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无需节食的3种减肥方式 – 译学馆
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3 Ways to Lose Weight Without Dieting

Three ways [to] lose weight without dieting. [oh]
我们多么渴望缩小腰围 减去赘肉
How we’d all love to reduce our [waist] lines and get rid of those extra pounds all by themselves
这很快就会变为可能 但是
in a second it’s entirely possible [but]
No more starving following strict diets and going to the gym [like] crazy
All you need to do to get in shape is follow these three alternative legs one two three and it’s done
崭新的你正在蜕变 让我们看看这些诱人的方法吧
The new You is on the way. Let’s see what these fantastic ways on
第一 对比淋浴
one contrast shower
这个方法很简单 并且通常有固定程序
This method is quite simple and often accompanied by other procedures
when finishing a shower keep switching the water from cold to hot
首先 你要把水温调至104华氏 在水流下站3-4分钟
First you should increase the water temperature up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit [and] stay under the running water for [three] to four minutes
然后把温度调至73-77华氏 保持40秒
Then switch the temperature to 73 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit and stay for 40 seconds
For the best results repeat this cycle three to four times
记住 你应该用冷水结束淋浴
Keep in mind. You should always finish a contrast shower with [cold] one
这样的淋浴不仅能帮你减脂 还可以预防疾病
such a shower [will] not only help you get rid of excess weight also choose away such diseases as
肥胖 血液循环不畅
Obesity Poor Blood circulation
primary hypertension and cellulite
第二 按摩 最好的减肥按摩种类有
Two massage the best types of massage to fight that are
拔罐 水气按摩 蜂蜜按摩和捏脊按摩
cupping water honey and pinching ones
它们有利于打碎脂肪 增强腹部血液循环并调整消化系统
They help fracture the fact improve blood circulation in your abdomen and normalize the digestive system
You can perform this massage both yourself at home and in salons
Here’s one of best self massages to get rid of belly fat
正面朝上 躺在平面上
Lie on your back on a flat surface
Rub your hands together until they’re warm
一只手放在肚脐上 顺时针揉搓
Place one hand on your navel start rubbing it clockwise
保持同样力度 逐渐扩大揉搓的范围
gradually widen the circles with firm pressure
请在1-2分钟内揉搓30-40圈 记得要系统地做按摩
You need to do this for one to two minutes with 30 to 40 circles keep in mind that you should do the massage systematically
第三 呼吸 呼吸运动的主要要求是
breathe breathing the main rule of breathing gymnastics
用腹部呼吸 而不是用胸部呼吸
is that you should breathe in and out with [your] stomach and not your chest [a]
细腰 马甲线 结实的腹部肌肉
thin waist ripped abs strong abdomen muscles
只要你每天花两分钟做完整套呼吸练习 一切都将成为可能
Everything is possible if [you] do the whole set of breathing exercises it only takes two minutes a day
这叫做长呼吸减肥法 下面是简单的步骤
This method is called the long Breath diet here are the simple instructions
保持站立 一脚在前 一脚在后
Stand up and push one leg forward and the other back
用后脚支撑身体 收紧臀部
Stand on your back foot [and] strain your buttocks
慢慢吸气三秒 将手举过头顶
Slowly inhale for three seconds lifting your arms above your head
呼气七秒 绷紧全身肌肉
exhale for seven seconds straining all your muscles
每天这样锻炼2-10分钟 让你的身体更舒畅
Perform this exercise for two to ten minutes every day to transform your body for the better
Have you already tried these methods?
成效如何呢 请在下方的评论区分享你的成果和减重目标
How did they work for you share your results and weight loss goals in the comments below
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