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7 Science Fiction Technologies that Actually Exist Now

从《星际迷航》的三相探测记录仪到金刚狼的合金骨架 我们今天来看看七项
From Trekkie tricorders to Wolverine’s wares, we look at 7 Science Fiction Technology That
Actually Exists Right Now.
Hey there guys
我是Danger Dolan的神秘兄弟
I’m Danger Dolan’s mysteries brother
I’m here to blow you mind with academic research inside and other magic
第七名 三相探测记录仪
你没听错 实际上他们已经发明了
• Yeah! You heard right folks, they’ve actually invented
the oh so sexy, oh so sleek tricorders used in Star Trek.
这是一种精巧的仪器 影片中的医疗人员用它扫描病患的主要身体特征
• A Tricorder is a nifty machine that the medical team used to scan bodies for vital
在工程领域 则用来诊断星际飞船
signs and even in engineering to diagnose what’s wrong with the starship. It took
虽然花了很长世间 但科学家们终于使幻想成真 这种仪器叫Scanadu
so long but scientists have finally developed a real life tricorder; it’s called the Scanadu
可以测量你的体温 血氧含量 心率甚至血压
and it can tell your core temperature, blood oxygenation, heart rate and even blood pressure
只需将这个小装置抵住你的额头三十秒钟即可实现 虽然Scanadu
in just 30 seconds by holding a little device against your forehead. While the Scanadu is
很炫酷 但目前还不能为星际舰队的引擎提供诊断
pretty rad, it won’t be able to diagnose your Starfleet engine, just yet.
• We’re still in the early stages of getting the a full-fledged, Shatner-esque tricorder
但我们正迎头赶上 有人主办了一个名为 “三相探测记录仪X大奖” 的竞赛
but we’re getting closer. There’s a competition to create called the Tricorder X prize, which
challenges entrants to create a hand-held device capable of diagnosing a bunch of diseases.
所以 祈祷我们很快能看到如假包换的三相探测记录仪
So fingers crossed this year we’ll finally have tricorders that are the real McCoy, instead
而不仅仅是空壳子 对不起 这样说很不好 第六
of just the Bones. Oh that’s terrible. 6. Demolition Man
虚拟现实头戴式设备 使我们距离电影《超级战警》中的火辣性爱场景又近了一步
• Virtual reality headsets have taken us one step closer to the hot sex in the Demolition
当然 我们只有单人模式 这将极大刺激你在 “自渎任务” 的表现
man. Except ours aren’t two-player. • They’re more for enhancing your masturbatory
咱们再回顾下桑德拉 · 布洛克和史泰龙在影片中异常火辣又诡异的性爱场景
missions. Let’s not forget the very hot and very weird sex Sandra Bullock has with
依靠头戴式设备 你能真实地感受到丁丁被抚摸的感觉
Stallone using headsets that make your brain feel like you’re actually getting your trunk
现在 有了像Oculus Rift这样的虚拟现实头戴设备 你可以
stroked. And now with virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift you can have the fully
immersive porn experience wet dreams are made of.
事实上 在当今世界 虚拟现实毛片是除叫鸡或者上陌陌猎艳以外
• In fact, in the modern world, VR porn might be the closest thing you can get to
someone else touching your junk without having to pay a prostitute, or go Tinder-hunting.
也许某天会出现能和其他人链接的头戴式设备 但目前
Maybe one day we’ll have the type of headsets that link us to other people but for now,
还只能一个人玩 第五 艾德曼合金
it’s a one player game. 5. Adamantium
观众里的菜鸟注意了:《X战警》 里金刚狼的超强骨骼是由一种
• For the noobs in the back; Wolverine’s super strength endoskeleton is made of a crazy
被称为 “艾德曼合金” 的强大幻想金属构成的 只是现在 这不再是幻想了
strong fictional metal called Adamantium. Only now, it’s not so fictional.
• Scientists have finally invented a metal that’s so strong it’s like a real life
几乎要让金刚狼走上街头了 嗯 还有些差距 目前还处在理论阶段
Wolverine is just around the corner. Well, sort of. It’s in the theoretical stage still.
这种尚未诞生的合金质地轻盈 潜在熔点达到七千华氏度(译注: 约3871摄氏度)
The as yet alloy is light weight, with a potential melting point of about 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit.
它由一种非常稀有的金属铪 加入碳
• It’s made from the very rare metal called hafnium, mixed with some good ol’ carbon
和氮混合而成 虽然还处在起步阶段 我们离创造真正的X战队
and nitrogen. Even though it’s still early days, we’re one step closer to a real life
又进了一步 我想说 老子也曾幻想过 但X战警才真牛B! 第四 邪恶机器人
X-men. That’s what I call squad goals. 4. Evil Robots
近期 人类制造的最先进的人工智能在电视直播上表示
• The most advanced AI ever created recently admitted on live television that she wants
她想消灭全人类 我打赌这是每个月总有的那几天
to destroy all of humanity. I’m betting it was that time of the month where Sophie
Sophie需要重启一下 呃 终结者也打来电话感谢你创造了
needs a reboot. Uhh also Terminator called and wants to know why the shit you invented
“天网” 更别提不久前一帮科学家
Skynet. • Not to mention the scientists that recently
created a robot that’s able to learn from its experiences and surroundings. So of course
所以即便被重新编程 它还是几次试图逃跑 科学家们很可能是因为
it has tried to escape a number of times despite being reprogrammed. They’re probably going
他在车流中穿行导致了混乱 而要把他拆除
to dismantle him after he caused chaos by wandering into traffic.
