why did they build it?
The most popular theory is that
this was the first temple of humanity dedicated to long-forgotten Gods.
We only know that this construction project, the 1st-of-its-kind marks the beginning of a new era.
It’s in this area, around that time, that humans truly began to build their own world.
这座建筑成了人类历史上的一块里程碑 也是我们日历的开始
Which would make it a fitting milestone in our history, for the start of our calendar.
这个时刻是如此与众不同 科学家切萨雷·艾米利安妮提出
This moment in time is so distinct, that scientist Cesare Emiliani proposed that humanity..
人类历法应转换成其称作全新世纪年的历法 在我们现有的格里高里历的基础上加一万年
..should switch to what he called the Holocene calendar, by adding 10,000 years to our current Gregorian calendar.
We don’t need to change our well-established days and months,
and religious calendars could stay the same as well.
而出于官方目的考量 今年就是人类纪元12016年
But for all official purposes, our current year will be the year 12,016 of the human era.
This would drastically alter how we think about history, and how it feels.
让我们做一个简短的回顾 从元年开始过一遍我们的历史
Let’s take a very brief look, and move through our new history, from our New Year 0.
~A new human history~
一万两千年前 第一个建造工程的开始
12,000 years ago saw the beginning of the first construction project,
kicking off our history.
It would be in use for about 2,000 years.
花了将近一千年 直到可能是地球上第一个城市的杰利科
It took nearly a millennium until Jericho, probably the first city on Earth,
was founded in the year 1000 after the start of the human era.
它的进展在这个历史阶段仍然十分缓慢 在接下来的一千年里
Progress was still very, very, slow at this point. Over the next 1,000 years more and more..
世界各地出现了越来越多的 开始定居生活的人类
..permanent settlements appeared around the world,
农业开始普及 人类种植的植物和家养的动物种类越来越多
and more and more plants and animals were domesticated as agriculture spread.
Evidence for trade over thousands of kilometers has been found from this period.
在这个历史点上 大约生存着五百万人类 比现今天居于伦敦的人口还少
Around 5,000,000 humans were alive at this point in history, fewer than live in London today.
科技发展虽慢 但也不断进步
Technology advanced constantly, at a slow pace.
Pottery became widespread.
人类第一次文化交流出现在中国 印度 和肥沃新月地带
The first cultural communities appeared in China, India, and the Fertile Crescent.
大约四千年时 也就是从今天回溯八千年 人类第一次使用金属
Around the Year 4000, 8,000 years ago from today, humans started to use metal for the first time,
学着混合锡和铜 在五千年左右 进入了我们所知道的铜器时代
learning to mix tin and copper and kick-starting what we know as the Bronze Age around the year 5000.
首个类文字出现 也发明了车轮
The first proto-writing emerged, and the wheel was invented.
在南美 新克罗文化下 开始了木乃伊的制作
In South America, the Chinchorro culture started to artificially mummify humans,
2,000 years earlier than in Ancient Egypt.
大约七千年年 首个高等文明开始出现
The first high cultures began emerging around the year 7000.
印度河流域文化 古埃及 希腊的米诺斯文明 美索不达米亚的苏美尔人
The Indus Valley Civilization, Ancient Egypt, the Minoans in Greece, and the Sumerians in Mesopotamia.
大不列颠巨石阵的建造 还有中国第一个朝代的开始
Stonehenge was built in Britain, and the first dynasty in China began.
Ötzi the Ice Man lived around this time.
从世界人口超三千万这个点开始 我们研究考量历史 各种事物进程加快
What we consider history now started and things began picking up pace, as the world population rose to over 30,000,000.
多种高等文明在世界范围内出现 很多都记录下了他们的传奇
A number of new high cultures appeared around the world, many writing down their legends.
More and more cities were founded.
在南美 奥尔梅克文化出现
In South America the Olmec culture emerged.
大约在这个时候 发生了著名的特洛伊之战
Around this time, the legendary siege of Troy is supposed to have happened.
不久在地中海东部的新月地带 铜器时代在战乱中结束了
Soon after in the eastern Mediterranean in the Fertile Crescent, the bronze age ended in violence.
Every Bronze Age culture, except Egypt, was destroyed by mysterious invaders.
Writing and progress froze for hundreds of years.
大约在9500年 我们所认为的西方文明开始了
Around the Year 9500, what we consider Western culture began.
希腊城邦抵御了波斯的入侵 并开创了他们的黄金时代
The Greek city-states beat off the persian invasion, and triggered their golden era,
而后在9700年左右 在亚力山大大帝统一希腊后结束
ended by Alexander the Great around 9700.
百年后 罗马击败了迦太基 成为了当时世界上的一支站主导地位的强大势力
100 years later, Rome destroyed Carthage, and became a dominant force in the world.
凯撒在9956年被刺杀 此时的世界人口已达到3亿之多
Caesar was murdered in the year 9956, while the world population had risen to about 300,000,000 people.
在大约一万年左右的时候 我们到了格里高利历所定的元年
And it’s only now around the year 10,000, that we’ve reached the point where the Gregorian calendar
and our current method of marking human history begins.
A mere 2,000 years from now, humans will walk on the moon.
如果用我们现在的方法看历史 我们未免对人类一万年(元年之前)的进步和发展太轻描淡写了
If we think about history as we do now, we are underplaying 10,000 years of human progress and development.
把它全部包括在编年史中 让我们的过去更加让人印象深刻
Including all of it in our calendar makes our past more impressive.
这显示我们的进步随时间越来越快 包括不同文明的……
It shows how progress became exponential with time, and it incorporates all humans from..
..all cultures into our calendar.
A New Year 0 for our history could re-frame how we think of ourselves.
As a building project that started 12,000 years ago when for the first time,
our ancestors came together to carve a temple out of bedrock with tools made of stone;
not knowing what they would set in motion,
where it would lead us as a species.
从建造第一所庙宇开始 到飞船冲破天空
From building the first temple, to ships flying beyond the sky.
We’ve made a Kurzgesagt version of the human era calendar..
..that you can buy here if you want.
这是一个2017年的日历 但有个重要的区别
It’s a calendar for 2017, but with one important difference.
我们的年历是12017年 这是我们认为的真正所处的年份
It’s for the year 12,017, the year we think we should be in right now.
这款日历数量有限 但如果我们能卖出相当数量
There are only a very limited amount available, but if we sell enough of them,
我们将把这个作为常规商品 也许未来将印制更多
we’ll make this a regular thing, and maybe produce more print products in the future.
此日历配有插图 并且我们还插入一些有趣的事件
The calendar is illustrated, and we put in a few fun facts.
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谢谢收看 12017年快乐!
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