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关于心理疾病的5个谬论 – 译学馆
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5 Myths about Mental Illnesses

Thomas Szasz 在1961年出版了一本名为
A man by the name of Thomas Szasz published a book in 1961 called, The Myth of
《精神疾病的谬见》的书 书中论述了他坚信 用于解释道德和社会缺陷人士行为的
Mental Illnesses, discussing his believe that mental illnesses were unnecessary diagnosis used to
精神疾病是不必要的诊断 一些人仍然持有对于精神
excuse the behavior of moral and socially deficient people. Some people still have this view of
疾病的这种观点 但是大多数公众多年来已经了解了
mental illnesses, but the majority of the public have gotten to understand over the years what a
mental illness is really about.
尽管我们已经对精神疾病有了较好的理解 但是仍然有大量的谬见
Although we have come to a better understanding of it, there’s still tons of myths about it that
它们对治疗有心理状况的人有不利影响 今天 我们将讨论
have harmful effects on the treatment of those with psychological conditions. So, today, we’ll be
talking about 5 harmful myths about mental illnesses.
1 患有精神疾病的人有暴力倾向
1. People with mental disorders are likely to be violent.
英国太阳报 发布的一篇文章中说到 在英国过去10年有超过1200
The Sun, a newspaper in the United Kingdom, released an article saying that over 1,200 had been
个人被患有精神疾病的人杀害 统计数据是真的
killed by people with mental illnesses in the past 10 years in England. The statistics were true,
but what they failed to inform was that 97% of the accounted deaths were from suicides. In
事实上 在精神疾病的人当中有犯罪行为的人非常少 并且精神病患者
actuality, criminal behavior in people with mental illnesses is very small, and mentally ill people
are the ones who are more likely to experience domestic violence and sexual abuse. They’re
他们更有可能会遭受强烈的心理反应 成为受害者
more likely to suffer an intense psychological reaction to being victimized.
2 如果真的想 人们是可以摆脱精神疾病的
2. People can pull themselves out of a mental illness if they really wanted to.
一个流行的谬论 尤其对于一个沮丧或者焦虑的人 就只是这个人
A popular myth, especially with people with depression and anxiety, is just that the person is
过于敏感 并且这个问题能够被很容易解决 于是就有了这些 ‘’他们只是想获得关注‘’
being over-sensitive and could easily fix the problem. This is where the phrases, “They just want
或者 ‘’他们热衷于悲天悯人‘’ 的措辞出现 精神疾病通常
attention,” or, “They like feeling miserable,” comes into play. Mental illnesses often have a
有遗传因素 这种因素会影响化学失衡 仅仅通过意志力是很难征服的
genetic factor that influences the preposition and chemical imbalances that can’t easily be
conquered by shear willpower. It’s difficult to even take the first step by seeking help, and
的第一步很难 找到一位
working up the courage to even admit to yourself that there’s a serious problem. Finding a
医师以及经历试验和错误的过程 占据了大量的时间
therapist and having to go through a trial and error process that takes up a large amount of time
and is difficult as well.
一些人甚至选择自己去对抗 处理精神疾病是可怕的
Some people even choose to fight it themselves. Dealing with a mental illness can be scary,
身心憔悴 且精疲力竭 必须拖着自己去战斗
emotionally draining, and exhausting. Having to pull yourself together and fighting through
while taking any ounce of support you can get … is quite difficult.
3 爱和支持是对精神疾病的绝对治疗手段
3. Love and support are the absolute cures to mental illnesses.
治疗医师总会告诉你 在恢复过程中 社会支持是一个非常重要的因素
Therapists and doctors will always tell you that social support is a very important factor when it
comes to the recovery process, but it may not always be the surefire way to fix someone’s mental illness.
我们都在电影里看到过有严重行为问题的小孩 或一个情绪激动的女孩
We’ve all seen movies where a child with a serious behavioral problem or a girl who suffers
在电影结束的时候 完全变得更好了 因为其中的一些人
from emotional outbursts is made completely better by the end of the movie because someone
突然意识到他们也可以被爱 这是一个感人的
went out of their way to inspire a sudden realization that they, too, can be loved. It’s a touching
概念 但你若那些能在现实生活中实现 你可能会彻底的失望 他们害怕在社会化中被拒绝
concept, but if you expect this in real life, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed. They can be afraid
of rejection in socialization. Although it’s great having someone helping and supporting you
体现他们在关心你 一个心理疾病患者首先甚至很难相信那些帮助
along your fight, showing that they care about you, a mentally ill person could have a hard time
even believing that in the first place. Expecting progress from showing love and affection on
的进展是困难的 尤其在对于某一个
the same level supports every single day will be harder, especially on a particularly bad day for
the person that’s being helped.
4 患上精神疾病等于社交死刑判决
4. Having a mental illness is a social death sentence.
自从19世纪50年代以后 对精神疾病及导致精神疾病原因的认知已经翻了两番
The awareness of mental illnesses and what causes them has more than doubled since the 1950s.
精神疾病已经变得高度被认知 且已经变得更加被接受了
Mental illnesses have become highly aware and have become more acceptable. More so than
在某些情况下比身体疾病更重要 一些甚至说明患有精神疾病是一种更理解如何
physical illnesses in some cases. Some even see it that having a mental illness is a sign of a
做人的迹象 Ardilla Gomez发现
greater understanding of what it means to be a human being. Ardilla Gomez found that even
居住在靠近提供心理健康服务的地方 能够把接受和理解度从人口的20%
living near a place that offers mental health services can raise the rates of acceptance and
understanding from 21% to over 80% of the population.
People without mental illnesses are understanding what some people go through and are willing
to go out of their way to help if they can.
5 你将会成为你的标签
5. You will become your label.
This is a big fear when it comes to making the decision of going to a mental health professional.
你感觉更像是被贴上抑郁狂躁 厌食 精神分裂者的标签 而不是作为人
Instead of a person, you’ll feel labeled as a manic-depressive, an anorexic, a schizophrenic, etc.
一些病人最终感觉他们不被当人看待且失去做人的价值 罗氏治疗专家
Some clients end up feeling like they aren’t seen and valued as a person. Rogerian therapists
提出第一人称术语 例如 用‘’小孩伴有孤独症‘’替代
have pushed from first-person terminology. For example, instead of “an autistic child” you use
‘’孤独症小孩‘’ 这更强调了人而不是疾病
“a child with autism”. This puts emphasis on the person and not the illness. Some researchers
一些研究者甚至争论过 告诉病患他们的官方诊断 对于他们的恢复是有益的
have even debated if telling their clients their official diagnosis is beneficial for their recovery
process. If the client’s feeling like the mental disorder itself is the only thing his or her therapist
or doctor is focused on, it’s highly recommended that they find a new one.
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