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6 Strangest Hobbies Ever

I wonder what Paris Hilton would look like as a taxidermized squirrel.
Let’s talk about that.
♪ (theme music) ♪
Good Mythical Morning!
Hobbies can be healthy habits.
Whether it’s going to the movies or taking pictures of gravestones.
听着 我们不是在说
Listen, we’re not here to talk about
what you choose to do with your free time.
当然 如果你闲暇时会做些奇怪的事
Unless, of course, you choose to do something so strange
with your free time that we have to talk about it.
We have scoured the depths of the Internet and
found some of the strangest hobbies out there,
so let’s get started with
♪ (Hobby Bobby Bo-Bobby Fanana Fana Strange Hobbies) ♪
(both Rhett & Link) ♪ (Hobbies!) ♪
– (laughing) – (laughing)
-You ever been watching the news and – No.
you look over the person who’s being interviewed’s shoulder
—他们肩膀后面有人入镜了—喔 那些怪咖
– and there’s like someone trying to get in the shot? – Oh, yeah. Those jerks.
Well, Paul Yarrow of South London has made this his hobby.
—哦 好吧—新闻报道的照片炸弹
– Oh, okay. – Photobombing news reports.
在过去几个月里 保罗在各种伦敦电台的
Over a few months, Paul appeared in over 20 live news reports
across various London stations.
Let’s just watch this montage.
(man talking)
That’s definitely England.
(林克)没错 你觉得哪个是保罗呢
(Link) Yep. Which one do you think he is?
(Rhett) I think he’s the guy in the back.
– He’s about to rest his cheek against that.
—(林克)看 他来了
(Link) And there he is. Look.
(瑞特)哦 他这次很开心—他在思考
(Rhett) Oh. He’s happy about this one. – He’s thinking about something.
(林克)他饿了 他在舔嘴唇
(Link) He’s hungry. He’s licking his lips.
– (Rhett laughing)
看起来像那家伙的保镖 是吧
It’s like he’s that guy’s bodyguard, you know?
是的 但那家伙不需要保镖
Yeah. That guy doesn’t need a bodyguard.
(林克)他有在听 他摇头了
(Link) He’s listening. He’s shaking his head.
(瑞特)是的 但是……好吧
(Rhett) Okay, but… all right.
(Rhett) What is he? Is he gonna pop up?
(Link) Where is he? Wait for it.
(林克)不 那不是他
(Link) Nope, that’s not him.
(林克)啊哈 他在那儿(瑞特笑)
– (Link) Aaaaand there it is! – (Rhett laughing)
(瑞特)喔 这次很自然(林克)对 漫步过来的
– (Rhett) Oh, this is the “an naturel” way. – (Link) Yeah. Strollin’ in.
– (Rhett) He’s not naked.
看 这个人正在把他赶出镜头
And this guy’s trying to get him out of the shot. Look.
他像是在说“不 不 我才是那个应该入镜的人 相信我
It’s like, “No, no. I’m the guy that’s supposed to be in the background. Trust me.
我要这么做”(林克)看 他不会离开镜头
I’m supposed to do this.” – (Link) He will not leave the shot. Look.
(林克)然后 嗯 他还没出现
(Link) And then — eh — he’s not in this one yet.
我想知道他是否已经出现了 出来吧 保罗 你在哪
I wonder if he’s gonna show up. Come on, Paul. Where are you?
这是你的——他来了 喔耶(瑞特笑)
This is your — there you go! Oh, yeah!(Rhett laughing)
He’s got the same bag.
Is this the same day?
– (Link laughing) He’s just always ready on his phone, man.
靠近 靠近 近点 再近点
Get close. Get close. Get closer. Get closer!
And look how he gets right behind the person
so that the camera can’t angle him out.
对 哦 对视了 他和摄像机对视了
Right. Oh, oh! Eye contact. You gotta make a little eye contact.
哦 就是这样 看 他笑了
Oh, there it is! Look, the smile.
– (laughing) I love this guy! – He got a little…
– I usually hate those dudes. – He got a little cheeky, baby.
You know the thing I like about him?
He doesn’t get back there and do some obscene dance or something
—吸引大家的注意—对 他酷酷的
– and bunch of attention to himself. – Right! He keeps it cool!
—就像是“我只是在购物”—你好啊 厚脸皮的家伙
– He’s just like, “I’m just shopping.” – “Hello. Cheeky, baby.
I like it.
没错 他是我现在最喜欢的人了
Yeah, he’s my favorite person right now.
—保罗 用推特给我打电话—好 好 嗯
– Paul, call me. On Twitter. – Okay. Okay, uh…
– I’m not gonna give you my number. – How about a guy whose hobby is
给棒球上色 你觉得怎样
to paint baseballs?
