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平衡车的老板是骑平衡车摔死的,7种最尴尬死法 – 译学馆
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7 Most Ironic Deaths

Is it possible to drink too much carrot juice?
Let’s talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
– Good Mythical Morning! – Now, lemme say up front today…
有人死了并不是什么乐趣 除非 第一你不认识他
…that there’s nothing funny about somebody dying. Unless, A, you don’t…
-第二 确实死的很讽刺-(大笑声)嗯
– …know ’em and B, it was very ironic. – (laughing) Mhm.
Today we’re gonna talk about some of the most ironic deaths ever. And you
你知道吗?我们没有取笑这些人 我们在庆祝
know what? We’re not making fun of these people. We are celebrating the…
-这些讽刺的事件-是的 对他们生活的庆祝
– …irony associated with what happened. – Right. It’s a celebration of their lives.
-好-嗯 他们的死亡
– Yes. – Well, not really. Their deaths.
– But it’s time for The Most Ironic… – ♪ (electric guitar) ♪
-死亡方式时间-嗯 我们有个排序
– …Deaths of All Time. – All right, I’ma queue this one up.
在上飞机之前 你有一辆赛格威你想到达旅游目的地时
Before the Airboard, there was the Segway. and if you still go to a tourist…
– …destination, it’s still the Segway. – It’s still good option, too.
我们在迈阿密做了这件事 但我不打算道歉
We did it in Miami, and I ain’t gonna apologize one bit for it.
-没问题 我超爱它-吉米是一个
– No problem. I love it. – Jimi Hesel… Heselden was one of…
英国一个最最最富有的男人他可以选择“嘿 我要买下这家赛格威公司”
…Britian’s wealthiest men, which meant, “Hey! I’ma buy the Segway company.”
-对啊 不好吗?-这意味着“我可以随意使用赛格威”
– Yeah, why not? – It also means, “‘Cause I get one…
…for free.” And it also means, “‘Cause I can take it anywhere I please!
就是这样 喝一杯茶吧”所以他面临了一个绝境
Thank you very much. Cup of tea.” So he took it off of a cliff.
-(笑)然后死了-进了一条河 然后死了
– (laughing) And died. – Into a river. And died.
-(笑)-所以啊 如果你用它
– (laughing) – So yeah, there you have it.
– I actually have video of the accident. – Oh.
– So brace yourself. Here it is. – (announcer) So we’ll let [Heely]…
-…带我们去休息一下 因为乔伊…-(众人笑)
– …take us to the break, because Joey… – (everyone laughing)
-哇 他看起来没有死啊-是这样的 他不会立马死掉
– Wow, he doesn’t look dead. – Yeah, he didn’t die instantly.
不 这感觉像一个板球运动解说员 但确实有趣…
No, that was just, like, a cricket sportscaster. But it’s always funny to…
…watch somebody fall off the front of a Segway?
-嘿 板球运动解说员的掉落-永远不要在赛格威的前面
– Yeah, cricket sportscasters fall. – Never go off the front of a Segway.
好 罗勒布朗是一个胡萝卜汁狂热者
Okay. Basil Brown was a carrot juice enthusiast.
– (laughing) I love the start. – That’s like the beginning of a…
-这货喜欢胡萝卜汁..-好好好 这可能是个小说
– …joke. This guy loved carrot juice… – Okay, yeah. Or a novel.
在1974年 他曾连续十天喝一加仑胡萝卜汁
…so much, in 1974 he chose to drink a gallon a day for 10 straight days.
他也开始服用维生素A 因为没有充足的维A
He also started taking some vitamin A tablets. Couldn’t get enough of that
vitamin A. Somethin’ was a little bit wrong in the Basil Brown’s brain.
– (laughing) – The doctors warned him about the…
他所做事情的危险性 但他不怎么理医生
…dangers of what he was doing, but he had a low opinion of doctors.
-嗯-接着他“死”了 死用引号
– Mm. – And then he “died.” And by “died”…
– …with quotes, I mean he just died. – He, like, ceased to exist.
死因是肝硬化 判决结果是胡萝卜汁上瘾
From cirrhosis of the liver. The verdict was death from carrot juice addiction,
被报道他死时呈黄色 你知道
and he was reportedly bright yellow when he died, ’cause, you know, carrots usually
通常胡萝卜是橘红的 但布朗已经棕了 那只能让他黄了
turns you orange, but I guess if you’re already Brown, it just turns you yellow.
