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50位企业家告诉你成功的奥秘是什么 – 译学馆
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50 Entrepreneurs share priceless advice

Do something you’re very passionate about.
And, don’t try to chase
what is kind of be hot passion of the day.
People say you have that a lot of passion for what you are doing,
这完全正确 因为
and it is totally true, and the reason is
Uh, is……because it’s so hard
如果没有热情的话 你会找到各种理由放弃
but if you don’t, any rational person would give up.
真的太难了 而且你得长期去做 所以要是你不爱你所做之事
It’s really hard, and you have to do it over a sustain period of time, so if you don’t love it,
认为它没有乐趣 你不是真爱它的话 你会放弃的
you don’t have any fun do it, you don’t really love it, uh, you are gonna give up.
所以大胆去做吧 勇敢尝试并从中学习
So just go and do it, try and learn from it,
有些事情你可能失败了 但那正是你需要的一种学习经历
you know…… you’ll fail at some things that’s a learning experience that you need
so that you can take on to the next experience.
Uh, and don’t let people who you may respect
信任或者认识的什么人说的 — 不要听他们说这不可能
and who you believe or know what they’re talking about-Don’t let them tell you it can’t be done
因为他们总是告诉你 你做不到
because, often they will tell you you can’t be done.
And, it’s just becaue they don’t have the courage to try.
I think people that look for great ideas to make money
you know…are nearly as successful as those who say
我热爱什么 了解什么 什么使我兴奋
ok, what I really love to do, what I am excited about, what I know something about
什么令我感兴趣 我最想去做什么的人一样成功了
you know, what’s kind of interesting and compel it.
It’s very rewarding when you work on something you think it can make a big difference.
And uh, yeah it’s a little bit harder.
But I think I think the passion that one might bring with it
你能获得更多的能量 你也更可能成功
brings so much more energy to that you’re more likely to succeed
You have to have the emotion and investment in what you are doing,
if you don’t love what you are doing, un,
几乎肯定会失败 没有人能保证会成功
failure is pretty much guaranteed, success is not guaranteed by any means.
但如果你不热爱你做的事 就更可能失败
But failure is much more likely if you don’t love to do it.
If you know exectly what you wanna be,
you need to spend as much time with people that are actually that already.
我有个习惯 就是质疑很多事情
You know one of things that I do is I question a lot of things.
And you can do that in a good way and a bad way but
hopefully if you try to get people to motivate why they are doing something
为什么要这么想 最糟糕的情况不过是
and the way of thinking you know the worst thing you can end up with it’s a situtation where
you get told well this is the way always been.
That’s the worst ever that’s none answer
相反 问问你自己
instead ask youself you know
现有条件下 还有没有方法能让自己变得更好?
given everything you have today, is there a way we can make this better?
And so when we’re coming up the ideas,
you know we always ask ourselves ur…
what kind of new market is creating
and also what what part of my day and in what problem was solving?
So I have gone as far as taking an entire catalogue of my day for the moment.
I like open my eyes and writting down every single thing I do
并问自己 这里会产生新点子吗?
and then asking myself like ‘is there something here?’
If you are not coming up with ten ideas a day
这就是我做这件事的原因 要是我每天想不出或者没有填满这张纸时
that’s why I have this thing I’m not coming up when I’m filling up this page every single day,
then my idea muscle will atrophy.
And I started this in 2001 and I still do it every single day.
你必须每天都有新想法 否则你的思考肌肉就萎缩了
You have to come up with idea every single day or the idea muscle atrophies.
可喜的是 坚持6个月后 你就像一台机器
The good news is after about 6 months of doing this,you’re like a machine.
你会惊讶 随时随地你都可以得到很多想法
You would get surprise at how many ideas you could just have anywhere.
但你也要明白 没有人会无缘无故对你的想法感兴趣
But understand that naturally nobody is interested in your idea.
世界很冷漠 所以你得去说服他们 让他们知道
The world is careless you have to persuade them and you have to show
you’re the one person out there that can do it.
说到改变世界 乔布斯教给我的是
When it comes to changing the world what I have learned from steve jobs is
如果你相信苹果电脑 如果你相信iPhone iPod iPad
you should believe in a Macintosh if you believe in iPhone, iPod, iPad.
如果你足够相信 那你就能使之变成现实 因为其他人会视其为一种信仰
If you believe enough then you will see it because other people will believe in it.
Other people create software, other people create products.
So you need to foster the belief in what you’re dreaming.
