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73 Questions With Gigi Hadid | Vogue

你好 我是来和Gigi Hadid见面的
-Hey there! Um…… I’m here for my interview with Gigi Hadid.
-Gigi 嘿-最近还好吗?
– Oh Gigi, hey! – Hey! How’s it going?
-我很好 让我们
– It’s going well. Let’s do this 73 question interview thing.
-开始吧-好的 准备开始
– Let’s do it!- Okay, here we go.
– How are you feeling today?
-嗯…超兴奋 因为我已经叫你来采访我大概有百次 现在你终于来了-不是和我一样激动
– Um…… So excited cause I’ve asked to you to do it like 100 times, and now I’m finally doing it. – Not as excited as I am.
– I need you get to say answer right away though. – Alright.
-Does anyone ever call you by your real name?- Jelena?
-从现在开始 我要叫你朱莉娜-如果你想要那么叫的话 但是Gigi会更好
– From this point on should I call you Jelena?- If you want to, but Gigi is fine.
-好的 Gigi 你为什么要离开加利佛尼亚 -你认为纽约是什么样子的-你可以做任何事情 在任何时候
– Okay Gigi. What do you miss the most about living in California full time? -Um…… Being so close to the beach.
– What do you love the most about living in New York?- That you can do anything anytime.
– How do you handle all that jet-leg?- I’m really good at sleeping on planes.
– What’s your schedule like these days?- Do you really want to know?
– This is a bit of scary. – Let’s see.
– Okay.
-好的-girl 我最近的任务是?
– Okay google, read me my last text.
[谷歌]你的时间安排很简明 采访之后
[ Google saying ] Gigi, your schedule is pretty easy. After your shoot,
在肯尼迪国际机场与我们会面 到巴黎 伦敦 柏林 罗马 圣特罗佩
meet us at JFK for Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Central Bay,
岛国瑙鲁 南极洲 爱荷华州得梅因 机场见
The Island Nation of Nauru, Antarctica, and Des Moines in Iowa. See you at the airport.
– There you have it. – Okay, Wow.
-有多少人观看-嗯 我不知道
– How many people watched your most recent Snapchat? – Um…… I have no idea.
-Gigi 你干啥呢-你懂的 我的73快问快答
– Gigi, what are you doing here?- You know, just my 73 questions.
-你穿过最棒或最糟的颜色是什么?-我喜欢穿明亮的颜色 所以没有最不喜欢的颜色
– What’s the best or worst color you wear? – Um, I like wearing bright colors, so I don’t really have a least favorite.
-你曾经自己剪过头发吗-有 实际上是在我的第一次宝宝猜竞赛之前 我剪了我的刘海 那就是为什么我戴着印花方巾
– Who’s your style icon?- It switches between Leon and rose Quinn?
– What trend will you never get tired of ?- Being able to wear glasses whenever I want.
-什么潮流你希望永不再来?-我感觉如果你去驾驭它 你就能驾驭它
– What trend do you wish will never come back?- I feel like if you rock it, you rock it.
-好的 什么饰品是你出门必戴?-vouge眼镜!谢谢
– Alright. What accessory can you not leave your home without?- Gigi Hadid for Vogue eyewear baby! Thank you.
-自童年以来最喜欢的记忆?-一直和我的马在一起 从早到晚
– Alright. What is your favorite memory from your childhood ?- Um…… Being with my horses all the time, like, morning to night.
– What’s the best piece of advice your mom has given you?
-如果你不是行业里最好最努力的女孩 就会有更好更努力的女孩出现
– If you are not the nicest, most hardworking girl in the industry, there is someone prettier, nicer and more hardworking.
– 令尊给过你最好的建议是什么?- 灵感可迸发于随时随地
– What’s the best piece of advice your father has given you? – Creativity can happen…… whenever, wherever.
– 除家人之外 你向谁征求意见?- 不同情况我有不同朋友
– Other than your family, who do you call for advice?- I have different friends for different situations.
