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6 Things You Need To Get Right About Depression

抑郁症常被公众误解 有时人们认为患有抑郁症的人
Depression is often misunderstood in the public. Sometimes people think that people with depression
只是累了或者懒惰而已 然而事实上 此时这些人正在同
are weak, or lazy, when in actuality um people with depression are struggling with a very
这种既有生理 心理 以及社会因素的复杂疾病抗争
complex illness that has biological, psychological, and social causes and consequences.
误区一 抑郁症很少见抑郁症极为常见 四分之一的女性以及五或六分之一的男性受其影响
Depression is extremely common, it affects one in four women, and about one in five or six men. And
those who don’t experience depression themselves often have a friend, or a family member who
最常见的症状包括情绪低落 兴趣减退
are experiencing it. The most commonly experienced symptoms of depression are sad mood, and lack
人们通常会注意到睡眠习惯和日常精力的变化 我采访过的
of pleasure. People often note sleep changes and energy changes. And almost everybody I’ve
超过两千名抑郁症患者中 几乎每个人
ever interviewed, which would be over two thousand people with depression, all experienced
都有过无价值感 几乎每个人都这样
the feelings of worthlessness. Almost every single one.
误区二 抑郁症=悲伤抑郁症是一种看不见的疾病 它并非凭观察他人就能察觉 日常琐事可能让人产生正常的悲伤
Depression is an invisible illness, it is not one that you can see just by looking at somebody. Normal sadness can occur in response
to life events. Depression, at least in its later stages, tends to be disconnected from
因此 抑郁症和悲伤都会觉得伤心 但抑郁症要复杂得多
life events. So, depression and sadness share the sadness, but depression is so much more
其实 一些人认为抑郁症最糟糕的是
than just sadness. And, as a matter of fact, some people think the worst part of depression
失去快乐感 但在抑郁症严重发作时甚至会出现肢体麻木
is not experiencing pleasure. There is a numbness in how sometimes when people have severe depression feel.
误区三 抑郁症属于性格软弱“你得自力更生,你应该离开这里。” 或者像这样:
“Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. You should get yourself out of this.” Or,
things like, “Your life is great, what do you have to be depressed about?” Depression
is definitely not related to someone’s character, or moral shortcomings. And it is really interesting
如果药物对治疗这种病有效 又怎么能说
to think that if medication can help people who have these illnesses, how could it really
be about their morality?
误区四 抑郁症仅影响个人抑郁症可以影响个人生活的方方面面 工作表现 家庭关系 离婚率也比常人更高
Depression can affect every aspect of a person’s life. It can affect their job performance, their family
relationships, their divorce rates are higher,
它可以影响生育能力 抑郁症也是因病致贫的首要原因之一
it can affect their parenting abilities. And depression is one of the leading causes of
economic burden of any diseases. People are often surprised to hear that it costs more
to the society than cancer or heart disease.
误区五 抑郁症可以自然康复如果不接受治疗 抑郁症会向多种方式转变 也许保持一直以来的消极状态
If depression goes untreated, it could turn out a variety of different ways. It could be that people stay at the same sort of negative
或者可能恶化 所以 随着病情的进展
level that they’ve been, or sometimes it can get much worse. So, it can with each passing
有人觉得越来越糟糕 而大约百分之二十的患病人群
depression, some people feel worse and worse, so that they might approximately about twenty
我相信 会有某种形式的自杀企图
percent of people, I believe, with major depression end up making some form of suicide attempt.
那么 问题在于我们怎样做才能让他们感觉更好 从而更好地思考
So, the question is how do we get people to feel better so that they can think better,
反之亦然 我们怎样才能使他们转换想法从而有不同的感受
or vice versa? How do we get them to think differently so that they can feel differently?
误区六 抑郁症只能经药物治疗通常患有抑郁症的人会采用一种或多种方式治疗
Usually people come at depression with one form of treatment or the other. They will
他们会服用药物 或者接受心理治疗 或者什么也不做
either go and get medication, or they’ll go and get psychotherapy, or they will do
事实上 有数据显示治疗抑郁症最好的方法是二者结合疗法
nothing. In fact, the data supports that the best treatment for depression is a combination
of medication and psychotherapy. There’s lots of strategies that people can use in
提高他们的睡眠质量 每天进行三十分钟体育锻炼
order to feel better. Improving their sleep and sleep hygiene, exercising thirty minutes
a day, um particularly aerobic exercise seems to be very effective for people with depression.
在社交方面 我建议他们试着建立更多的社交关系
And for the social piece, I’d really recommend to try and develop more social engagement
with people because again I think that is one way that people can actually help themselves
to feel better. The good news is that depression is a very treatable illness. The majority
接受治疗的人 尤其是早期就开始的 最后会有很好的效果
of people who get care, particularly if they can get care early, will end up doing very well.