-(笑)-我不清楚 但罗勒布朗确实因
– (laughing) – I don’t know. But Basil Brown was…
食用橘红的胡萝卜死亡 且呈现黄色
…yellow when he died from eating orange carrots.
-这确实挺讽刺 -这是颜色丰富的讽刺
– Which make this ironic. Okay. – It’s very colorful and ironic.
And you know what? We actually have footage of his death as well.
– Do it. – ♪ (electronic music) ♪
– (laughing) It was quick. – He looked very much like a…
-..橡皮泥小黄人-对 被铁块击中
– …plasticine minion. – Yeah, getting hit with an anvil.
-是啊 这就是他-但不是死于胡萝卜汁事故吗..
– Yeah. That was him. – But that’s him dying of carrot juice…
– …addiction. Yeah. It doesn’t… – That was definitely him.
…你要知道 那发生在70年代不可能被流传
…you know, over time. It was the ’70s. It doesn’t translate very well.
– Are you ready for some more irony? – (laughing) Yeah, I am.
(stammering) That was iron coming on it. Was that part of it?
-对啊 你很机智噢!-我…
– Yeah, you’ve got it! – I didn’t…
– That wasn’t part of it. – I didn’t… I just added that?
-真的?铁是加上去的?-对啊 你能想出来还挺聪明的
– Really? Irony? – Yeah, you came up with something…
-行吧 1985年 在新奥尔良的
– …very clever. – Anvil. Okay. 1985. The New Orleans…
…Recreation Department had an annual pool party.
-对 最好的泳池派对-有200位来宾
– Yes. The best pool parties. – There were 200 guests, and half of…
– …them were life guards. – Okay.
另外一半都死了 其实没有 这仅仅是
The other half died. No, they didn’t. But that was just, that was just…
– …a demented joke on my part. – Yeah. Right, right.
– It wasn’t that bad. – They were celebrating their first…
– …year with no drownings. – Mm.
零溺水人数 然后在派对的最后
Zero drownings. Then the end of the party comes around, and it’s like,
“耶 派对结束了”然后所有人都走了
“Okay, party’s over.” Everybody gets out, except for one fully clothed
除了一个穿着衣服的31岁的家伙 他死了 死在了泳池里
31-year-old dude. He’s dead. He’s dead in the pool. Yep.
– This one’s kind of sad. – (Rhett laughing)
I’m just putting it out there. But it’s still ironic!
You’re trying to make it not sad by going…
– (Link) By smiling? (laughing) – (bobbing head) “He’s dead.”
-“这不并有趣吧?”-对 但已经说了
– “Isn’t that funny?” – Yeah, it worked, right?
– No. It didn’t make it any funnier. – My dad used to do that.
– You looked funny, though. – This is how my dad dances.
你要知道 我这里有一个超有趣的
But you know what? I’ve got one that actually is funny.
-(笑)真的吗 来吧 皮卡丘!-(笑)
– (laughing) Oh, come on, man! – (laughing)
– Ironic! It just has to be ironic! – No, it’s just ironic.
– Give it to me. – You can find it funny if you want to.
迈克尔·安德森古德温 一般三个名字开头的都不咋滴
Michael Anderson Godwin. You know it’s bad when to starts with three names.
– Mm. – You know he did something bad.
准备好 先生女生们当他28岁
That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. When he’s at the age of 28, he kills
他杀了人 他被控告谋杀并判处死刑
somebody. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death via…
– …electric chair! Back in the ’80s. – Okay.
然而 他找了一个很好的律师让他减刑到终生监禁
However, he had a good lawyer who got his sentence reduced to just life…
– …in prison. That’s not bad. – Okay.
只是终生监禁 但 当他回到牢笼
It’s just life in prison. But then, when he was in his cell, he was doing his
– business on the toilet — number 2 –… – Okay, okay!
– …while he was watching TV. – Okay. Channel 2?
– Uh, I don’t know. – ‘Cause that’s ironic.
