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21 Clever Hacks to Get Insanely CHEAP FLIGHTS | Budget Travel Guide

我们都理解那种感受 坐在家里
We all know that feeling. We’re sitting at home,
scrolling through Instagram.
好不容易找到了梦寐以求的旅游地 但当订机票时
We find our dream travel destination, but when it comes time to book tickets
too expensive.
别担心 我们来帮你
Don’t worry. We’re here to help.
我是亚历克斯 我是马尔科
I’m Alex, I’m Marko
and you are watching Vagabrothers
在YouTube上为你提供旅游贴士 博客和灵感的旅游向导
your go-to guide for travel tips, blogs, and inspiration here on YouTube.
Flights are still the single largest cost of travel.
但好消息是由于因特网发展 行业竞争和技术进步使得价格有所下降
But the good news is that the internet, competition, and technology have driven prices down
making affordable flights easier to find than ever.
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如果你还没做的话 遵照这些建议 旅程定会一帆风顺
if you have not already. Follow these tips and sure to be smooth flying.
Vagabrothers – How to TravelCheap Flight Guide
为了能让你买到最廉价的机票 这个视频会分享给你一系列技巧
This video is going to share a bunch of tricks and hacks to get you the cheapest flights possible.
但首先 你需要了解去哪里找到这些信息
But first things first, you need to know where to look.
Enter flight aggregators.
These are websites or apps
搜索了整个互联网 或许能为你找到最便宜的机票
that search the entire internet to find you the cheapest possible flights
for whichever destination you’re trying to fly to.
准备好为这些页面添加书签 并下载这些应用软件
Get ready to bookmark these pages and download these apps.
First up: Kayak.
我这是在划皮划艇 哇哦
That’s me kayaking. Wow.
It’s a good place to start
因为它设计简单 展示各个网站上的票价
because its simple design lays out fares from around the web
让你能够很容易地和其它搜索引擎做比较 比如Travelocity 或者Expedia
and allows you to easily compare against other search aggregators such as Travelocity or Expedia.
我们非常喜欢它的搜索选项 简单来说 它通过让你填写预算和兴趣
We really love their Explore Option which basically allows you to put in your budget and your interest and
来找到航班 去那些你从未听说过的地方
find flights to places you didn’t even know existed.
说到旅游目的地 这引出了我们的第二个建议 灵活对待目的地
Talking about destinations, this brings us to our second tip which is: be flexible with your destination.
假如你想去哥斯达黎加旅游 而巴拿马的机票要便宜得多
Let’s say that you want to go to Costa Rica for your trip, but flights are much cheaper to Panama.
Why not go there? Give it a shot
经常去调整你的目的地 这也没什么大不的
and often times the different destination is switched. It’s not even that big of a deal.
Could be like two different cities within the same country.
I just went to Costa Rica…..
这是第五次了 我喜欢那 虽然有更便宜的选择去巴拿马
Again for the fifth time. I love it and there were cheap options to Panama, but
但旅途很愉快 还和凯莉一起享受了去哥斯达黎加往返机票优惠价
I got a good flight, got a good price for a roundtrip ticket to Costa Rica with Carrie.
It was awesome.
接下来 查一查Google Flights
Next up check out Google Flights,
自它几年前首次创建以来 一直发展很快
which has evolved a lot since it was first released a couple years ago,
and now includes a really cool Discover Destination feature,
which literally allows you to find places you would never have actually traveled to beforehand.
It does save you money,
但最重要的是 它给你提供更实惠的选择 比如开阔你的视野
but more than anything it shows you cheaper alternatives, like broadens your horizons.
它就像是 把之前从未去过的地方旅游了一番
It does kind of ..like travel without even having traveled yet.
它就是谷歌 的确是个全面的搜索引擎
It is Google,so it’s really a thorough search engine.
它会给你很多不错搜索结果 而且搜索很快
It’s going to get you a lot of great results. It’s very quick,
but one of the best features is this Track Prices feature.
简单来说 它能让你了解价格什么时候会上涨或是否会降价
Essentially allows you to know when the price is going to go up or if it drops.
这样的话 仅调整你一两天的出发或返程时间 实际上就会给你省下很大笔钱
That’s because shifting your departure or your return by just a day or two can actually save you tons of cash.
有时 不方便也会省钱
Inconvenience saves money.
This is just pure supply and demand.
Instead save money by flying when nobody else wants to fly.
红眼航班 早上6点的航班
Red-eye flights. 6:00 a.m. flights.
Better yet,
在节假日坐飞机 因为飞机里不会有几个人 因此你会享受到超低价
fly on the holiday because the planes will be empty, and you will get a much cheaper fare.
Nothing like celebrating Christmas at 30,000 feet, but
但老实说 如果你选择这条路
honestly if you go this route,
this is where the website SleepingInAirports.com is super helpful.