So that it becomes a reality
这和说“在实现前 我不指望任何人相信”是很不一样的
which is very different than saying I don’t expect anybody to believe it untill I see it.
you need people to believe it before they can see it.
Don’t necessarily think you have the you have the homerun in the huge apple computer on you first start.
我花了很长时间 只是为了乐趣制造一些小装置
I spent a long time in my life with skills just building a little devices for fun.
乐趣是关键因素之一 它驱使你不断思考
For fun is one of the key things cause it drives you think and think and think
然后不断完善 而如果你是替别人的公司工作 你可能就不会这么努力改进
make it better and better and better than you ever would if you are doing it for a company.
Build things at first for youself that you would want.
For somebody aspiring to
将整体水平提到更高层次 或者超越最疯狂梦想的人
you know take things to the next level or to even surpass the wildest dreams.
会有幸运的成分 但是我认为更重要的是
There’s always going to have to be an element of luck but I think more important is
putting youself in a business that
can be ubiquitous that that can there really doesn’t have limits
because otherwise there is always be a grind to it
但是如果这个业务不是你曾设想的 每个公司都在用
but if the business if it can’t be something you can visualize every business using
or every consumer using,
it’s gonna be a tough to scale to be big enough or to have the perceived value
you want an idea about what you can say I know it sounds like a bad idea
但其实是个好主意的想法 具体原因是:
but here’s specifically why it’s actually a great one
你想要听起来很疯狂 但是事实上你想要正确
you want to sound crazy but you want to actually be right because
因为当你试着与众不同的时候 当你试着不走寻常路时
cause when you were trying to differentiate, when you were trying to do something different
将出现一种直觉: 这样做对吗?这样做不对吗?
there’s going to be that gut moment that gut sence is this right? is this not right
如果你不这么做 如果你毫无疑虑
if you’re not if you’re not having doubt
you’re not pushing the boundaries far enough
don’t think about how do I get really… how do I get big fast
如果你真的创造出很有意义很重要的东西时 这是自然而然的
that will happen if you actually build something super meaningful and super important
so don’t think about you know
最快成功的方法是什么 思考一下如何才能创造出世界真正需要的东西
what is the quickest way to success. Think about what is the best way to building something important that the world really needs
This little idea explains why some organizations and some leaders are able to inspire
where others are. Let me define the terms really quickly
这世上任何人 任何一个机构都100%知道他们在做什么
every single person every single organization on the planet knows what they do 100%
有的人知道该如何做 如果你想把它称为区分价值主张
some know how they do it will you call it your differentiating value proposition
or your proprietary process or your USP
but very very few people or organizations know why they do what they do
这里的原因并不是盈利 盈利只是个结果 而且总是个结果
by why I don’t mean to make a profit that’s a result it’s always a result
而是你的目标 你的动力和你的信仰
by why I mean what’s your purpose, what’s your cause, what’s your believe.
Why did your organization exist.
所以当我们看见一个站着卖柠檬水的孩子 和一个柠檬水售卖机的感觉是完全不一样的
So when we see a kid with a lemonade stand it’s different than we see a vending machine selling lemonade
尽管它们都是同一种产品 因为一个产品的故事
even if it’s exactly same product cause the story around it
才是人们愿意为之掏腰包的理由 因此当我遇到一些小商人时
it’s what people are paying for so when I meet small business people
我不会去问他们的资产表 而是他们的故事
all I ask them is not their balance sheet but what’s their story
为什么我要选择你 为什么我要关心你所做的
why should I pick you why do I care about what you’re doing
And if you start giving me all this inside baseball statistics about
Why you’re 2 percent better than some other competitors
那我就已经失去兴趣了 因为这并不是我看待世界的方式
I’m already glazed over cause that’s not part of the way I see the world
that I have to want this to exist in the world
I can have to not…so it’s a similar rule just say if this was
成功了 但我却什么都没有
successful and I had nothing and I get no
我没有参与其中 我没赚到钱 或者并不是我想要做的
and I was not involved and I got no money off it or wasn’t what I wanted to do well
这会是很好的反思 当你很看好这个想法 并且能够为之付出热情时
that’s a great check I think to know if you really feel good about the idea and can be passionate about that
one of the things I advise entrepreneur to do is when you have an idea
传统企业家的做法就是保留想法不告诉别人 因为所有的想法都很特别
a classic entrepreneur impulse is to hold the idea close to you’re not gonna tell people cause all the ideas are special
that’s almost always a mistake go talk
-Why is that a mistake-It’s a mistake because
你真正的竞争优势并不是你拥有这个想法 并把你的想法藏起来
your actual real competitive advantage is not you have this idea that you have to lock to one your closet
这个说法可能不准确 准确的说法我也说不上来
which may or may not be accurate you have no idea which it is
your your actual competitive advantages if you’re assembling the intelligence around
这个想法可行吗 如何找到好的团队 如何找到正确的学习方式 以及我们本质上都在行动
does this idea work what is the right team what is the right learnings and we’re essentially in motion
The hardest thing to do is start
你有很多想法 每个人都有想法
you have all these ideas and everyone has an idea
but it’s really about executing the idea
建立你的想法 吸引其他人一起为这个想法行动
and building the idea and attracting other people to help you work on the idea
这是最大的挑战 但开始你要做的就是把你的想法转为现实
that is the biggest challenge but the way to begin is to get the idea out of your head
draw it out you know
不断讨论 制定计划
talk about it program it
if you’re a programmer or make it if you’re building something
You don’t have to be the best
所以你必须得有危险性 对吗?
