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8 Best Places To Travel Alone

8 Best Places To Travel Alone.
A solo traveling experience is a different experience altogether.
It gives you time to look deep within.
This is the way to get out of all the society prejudices and judgmental looks.
Traveling alone gives you an opportunity to meet new people and look deep into the local culture.
当你和其他人或一些朋友一起时 你可能不能做
When you are with someone or with a group of friends, you tend to miss doing things
一些事情 而你一个人来却可以
that you would have otherwise done, if you had come alone.
Also sometimes with your friends you have to do what the group likes, giving you less
opportunity to explore the place that you visit.
你也会与很多旅行者短暂地同行 他们会分享自己的经验
You also get many temporary fellow travelers who share their experiences.
所以 你需要相信他人
For this, you need to have the trust factor.
就个人而言 我喜欢独自旅行 与陌生人交谈
Personally, I love to travel alone and speak to strangers, with them I can open up on any
我可以和他们畅谈任何话题 公事或是私事
topic, be it personal or general.
The one reason to do that would be that I know I will not have to face the same person
again and this is the reason why I can talk to them about anything without worrying about
their prejudices.
这是每个人都该独自旅行的原因 在人生中你至少该
This is the reason why solo traveling is necessary for everyone, and you should experience this
at least once in your lifetime.
这些适合独自旅行的地方 一定是美丽与古雅的
These places to travel alone must be beautiful and quaint.
当你在探索这些地方时 很多时候也在发现自己生命的意义
Many times, while discovering these places, you end up discovering yourself.
The time you spend alone gives you time to look deep within yourself.
千万别觉得语言是障碍 全世界唯一的通用语言是
Never consider language as a barrier, the only language spoken globally is the language
of love and trust.
You can easily communicate with anyone using these two tools and of course end up in actually
当然 结果是学会一门新的语言
learning a new language.
当你在选择地点时 一定要牢记在心的重要因素是
There are certain factors that matter that you must keep in mind when you are about to
当地是否安全 居民是否友善
decide on a location like safety concern and how friendly is the neighborhood.
The perfect place to roam around should also not need a traveling guide.
There are many easy to travel places in this world.
你可以步行 搭陌生人的顺风车 或者租一辆自行车或轿车
You can travel there by foot, by taking a lift from strangers or may be by renting a
bike or car.
Here are some of the best places to travel alone:
一 新西兰
1: New Zealand.
这个国家被深蓝色海水所包围 是旅行者的天堂
Surrounded by deep blue waters, this country is a traveler’s paradise.
这里有自然之美以及极限运动 比如蹦极 游船
It offers you natural beauty and adventure sports like bungee jumping, boat cruises,
骑行 甚至是危险的登山路径
bike rides and even dangerous hiking trails.
High Rise Mountains with glacier caps and rain forests are nature’s bounty over here.
与最开放的新西兰人相处 会让你忘记是在
With the most open-minded people living in New Zealand, you will forget that you are
traveling alone.
二 挪威
2: Norway.
这是一个坐落在斯堪的纳维亚国家 每个人都会想起
This is a Scandinavian country and who can forget to mention about the God’s play of
lights, the northern lights.
Norway is the only country in the world where you can see through naked eyes the prism of
穿过雪山的极光棱柱的国家 当你从帐篷向外偷看时
lights break through the glacial mountains and dance before you as you peek out through
your tents.
在如此神奇的自然现象面前 你绝对不会想念人类的陪伴
In the presence of such divine atmosphere, you would never miss the company of a human being.
这里住宿的选择十分多样 从山上小屋到
The diversity of housing options over here ranges from mountain huts to comfortable,
舒适 豪华的酒店
luxurious hotels.
Also, Norway fjords are a plus point for sightseeing.
三 西藏
3: Tibet.
西藏因“世界屋脊”而闻名 它坐落在世界最高点之一
Known as the ‘Roof of the World’, Tibet is located on one the highest points of the world.
