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八条读懂他人的技巧 – 译学馆
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8 Tips on Reading People

[writing with chalk sound]
Sometimes we get mega signals,
或许是直觉 或许是感知 也或许是我们过去的经历 使得我们在读懂他人方面不能做到最好
maybe our intuition, our perception, our past experiences make us not the best at reading people.
谢天谢地 我们并没有失去所有能力 我们能够更好的读懂其他人
Thankfully, all is not lost. We can get better at reading people.
但是怎么做呢 第一 相信感觉
But how? Number one, a gut instincts.
Majority of people don’t trust their gut feelings,
我们通常信任大脑 相信大脑告诉我们可以相信的东西
we usually trust our brains and believe what our brains tell us to believe,
但是加利福尼亚大学的一项研究表明 当对试验者的大脑进行测试时 只有43%的人能够分辨谎言
but a study from the university of California shows that people only recognize lies fourty three percent of the time,
and truths fourty eight percent of the time when trusting their brains.
当他们相信自己的感觉时 准确率就更高了
When trusting their guts, the accuracy rate was way higher.
相信你自己的感觉 因为第一印象通常是准确的
Trust your gut, because first impression is often accurate.
第二 进行言语和行为模仿
Number two, speach and behavioral mimicry.
Some people the first time you meet them,
会建立一个虚假的角色 或者试图操纵你对他们的感知
put up a false persona or try to manipulate your perception of them.
实际上 诚实和真诚的人会模仿你的言行
The people who are actually being honest and genuine though will mimic your words and actions,
this shows they are in think with you and how you are feeling.
第三 同情心
Number three, empathy,
有些人天生就有与其他人共鸣的天分 有些人则没有
some people have a natural talent in empathizing with others, while some don’t.
为了增强你的同情心 你需要良好的阅读理解技能
To be able to increase your empathy, you need good reading and understanding skills,
American psychologist Carl Rogers thinks empathy is important in his teachings and therapeutic methods.
Empathy will help you see things from someone else’s perspective,
and thus will allow you to read their emotions and intentions better.
第四 看外表
Number four is appearance,
making judgements on appearance might feel shallow,
它会告诉你几件事 就像福尔摩斯 嘿 那家伙穿着非常好的乔丹牌的衣服
they can say a few things, be like Sherlock Holmes, hey, that dude is wearing prime condition Jordan’s,
则可以推断出 或许他喜欢篮球 说唱 或者至少是运动鞋文化
maybe he likes basketball, rap or at least sneaker culture.
People’s appearances can give you settle hints into their character.
他们会穿五颜六色的衣服吗 他们会盛装打扮吗 还是很马虎呢
Do they wear lots of colors? Are they very well dressed? Or very sloppy?
这可能会暗示他们是有组织的 勤奋的 还是懒惰邋遢的
This could hint that they are organized and deligent or lazy and slob.
第五 和第二条相似
Number five, similar to Number two,
body langue is a major giveaway to someone’s emotions.
如果有人伤心 那他们或许会突然下垂肩膀和头
If someone’s sad, they might suddenly have their head down with drooped shoulders.
他们是着急 出汗还是内急呢
Are they anxious? Sweating? Pissing?
他们在玩手机吗 还是说他们没有投入到谈话中呢
Are they checking their phone? maybe they’re not into the conversation?
有微笑吗 还是说只是轻微的笑呢 要深入观察一个人
Are there smiles? Just small grins? Pay attention and look deep into a person.
第六 注意面部表情
Number six, facial expressions,
this acpect of body languages can be hard to interpret.
Sometimes each side of the face can give off two different emotions,
有一些很明显 向上翘起的嘴角和眼角往往意味着幸福和微笑
some are obvious, upturned mouth and crows-feet often mean happiness and smiles.
有些情绪是不同特征的结合 比如 尴尬
Some emotions are combination of different signs like embarrassment,
对有些人来说 当他们尴尬的时候他们会微笑
some people when they’re embarrassed smile,
但是 嘴唇会比快乐的微笑的时候更紧
however, the lips are tighter than a happy smile,
当感到同情时 嘴唇或许也会拉紧 当嘴唇向下拉的时候 也可能是表示悲伤的一种姿态
lips might also be pulled tight, when compassion is felt, as a pose to sadness where the lips are pulled down.
虽然这很让人困惑 但是在读懂他人时 学习微妙的提示是非常重要的优势
While it’s confusing, it’s important to learn the subtle cues for significant advantage in reading people.
第七 要保持客观
Number seven is objectivity,
使用这些技巧 有可能会导致一些偏见
with all these tips, they can lead to some bias,
为了成功的读懂他人 要客观看待情况
to success fully read someone, enter the situation objectively,
leave your past feelings of that person behind,
focuse on what they’re saying and how they’re behaving in that moment.
我们的感觉会歪曲他人传达的东西 产生错误的印象
Our feelings can create a false impression of what they’re conveying,
especially negative feelings.
第八 要忍耐
And Number eight is patience,
为了读懂他人 需要实际的练习
in order to read someone, it takes practice.
人是很复杂的 如果你在和他们谈话 他们很可能也会获取你的提示
People are complex, if you’re in a conversation with them, they’re likely also picking up on your cues as well.
你不可能立即读懂别人 也不能机械地随意设想他人
You can’t be an immediate expert on someone or automatically assume everything about the other person,
如果交流继续下去 他们就会以自己的节奏进行谈话
if the communication continues, they will open up at their own pace,
and that’s when you can figured out if you read them correctly or not.
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