在89年 还没有手机 我不知道你在监狱里有没有手机
In ’89, you couldn’t just look at a phone. And I don’t know if you get phones in
prison, so this is the equivalent of watching your phone while on a toilet…
-…但他看的是电视 然后他做了疯狂的举动-是的呀
– …but it was a TV. And this is crazy. – Okay.
He hooked up headphones directly to the television. Could you do that in…
– …1989? No. He tried, at least. – Yeah.
但是他的耳机出了点问题 所以他开始咬耳机
But he was having trouble with his headphones, so he began to bite them,
当耳机有问题的时候 就像这样
as you do when you’re having trouble with them.
– He was frustrated! – He was biting the cord.
– Oh, no. – And you got a metal toilet that…
他的屁股光溜溜的坐在上面 咬着耳机
…was wet, that he was sitting on with a bare butt, biting the headphones…
– Grrrrr! – …connected to the TV.
-是这样 超嘲讽 他最后电死了他自己
Yes, ironically, he ended up electrocuting himself.
– He gave himself the electric chair! – So let that be a lesson.
– (laughing) – To you prisoners out there who…
– …are frustrated with your earbuds. – There are so many different lessons…
….不同寻常的教训牢记 牢记
…that you could take from that. Just find one. Find one.
Eugene Aserinsky was a pioneer in sleep research, okay? He actually…
– …discovered REM, the band. – (Rhett) Oh, they’re great!
– (Link laughing) No. – (Rhett) I was there with you.
– (Link) We were at the same… – (Rhett) I was already there.
– Michael Stipe is such a poet. – No, rapid eye movement association…
…with dreaming. He was one of the founders of moderns sleep research.
在1998年7月22日 他在睡梦中去世
So on July 22, 1998, he died in his sleep.
– Oh. – He happened to be driving…
– …a car at the time. – Oh.
And he drove it into a tree in San Diego.
– (laughing) – I don’t know if he was…
Don’t know if he was listening to REM at the time.
-对 点你的头-但 艾玛
– Yeah, bob your head a little bit. – But, uh… hey.
也是就是这样 我的意思是 98年是REM的时光 他们是
It could’ve been. I mean, ’98 was a good year for REM. They were definitely past
那个时候的顶峰 但你还是可以继续听
their peak, but you could still, like, jam out to ’em.
-我的意思是 他在那个车里-98年!
– I mean, yeah. He was in that car. – ’98!
(laughing) I don’t know what song he would’ve been listening to.
在睡梦中死亡 睡眠研究者 在睡梦中还在工作
Died in his sleep. Sleep researcher. Work with me here.
It was the end of his world as he knew it.
(one member of the crew laughing)
这挺糟糕的 约翰·安斯沃斯霍锐克斯 又是三个名字
That was really bad. John Ainsworth Horrocks. Again, three names.
– He probably killed somebody. – (crew offscreen laughing)
他是个探险家还是个骆驼狂热者 这都是啥?
He was in an explorer and camel enthusiast. And these days, who isn’t?
天了噜 我也超爱骆驼 每次我看见骆驼
Oh, right. I love to be enthused by a camel. Every time I see a camel…
-我就只想“哇哇哇”-在1800年 他在
– …I’m just like, “Wow!” – In the 1800s, he explored…
-一个还是两个驼峰 别太在意-澳大利亚用骆驼探险
– One humps or two? Don’t even matter. – …Australia via camel: the first guy…
– …to explore Australia via camel. – Good for him.
– Quite an honor. – How is this gonna be ironic?
有一天 约翰正在弄他包里的枪
So one day, John was loading his gun that was in the pack on the side of
the camel. And then that freaking camel shifted its weight…
– (giggling) – …causing the gun to go off.
– And if blew off John’s hand. – (sputtering)
然后炸掉了他的牙齿 最后他死于并发症
And then it blew off some of his teeth. And then he died of complications
被一个骆驼击杀 再强调一次
from being shot by a camel. And check this out…
-好 被一只骆驼击中了-…在死之前..
– Okay, shot by a camel. – …before he died…
-骆驼爱好者被骆驼击杀-被骆驼击杀 确实讽刺
– Camel enthusiast shot by a camel. – Shot by a camel. That’s the irony.
不过在他死前 他把骆驼宰了
But before he died, he ordered the camel to be shot to death. And the camel was
quoted as saying, “Really?”