这里的人心向和平 脚踏实地 深受独自旅行者的喜爱
Peace-loving and down to earth people often please solo travelers.
当独自旅行时 你不想被智能手机或电子设备打扰
While traveling alone, you do not want to be disturbed by your smart phones or electronic gadgets.
藏族远离世俗的娱乐 欢迎你深窥自己的灵魂
Tibetans stay away from the worldly pleasures and welcome you to have a deep look into your soul.
It is surrounded by snow clad mountains and green pasture hills.
四 不丹
4: Bhutan.
这个国家和它的人民 远离当今人们相信的唯物主义
This country and its countrymen are far from the materialism that the world is running
towards today, but finally when the world wants a respite from all this, then Bhutan
come to its rescue.
This country is located in South Asia.
不丹不用国内生产总值衡量它的发展 而是通过快乐指数
Bhutan does not measure its development through gross domestic product, but through the happiness
在快乐方面 不丹是真正的发达国家
index and by measuring the happiness, they claim their country to be truly ‘developed’.
五 哥斯达黎加
5: Costa Rica.
哥斯达黎加被称作是世界上最快乐的国家 它真的是一个可以让你
Termed as the world’s happiest country, Costa Rica is truly a place where you can
attain salvation and resurrection from the worldly stress.
It is located in Central America.
Travellers who come here do try out surfing in the Pacific.
它在快乐星球指数中排名第一 代表了
It is also ranked as number 1 in the Happy Planet Index, which means that the people of
这个国家的人民生活的很幸福 如果你生活在这样一个
this country are happy to the core and why not when you have been born in such a naturally
被大自然眷顾的国家 没有理由可以让你担心
blessed country, there is no reason to worry about.
六 巴厘岛
6: Bali.
这是世界上最著名的按摩目的地之一 因为除了按摩和
It is one of the world’s best-known spa destinations, because apart from massage and
传统放松方法之外 你也可以坐在宁静的猴山上
traditional relaxation methods, here you can sit at the serene monkey hill or look at the
或者看着稻田 你会觉得与自然融为一体
paddy fields, you feel as if you have surrendered yourself to nature.
这里当然很安全 因为人口稀少 居民乐于助人
It is, of course, safe as it has a sparse population and a helpful neighborhood.
Female solo travelers can travel here alone and safely return with good memories.
在这里旅行的选择有参观沙滩 与当地人共处
The options to choose from here include from visiting beaches, meeting locals, learning
学习新的文化 冲浪 以及在这些冒险后做瑜伽放松
a new culture, surfing and after such adventure yoga and relaxing.
七 斐济
7: Fiji.
Rugged Landscapes and palm trees lined up at the beaches, the clear view of lagoons
and coral reefs.
This small island is in South Pacific.
斐济水上的沙滩很美丽 水下也很美丽
Fiji is beautiful above the water at the beaches and also under water.
这里人口十分多样 你会找到许多朋友
The population is quite diverse, and so you will find ample of friends who are ready to
他们会与你分享 他们去斐济旅行的最佳季节
share with you their The best season to visit Fiji clashes with the school holiday season
of Australia and New Zealand.
尽管价格暴涨 它仍值得一去
Although the prices do shoot up, it is worth a shot.
八 加拿大
8: Canada.
加拿大人十分友善 充满爱并且敏感
The people of Canada are friendly, affectionate and sensitive.
作为一个独自旅行者 你需要友善的气氛来融入当地人
As a solo traveler, you do need a friendly atmosphere to merge in with the locals.
加拿大的大多数地方以多样的年轻人口为主 所以作为一个独自旅行者
Most of Canada is a diverse young population, and so as a single person, you will not find
any difficulty in mingling with its people.
有很多室外的项目可以选择 你也可以把时间花在当地市场
There are many outdoor options to visit and locals markets and ice hockey to spending
your time at.
These places are just some of the places that you must visit as a solo traveler, there are
还有许多其他的地方和国家 等着你去探索
also many other places and countries all around, waiting for you to explore.



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