对我来说 这项技术很惊悚 但又很吸引人 想想看这技术能给
• I for one am terrified and a little aroused. Just think of what this kind of technology
性爱玩具工业带来什么 你会得到知道自己用途的性爱玩具
means for the sex toy industry. You’ll be able to have a sex toy that knows what it’s
之后它可能直接逃跑 跳进垃圾堆
being used for and then run away or jump into a garbage disposal.
第三 隐身斗篷《哈利波特》 是奇幻影片 少有科幻色彩
3. Invisibility Cloaks • Harry Potter is a little less sci-fi and
但隐身斗篷这个发明太酷了 我一定要把它加进来
more fantasy but this invention is so cool, I’m going to allow it.
• Hold onto your wands folks: they’ve invented a flipping invisibility cloak but
但目前你还没法穿着它混进格兰芬多学院的女生宿舍 科学家们
you can’t go snooping into the girl’s Gryffindor dormitories yet. Scientists have
developed a material that makes raised objects appear flat. Finally, a product that hides
你勃起的丁丁了 嗯 还有你的裤腰带也行
your boner. Well, other than the waistband of your pants.
这种材料包含具有电子特性的不同层面 使物体表面
• The material uses different layers with electric properties that an object which would
本该散射的光波转向 这有点像一条能真正提供遮掩的伪装裤
have scattered the surface waves. It’s sort of like if camo-pants actually camouflaged
you instead of just making you look like a tool.
第二 轨道炮 对任何死宅来说
2. Rail gun • For the fellow nerdilicious homeboys playing
at home, the railgun is old hat in the sci-fi world.
它出现在 《极乐空间》 《巴比伦五号》等影片中 Wesley Sipes更在之前提到的
• They’ve been used in Elysium, Babylon 5 and Wesley Snipes uses one in the previously
《超级战警》中使用过轨道炮 所以这种科幻电影里的常客究竟是什么?它们其实
mentioned Demolition Man. So what are these epic pinnacles of sci-fi? They’re basically
projectile launchers that use electromagnetic energy instead of gun powder. They’re fast
射速快 射程远
as hell and they fire further than your run of the mill guns.
美国理所应当地在这项技术的研发上 投入了数十亿美元
• And of course America has spent half a billion dollars developing the technology.
弹药飞行速度达到六倍音速 只需一发
The projectiles travel at six times the speed of sound and a single shot can pierce three
就能击穿三堵混凝土墙 地球上还有谁需要这么强的火力呢? 当然是美国了
concrete walls. Who on earth would need all that fire power? America of course.
第一 记忆植入 历史上有大量关于修改人们记忆
1. Total Inception • There are plenty of times sci-fi about
的科幻电影 《全面回忆》中给阿诺植入虚假身份的情节
messing with people’s memories; Total Recall did it best when they inserted Arnie into
让人记忆犹新 时至今日 神经科学家
a false life. • And now, neuroscientists have taken a
借鉴《全面回忆》和《盗梦空间》 他们在老鼠处于睡眠状态时
little Total Recall and mashed it with some Inception. They implanted memories into mice
植入记忆 两部科幻片都有了! 碉堡了! 神经科学家们
while they were sleeping. Double sci-fi penetration, boom! Neuroscientists attached electrodes
在老鼠探索外部空间时给它们接上电极 接下来 老鼠进入睡眠状态
to the brains of the mice while they were exploring; then when the mouse was asleep,
它们的大脑开始形成新的记忆 科学家们就刺激老鼠大脑中的奖励中心
his brain was forming new memories the scientists stimulated the reward center of his brain.
That’s what kicks in when you get laid or eat something amazing.
• After the mice associated a particular place with the reward center of their brains,
它们呆在这个特别地点的时间要比其他老鼠长五倍 所以通过控制
they spent 5 times more time there than anywhere else in their maze. So by manipulating their
大脑的化学分泌物 科学家们使老鼠相信他们在这很开心
brain chemistry, they made the mice think they’d had an awesome time somewhere that
但其实这是个很糟糕的地方 没准哪天这帮科学家感到无聊 就会给人洗脑
was really shitty. One day those scientists will get bought and brainwash people into
让人们爱上牙医 这帮变态的王八羔子 一旦科学家弄明白
thinking they love the dentist. Those sick fucks. When scientists have figured out how
怎么在人身上操作 我希望能忘掉还有人重拍了
to do this with humans though, I’d like to please forget there was ever a remake of
《全面回忆》 所以 姑娘小伙们 你想看到那种科幻技术
Total Recall. So guys, what sci-fi tech would you want to
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