but you have to be dangerous, right?
要想建立一个想法 你得学着变得危险一些
you have to learn just enough to be dangerous to build an idea
concept it and show it to the world
结果你就有了一大帮子人 包括170个
then it turns out there are lots of other people including all 170 employees
在INS工作的员工 在那方面他们做的比我好多了
that work at Instagram who are much better at doing all that stuff than I am but
but you’d need to find people who can you know be drawn to the idea that you build
and they end up taking it and make it even better
you know one way to conceptualize what makes a good product is
明白好的管理是其中一部分 好的设计也只是一部分
you know good engineering is part of it good design is part of it
实际上 真正的有效方法是
but really it’s one way I think about is at least is
maximizing the probability that someone shows up at the front door of
you know your store or your website or
whatever it is and ends up with a solved problem
通常最好的方法就是 从服务好一个人开始
and oftentimes the best methodology is to start with the perfect experience of just one person
做好这件事 然后再去想如何精通某项技能
get that right and then figure out how to skill something great
如果这项技能都不够好 那么想要改善是很难的
that skill I mean not so great and then trying to improve it that’s really hard
and so I think when you were starting a new business
不要去选择一些很大的市场 选择一些小市场
you uh you don’t want to go after giant markets you want to go after small markets
you want to take over those markets quickly
constantly seek criticism yeah
uh a well-thought-out critique
of whatever you’re doing is as valuable as gold
并且从所有人那寻求支持 特别是从朋友那儿
and you should seek that from everyone you can but particularly your friends
如果你不会利用互联网 那么你已经处于劣势
if you’re not utilizing an online community then you’re at a disadvantage to do some hard
you can be asking online communities what they think about your ideas
or if they have any advice with what you’re working on
not only will you hear from people who are passionate about the subject
你还能听到来自全世界的人分享他们自己的经验和故事 这些都能给你帮助
but you’ll be hearing from people all around the world each with their own experiences and stories that can help you
and there are a lot of people from whom we can learn a lot and I think like
我的建议是 不要小看你遇到过的任何人
you know the one piece of advice is like don’t underestimate anyone you come across
每一个人 比如
everybody like whether they’re you know
a blue collar worker waiting for the bus or they’re you know
helping you at your…they’re the server bartender at the restaurant
或者是一些低层员工 我所见过的最聪明的领导者
or they’re a lower-ranking employee I mean the smartest leaders I’ve ever seen
have always gone around the room and asked for everybody’s opinion
most startups that fail do it ultimately
because they did not make something that people wanted
they made something that um you know that they thought people would want
but they were either in denial about it about you know
不承认产品不够好 或者有其他的竞争者制作出人们更想要的东西
whether it was actually any good or somebody else came along and made something that people wanted even more
the best piece of advice that we’ve figured out is we’ve been the course is
is not to not to let other people distract what you’re doing
总有一些人会说你的点子很蠢 你的想法不会可行
there’s always haters that say your idea is stupid, this idea is never gonna work
还是省点力气吧 因为总会有其他人抢先你一步
don’t even bother doing that because someone else is going to do it before you either
如果我们听信了这些反馈 生活在这些消极的言论中
and if we listen to all that feedback and living all that negative through, we were never
我们将会一事无成 我们不可能完美 这也是我们能进步的原因
built things. We’re never a prototype things and that’s how we really got to where we are
我们明白了我们想去做的产品 那么我们就会去做
we saw things that we wanted to build we just want to build them.