我的意思是 那个人的工作是
And when I say that, what I mean is, a guy whose job is
to paint one baseball over and over and over again.
– His name is… – Is this a job or a hobby?
This is a hobby.
—好吧 没工钱的—没报酬的 迈克尔•卡迈克尔
– Okay. He doesn’t get paid to do it. – He doesn’t. Michael Carmichael.
Right off the bat, he gets points for that.
—嗯 26分—我是说 他的名字里
– Mm. 26 points. – I mean, he’s got “car” in the middle…
有辆“车” 对吧—(笑)确实
– of two first names. Right? – (laughing) He does yes.
—我的意思是 名字一样—没错
– And, I mean, the same name. – Yeah.
—那很重要—是的 林克·车·林克
– That’s important. – Right, Link Carlink.
—耶—对了 他上高中时
– Yeah. – So anyway, when he’s in high school
—发生过一次意外 不是……—喔
– he has an accident. I don’t mean- Whoops!
拉裤子了 而是他将颜料洒到了一个棒球上
he poops his pants. I mean he spills paint onto a baseball.
—我知道—然后就“哈 我有主意了
– I knew that. – And then he’s like, “Huh! That gives me an idea.
我要在棒球上再画一次 一次又一次 一次又一次
I’m going to paint that baseball again. And again. And again.
一次又一次 直到他涂了一千层
And again and again and again until he gets to a thousand layers.
—哇喔—从这一点来说 这是一个工程
– Whoa! – This is a project, at this point.
然后他有小孩了 我知道你在想什么
But then he has a child. And I know what you’re thinking.
(点击鼠标)开始在孩子身上画画 不是
(clicks with mouth) Starts painting the child. No!
– Good. – He says, ” I wanna starts over
– with my son so he can be- (Link) Bonding hobby.
– a part of it.” -That’s cool!
Gets rid of the other baseball.
Actually probably puts it on a shelf somewhere.
Starts painting a new baseball in 1977.
每天至少涂一层 坚持了四十多年
He has painted it every single day, at least one layer, for over 40 years.
– What? – Guinness World Record for largest ball of paint.
Probably also the largest baseball at this point.
– I don’t know how that works.
如果棒球很干 他有时会涂十层
He sometimes paints up to 10 layers if it’s dry enough.
How big is this thing now? As big as him!
It weighs two-and-a-half tons at this point.
—(林克)哇哦—(瑞特)我是说 看
– (Link) Whoa! – (Rhett) I mean, look at that thing.
和他一样高 他还让客人们给它上色
It’s as tall as he is. And he lets guests come and paint it.
Next time we’re in Alexandria, Indiana,
林克 你知道我们要干嘛吗
Link, you know what we’re doing.
We’re breaking out the paintbrushes and painting a baseball.
This baseball.
喔 这会展出吗
Wow. And so it’s on display?
Like people can go there and see it?
—是的 他有个很大的指示牌—噢
– Yeah, he’s got a big sign. – Oh.
—是个路边景点—太酷了 一个你可以和儿子一起
– It’s a roadside attraction. – That’s cool, a nice hobby where
you can bond with your son and inhale a lot of paint.
—是啊 对—赢了 卡迈克尔排名第一
– Yeah, right. – Win, win. Carmichael number one.
—赢了—26分 好吧
– Win. – 26 points. All right,
I got one for 91-year-old Coral Charles-Dunne
from Birmingham.
嗯 克拉尔的爱好是编织
Hum, Coral’s hobby is knitting.
—她织的是 乳房 —她修复人们的乳房吗
– Boobs. She knits.- She repairs people’s boobs?
不 她把毛线织成乳房形的 看这张图片
No, she knits knitting materials into boobs. Just look at this picture.
看 她在笑 如果你看照片下面
There she is, smiling. If you look at the bottom of the frame,
you’ll see those are boobs that she has knitted.
Is this like an alternative to breast implants?
– I don’t understand. – It is an educational tool used
– by expectant moms- This is what a boob looks
– looks like, kids. – to learn the techniques for
怎样喂奶 我觉得准妈妈们都要入手一个
breastfeeding. I thought expectant moms had their own.
—里面倒牛奶吗—不造 我不造啦
– You put milk in there? – No. I don’t know the details.
—我不造 不懂诶—听着 看着她的脸
– I don’t understand. I’m still confused. – But listen. Just focus on her face
笑得多甜啊 你会这样想 好
and how sweet she is and then you’re like, “All right.
不管她想做什么 我肯定我们会从中学到东西
Whatever she wants to do. I’m sure there’s something we can learn.
但这张照片 看起来就像把一群猪妈妈
But the picture, it looks like they took some sort of mother pig,
turned it upside-down.
Like a knitted mama pig or something.
对 我也这么想
Yeah, that’s what I like to think happened.