– Alright. I got a few zing questions here. – Let’s do it.
– 你最喜欢他的哪些纹身?
– 我觉得我每周都会喜欢上一个新的 我真喜欢其中的细节
– 曾对你做过最浪漫的事情是什么?
– What’s the most romantic thing anyone’s ever done for you?
– 几年前 在情人节我们乘船旅行 那真美好
– A couple years ago, on Valentine’s Day we went on a boat trip, and it was really nice.
– 他真的喜欢制作派吗- 对哒!我感激这一点
– Is it truly you like to cook pies?- Yes! I’m so grateful for that.
– 你最喜欢他做的哪种派?- 鸡肉甜玉米派 像个拥抱
– What’s your favorite pie name?- Chicken and sweet corn. It’s like a hug.
– And also I hear that you are an artist. – Yeah.
– Can you paint something for me?- Sure.
– Okay. – Last drinkable water sip.
– Oh nice.
-你现在迷恋哪个女孩?-我总是这么说 蕾哈娜
– Who is your girl crush right now?- Um…… I always say this, but Rihanna.
– What’s your most used emoji?- Probably the heart with the, like Cupid bow going right through it.
-你有纹身吗?-不 事实上我没有
– Do you have any tattoos?- No, I don’t actually.
-你曾在万圣节cos电影《油脂》里的sandy 明年万圣节你要做什么呢
– Okay. You were once Sandy from Grease for Halloween, any idea what you’re gonna do next for Halloween?
-如果我告诉你 就不能让你活着出去了 但我跟你画了些东西
– If I told you I have to kill you. But, I painted you something!
-“something”那可真聪明-喜欢吗 谢谢
– Something, that’s clever. – Love it? Thanks.
-你是个右利手 -对-如果用左手签名看起来是什么样子呢
– And you are right-handed. What is your signature look like left-handed?- Yes. Ohh! Uhh……
– Let’s see. – Can you do your signature left-handed while…… whistling?
[ Gigi whistling ]
– 谁想花大价钱买下它?- 有毕加索风格
– And?- for lots of moneys
– 关于文化和背景 你更希望人们了解你的什么- 我为自己的双民族身份感到幸运和自豪
– What is one thing about your culture background that you wish more people knew?- Um…… I feel very lucky and very proud to be a dual heart?
– 你能在10秒内按年龄从大到小的顺序说出所有兄弟姐妹的名字吗?-开始了吗?
– Can you name all of your siblings oldest to youngest in 10 seconds? – Go?
-开始!-玛丽 安娜 贝拉 安沃
– Go!- Mary, Anna, Bella, Anwar.
– What sports do you do the worst then?- I don’t really talk about it.
-我听说你喜欢拳击 可以现场秀两手吗?-当然
– I hear you like to bux, could you, you know, spar with me a little bit right now?- I do. Sure.
– 来吧Gigi来吧 开始吧- 噢–噢
– Let’s do this, Gigi. Come on, let’s go.
-好啦 停 停!-好的
– All right, stop stop. – Okay.
– When you were in high school, you were captain of the volleyball team. – Yes.
– What position did you play?- Outside hitter.
– Can you show me some volleyball moves with this volleyball?- Sure.
– Shall we walk? – Ok! Let’s do it!
– Umm… What is the best show on Netflix right now?
– Umm…… What’s the last internet video that made you laugh?- That little girl singing
– And Gigi wins. – Yes!
-你对占星术怎么看?-我喜欢它们 我阅读有关文章 却不真正相信
– How do you feel about horoscopes?- Um….. I love them, I read them, I don’t really believe them.
– Alright. Can you show me how tall you are on this scale right here?- Sure.
– Okay. What’s your favorite song to sing in shower?- Umm, I like to make up song from the shower.
-6英尺-你热爱烹饪 你的拿手菜是什么?
