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简单易行得学习与练习英语 – 译学馆
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7 Quick & Easy ways to learn English faster. - Improve your English Speaking

大家好 欢迎来到今天的课程 我是里马 在这里会为你的困境提供解决办法
Hello and welcome to today’s lesson, my name is Rima and I’m here with an answer for your
nightmare. If you’ve been worrying yourself and troubling yourself over how you’re gonna
如何练习并完善英语 不要担心 有简单
learn English. How are you gonna practise it, perfect it? Don’t worry, there are simple
易行的办法来做到它 这正是我今天要讲的
and easy ways to do it and that’s exactly what I’m gonna talk about today.
那么第一个简单方法 你可以用来练习和学习英语的是一日一歌
So the first simple way in which you can practise or learn English is a song, a day, that’s
你所需要的就是每天听一首歌 当你听英文歌的时候
right. All you need to do is listen to one English song every day. so when you are listening
可以是任何的英文歌 你要做的就是认真听
to this English song and it could be any English song, what you can do is you can listen carefully,
努力听清歌词 如果歌词中有难词儿
try to figure out the words or lyrics and if there’s a difficult word in the words or
lyrics, you can find out its meaning and try to use that word in your daily conversation.
比如 我以前最喜欢的罗南.基廷的歌 曾作为
Like for example, my age old favourite song by Ronan Keating which was used on the soundtrack
电影《诺丁山》的配乐 《一切尽在不言中》 开头是这样的
of the movie Noting Hill, when you say nothing at all. so the first two lines go something
#真令人惊奇 你竟能一语说中我的心思 无需任何语言 你就能#
like it’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart, without saying a word, you can
#照亮这夜空# 简单容易的歌词和学会如何用词的方法
light up the dark. Well, simple and easy lyrics and a great way of learning how to use words
如”amazing” 或者如何使用动词短语”light up” 你会在句子中学到
like amazing or you know how to use like a phrasal verb like light up, you know in a
所以,这是一个非常好的开始(练习)的歌 如果你想听
sentence. So well, this is a great song to start with and if you want to listen to this
song, click on the link below.
接下来 我为你们提供第二种方式 你可以快速容易得
moving on I have for you the second method in which, you know you can quickly and easily
练习你的英语 就是拨打客户服务电话 可以是
practise your English, and this is to call a customer service. Now this could be a customer
打给电话公司的 有线电视公司的或者任何其他类似的客户服务
service for your telephone company, for your cable company or any other such customer service.
你需要做的就是把英语选为你的沟通语言 这很重要
All you need to do is, select English as your language of communication. That’s very important.
选择英语作为你的语言 并且听
So select English as your language and listen to the messages that play out on
自动语音服务播放的信息 当你听这些信息时 你将学到许多新词
the automated voice service. So while you listen to the messages, you will learn a lot
你将学习如何组成句子 你能做的就是每天拨打这样的客户服务电话
of new words, you will learn how to form sentences and what you can do is you can call one such
它不会花你太多时间 而且也不昂贵
customer service daily. it won’t take too much of your time and it won’t be that expensive,
如果你花两到三分钟 听人们在自动服务中的谈话
if you spend about two to three minutes, listening to people talking on the automated service
你感到自信时 甚至可以与客户服务专员进行小的正式的聊天
and the day you feel confident, you can even have a small formal chat with the customer
所以你可以从简单的聊天开始 如“你好 你今天怎么样”
service officer. So you could you know begin with a simple chat like hello, how are you
或者 “是的 我很好 谢谢你 我需要你的帮助” 这种简单的句子
today? Or yes, I am fine, thank you and I would like your help. So basic sentences like
this can be practiced in your conversation, in your talk with the customer service officer
当你变得越来越自信时 你将注意到你可以很容易得进行对话
and as you keep getting more and more confident, you will notice that you can have a conversation
而且是的 你可以用英语交流
with absolute ease and yes you can have that conversation in English.
接下来 我有一个非常有趣的方法 因为这个方法将有助于你们的
Moving on, I have for you a very interesting idea because this idea will also help your
社交生活 它将帮你获得更多的朋友 你需要做的就是主持一场晚宴
social life, it’ll help you have more friends. So what you can do is, you can host a dinner.