You can buy flights at horrible departure times
and the website will help you find the perfect bench
你可以蜷缩在上面 睡到航班准备出发的时候
where you can curl up and sleep until your flight’s ready to go.
It’s just like crowd-sourced nap space.
这个众包的小睡空间 有无线网 插头等 装备齐全
It is crowdsource nap spaces, wi-fi, plugs, everything.
Sleepinginairports网 去看看吧
Sleepinginairports.com. Go check it out.
All right now Let’s get ready to bust some myths.
虽然记不起在什么地方 谁跟我说过
So I don’t really remember where I was or who told me,
but this guy like said that flights were cheaper if you buy them on like a Tuesday or a Wednesday.
是吗 兄弟?
Is that true, Bros?
这在以前是对的 那时航空公司的工作人员
It used to be true back in the day when like human
employees of airlines would dump tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays to create flash sales,
但实际上 今天大部分的工作人员已由计算机代替
but the truth is that most of that stuff nowadays automated by computers,
so it doesn’t really happen anymore.
I thought you’re going to say back in the day when humans existed.
Kind of getting scared.
What about websites like the one with the little gnome guy?
Hum? Do they save you money, like really?
事实上 它们并没有像第一次颠覆这个行业时那样 为你省下一大笔钱
The truth is they don’t save you as much money as they did when they first disrupted the industry.
但它们确实能帮你节省时间 找到最便宜的航班
But they do help you save time in finding the best cheapest flights in general
此外 它们也可以在淡季提供最后几张机票
and also they can be really useful in the off season providing last-minute tickets.
但是 说真的
But in all seriousness,
通常情况下 在你出发前6周左右 机票是最便宜的 如果你不太确定何时买票
flights are usually at their cheapest around six weeks before departure. If you’re not quite sure when to buy,
试试叫做Hopper的软件 当它认为价格会上涨或下跌的时 就会通知你
use the app called Hopper, which gives you notification when it thinks the prices are going to go up or down.
Another website that bookmark is Momondo,
一个非常可靠的网站 附带一个设计优异 功能强大 且易操作的软件
a super solid website with a great app that’s well-designed, functional, and easy to use.
Momondo clearly presents all of your flight information with a really nifty graph.
它把最便宜的 最好且最快捷的航班展示给你
It shows cheapest, best overall, and quickest.
Another great feature is the Trip Finder function,
这一功能基于你想出发的时间 想做的事
which allows you to refined your search based on
when you want to go, what you want to do, and what part of the world you’re looking at.
This brings us to our next tip
当你订机票时 牢记目的地的价格
when you’re booking your flights, keep in mind the price of the destination.
比如 挪威航空有着从洛杉矶到哥本哈根相当便宜的航班
For example, Norwegian Air has very cheap flights from LAX to Copenhagen
But Copenhagen is not a cheap city.
Another great website is Skyscanner,
它是最早的搜索引擎之一 在欧洲非常适用
which is one of the first aggregators and is super useful in Europe
where it brings together budget airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet.
Skyscanner并不局限于欧洲 你也可以找到去北美和亚洲的廉价航班
Skyscanner is not exclusive to Europe. You can find cheap airfare to North America and Asia as well.
但记住它更想做好欧洲市场 这就引出了我们的下一个要点
But just keep in mind that they tend to do Europe right.That brings us to our next point:
No matter where you find your fare,
you should always try to book it directly through the airline,
especially to its budget airlines
which don’t always post their cheapest fares to aggregator websites.
老实说 有时最好拿起电话跟航空公司负责人谈谈会更好些
Honestly sometimes it’s better to just pick up a phone and speak to an airline representative.
他们很可能会提供与网上相同价格 或是给你一些尚未公布的优惠
Chances are they can match the price that you found online or give you deals that haven’t yet been published.
So here is a roundup of the cheapest budget airlines around the world.
对于跨大西洋航班 你一定要查查挪威航空
For transatlantic flights, make sure you check out Norwegian Airlines.
It’s a no frills budget airline
that offers flights from LAX and the west coast United States
all the way to Europe for just a few hundred bucks.
当然 他们是通过把你硬塞进飞机里的
Of course they achieve this by cramming you into an airplane.
It’s not a lot of creature comforts,
飞机上真的什么服务都没有 只是提供航程
nothing really included with the flight just the passage,
如果你想要食物 水 或是其它什么 你都得付钱
so if you want food water whatever extra, you have to pay for it.
另一个很棒的航空公司是Wow 它也提供了一系列飞往欧洲的航班
Another great airline is Wow, which also offers bunch of flights to Europe
但是在冰岛中途停留 这可能是一次很棒的旅行
but with a stopover in Iceland, which could be a great trip in itself.
So if you’re planning the great Game of Thrones pilgrimage,
maybe just fly with Wow.
