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7分钟,将永远改变你的生活 - 直到你赢才结束

7 minutes that will change your life Forever - It's not Over Until You Win

-你去过哪里? 为什么你在这里? 你又想去哪里?
where have you been? why are you here? and where are you going?
以上就是我所问你的 你去过那里?到目前为止你去过哪里
and that’s what I ask you, where have you been where have you been up to this point
看看你的生活 看看你所创造的一切 它是否给了你你想要的东西?
you look at your life you look at what you’ve produced is it giving you what you want?
你活着是否有目标? 你活着是否有梦想? 你是否按自己的想法来做事?
are you living on purpose are you living your dream are you acting
on your idea are you doing all you can do have you gotten comfortable are you
procrastinating are you invading your own greatness are you surrounding
你身边的人是否为良师? 你是否在挑战自己?
yourself with people that can nourish you? are you challenging yourself? are you
你是否乐于尝试? 你是否正在学习不同的东西? 你的生活是一场冒险还是充满无聊?
experimenting? are you learning something different? Is your life an adventure or is it boring?
你去过哪里? 你为什么在这里? 什么把你带到了这里?
where have you been why are you here what brought you here
对时间和金钱的投资 什么带你来到这里?你想去哪里?
investing the time the money what brought you here and where are you going?
what is it that you can get out of this session out of this lecture that when you
当你离开这里的时候 你不再是一个旁观者
leave here, rather than this just being a spectator event that you’ve got some
你收获了思想和梦想 你可能需要回去再看一遍
idea some dream that you might have to go back and push it off and look at it
并且说:我已经下定决心要这样做 这是我的工作 这是我应该做的
again and say I’ve got to do this, this is my stuff this is what I’m supposed to do
这就是我在这里的原因 你的生活将去向哪里?思考未来
this is why i showed up, where are you going with your life? what decisions are you making right now?
as you look into the future are you
experimenting to find out what are the talents and abilities that you have see
我们处于现在这个时代 那个可以只上大学
we’re in the time right now the days gone where you could just go to college
毕业后走向社会得到一个工作 有保障的工作30年或40年 然后戴着金表退休的
and get out and get a job and work 30 or 40 years with job security and retire
with a gold watch
这是全新的时代 过去的盛会结束了
brand new day party’s over
所以现在你必须有多种天赋 多种才能 你必须发挥你全部的才智
so now you have got to be multi-talented and multi-skilled you’ve got to use all
你不知道你还能做什么 我过去不知道我能做现在所做的事
your stuff you don’t know what else you can do I didn’t know i could do what I’m doing right now
去努力 去挑战自己 勇于尝试是必须的
it’s necessary that you stretch and challenge yourself and say let me see
我从一名教练开始 我是一名教练 这是我的专长
I start off as a trainer I’m a trainer. that’s what my expertise was in
我决定试一试我能否演讲 然后我发现我能做到
and then I decided let me see can I speak and then I discovered hey I can do
this what if I had just been satisfied with just being a trainer
也许我就只会对自己有有限的看法 但是经过训练
with a limited vision of myself and then after training, well maybe
但是现在我可以自己创业 并且我开始演讲
I can go into business for myself and I started speaking going into
我自己创业了 或许我可以训练其他的的演讲者 教他们
business for myself well maybe I can train other speakers and teach them
怎样自己创业 所以你想要有个备用计划
how to go into business for themselves so you want to have a back-up plan you
有个其他方案 万一当前工作陷入危机
want to have other strategies for yourself in case this doesn’t work out you got
你也会有其他出路 你不会想把自己置于这样的处境之中:
something else going over here you don’t want to ever put yourself
in a situation where you have a limited vision and you’re only using a limited
很有限的技能天赋 我要告诉你
amount of your talents of your skills and of your abilities and I’m saying to
获得两种才能 有一些想法 有做一些事的
you it’s possible you’ve got two talents some ideas and you your ability to do
但你还未发现的能力 这些都是有可能的
some stuff that you haven’t even discovered yet and I’m suggesting that
it’s necessary that you get outside of your comfort zone it’s necessary that
you develop some new relationship where you can learn from people it’s necessary
读书 做研究是有必要的
that you do reading that you do research it’s necessary if you’re already
如果你已经参与一些商业活动 对所处境地不满
involved in some business that you don’t be satisfied with where you
it’s necessary for you to constantly
的方法是有必要的 这不仅可能使你拥有梦想
look at ways of getting better not only is it possible for you to have your
去挑战自己 去追求 去提高是有必要的
dream and it’s necessary for you to challenge yourself to go after and get
better and leverage relationships that can help you get to where you want to go
但是你自己才是实现你的梦想的关键 是你在造就你的伟大
but it’s you the major key to your reaching your dream you’re living up to
是你在做出你的贡献 是你自己做的这一切
your greatness you’re making your contribution is YOU if the economy is
如果经济良好 那太棒了 如果银行在提供贷款 那太好了
good fantastic if the banks are loaning money that’s great
如果人们很积极 那太棒了 没有任何人反对你 那太好了
if people are positive thats great you don’t have any opposition that’s great
but the major key to your making things happen in your life is you
当我想上公共电视节目的时候 他们说 你做不到
When i wanted to get on public television they told me you can’t do that
I have seen these other people on it’s possible I can get on
leo, George Bradshaw
这很有可能 但是现在时间到了 让我们现实一点
it’s possible, time out , let’s be realistic
有点逻辑好不好 我说:等会 为什么我做不到?
