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5 Eyeshadow Palettes That Are a Better Bang for Your Buck Than Slightly Pricier Alternatives

大家好 今天我向大家介绍的是
Hey guys, so today I’m going to be bringing you
six eye shadow palettes that are
better alternatives to the more expensive options.
所以 可以说它们是“替代”产品
So, basically these are dupes,
but they are not similar enough to be called “dupes”.
They’re just eye shadows that happen to be very totally similar to
the more expensive palette option
that I’m gonna be presenting you with.
或者是配色非常相似 价格也相同的
Or they’re totally similar, same price,
但 它们中的一些要么质量好且品种多
but there’s either more shadows in one of them that are better quality
or they’re just however many shadows
that are a better quality for the same price.
所以 有点像是在两种之间选择的意味
So it’s kind of like somewhere in between those two realms.
When I was thinking of this video,
I was thinking of all of the times
where I really wanted to buy an expensive palette,
但又不想花12美元一个单色 拼一盘替代品
but also didn’t want to shell out 12 dollars per single eye shadow to dupe it.
因为有时候 你用单色替代品拼的盘
Because sometimes when you dupe a palette with single shadows,
it ends up being more expensive than the more expensive version of it.
那么我想 为什么不把我现有的眼影都看一下
Technically, so I thought why not go through all of my palettes and see like what similar
what could actually replace the more expensive one
without you having to really spend too much more money.
So I really hope you guys find this helpful.
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好了 我们来开始这场色彩Party吧
But, yeah. Let us begin this swatch party.
关于什么呢 纯粹是颜色大Party
It’s pretty much what’s gonna be? Swatch par-tay.
首先 我要比较的是
The first I’m gonna be discussing are
Urban Decay 的Naked Smoky 和 Melt的 Gunmetal
the Urban Decay Naked Smoky and the Melt Gunmetal stack.
如果你一直想买Melt 的眼影
If you have been wanting to pick up the Melt shadows, but
但是50美金四到五个颜色 超出了你的预算
four or five shadows for $50 is a little bit out of your price range
or you are like not comfortable spending that much on so few shadows.
那么我强烈推荐Urban Decay 的这盘Naked Smoky
I definitely recommend checking out the Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette.
They are very very totally similar.
I would say some of the shades are pretty exact
只是Melt stack 的金属感更强
although the Melt stack has a much more interesting range of metallics in it.
但这盘Naked Smoky 的颜色非常棒
But there is a great range within this Naked Smoky one,
我觉得Naked Smoky 比较干 质地滑顺
I’ll say the Naked Smoky slightly more dry and smooth
而Melt 顺滑的同时压粉很实
whereas the Melt stack is more dense and smooth,
所以 Melt这盘更容易晕染
so that the Melt stack will blend a little bit easier,
but you are getting a better value in the Naked Smoky
Naked Smoky 的性价比更高
than you would be for the Melt stack.
So it’s a perfect tradeoff.
Urban Decay Moondust 的 绝佳替代
A really bitchin’ alternative for the Urban Decay Moondust Palette
就是Elf 的Prism盘
is the Elf Prism Eyeshadow Palette.
These are very very very similar in formula.
I would say the only difference is that
Urban Decay 更干
the Urban Decay ones are a little bit more dry
a little bit more glittery.
虽然Elf 也是比较干的
Whereas the Elf ones are still kind of dry,
但没有这么闪 它的金属质感更厚实
not as glittery. They are like a slightly chunky metallic.
但是你们看 这两盘里的一些颜色非常相似
However, as you can see there are some very identical
near exact colors between the two,
so it’s definitely a super good tradeoff.
Moondust 这盘有点不太显色
The Moondust palette is a little bit more effort laden
需要叠加很多次 才能让这些亮片
like you have to put in a lot of effort to get these really to show up
达到你想要的效果 Elf则显色度更高
and give that big pop of glittery goodness whereas the Elf one is more effortless.
而且Elf 更便宜
And I feel like since this is very cheap that’s a really good upside to it.
你是想要花更多钱 画起来更费劲
You are spending a lot of money with this and having to work a little bit more with it,
whereas with this one you are getting a lot of the same tones
and the formula slightly better.
These next two are probably the most unexpected
alternative for one another and that is the
Anastasia Beverly Hills Mario 和Natasha Denona Star
Anastasia Beverly Hills Mario palette and the Natasha Denona Star palette.
你可以看到 它们颜色非常相似
As you can see, the tones in here are pretty similar.