去冰岛 呆上几天
Go to Iceland, spend a couple of days,
感受与异鬼作战的氛围 然后继续你的欧洲快乐之旅
you know fighting off the White Walkers and then continue on your merry way to Europe.
也可以去北爱尔兰 顺便看看临冬城
Maybe to Northern Ireland. Drop into Winterfell.
那很容易啊 如果你还没看过我们的视频
Easy. If you haven’t seen our video
on the 29 Most Amazing Game of Thrones destinations
that you can actually visit right now,
you should check that video out later after you finish this one.
在欧洲 你有易捷航空和瑞安航空
Within Europe you have Easyjet and Ryanair,
which have fares for under 10 Euros.
我曾经从西班牙飞到摩洛哥 花了15欧元
I once flew from Spain to Morocco for 15 Euros.
这是真的 但还是要小心一点
No lie. Just be careful.
仔细看一下 因为他们确实有行李费 还有一些隐含费用
Take a look because they do have baggage fees and there are some hidden costs.
所以 当你要订这两家航空公司的机票时 一定要仔细阅读那些晦涩的规定
So make sure that you read the fine print when you’re booking for either of those airlines.
And another thing to watch out for is the location of the area of the airport.
例如 如果你想要飞到巴塞罗那
For example if you fly to Barcelona,
sometimes they’ll fly you into Girona,
which is a great city which is just an hour outside of Barcelona.
对美国来说 去看看维珍美国航空
For the States, check out Virgin America,
Spirit Airlines,
Jetblue ,and Southwest,
which offer flash sales from time to time.
对加拿大来说 试试西捷航空
For Canada try West Jet.
对于拉丁美洲 我们推荐智利航空和哥伦比亚航空
For Latin America, we recommend the airlines Lan and Avianca.
If you’re trying to get to Brazil,
Azul Brazil will take you to the Pais Tropical.
对于东南亚来说 亚洲航空通常是你最好的选择
For Southeast Asia, Air Asia is usually your best bet.
它会飞往澳大利亚 以及亚洲以外的其它一些地区
it flies to Australia as well as some other destinations outside of Asia.
如果你要去澳大利亚 可以在捷星航空买到便宜的机票
If you’re going to Australia, use JetStar, Australian for cheap airfare.
实际上 它是澳航集团的廉价飞机 还有捷星亚洲
Actually, it’s a budget wing of Qantas and there’s also Jetstar Asia,
它的总部设在新加坡 飞往整个亚太地区
which is based out of Singapore and flies throughout the whole Asia Pacific region.
最后 靛蓝航空是印度的廉价航空 请注意发音是indigo 啊 明白了吗?
Lastly Indigo is the budget airline for India. Please pronounce Indigo. Ah get it?
我还以为它是印度歌歌舞 是Indigo
I thought it was India Go Go. Indigo Indigo and Indigo.
无论你在哪订机票 一定要记住这个提示:
Wherever you choose to find your airfare, make sure you remember this tip:
要始终在隐私模式下浏览页面 并清除网络标记
Always browse in private mode and clear your cookies.
伙计 不是隐私浏览 你知道 浏览……
Dude, isn’t private browsing for, you know, watching…..
不 这是为了买到便宜的机票 你个变态!
No, it’s for getting cheap airfare. You freak!
这特别重要 因为这些网站会追踪你的浏览历史
This is super important because these websites track your browsing history,
and if they know that you’re looking at something often,
价格就会持续上涨 例如 如果你想去都柏林
the price will continue to go up and up. For example, if you wanted to go to Dublin
but then went and look somewhere else,
然后回到都柏林 这可能会更贵些
and then came back to Dublin, it might be more expensive.
That’s because you’re not browsing in private mode.
你是在私密模式下浏览吗?经常啊 是吗? 是啊
You browsing the private mode? Always, yes? Yeah
Browse in private.
Another technique is to sign up for fare alerts.
如果你要在某个特定的时间去某个特定的地方 这样做并不理想
This is not ideal if you need to go to a specific place at a specific time,
这像是种21世纪的优惠剪券 你看到有很多 也想试试
but it’s kind of 21st century of clipping coupons. You see a great deal, and you go for it.
所以 这对那些自发旅游的人或是追求便宜机票来经常旅游的人来说是件好事
So it’s good for people who are spontaneous or who will chase cheap fares to travel more often.
To start sign up for email alerts from Airfare Watchdog,
它通过让真人在网上浏览便宜的机票 而不是机器人
which has real human beings browsing the internet for cheap fares, not robots.
可是 这听起来真的很枯燥 我的意思是 他们要做些什么呢?
Unfortunately, that sounds really sad because, I mean, what do they do?
They’re just browsing the internet for cheap airfare all the time
是啊 哇噢!
Yeah. Wow!