It turns out when you build stuff that you like to use
it’s a good chance that there’s thousands other people that want to use it too
不只是需要有凝聚力的团队 也不只是需要反复思考你的点子的可行性
and so it’s not just about doing focus groups it’s not just about you know double-checking your vision
it really is about integrating this concept of
testing our ideas rigorously throughout the product development process
out the marketing process even as we scale up
what you really need to do is think about what is the smallest possible test that I can run
来证明这个点子 这个概念以及这个理论
for this idea for this concept for this theory
get it out there and get customers using it
because your customers are gonna be the ones to tell you if it is really working or not
Like there’s almost just expectation that you have to have in your mind this
this sort of “I’m gonna change the world”, sort of
“make a dent in the universe” kind of ambition
Right? But it’s actually okay early on to just kind of
先一层层解决问题 直到有这个能力
solve small problems in layers until you actually get to a point we have the capacity to do that what
结论就是 为用户做一些特别的事情
what this all comes down to is doing something exceptional for your users
不论是在社区中 交往中还是在设计中
whether it’s in community whether it’s in connection or whether it’s in design
这是我们作为创业公司的一大优势 我们有可能成功做到这一点
this is our big advantage as a startup but we can actually get away with doing it
we can make this the core part of why we’re doing business
I think you should be spending your money on teaching and sharing and
so that might mean hiring a writer too perhaps instead of a marketing person you know and
写一些让人愿意倾听的东西 你不能只顾着谈论你自己
and start writing and start getting people to listen to what you’re saying. You can’t talk about yourself all the time
因为没人是来看你谈论这些 我们要谈的是和你的业务相关的内容
because no one’s going to come back for that we get to talk about things that are relevant to your industry
或者是你的想法 然后开始积累你的听众
ideas that you have and start to build that audience up
我认为很重要的一点是 特别是当你是一个创始人或者技术创始人时
I do think that one thing that’s important is especially if you’re a founder or a technical founder
你得意识到你做不了所有的事 就算能 也不该这么做
is to realize that you can’t do everything and even if you can you shouldn’t
You should find a great partner no matter what it is that you’re doing
一个高智商 充满能量 为人正直的合作伙伴
and you should look for someone who is very high intelligence very high energy.
三个都需要 缺一不可
And very high integrity and you need all three of those you can’t compromise any one of them
otherwise you’ll end up with either someone who’s not smart which is does you no good
或者一个不努力的合作伙伴对你也没什么好处 或者最糟糕的情况是
or someone’s not hard-working which also does no good or the worst case is
你遇到了一个聪明勤奋的骗子 不顾你的利益
you end up with the smart hard-working crook who ends up working against your interests.
And integrity something that takes a lot of time spent with someone to figure out
当你最初和别人一起工作时最重要的是 你们的目标一致
the most important thing when you work with people early is that you guys line up on on what your goals are.
听起来很简单 但
And that’s that’s really that sounds really basic but
如果你只是想开一个能赚钱的小公司 也可以
you can totally it can be fine you can wanna build a small business that makes money
and you don’t have to go to an office every day
or you can wanna build a huge company you can wanna
比如建立Google 但我认为你们必须得达成一致
build Google but I think you’re really really aligned on that
when a lot of corporations have
they might call them core values or guiding principles or so on
but the problem is usually they’re very lofty sounding they kind of read like a
press release the marketing department put out
听起来就和他们的竞争对手一样 或者你在入职第一天就听到了这些
they sound just like their competitors and maybe you learn about it on day one of your job
but then it becomes this meaningless plaque on the lobby wall
well we wanted to come up with committable core values
可履行的 意思就是我们愿意根据这些价值观雇佣或解雇员工
by committable meaning we’re willing to hire or fire people based on those values
completely independent of their actual job performance
价值观的定义就是 它们是那些
the definition of values is they’re the behaviors or principles
在你的公司里 你会严格遵守的行为准则
that you religiously adhere to within your company
我说的严格 指的是没有任何的数据能使你的价值动摇
when I say religious I mean that no amount of data will sway you in from
from those principles and the degree to which that you have the courage to uh
这些准则 那么长期来看你就会有多成功
maintain your conviction around those ideas is the degree to which you’re going to be successful over the long term
a company is simply a group of people and
作为一个领导者 你必须是一个好的倾听者
as a leader of people you have to be a great listener
you have to be a great motivator
