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#7 Kotlin教程 | 把Java转换为Kotlin – 译学馆
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#7 Kotlin教程 | 把Java转换为Kotlin

#7 Kotlin Tutorial | Convert Java Kotlin

So welcome back Aliens.
上个视频我们讲了如何把 Java 代码和 Kotlin 代码结合起来
In the last video we have talked about how can you mix Java and Kotlin together.
不过我还有一个小技巧 而且我在以前的课程中用到过
But there’s one trick there. So since I have done that before in my session.
它也确实起作用了 不过对于第一次使用这个技巧
It was working. It may happen that if you’re doing this for the first time.
You have to add
Kotlin 的支持包或者 Java 的支持包 呃……
the Kotlin support for your project or maybe Java support for your…
就是 Kotlin 的支持包添加到你的项目中
I mean the Kotlin support for your project.
So in fact
这里我已经创建好了 Kotlin 的项目 对吧?
I will…I’ll have created the Kotlin project, right?
But then in case if you’re getting some error.
一旦你创建好你的 Kotlin 文件
Once you create your Kotlin file,
然后又遇到了报错 那这里有个可选设置
if you get an error, there will be an optional configure here.
是的 就在上面这
Ok. So on the top of this.
There will be optional configure.
你只需要点开设置 然后全选所有模块
You just have to configure it and you will have to select all modules.
它会给你三个选项 你就全选所有模块 然后点击 OK 就可以了
It will give you to three options. Out of that, you have to select all modules and click OK.
Everything would be fine.
当然如果你碰到了其他什么问题 请在评论区告诉我
I guess if you’re getting some issues, let me know in the comment section if you are
getting the problem to configure that.
接下来我还要给你们看另一个 InteliJ 中的技巧
But then we have one more trick in InteliJ which I want to show you here.
这是我们的类 Alien 这是我们用 Java 代码写的类
So this class which is Alien. This is a class where you have. This is Java code.
So let’s say
你已经写好了 Java 代码 但之后
we have done the Java code. And later you want a
你想要把它写成 Kotlin 那我们能把 Java 代码转写成 Kotlin 代码吗?那当然可以
Kotlin code of this. Can you convert a Java code into Kotlin? I mean we can.
As…… as programmers can.
但 InteliJ 是可以直接转换的
InteliJ can convert that. It’s actually possible.
好 那就直接选择你的类 然后选择这里的 Code 菜单
So just select your class and go to the Code menu there.
在下面这里 你可以找到一个选项
You can see down down here. We got an option which is convert
用来转换 Java 文件成为 Kotlin 文件 让我们来试试 先点击它
Java file to Kotlin file. And let’s try this. If you click on this…
我觉得我这里没什么问题 点击后 你们看这里 看到了吗?
I would say OK. I don’t have any problem with that. And the moment you do that, can you see that?
代码变了 你得到了一个叫做 Alien 的类
It is change. You got a class called Alien.
类中有一个 name 变量 类型是 String 默认的值是空值 null
And they got a variable name which is type String and the default value is null.
这已经是 Kotlin 代码了
And this is a Kotlin code now.
And this is your class which is also
Alien.kt 了 Java代码就没了
Alien.kt now. There is no more
全变成 Kotlin 代码了
Java code. This is a Kotlin code.
你可以写一堆大型 Java 代码 然后都给转换成 Kotlin
So you can write a big code and you can convert that code into Kotlin.
就是这么有效率 这也是为什么我这么喜欢
It’s that efficient. And that’s why I love to use
用 InteliJ 这个平台的原因 好的 技巧就是这样 下一个视频我们要多讲
InteliJ platform. So yeah. That’s just this one. In the next video we’ll talk about
几个问题 看到这里的你们就点个订阅吧
more topics. So before that, do subscribe and
把这个视频分享给你们的朋友 希望你们都喜欢
share this video to your friends if you like this video.
And do let me know your
一定告诉我 今天就到这里 我是 Klan 感谢收看
feedback on this video. That’s the time. Thanks watching and this is Klan.



本节视频讲解了在 InteliJ 中如何将 Java 代码转换成 Kotlin 代码。