come on be logical I said wait a minute why can’t I do it
因为别人有各种证书 但是你没有经过任何大学的训练
A guy who has credentials all kinds of credential you don’t have any college training
让你上电视? 你做梦吧 我说:谢谢你
Put you on television? Give me a break. I said thank you for that
上帝爱你 我一直在尝试
God love you and i am trying
我要告诉你人们怎么看待你的 你梦想实现的可能性
Let me tell you something what people think about you and the possibilities for your dream is
和你一点关系都没有 那是他们的事
none of your business that’s their business
they have no imagination
女士们 先生们 他们是根据过去根据记忆来做出的判断
ladies and gentlemen, they are delivering out of the past out of their memory the attitude is it
他们认为做不到 因为并未真正认识过它 他们只是通过表面来判断
can’t be done because they haven’t seen it they are judging according to appearances
the people that are going to make it in the future the people that are making it
今天我要和你们分享一些事情 历史正在被阅读但是它也在
today let me share something with you history is being read but it’s also
being written by people with imagination
所以我进行了下一个必要环节 我开始与人们交谈
so I went to the next mode necessary to start talking to people, seeking and
寻求我想要的东西 利用各种关系想要找出
asking for what I wanted and leveraging relationships and trying to find out
人们是怎么做的 走在我前面的人
how do the people do it, the people that went ahead of me
是怎么做的 ?我又需要怎么去做?
how do they do it and then what is that I
need to do, how is that I need to train myself to develop myself
为了实现梦想需要的资源是什么? 在我开始探寻
what’s the resources that will be required in order to make it happen and as I start seeking
并提出我遇到的问题的时候 人们说我认识一些人
out and asking questions I started running into people saying that I know someone
他们可以帮助你实现梦想 这样我和这些人有了联系
who can help you do that and they helped me get connected with those people
记住 我们有巨大的能量 它能带我们走很远 你有必要去
remember we have so much energy that can take us so far it’s necessary that you
抓住一些其他能量 以帮助我们到达下一层次
hook up with some other of the energy that can take you to the next level
我抓住了 它们说:我们出发吧 我说:好 出发吧
I hooked up with them and they said les let’s go and i said, away we go
猜猜怎么样了? 我站上了这个舞台
And guess what? here we are
I love it
你想要你的工作 对它负责就是必要的
You want your staff, it’s necessary you take responsibility for it for
你实现梦想 你不放弃
that you make it happen that you don’t give up
不要觉得遇到的任何反对 失望或失败是针对你的
that you don’t take any objection or disappointment or defeats personally
你一直保持前进 你不会因为看不到隧道尽头的光明
that you keep on keeping on that you don’t decide that I can’t make it
而说我做不到 你意识到了
because you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel that you realize that’s a
这是程序的一部分 这是一些你必须要解决的问题
part of the program and here’s something you’ve got to resolve.
每天告诉自己:只要还活着 你就会大声喊出你的梦想
Say this to yourself every day as long as you’re breathing you got a shout out to a dream
Say this Please
Its not over Until i win
You Got that Right
Its not over till I win
只有我通过它 克服它 只有得到我想要的东西时 它才会结束
Its not over until i get through, it’s not over until i get over, until i get what i want
如果这扇门今天打不开 看看外面
If the door cant open today lookout
我会回来把门链拆了 这就是你应该做的
I’m going to come back and take the hinges off, that’s how you have to do that
你已经拥有了这种勇气 这种决心
you’ve got to have that kind of courage that type of determination
If you want to make it happen