如果你更喜欢Twitter 你可以关注Flight Deal
If you’re more into Twitter, you can follow the Flight Deal,
which publishes multiple great deals from around the world every single day.
也可以看下Seekerflying网站 这是一个发布
Also check out Seekerflying.com. It’s a website that publishes
what’s called Error Fares.
That’s literally when a human employee puts in a fare as a sub average price,
所以 它的票价很便宜 这纯属偶然
so it’s just accidentally really cheap.
Accidentally awesome.
不好意思 老板 我不是有意给他们提供那种极为便宜的机票
Sorry, boss. I didn’t mean to give them that super cheap fare.
当然 你也可以随时为航班兑换飞行里程
Of course, you can always redeem your frequent flyer miles for flights.
This works super well with last-minute flight bookings
美元花费高时 里程费用就低
when the dollar cost is high but the mileage cost is lower.
但是否所有的飞行里程都是值得的 还尚有争议
It is debatable whether all the hassle of getting frequent flyer miles is actually worth it.
但至少 你可以在航空公司注册账号
But at the very least, you can open account with airlines
这样你就可以开始旅行 并登录你的飞行常客号码
that you’re traveling on and enter in your frequent flyer number
and that way you will at least be saving miles for the next time you fly.
A great way to save money and actually make money after you’ve booked your ticket
is to get bumped.
说白了 航空公司要给未登机的乘客付下次航班的费用
Getting bumped is basically getting paid by the airline to take a later flight.
很多时候 航空公司都会过量的销售机票
A lot of the time, airlines oversell.
They overbooked these flights,
and when they’re super-duper booked,
实际上 等飞机时他们会给你提供钱 酒店和餐饮费
they basically give you money and a hotel and money for food to wait
until they can put you on a less crowded flight.
There’s a policy that’s been going on for tons of years
据统计 总有一些人会错过他们的航班
It’s because statistically there are always going to be a certain number people who missed their flight.
因此 航空公司出售的机票比实际的飞机数量要多
So the airline sells more flights than exist on the airplane.
显然 这颇有争议
Obviously this has become controversial
自从联合航空飞机上的一位乘客被强行拖下飞机 这段视频在网上疯传
since the video from the United Airlines flight of the guy getting dragged off the plane went viral.
Since that incident has happened,
the airlines have adjusted their policies
基本上 这会增加他们可以给你的金额 例如
to basically increase the amount of money they can give you. For example,
Delta Airlines just raised its limit to up to 10,000 dollars to get paid to take a later flight.
放弃登机 放弃登机
Get bumped. Get bumped.
加油 嗯 一起嗨起来 哦 500美元?
Pump it up. What? Go Pump p p pump pump p p p pump. Well 500 bucks?
哦 天哪 没有上千? 嗯 也许吧 哦 两张500怎么样? 听起来不错
Oh hell, no thousand? Well, maybe. Oh how about two? That sounds good to me
但1万…… 收入丰厚 加油
But 10 K… gonna full of fruits. Go bump it up.
所以 如果所有这些问题让你难以应对
So if all that’s too much for you to deal with,
有一款名为“Air Health”的新应用 简单来说 它会追踪你的航班
there is a new app called Air Health. It basically tracks your flights.
You just scan your boarding pass,
它就知道你的航班是什么 也会追踪航班是否延误了
and it knows what your flight is and it tracks to see if it gets delayed.
在某些情况下 如果你的航班延误了 航空公司就欠你钱
In some cases when your flight is delayed, the airline owes you money
and this app automatically files a claim on your behalf with the airline.
The average results from this claim is five to six hundred bucks.
现在 有一点要注意:
Now there is a catch:
they will take 25 %.
最后 如果你打算去环游世界
Last not least, if you’re going all the way around the world,
比如在一年内 去世界各地旅游
as in a one year all the way around the world trip,
有一种特殊的机票 叫做环球票
there are special tickets for that called Round-the-World tickets.
它们比你预想的要便宜得多 即使是在所有的停靠站
They come out a lot cheaper than you’d expect, even with all the stops.
They are about two to four thousand dollars for about a half dozen to a dozen stops.
不管怎样 去看看吧
Anyways go check it out for yourself
下面是Airtreks网站的链接 它们有一个很酷的工具
There’s a link below to Airtreks.com. They have a cool tool
that allows you to estimate how much your dream trip would cost.
All the websites and apps that we’ve mentioned will be linked in the description box.
if you guys have any tips of your own,
帮个忙 分享给我们和所有旅客吧
please do us and all the travelers out there a favor
and leave those tips in the comment section.
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如果你还没这样做 就赶紧去吧
if you have not already.
好吧 希望你喜欢这个视频
Ok guys, hope you enjoyed that video.
同时保持好奇 继续探索 我们会在旅途相见
In the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the runway.