因为你懂的 它们有很多咪咪
Because you know, they have a lot of ninnies.
对 而且还不止两个
Yeah, they do. They have more than two.
—真假?—不止两个 有些女人不止两个
– Right?- More than two. Some women have
more than two.
Some men have extra nipples.
—对 《宇宙威龙》里那个女的—她就最有发言权啦
– Right, that woman in Total Recall.- She can teach people about that.
– It could also be used as pillows. – If you wanna be that woman from
那个女的 打给她 她会分给你一个的
Total Recall, you call up this woman and she just give you an extra one.
—嗯—(笑声)好 下一个是
– Mhm. – (laughing) Okay, next up is
—好 下一个是爱恩·希尔瓦—真让我大开眼界
– Okay, next up is Ian Silva. – I’ve learned a lot. I think
—我觉得很有教育意义—对 是的
– it was educational. – Yeah, very educational.
He’s a commuter train driver in Sydney, Australia.
And he was asked a question one time on Reddit,
or he responded to a question that was posed:
“What do you like to do for fun when you’re alone?”
And he responded with,
“I like to to draw maps of an imaginary place that I’ve invented in my mind.”
And it completely blew up,
because it’s not just, like, some little sketch-eroony.
—真是奇了怪了 看这些细节—他没说谎
– This is a freaking — look at the detail. – He wasn’t lying.
—他画出来了—不 这是他的兴趣
– He already did it. – No, this is his hobby. It is the
—啥 太赞了—这是科阿拿岛
– What? That is amazing! – Koana islands.
It is a series of islands,
and he has not just done these incredibly detailed maps.
He’s also got all these details about the islands themselves.
那里有9300万居民 有11个国家公园
There’s 93 million residents. There’s 11 national parks.
It’s ranked among the world’s best countries to live in.
林克 说点什么吧
That’s really easy for you to say, Ian.
I mean, you came up with this in your mind.
I don’t think you get to say it’s the best place to live
因为是你想象出来的 但这真的很酷
just because it’s in your mind. But it is pretty cool.
对 还有很多高速公路
Yeah. There’s a lot of highways. Like, the interconnectedness
—(瑞特) 对 有很多—这里的交通连接很先进
– (Rhett) Yeah, lots. – of the transportation is very advanced.
Road travel is very important on these islands.
—对 很多州际公路—棒球也很重要
– Yeah, lotta interstates. – Baseball is very important.
– Is it? – If there’s an emergency,
你不用拨911 你拨777
you don’t dial 9-1-1. You dial 7-7-7.
我们就和世界连在一起了 林克
So if we every get sucked into this world, Link,
这是最好的 你盯地图这么长时间
which is want to happen when you stare at a map too long.
我在提醒你 不要再看啦
I’m warning you right now! Don’t stare at it too long!
你都快被卷进去了 我们会拨777拖你出来的
You might get sucked in there, but we’ll dial 7-7-7 to get you out.
He also is developing a language,
a mix of Old Norse and English that is going to be spoken by these people.
他还没命名 林克 我建议名为古那英语
He doesn’t have a name for it, but, Ian, I am suggesting Old Norseglish.
—想用就用吧 没有版权—这酷毙了
– Feel free to use that. No copyright. – I mean, this is really cool.
– (Link) Like, his subway system. – (Rhett) It’s incredibly intricate!
给岛上画细节 这是他的爱好
And he’s constantly — this is his hobby to add details to these islands.
– I’d frame that and put it on my walls. – “I would at least frame that.”
不挂在沙发上 也不挂在卫生间里
But not like over my couch, but not in the restroom, either.
挂在 呃
I’d put it over like,
走廊 或是玄关那里
like a hallway, like a secondary hallway.
好 林克 也许他会送你一副
Okay. Well, maybe he’ll send you one, Link.
Next up, we have Susan Mullins from Fort Campbell, Tennessee.
– She likes squirrels. – Yeah?
—死掉的松鼠 她把它们变成艺术—(笑声)
– Dead ones. She turns them into art.- (laughing)
She taxidermizes squirrels and,
– uh… here you go. You’ve got a granny squirrel. – (Rhett) Mhm.
– And here you’ve got a 1920s flapper squirrel. – (Rhett) I like that one.
—(林克)她有乳沟—(瑞特)对 她本来就有啊
– (Link) It has cleavage. – (Rhett) Yeah. Why, it should.
I’ve never seen a squirrel with so much cleavage.
They have move cleavage.
Sometimes you can’t tell because they’re usually not in dresses.
She could be in cahoots with the knitted boob lady.
Yeah, yeah. Right.
– Cahooters with her. (laughing) – (laughing)
—噢 天啊—乔治亚州的一个男人
– Oh, gosh. – The squirrels come from a man
把松鼠吃了 再把皮给苏珊
in Georgia who eats them and then gives her the skins.