you have to be very good at praising and looking for the best in people
and you know people are no different from from flowers if you
如果你给花浇水 它们会欣欣向荣 如果你赞扬他人 他们就会充满干劲
water flowers they flourish if you praise people they flourish and
and that’s a critical attribute of an of a leader
so I kind of like half jokingly with a lot of people say that you know
my job is basically like to be an assistant for the rest of the company
like my job is to make sure that like you have what you need
that it’s and basically you have everything you need to kick us
就是我的工作 如果你资源不足 请告诉我 这代表我的工作没做好
like that’s my job if you don’t have that then let me know because I’m not doing my job
you know there are a lot of things that are outside of your control
a lot of external circumstances will depend like determine the
你的想法会不会成功 比如这种新服务的市场时机是不是合适
success of your idea whether you know the market timing is right for this new kind of service
or whether people you know whether a customer like the economics
right for your kind of service right whether
或者能不能遇到对的人 为你的公司提供资金
we meet the right people who will finance your company
many many external circumstances are like outside of your control
它们会影响最后的结果 但是对此你要能够接受
like but will affect the outcome and you have to like be ok with that
another quality that I think is important is kind of being
flexible minded or open-minded
I’m not saying you shouldn’t have a vision for
for your idea or your product but
you need to be open to changes
当你开公司的时候很多问题都会冒出来 通常
so many things go wrong when you’re starting a company and often I think people ask
you know what mistakes should you avoid making and
我对这个问题的答案是 不要去试图避免错误 因为你终将会犯很多错误 对吧
you know my answer to that question is don’t even bother trying to avoid mistakes because you gonna make tons of mistakes
Right? And the the the important thing is actually learning quickly from
快速吸取教训 并且决不放弃
from whatever mistakes you make and not giving up right and
I mean there are things every single year of Facebook’s existence that could have killed us or made it so that it
it just seemed like moving forward and making a lot of progress just seemed intractable but
but you just kind of bounce back and you learn and
没有什么是不可能的 你只需要不断越过重重阻碍
nothing is impossible you just have to kind of keep running through the walls
the two things we really zero in on a people are
听起来很简单 但实际上不容易 那就是勇气和天赋
you know two things they sound simple they’re not being very difficult courage and genius
勇气是我们经常谈到的 因为勇气可以让人们学到东西
courage is the one we talk about a lot because it’s the one that people can learn
you know courage courage which is to say not giving up in the face of adversity
you know just being absolutely determined to succeed
勇气是可以通过强迫自己去做而获得的 这可能会很痛苦
you know is something that you can you can like force yourself to do it can be very painful you can force yourself to do it
而天赋 可能很难通过强迫自己去获得
the genius part is a little bit hard to force yourself to do
you know courage without genius might not get you where you need to go but
but genius without courage almost certainly won’t
and I think the reality is just you know not quite so glamorous
there’s sort of there’s not we side to being an entrepreneur
and also just more importantly with
what you’re actually spending your time on is just a lot of hard work saying
我提过这个 基本上你就是坐在你的办公桌前 埋头专注于
I mentioned this but you’re basically just sitting at your desk heads down focused
回复客户邮件 做销售 解决工程难题
answering customer support emails doing sales figuring out hard engineering problems
so it’s really important that you kind of like going with with eyes wide open
optimism has a place
but I think even more so for the first time entrepreneur
是要在初期务实悲观 我的意思是
you need to be pragmatically pessimistic. What I mean by that is
你需要设想所有最坏的情况 比如财务损失 时间损失等
you need to define all the worst-case scenarios in terms of financial loss time loss etc
look at what you will learn if that happens
and accept and come to terms with that before you ever start
如果不这样做 而是直接就去挑战世界
if you don’t do that and you go straight into battling the world
带着有色眼镜想要征服世界 当你第一次遇到大问题时
trying to conquer the world with rose-colored glasses on the first time you hit a major hiccup
你会变得很沮丧 然后就放弃了
you’re gonna become really demoralized and you will quit
you don’t love it you won’t make it through
长时间的痛苦是必然的 所以
the long period of pain that is inevitable so
要保证在这个过程中照顾好自己 包括你的精神健康
make sure that you take care of yourself during the process make sure that you take care of
你的身体健康 因为这是个长期战
your mental health your physical health while you’re doing it because it’s a long road





听 雪


Abbi Gao