– 6 foot. – Now Gigi you love cooking. What’s your signature dish?
– 大概是芝士汉堡 因为我用它赢得厨师大赛
– Probably my cheeseburger cause I went Master Chef with it.
– What’s your favorite dish your mom cooks?-
– Guy right here with the question. – Oh thank you.
-嘿Gigi 我想知道你想要宝宝吗?(好问题)-是的
– Hey Gigi, I’ve wonder do you wanna have kids someday? (Great question. )- Yes.
– What’s your got-to drink?- Cyci margarita.
– What’s your favorite dessert?- soufflé.
– What is the best late night spot in New York?- Uh… My apartment.
-这个问题有点难 你能列举10首你最喜欢的霉霉的歌吗?-我有私人榜单
– Okay, this one’s tough. Can you rank your top 10 favorite Taylor Swift songs?- I do have my list of books. Book of lists of me.
– How convenient!- Ready?
– Go!- Not in any specific order:
– Dear John, Stay stay stay, Forever&always,
– Dear John, Stay stay stay, Forever&always,
How you get the girl, Clean, This love, Begin again, Long live,
How you get the girl, Clean, This love, Begin again, Long live,
Tim McGraw, and ……
Tim McGraw, and ……
以及为lLittle Big Town写的Better man for
Better man for little big town.
-是你介绍科比和泰勒认识的吗-不 事实上 泰勒在一场演唱会上把科比介绍给我
– Are you the one who introduce Kobe to Taylor Swift?- No actually. Taylor introduced me to Kobe at a concert.
-你衣橱里有多少科比的球衣?-我一直珍藏着 可能每个球员号有五件
– How many Kobe jerseys do you currently have in your closet?- They are in storage but, probably like 5 for each number.
-那很多了 在你成长过程中令堂有说荷兰语吗-大部分是在我们参观荷兰时
– That’s a fair amount. Did your mom speak Dutch to you when you were growing up?- Mostly when we visited in Holland.
-你可以用荷兰语对我说些什么吗-不能 你先
– Can you say something to me in Dutch?- Nay. After you.
-谢谢 你最喜欢你曾经去过的哪个地方-应该是塔希提岛
– Thank you. What’s your favorite place you’ve visited?- Probably Tahiti.
-如果你是有超能力的超级英雄 你的超能力会是什么?-隐身术
– If you were a superhero with a superpower, what would your superpower be?- Invisibility.
-你会回到学校 完成犯罪心理学学位吗-实际上我想过很多次
– Would you ever go back to school, finish studying criminal psychology?- I think about it a lot actually.
– After you, please. – Thank you.
-你和贝拉都是实力强劲的马术选手 是真的吗?-超有实力
– Is it true you and Bella were both competitive horseback riders?- Very competitive.
-你第一只马叫什么名字-它是一匹获救的小马 我叫他洛奇老爹 那是我摇滚木马的名字
– What was your first horse’s name?- It was a rescue miniature pony I named him Rocky Daddy after my rocking horse.
-马 但后来有人告诉我我的图腾是狐狸
– 我个人喜欢鳄梨沙拉酱配薯片
你拍摄的时候 会显示出性格的另一面吗
会 但我不会说出它们的名字
拍摄四大国家的《vouge》封面 即法国 意大利 英国 美国
我们重拍了Anna Wintour的vouge封面
Gigi 你多少次
嗯 我的第三批Tommy×Gigi新品将在9月和大家见面啦
-超棒 说到Gigi芭比 她在这呢-她就在这呢
-谢谢你的到来 Gigi芭比 你的头发有点乱
-Gigi可以和迷你的你自拍一张吗?-当然 但是要走到白板那里
好的 谷歌 来张自拍
-我喜欢这张 你觉得呢 芭比-看看效果如何 太惊艳了 棒
-那么你尝试过多久不碰手机?-嗯…两周 骑马露营
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Gigi Hadid的73个快问快答,进一步了解超模Gigi