对 因为不需要里面的东西
Right. Because you don’t need the insides to do this.
—(林克)这是网球松鼠—(瑞特)噢 网球松鼠
– (Link) Here’s a tennis squirrel. – (Rhett) Oh, tennis squirrel!
我要签约 我可以要一只吗 我能买一只吗
Sign me up. Can I get one on these? Can I buy one?
You can buy them on eBay.
She sells them from $75 to $250 dollars.
最后也很重要 她最爱的是便携CD播放者帕丽斯·希尔顿
Last but not least, her favorite is Paris Hilton with portable CD player.
好 我想要一个 我生日时你可以送我一个吗
Okay. I want one, and will you please give me one for my birthday?
– That’s my request. – With a portable CD player?
好 林克 下一个
Okay, Link. Next up,
we’ve got former computer engineer Chuck Lamb from Ohio.
Lifelong dream of becoming an actor,
但据他所说 他没有表演经验
but according to him, he had no acting experience
and he wasn’t very good looking,
so he took an unorthodox path,
and he started faking his own death, repeatedly.
And then getting his wife to take pictures of him
and posting it on his website, deadbodyguy.com.
—很不可思议—为什么 因为如果人们认为他死了
– This is absolutely incredible. – Why, because if people think he’s
then he could get acting jobs?
不要太计较逻辑 来看这些照片
Don’t worry about the logic. Just look at the pictures.
—噢—就是他 还有几行配文
– Oh. – Here he is. He does these little captions.
“跟自动门比赛 他输了”
“Racing the automatic garage door. He lost.”
– (Rhett)” Screwed again.” – (Link) Ooh!
—(瑞特)“螺丝拧进头了”—(林克)噢 天啊
– (Rhett) “Screw to the side of the head.” – (Link) Ooh, gross!
“Should have towel dried.”
(瑞特笑声)“噢 顺便说说 我出轨了”
(Rhett laughing) “Oh, by the way, I’m having an affair.”
如你所见 他老婆经常用擀面杖敲破他的头
As you can see, the wife has used the rolling pin to bash his brains in.
噢 很恶心 还有点恐怖
Ooh. This is gross. This is kinda morbid.
这很有效 他是在玩游戏 眼睛是睁开的
This has actually worked. He’s got his game down, too. His eyes are open.
因为这个 这个网站和它的人气
Because of this, this website and its popularity, he’s actually landed
appearances in movies like Kentucky Horror Show and, one of
your favorites, I know, ThanksKilling.
—对 假日经典—他出演了《感恩节杀戮》
– Yes! Holiday classic.- Yes! He was in ThanksKilling!
– He was?- He was in ThanksKilling.
—恰克出演了《感恩节杀戮》—你知道吗 他演死人
– Chuck was in ThanksKilling. – You know what? He was the dead guy.
His ultimate goal is to be on Law & Order.
He says, “If I get on Law & Order, I will shut down everything
我会停工把任务完成” 但你知道吗 林克
and mission accomplished.” But you know what, Link?
There’s a new one that’s not on DeadBodyGuy
that you can only see on this show.
也不在《法律与秩序》 只在《好奇日》里
It’s not Law & Order, but it is Good Mythical Morning.
– Look what Chuck did for us right here. – (Link) Or we did for him.
– (Link) Did we kill him? – (Rhett laughing)
不 他看《好奇日》时死翘翘了
No! He died watching Good Mythical Morning!
He didn’t send a caption with this one,
但我写了“看好奇日马拉松时 我们要补水吗”
but I added “Should have stayed hydrated during GMM marathon.”
—(笑声)噢 可怜的家伙—(笑声)因为这事经常会发生
– (laughing) Oh, poor guy. – (laughing) Because that happens sometimes,
– you know? – Poor guy didn’t stay hydrated.
—谢谢恰克—神秘的野兽 养成一个
– Thanks to Chuck! – Mythical Beasts, take up a nice
—有创造性的好习惯 不要忘了—(一起)要补水
– creative hobby, and don’t forget to – (both) Stay hydrated!
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Thanks for linking, commenting, and subscribing.
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and hobbies fails we’ve ever had.
And we’re gonna do this right this time. “Freeze frame.”
– (crew offscreen laughing) – I’m not actually gonna freeze.
– I’m just gonna… – (camera click)
突然间 瑞特和林克听到了建筑外的巨大响声
Suddenly, Rhett and Link heard a loud noise from outside of the building,
一架外星飞船坠落在布景上 拐走了瑞特和林克
An alien spaceship crashed through, landed on the set, and abducted Rhett and Link.
外星人的首领是瑞特的假胡子 是来道别的
The alien leader was Rhett’s fake beard and wanted to say one last good-bye.