是的 举行晚宴派对或者仅仅是家里坐一坐的聚餐
That’s right, so have a dinner party or just like a sit down dinner at home, where
你邀请许多朋友参加 那些志趣相投的也想学习
you invite a lot of friends, you know probably like-minded people who also want to learn
和练习英语的人 你可以确定的是你们都将在
and practise their English. so all of you could make sure that you all are chatting
就餐时用英语聊天 或者你可以邀请英语很好的客人
with each other in English over dinner or you could have guests who are already very
通过宴会 你可以锻炼与他们用英语交流的技能
good at English, so that throughout the dinner, you are practising your English speaking skills
如果你认为举办晚宴很遥远 你也可以
with them. now if you think having a dinner is a very far out idea, you could also have
办一个百乐餐 在那里你的朋友都正努力学英语 进行一个有趣的
a pot luck dinner, where in all of your friends who are trying to learn English, bring one interesting
聊天 你们只需坐下来 享受百乐餐 享受你们的英语交流
dish and all of you’ll just sit down, enjoy the potluck and enjoy your conversation in
这是实践你的英语的好方法 谁曾想到这场晚宴
English. This is a great way to practise your English. Well who ever thought that dinner
guests could be great English teachers?
Now the next idea in which you can practise your English or learn new English words is
很简单有效并且充满乐趣的 是的 你需要做的就是
very simple, very effective and very entertaining, that’s right. All you need to do is watch
看有字幕的电影 如果你不知道字幕是什么 它是
movies with subtitles. Now if you don’t know what subtitles means, it means that whatever
屏幕上以对话形式表达的 用英语写的 出现在
is been said in form of dialogue on the screen is written down in English and it flashes
屏幕底部的 例如 此刻正出现在你的屏幕下方的字幕
at the bottom of your screen. Like for example the subtitles that are appearing below your
如果你没打开字幕 确保你点击了
screen right now. So if you haven’t turned on your subtitles, make sure you click this
屏幕下方的按钮 并且在你的You Tube播放器打开了他们 所以无论
button at the bottom of the screen and turn them on your YouTube player, so that whatever
我正在说什么 在听我说的同时 你们也可以阅读并理解每个单词
I am saying, along with listening to me, you can also read it and understand each word
容易并且准确得 是的 你需要做的就是看有字幕的电影 现在
easily and correctly. So yes all you need to do is watch movies with subtitles. Now
这些电影可以是任何语言的 如果他们使用你所知道的语言
these movies could be in any language. If they are in a language that you know, even
则更好 你可以用你的语言听电影 这样你会很舒适
better. So you can listen to the movies in your language, so that you are comfortable
并且你会理解 正在发生什么 同时 阅读下方的英语字幕
and you understand what’s going on. At the same time, keep reading the English subtitles
你就可以知道准确翻译成英语是什么 当然了
below, so that you know, what exactly the translation in English is and of course if
如果你遇到了难词儿 你知道怎么办 在网上查它的意思
you encounter a difficult word, you know what to do. Look up its meaning on the internet
在日常对话中使用它 因为练习造就完美 是的
idea, watching movies with subtitles. An easy thing to do and a very entertaining idea at that.
看带字幕的电影是一种方法 一件简单的事和一个有趣的方法
idea, watching movies with subtitles. An easy thing to do and a very entertaining idea at that.
接下来 每天学习两个新词儿 听起来难 其实不然 两个词儿 听起来真的
Moving on, learn two new words a day. Sounds difficult, not really, two words, sounds really
很简单 你能想象到吗 每天两个词儿 一个月就是60个词儿 那是很多的 那么
simple. Can you imagine? Two words a day is sixty words in a month and that’s a lot. So
你将怎么做呢 你可以使用报纸或杂志 或
how will you do this? Well you could use the newspaper or you could use a ,magazine or
使用网络 只要保持阅读 如果你遇到了一个词 你不
you could use the internet. Just keep reading and if you encounter a word that you don’t
知道或者觉得难 查词典 找出意思 持续使用这个词
know or you find difficult, refer to the dictionary, find out its meaning and keep using the word
在你的对话中 所以如果你坚持每天在你的词汇中增加两个新词
in your conversation. So if you keep accumulating two new words in your vocabulary every single
在月末 你讲有六十个新词在你的词汇量中
day, by the end of the month, you will have sixty new words in your vocabulary and that
will really add greatly to your fluency in English.