Star 这盘质地和颜色更丰富
The Star palette obviously has a wide, wider range of textures and finishes,
而Mario 这盘像是
whereas the Mario palette is kind of
把所有哑光和珠光拼在一起 再加一些金属光泽
all mattes and satins with a little bit of metallics thrown in.
我觉得对于那些 一直想要尝试一下Natasha
I feel like this is a really good tradeoff for those of you who’s been wanting to splurge
on the Natasha one but just can’t bring yourself to do it
这是非常好的替代 而且Mario 比昂贵的Natasha Denona 好太多了
because the Mario one honestly is way better than this expensive Natasha Denona one.
Mario 质地软糯
The Mario palette is like truly buttery,
like…I feel like everything just kind of like
只要轻轻按压上去 就像晕染好了一样
you slap it on and it’s just like blended
完全不用像Natasha Denona
There is no real work you have to do
whereas the Natasha Denona one.
The metallics in here honestly are not good
not good at all.
我觉得 如果你想买Natasha这款眼影盘
So I feel like if you are looking to buy this
for the metallics definitely pass on it
and pick up the Mario palette instead.
Mario 的金属质感 哑光和珠光更顺滑 容易上色
Because the metallics, the satins are a lot smoother and a lot easier to work with.
And they are also way more fucking affordable.
下面对比的是 我隆重介绍一下
This next one, you guys let me just preface
by saying and finally when I’m picked up the Viseart.
我真不明白这盘 怎么能叫做暖色哑光
Viseart, how would the hell you say it, Warm Mattes palette
说实话 千万别花80美元买这盘
Honestly, don’t spend your $80 on this.
Seriously I’m like so let down
外界对它的评价非常高 但我实在是……
because this was so raved about and I was just like…
说实话 有那么多质量更好的眼影 可以选择
Honestly there are so many eyeshadows I have, they are so much better.
例如我手上这盘被称为 Jouer 的替代色
This is a dupe for the Jouer, what is this called,
Essential 的哑光和珠光眼影盘
the Essential Matte & Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette.
大家可以看到 这两盘的颜色几乎一一对应
As you can see the tones in here are very very spot-on,
aside from like the cool toned, the blue grays that are in the Viseart one,
and the Jouer one is so much cheaper, so much cheaper!
And I find that they are both full of really dense,
类似压格的哑光质地 所以如果你的眼皮比较干
almost gridy mattes. So if you have dry eyelids
或是脸部比较干 记得先用一些保湿的眼影底霜
or any dryness going on, make sure that you use a really hydrating eyeshadow primer
然后再上眼影 这样眼影就不会
before you use both of these or they are going to really kind of look
cakey and texturize up there.
我知道 很多人喜欢Viseart眼影盘
I know many so people love the Viseart palette.
但我不喜欢 我不明白它为什么能卖84美金
But it seriously was not for me, I don’t understand why it is $84.
最后 对于不想买Kylie眼影盘的人
Lastly, for those whose view either refuse to buy the Kylie Palette,
because of whatever stigma you have attached to her
or you just don’t think they’re worth the money.
I have a combo comparison for you.
这盘 Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaiseance
The Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette.
与Kylie 属于同一色系 颜色更多
You are getting way more shadows and it is the same exact color family.
The Kylie shadows are a bit smooth,
almost too smooth to the point where you kind of have to a digging into the pans a little bit.
与Modern Renaissance 相比一点都不飞粉 之前说过 我的那盘飞粉非常严重
Absolutely no fallout whereas the Modern Renaissance palette, as I’ve said before my channel has tons of fallout.
But on the upside you are kind of using a little bit lash shadow.
There’s really not a huge tradeoff between these two other than the fact
只是Anastasia 这盘和Kylie这盘价格差不多 颜色更多一些
that the Anastasia one you are getting way more shadows for the same price as the Kylie one.
配方比Modern Renaissance的稍微好一些
And the formula is just slightly better in the Modern Renaissance.
我从来没遇到过像Kylie这样 柔滑到反而不好用的眼影
Until I used this Kylie palette, I’ve never really come across shadows that were almost too smooth to be really good,
简直是太柔滑了 滑得不好上色
like these are just way too smooth, smooth, too silky, to work to their best potential.
我觉得这两盘没什么互补性 只是有点奇怪
I feel like there’s no patchness there’s just something a little bit weird about them.
So I’ve got upside to this video.
Hope you guys found these alternatives really helpful.
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But I thank you so much for watching and clicking into this video.
We will talk them again in my next one.



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