Talking camel, too? Dang!
不要说杀骆驼啊 我去 让骆驼好好生活
Don’t shoot a talking camel, y’all. Let the talking camel live!
我还有一个 保罗G托马斯 不是三个名字 中间只是个字母
I got one. Paul G. Thomas. Not three names. Just a letter in the middle.
– Yeah. – He maimed someone. Didn’t kill him.
– Right. – Owner of a wool mill.
That’s where machines that spin wool into yarn are located.
– I’m an enthusiast of those. – He fell into the machine.
– Oh. – It wrapped approximately 800 yards…
绕着这人 其中一个人说
…of yarn around this guy. One of the guys who was there said,
“You couldn’t even see him at all!”
How… how long do you have to let this go on before it gets to 800 yards?
就是 这个人的身体可以被看见
I mean, that’s like watching this guy’s body go around…
– Pretty cool! – …for quite a long time.
有点类似 看见骆驼就想到骆驼
Kinda like watching a camel just be a camel!
-没有“关闭”按钮吗?-(笑)我不知道 但他翘了
– Isn’t there an “Off” button? – (laughing) I don’t know, but he died.
他窒息而死 所以羊毛线大亨被羊毛线弄死了
He suffocated in there. So yarning mogul was yarned to death.
-够讽刺吗?-有一点 他把自己织起来了
– Ironic much? – A little bit. He weaved himself.
– 他织自己-他把自己织死了
– He yarned himself. – He yarned himself to death?
– He yarned himself to death. – It’s funny either way.
(both laughing)
– Either way. – What about (bobbing head)…
-织到死?-超有趣 你做这个动作
– …yarned himself to death? – Yeah, especially funny when you…
– …do that. Okay. – What if he killed sheep by suffocating…
– …them with yarn to make his yarn? – That would’ve been even more ironic.
然后可能就是这样 但不是发生了什么
Then, maybe that was it. But that’s not what happened. And we don’t do that…
-今天节目到这里 我们没骗你-不会骗你们
– …on this show. We do not lie to you. – We don’t.
– We don’t make things up. – But we do thank you for liking…
– …commenting, and subscribing. – You know time it is.
(高音唱)#我的名字是帕特里克曼恩 我来自..#
(high singing) ♪ (My name is Patrick [Mann and] I’m from) ♪
#[模糊]NC 现在是神秘滑轮时间#
♪ ([inaudible] NC, and it’s time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality!) ♪
Remember yesterday we announced our “Put That on a T-shirt” quote contest.
You can go over to or to the link in the description to vote
你最喜欢的T恤的合适价格 我们将制作它
for your favorite quote that you wanna see on a t-shirt that we will then make!
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“Nachos Are For Sharing,” or “Let the Tigers Tiger.”
让我们知道 点击Good mythical More 一起来玩…
Let us know. Click through to Good mythical More. We’re gonna play the…
-视频游戏Eat Them!-(瑞德)在这之前
– …video game Eat Them! – (Rhett) But not before…
“林可认为 瑞德正尝试偷他的鞋”
“Link thinks Rhett is trying to steal his feet.”
Hey! Hey! I see what you’re looking at, man. Hey!
– These is my feets! – I just wanna…
-哎呀 别别别 讨厌!-我就想确认下…
– Oh, no no no no no! – I was just making sure you…
– …were comfortable. – Yeah, make up a story, won’t you?
– I just wanted to make sure your… – Make up a story again.
-你很舒服?-上一次我在睡觉 你…
– Are you comfortable? – Last time I was sleeping, what did you…
– …try to do? Grabby da feets. – Do you need them? Do you…
– …really need them? – I need da feet!
– Why do you need them? – ‘Cause I walks on da feets!
– Make up a reason. – What?
– Make up a reason why you need the feet. – Well, make up a reason about…
-我要鞋子 你这死鬼-你偷了我的…
– I want the feet. You freak. – You stole my…
Steal my technique about stealing my feet! You’re stealing two things now.
– Technique about the feet? – My technique! Oh, making up…
…a reason. That’s my technique! You just stole it!
-这是工作好吗?-就算是 你要说啥?
– It almost worked though, didn’t it? – It did, almost. You know what?
Look down.
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