接下来你要做的也很简单 它也是我们在日常生活中做的
The next thing you can do is very simple again and it’s also something that we do on a daily
在脸书上用英文发文 是的 一日一文在脸书上 但是
basis, one post a day on Facebook in English. That’s right, a post a day on Facebook but
使用英语 如果你很热衷于改善和学习英语 你知道
in English. so if you are very keen about polishing and learning English, you know make
sure you have some friends on your Facebook list who are also communicating in English
如果没有 你也要尝试着每天在脸书上用英语写文
and if not, even then you should make an attempt to write one post on Facebook every day in
开始时 你可以从更新状态开始 例如一行的更新 例如
English. In the beginning you can start with a status update like a one line update like,
你好,我今天过得不错 随着时间流逝 你可以增加
hi I am having a great day. You know and as time passes you can increase the number of
推文中英语单词或句子的数量 如果你坚持每天都这样做
words or sentences that you write in English in that post. If you keep doing this daily,
you will get the confidence to start writing and communicating in English.
接下来要做的事同样很简单 可以在旅行时做
The next thing you should do is also very easy and this can be done while travelling
或者散步时做 你需要做的是 仔细阅读 广告牌
or while going for a walk. All you need to do is, very carefully read hoardings and signboards.
漫步在路上时 有许多商店放置的标志和许多广告牌
so wonder walking on the road, there’s a lot of signs that shops carry, a lot of hoardings
竖立在路上 我们在路上遇到很多布告栏
that are standing on the road, you know a lot of signboards that we come across, make
确保你碰到后 你仔细阅读他们中的每一个 因为许多广告栏
sure you reach, you read each and every one of them carefully because a lot of these signboards
会教你新词儿 而这些词儿通常是
and hoardings will teach you new words and these words are generally the words which
日常生活中使用的 所以 如果你坚持阅读并记下难词儿
are used in daily life. So if you keep reading and making a note of the difficult words,
它将极大得增加你的词汇量 所以不要把这些误认为是太简单而不值得做的事儿
it will greatly add to your vocabulary. So don’t you know dismiss this as something too
阅读广告牌 布告栏尤其是广告将极大得帮助你
simple to do, reading hoardings, signboards and especially ads will help you greatly.
好了 这就是一些你可以快速且容易的学习和练习英语的方法
Well these are some of the quick and easy ways in which you can learn and practise English.
还有另一种 就是看You Tube 视频 我确定这会带来
There’s also another one and that is watch You Tube videos. I’m sure that brings a
欢乐 因为你早已在做了 那正是你正在
smile on your face because you are already doing that. That’s exactly what you are
此刻做的 你正在为了学英语看这个课程 另一件事
doing right now,. You are watching this lesson in order to learn English. Well another thing
我认为你必须做而且不要忘记的是 如果你想每天学习新词儿
that I think you must do and don’t forget is if you want to learn new words everyday
比如两个词或一个词 我们有一个频道叫每日视频词汇 订阅
like two new words or a single word, we have a channel called daily video vocabulary, subscribe
那个频道 这是你可以订阅那个频道的链接
to that channel and this is the link that you can use to subscribe to that channel.
在这个频道 你将每天学会一个词 而且有许多例子你可以真正的
On this channel you’ll get a new word everyday along with lots of examples that you can really
savor and use to master how to use that word in your daily life.
Well I really hope that these quick and easy ways to learn and practise English help you
它们增加你作为讲英语的人的流利度 如果你有什么想跟我说的
and they add to your fluency as an English speaker. If you have anything to say to me,
确保你在下面的评论区评论了 当然了 如果你想要更多类似的课程
make sure you type in the comment box below and of course if you want many more such lessons,
你需要做的就是订阅我们的频道 我是里马 再见
all you need to do is subscribe to our channel. This is me Rima signing out, saying bye and
take care.